Yad l'Yedinitz; memorial book
for the Jewish community of Yedintzi, Bessarabia

(Edineţ, Moldova)

48°10' / 27°19'

Translation of
Yad le-Yedinits; sefer zikaron le-yehudei Yedinits-Bessarabia

Edited by: Mordechai Reicher and Yosef Magen-Shitz

Published by: Yedinitz Society in Tel Aviv, 1973



Project Coordinator

Allan Ira Bass


Emeritus Coordinator: Eric Schwartzman


Our deepest gratitude to Yvette Merzbacher and Ed Berkowitz
for their amazing contributions to this project.

Our sincere appreciation to Sondra Ettlinger and Stefanie Holzman for extracting
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This is a translation from: Yad le-Yedinits; sefer zikaron le-yehudei Yedinits-Bessarabia:
Yad l'Yedinitz; memorial book for the Jewish community of Yedintzi, Bessarabia,
ed. Mordechai Reicher and Yosef Magen-Shitz, Yedinitz Society, Tel Aviv, 1973 (H, Y)

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Cover Page (Y) Bet


Mordechai Reicher Yosef Magen-Shitz
Who started the project Who completed the book

University of Tel Aviv

Surasky Library

Tel Aviv 5733 – 1973


the Association of Yedinitz Emigrés


(H) = Hebrew; (Y) = Yiddish

[Cover Page] (H)   Aleph
[Cover Page] (Y)   Bet
[Dedication] (Y) (H)   Gimel
[Memorial Book Commitee] (Y) (H)   Dalet
[Map Page]   Vav
Introductory section
Introductions - Blessings Upon Completion of Yizkor Book (H) Yosef Magen-Shitz 1
“My Hometown of Yedinitz” (H) Yisrael Zemura 9
Introductions - Blessings Upon Completion of Yizkor Book (Y) Yosef Magen-Shitz 19
Discussion Regarding Formation of Yizkor Book Committee (Y)   25
Section One: Yedinitz - A Cut Off Shtetl (H, Y)
  • Founding and History
  • Between the Two World Wars
  • The Shimshon Bronstein Affair
Yedinitz – A destroyed Community   35
The Joy of Our Town and of its Jewish Community (H) Yosef Magen-Shitz 35
Landscape and People in Town (H) Pinchas Mann-Meidelmann 45
Jews and Christians: The Relationship Between Neighbors (H) Mordechai Reicher 49
The History of Yedinitz until World War II (H) Chaim Horowitz 53
Jewish Community Leaders (H, Y) Chaim Horowitz 62
World War I, Revolution and Pogroms (H) Eliyahu Naor-Bitchutsky 67
Riots and More Riots (H) David Vinitsky 73
Where Are You, Jews of Yedinitz? How Were We To Bereave? (H) Aryeh Barad 81
Yedinitz in the Encyclopedia Judaica, Jerusalem 1972 (H,Y, English)   85
Yedinitz in Yizkor Books (Y)   87
The Joy of Our Town and of its Jewish Community (Y) Yosef Magen-Shitz 89
Landscape and People in Town (Y) Pinchas Mann-Meidelmann 99
Jews and Christians: The Relationship Between Neighbors (Y) Mordechai Reicher 105
On the Brink of Events (Y) Yosy Lande 109
World War I, Revolution and Pogroms (Y) Eliyahu Naor-Bitchutsky 115
Three Coffins - The Bloody Events of the Seventh day of Passover 1918 (Y) Moshe Kofit 121
The Execution of the Forty (Y) Golda Gutman-Krimmer 125
Martyrdom (Sanctification of G-d's Name) at the River (Y) Golda Gutman-Krimmer 127
Memoirs and Episodes (Y) Yosef Helfgott-Azariah 129
A word from a Yedinitz Émigré in Brazil (Y)   131
In Our Shtetl We Had… (Y) Gedalye Gruzman 133
A Life Which Shall Never Be Again (Y) Moshe Shuster 139
I Knew No Other Town (Y) Sender Harari-Hochberg 143
Once Upon A Time There Was a Town… (Y) Yosef Magan-Shitz 145
Shimshon: The Man and the Activist (H) Yosef Magen-Shitz 165
Shimshon Bronstein - Biographical Details (H)   167
Inquisitorial Oppression (H) David Vinitsky 175
Who Shimshon Was (H) Ephraim Shvartzman-Sharon 177
The Shimshon Bronstein Affair (Y) Yosef Magen 181
Terror Against the Poalei Zion in Romania (Y) Yosef Magen 183
Section Two: Economic, Intellectual, and Spiritual Life in Yedinitz (H,Y)
  • Domestic Economics, Society and Social Services
  • Health Care Institutions
  • Education, Culture and Theater
  • Teachers, Schools and the Gymnazia High School
  • Intellectuals / Spiritual Persons Religion
Chart: Status of Jewish Loan and Savings Fund in Yedinitz - as of 1/1/1929   192
Jewish Occupations Shalom Caspi-Serebrenick 193
The Tobacco Crop in Our City Aharon Chachmovitch 197
Agricultural Workers, Field and Forest Contractors Shmuel Kormansky 211
Social Assistance Institutions Mordechai Reicher 213
The House for the Poor Menashe Halpern 215
Health Institutions in Yedinitz   219
Early Health Institutions Shmuel Kafri 219
The Yaakov Shimon Kaufman (Koifman) Hospital Mordechai Reicher 221
The Shmuel and Chava Loibman Jewish Hospital Sheindel Sadovnik-Berezin 223
The Sheindel Baum Organization Mordechai Reicher 229
Popular Medicine and Faith in Prayer Mordechai Reicher 231
Article about the passing away of R’ Shmuel Loibman Ch.Rakovsky 233
Chassidim Against the Enlightened at the End of the 19th Century Mordechai Reicher 235
Education and Culture   237
The Establishment of the Talmud Torah Public School   237
The Jewish Cheder in Yedinitz in the Last Century Yosef Diamant 243
Elementary Education Teachers and Talmud Teachers Shmuel Kafri 249
This is How they Taught Ephraim Schwartzman-Sharon 251
My Religious and Secular Teachers Dov Duri (Berl Dondushansky) 253
The Teacher and Writer Aryeh-Leib Yagolnitzer Achinoam Yagolnitzer 255
The Teacher Yaakov Kizhner Alexander Melechson 259
The Public High School of R. Baruch Kutcher Leah Fuchs-Kutcher 261
My Father and Teacher, R. Moshe Leiderman (from Zamkhov) and his Family Yitzchak Bar-Samcha 263
The Teacher Noach Leiderman Ephraim Sharon 267
Hillel Dubrow – Highlights of His Life Shimshon Nachmani 269
A Zealot and a Companion Shimshon Bronstein 271
Article about the passing away of the teacher Tziporah Feige Dubrow   272
The Teacher Mordechai Reicher 273
Exemplary Figure Eliyahu Naor-Bitchutsky 275
The Teacher Baruch Yeshchikman Yosef Magen-Shitz 277
Echoes from the Past – articles in newspaper   279
The Researcher and Linguist Yisrael Toporovsky Yisrael Zamora 281
The Gymnasia High School – Its Beginning And End   285
The Beginning of the Gymnasia Chaim Horvitz 287
Studies, Discipline and General Spirit Attorney Meir Weissman 289
Gymnasia Teachers Yosef Magen and Mordechai Reicher 291
Jewish Teachers Yosef Magen and Mordechai Reicher 295
The End of the Gymnasia and The End of Hebrew Education in Yedinitz Frieda Meital-Kuzminer 297
Kindergartens in Yedinitz   299
Public Libraries Mordechai Reicher 301
Maccabi and Sports Activities Meir Weissman 303
Newspapers appearing in Yedinitz   305
Student Organizations Concerned with Social and Cultural Affairs Levi Leon Trachtenbroit 307
Theater 1901-1940   311
The theatrical activity in Yedinitz   313
Theater Lovers in Yedinitz Pinchas Mann (H) 313
Theater Activity in Yedinitz: A summary of the Hebrew article Pinchas Mann-Meidelman (Y) 315
The Evening Is Shot Mendel Shitz 323
The “Troublemaker” Drama Club Avraham Gold 329
Writers and Intellectuals   331
Names We Are Proud Of Alexander Melechson 331
Yehuda Steinberg in Yedinitz Mordechai Reicher 337
Yehuda Steinberg, Menashe Halpern and Ezriel Adelman   339
My Years in Yedinitz Menashe Halpern 341
Biographical Notes on Menashe Halpern   344
Eliezer Steinberg in Yedinitz Asher Goldberg 345
Yehuda-Leib Grozman Alexander Meilechson 347
Biographical Notes on Y. L. Grozman   349
After the Performance (Memories of my Leibele with sadness and pain) Gedaliah Grozman 352
Religion, Synagogues and Teachers   353
The Great Synagogue (H) Mordechai Reicher 353
The Great Synagogue (Y) Mordechai Reicher 357
Correspondence in the Warsaw Hatsefira of November 14/26, 1878 about the establishment of the Yedinitz synagogue.   359
The Kinska Synagogue Mordechai Reicher 363
The Old Synagogue Moshe Furman 365
A Unique Document About the Jews of Yedinitz (1913) Baruch Blank at the school of Yaakov Lerner 367
Report on Contributions From Yom Kippur Eve 1913   369
Cantors in and from Yedinitz Moshe Furman 371
Synagogues in Yedinitz Yosef Magen-Shitz 373
The Gaon R' Yechiel Michel Burstein, z”l Mordechai Reicher 375
The Rabbinical Judge R. Shmuel Ephraim Schwartzman 380
The Community Yosef Magen-Shitz and Mordechai Reicher 381
Complaints and intrigues regarding the “korobka” (1929)   384
Section Three: Life in Yedinitz (H,Y)
  • Personalities and Families
  • Tales and Folklore
  • Jews in the Surrounding Villages
Way of Life / Personalities and Families   389
People, Facts and Events Yosef Magen-Shitz 389
Three Families - Three Great Arbitrators Asher Goldberg 411
Two In-laws and the Whole Family Under the Same Roof Asher Goldberg 419
Announcers (“Carozim”) Pinchas Mann (H) 421
The Palm Reader of Yedinitz Yosef Diamand 423
A True Story … Moshe Furman 425
There Were Those Types, Too Pinchas Mann (H) 431
Proclamations Pinchas Mann (Y) 435
There Were Those Types, Too Pinchas Mann (Y) 437
Wagon Drivers, Electricity, and Water Porters Natanel Shachar 441
Stories of Life (Excerpted from the book, Yedinitz, My Home, Buenos Aires, 1946) Golda Gutman-Krimmer 447
A Wedding in the Shtetl Golda Gutman-Krimmer 447
The Beilis Trial in Yedinitz Golda Gutman-Krimmer 451
There Was a Jew in the Town… (Episodes of the Past) Moshe Furman 453
Nicknames in Yedinitz   455
The Jews of the Nearby Villages   459
Zobrichan and its Jews Eliezer Ro'i-Reich 459
The Home of the Ritual Slaughter Lerner in Zobrichan Tsadkanit Horowitz (formerly Fradya Lerner) 463
The Jews from the Villages of Golian and Russen   465
The Admor of Shtefanesht — A Guest in the Village of Galian Yosef Diamant 467
Section Four: Ideological Currents (H,Y)
  • Zionism Political Parties and the Youth
  • The Left and the Communists
  • In the Eyes of Visitors
Illustrative Numbers David Vinitsky 471
Zionism in Yedinitz   473
The Zionist Movement in Yedinitz (Organizations, Events and Activists) Mordechai Reicher 477
Yedinitz in the Newspapers   491
Zionist Women's Movement in Yedinitz   493
“Dunam's enterprise” from 1931   495
Tzeirei Zion” In Yedinitz Yitzchak Bar-Zion – Borochin 499
Poalei Zion” in Yedinitz Moshe Magen-Shitz 501
Poalei Zion” in Yedinitz before World War I Shmuel Kafri (Darf) 504
A Yedinitzer from Argentina Z. Abramowitz 507
Reorganization of the Poalei Zion Shimshon Bronstein 508
Hachalutz and the First Pioneers from the Sons of Yedinitz Mordechai Reicher 509
Meetings With Pioneers Mordechai Reicher 517
Zionist Youth Movements
The First Youth Organizations Eliyahu Naor-Bitchutsky 523
Fifteen-Year-Old “Delegates” at the Kishinev Conference (Episodes of the “Hagibor” Youth Organization) Mordechai Reicher 525
The Hatechiya Youth Organization Ephraim Schwartzman-Sharon 529
Attempts to Establish a Branch of Hashomer Hatsa'ir Eliezer Ro'i-Reich 533
Hachaver - Beginnings of Gordonia Dov Dori-Dondushansky 539
Gordonia – Activities, Activits and Trifles Reuven Gertzman 543
Ten Years of Gordonia Pinchas Mann 549
“Poalei Zion” and the “Dror” Youth Movements Yosef Magen-Shitz 553
The Left and the Communists in Yedinitz
The Illegal Progressive Workers' Groups Moshe Shuster 561
Revolutionary Poems in Old Yedinitz   569
Natives of Yedinitz in Paris Moshe Shuster 571
As Seen by Visitors    
A Visit to Yedinitz – An Unforgettable Experience Rabbi Dov Burstein 575
Yedinitz – An Unforgettable Town Dr. Michael Landau 577
Reports of the 1929 riots in Palestine   579
A Town Permeated with Judaism and Zionism Meir Zeit 581
Section Five: In Memory of the Fallen (H,Y)
  • Those Who Fell in Israeli Wars
  • Yedinitzers – Extraordinary People, In the Land of Israel
  • Personalities and Characters
Those Who Fell in Israeli Wars
Israel-Uli Schwartz 588
Israel-Yaakov Berman 589
Meir Tepper 589
Reuven Pittal 590
Raziel Rosenthal 591
Eliyahu Rosenberg 592
Yona Shkolnik 594
Lieutenant Eitan Harari 595
Dov Markovitz 596
Zalman Yitzhaki 597
The brothers Amos and Oded Schwartz 599
“The Brothers' Home” in Kibbutz Nir-Am 602
In Memory 607
The monument in the cemetery of Kibbutz Masada 608
Eliyahu Naor (Bitchutsky) 609
Dov Dori (Berel Dondushansky) 611
Eliyahu Naor (Eli Bitchutsky) and Dov Dori (Berl Dondushansky) Yosef Magen-Shitz 613
Yedinitzers – Extraordinary People, In the Land of Israel
Ezriel Adelman – A Man of The First Aliyah Asher Goldenberg 617
Dr. Yehudit Kozlova [Kuka Pizelman] – The Olah on the “Russlan Yosef Magen-Shitz 619
Yitzchak Rosenthal-Raziel – A Man of The Second Aliyah 625
Liova Gokovsky – The Parachutist Beyond the Nazi Lines Yosef Magen-Shitz 627
Aryeh-Leib Fichman 630
A Tear for A Friend Who Is Gone Aryeh Bard 637
Liova Gukovsky - The Parachutist Behind Nazi Lines Yosef Magen-Shitz 639
In Memory of Mordechai (Motya) Reicher Yosef Magen-Shitz 647
“Beit Neta” and its Director Yosef Magen-Shitz 650
The Person with the Extra Soul Pinchas Mann 651
Mordechai Reicher Yosef Magen-Shitz 655
Avishag (Shagi) Reicher Yosef Magen-Shitz 659
Mordechai (Motya) Reicher- Friend, Culture Provider and Writer Yosef Magen-Shitz 663
Personalities and Characters
The Fradis Family Asher Goldenberg 699
David Kalis Y. Magen 700
Zvi Rosenthal Avram Schwartzman (Sharon) 702
Esther Rosenberg YM”G (Yosef Magen-Shitz) 703
Israel Millman Chaya 703
Zvi Rosenberg (Hirsch Kassiles) Chaya Cheruti 704
Reb Yaakov son of Matityahu Schwartzman 705
My sister Leah (Lea'kle) Schwartzman Ephraim Schwartzman (Sharon) 708
Reb Mordechai Sheindelman Mordechai Reicher 709
Memories From My Father's House Menachem-Anshel Shani (Sheindelman) 710
Menachem-Anshel Shani (Sheindelman) 711
Moshe Shteinburtz Mordechai Reicher 712
Moshe (Moshke) Shitz Yosef Magen-Shitz 715
Yaakov Magen Yossel 719
Yosef Shpier and His Enterprise Efraim Schwartzman (Sharon) 719
Ben-Zion Tieman Shoshana Tieman-Kogan 721
Section Six: The Holocaust (H,Y)
  • The Martyrology of the Yedintz Jews
  • Death, Forced Marches, and Survival
  • Yedinitz after the Shoah
The Martyrology of the Yedinitz Jews: A General Overview According to Witnesses - Compiled Mordecai Reicher 749
The Outbreak of War   755
Robbery, Murder & Atrocities   761
The Expulsion   771
The Road of Tribulation   777
Crossing the Dniester   790
In The Ghettos of Transnistria   803
Mohilov (Mogilov)   809
How Did The Remnants Survive   819
Editorial Comment   825
The Years Following the Shoah:
Yedinitz as a Soviet Village - Discussions with New Arrivals   827
Yiddishkeit in Yedinitz Under the Soviets   835
Yedinitz Community Workers and Personalities in South America   847
Section Seven: Memorial Pages
Relatives Memorialize their Dead   869
Who is Who Among the Participants in the Book   1001
Picture Index


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