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Town of Aldershot

The town of Aldershot, in Hampshire close to the border with Surrey, is famous for its British Army base.  The town is now part of the Borough of Rushmoor, formed in 1974 as local government district within the administrative county of Hampshire, when the municipal borough of Aldershot (incorporated in 1922) was merged with Farnborough Urban District.

Aldershot Jewish Community

The small Jewish community initially grew up as a result of the establishment of Army Barracks in the town in the mid-nineteenth century and lasted until the 1950's.

Congregation Data


Aldershot Military Synagogue

known as "The Hut"
of Badajos Barracks, previously Hospital Hill, Aldershot

Which Replaced:

Aldershot Synagogue (in about 1914)

Temporarily of Barrack Road, Aldershot and 49 High Street, Aldershot.

Previous to that, at 23/24 High Street, Aldershot (the premises of Mr. Moses Phillips))

Date Founded:

Informal services had been held since about 1858, although the congregation was not formally established until 1863.

Current Status:

Closed (about 1950's)


Ashkenazi Orthodox


Rev. Meir Ahronsha (Ahrons) 1864-66, also shochet

Rev. Jacob Cohen 1866-88, also shochet(i)

Rev. S. E. Lassman from 1888 until at least 1896(ii)

Rev. Isaac. Livingstone from 1907

President of the Congregation:

Moses Phillips - from 1863 until at least 1896(iii)

Membership Data:

1896 -  6 seatholders (The Jewish Year Book 1896/7)

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

  • (i) However, neither Rev. Cohen nor any other person is named as the minister or shochet of the Commmunity in the Jewish Director of 1874, compiled by Asher I. Myers.

  • (ii) Rev. Lassman is named as the shochet of the Community in the Jewish Year Book of 1896.

  • (iii) Mr. Phillips is named as President in the Laws of the Congregation adopted in 1863 and in both the Jewish Director of 1874 and the Jewish Year Book of 1896.


Search the All-UK Database

The records in the database associated with Aldershot include:

1851 Anglo Jewry Database (updated 2016)

Individuals in the 1851 Anglo Jewry Database who were living in Aldershot during the 1860s (4 records), 1870s (11 records) and 1880s (9 records).


UK Jewish Communal Leaders Database (updated 2017) - Jewish Directory of 1874 (3 records).


On-line Articles and Other Material
relating to the Aldershot Jewish Community


  • Aldershot from "Provincial Jewry in Victorian Britain" - The Foundation of the Aldershot Synagogue by Malcolm Slowe - Papers for a conference at University College, London, convened by the Jewish Historical Society of England, prepared by Aubrey Newman - 6th July 1975.


Aldershot Jewish Cemetery Information

The is a small Jewish cemetery in Aldershot:

  • Aldershot Civic Cemetery, Jewish Section, Redan Road, Aldershot

    Consecrated 1865. Now maintained by the United Synagogue. The United Synagogue "Find a Grave" search facility at https://www.theus.org.uk/gravesearch enables one to search for a grave at this cemetery. The search result generally includes the date of burial, the grave position and a photograph of the gravestone, if available.

(For additional information, see also IAJGS Cemetery Project - Aldershot)


Aldershot Jewish Population Data
(excluding soldiers)



(The Jewish Year Book 1896/7)



(The Jewish Year Book 1900/01)



(The Jewish Year Book 1916)



(The Jewish Year Book 1920)



(The Jewish Year Book 1935)



(The Jewish Year Book 1946)



(The Jewish Year Book 1956)

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