Translation project underway! Supposedly, the first written history of Danzig Jewry. Its author, Dr. Abraham Stein, was the first liberal rabbi in Danzig (Altschottland)."); $b[]=array("Yehude Dantsig, 1840-1943: hit'arut, ma'avak, hatsalah","by","Stern","Eliyahu","1983","Tel Aviv","","Table of Contents and Index translations online. Translation project underway!"); $b[]=array("Korotehem shel Yehude Dantsig me-az ha-emantsipatsyah ve-'ad ha-gerush bi-yeme ha-shilton ha-Natsi
קורותיהם של יהודי דאנציג מאז האמנציפאציה ועד הגרוש בימי השלטון הנאצי","by","Stern","Eliyahu","1978","Jerusalem","",""); $b[]=array("Danzig 1939: Treasures of a Destroyed Community","edited by","Schwartz","Sheila","1980","Wayne State University Press","081431662X",""); $b[]=array("Danzig, Between East and West: Aspects of Modern Jewish History","edited by","Twersky","Isadore","1985","Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press","0674192559",""); $b[]=array("Echoes from the Holocaust: A Memoir","by","Kimmelman","Mira Ryczke","1997","Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press","0870499688",""); $b[]=array("Die Juden der Freien Stadt Danzig unter der Herrschaft des Nationalsozialismus","by","Lichtenstein","Erwin","1973","Tuebingen: Mohr","","Name Index online."); $b[]=array("Dapim: Studies on the Shoah","edited by","Cohen, et al","Asher","1991","New York: P. Lang","082040960X",""); $b[]=array("Gestritten, gekämpft und gelitten: von Danzig nach Erez Israel, bei der britischen Armee in Nordafrika, mit der \"Jewish Brigade Group\" durch Italien, Deutschland, Holland und Belgien, dann Offizier in der israelischen Armee 1923-1948","by","Scharon","Sami","2002","Konstanz: Hartung-Gorre","3896497618",""); $b[]=array("From Danzig: An American Rabbi's Journey","by","Kaelter with Gordon Cohn","Wolli","1997","Malibu, Calif.: Pangloss Press","0934710368",""); $b[]=array("Bericht an meine Familie — ein Leben zwischen Danzig und Israel","by","Lichtenstein","Erwin","1985","Darmstadt: H. Luchterhand Verlag","3472865946",""); $b[]=array("Der Preußische Staat und die Juden","by","Stern","Selma","1962-1971","Tübingen: Mohr","","Four volumes — which chapter(s) concern Danzig?"); $b[]=array("'Gdańsk' in Pinkas HaKehillot Polin, v. VI", "edited by", "Wein and Rachel Grossbaum-Pasternak", "Abraham","1999","Jerusalem: Yad Vashem","","English translation online!"); //$b[]=array("Zydzi znad gdanskiej zatoki","by","Domanska","Hanna","1997","Warszawa: Agencja Wydawnicza Tu","8390297191",""); $b[]=array("On the Vistula Facing East","by","Meisler","Frank","1996","London: André Deutsch Ltd.","0233990224","Internationally-renowned Israeli sculptor Frank Meisler's Boss family lived in Danzig from at least 1807 (formerly, Den Bosch in Holland, and, originally, Boaz in Spain). These memoirs largely focus on Frank's childhood experiences in Danzig during the 1930s, including personal and intimate observations about anti-Semitism and the rise of Nazism in the city, the exploits of his Danzig family, and his early adulthood in England, where he was sent via the Kindertransport from Danzig. High on Danzig atmospherics and an engaging read. Contains mature themes."); if ($_GET['s']=='s') {$ky=2;} elseif ($_GET['s']=='t') {$ky=0;} elseif ($_GET['s']=='d') {$ky=4;} else {$ky=2;} $b=multi_sort($b); $cl=''; foreach ($b as $bi) { if ($cl=='') {$cl=' class="hl"';} else {$cl='';} $bt=''.$bi[0].''; if ($bi[2]!='') {$bt.=', '.$bi[1].' '.$bi[3].' '.$bi[2];} $bt.='. '.$bi[5].', '.$bi[4].'.'; if ($bi[6]!='') {$bt.=' ISBN: '.$bi[6];} if ($bi[7]!='') {$bt.='';} $bl.=''.$bt.''; } $bl=''; ?> JewishGen Danzig/Gdańsk SIG Book List The following books (and journal articles) concern Danzig Jewry, though they are not necessarily genealogical in nature. If you are aware of works that should be added to this list, or if you wish to write a review to appear here, please notify the SIG Coordinator.

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