About the JewishGen Danzig/Gdańsk SIG
Starting Feb 2006, there is a new opportunity for researching the genealogy of Jews from Danzig — now Gdańsk, Poland. The JewishGen Danzig/Gdańsk Special Interest Group (SIG) has just been founded to focus specifically on Danzig/Gdańsk (including its precursor communities of Altschottland, Langfuhr, Mattenbuden, Weinberg, and Danzig in der Breitgasse, as well as Tiegenhof/Nowy Dwór Gdański).

The purpose of the SIG is to combine our resources of time, knowledge, and money to aid Jewish genealogists with an interest in Danzig/Gdańsk. This purpose is in concert with the mission and goals of JewishGen, and we operate according to its policies and guidelines. Some of our functions include (or may include):
  • providing a forum for the dissemination of information about relevant research methods, records, books, and other resources, through our Mailing List
  • creating databases from archival material, through agreements with the appropriate archives made by JewishGen on our behalf, such as vital records microfilms and the Danzig Jewish community's preserved archives (our data will be available in both the All Poland Database and the JewishGen Germany Database)
  • obtaining, transcribing, and translating genealogical data from publications about Danzig Jewry
  • obtaining, transcribing, and translating Danzig entries in business directories
  • investigating the provenance of artifacts surviving from Danzig
  • raising money through donations to complete approved and listed projects
Regarding this last point, your financial contributions will be critical to achieving success. Only with your support will we be able to embark on projects with an attached cost. Please make it a habit to visit our dedicated JewishGen-erosity page to contribute to listed projects as well as to the Danzig/Gdańsk General Fund. At this time, only donations from 1) U.S. residents or 2) Canadians with the cooperation and support of the JGS of Canada (Toronto) are tax deductible according to law.

If you are new to JewishGen, please visit the JewishGen Support Center, where you can find an extensive list of questions and answers, also available in Hebrew and French.

For additional information, contact the Danzig/Gdańsk SIG Coordinator, Logan J. Kleinwaks.