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Volozhin Natives who Died
in the State of Israel, in Volozhin, and in the United States.

Unterman, Rebbetzin Chaya Feiga. Died 26 Tevet 5725 (December 31, 1914). See her photo on page 474.

Aleksandrow, Rabbi Moshe. Died in 1968 (5728).


Baksht, Pesia


She was born in Volozhin, made aliya to the Land in the year 5695 (1935), and lived in Netanya. She died on 8 Tevet, 5701 (January 7, 1941), and was buried in Petach Tikva.

She came from a rabbinical family, and was married to Rabbi Eliahu in Volozhin. She was widowed while young. Despite her difficult economic situation, she made sure that her children received education and enlightenment.

She was a great righteous woman. She did not do her benevolent acts in public. She was involved in discreet giving. On Fridays toward evening, housewives would bring their pots of hot food to Pesia's oven. When she noticed that the pot of a poor person did not have enough to satiate, she would place pieces of her own meat into it so that the poor people could eat, be satisfied, and feel the pleasantness of the Sabbath.

Throughout the years of her life in Netanya, she was pained that there were no poor people in the city, and that there was nobody to whom to give charity and support.

Pesia Bakst imbued the words of Rabbi Yosi the son of Yochanan the man of Jerusalem from her father: “Let your house be open wide, and let poor people be among your household.” (Avot 1:5). She followed this sublime humane trait all the days of her life.

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Baksht, Pinchas


He was born in Volozhin in the year 5660 (1900). He was the son of Pesia and Rabbi Eliahu. He made aliya to the Land of Israel with his family in the year 5693 (1933). He died on 24 Elul 5721 (1961) and was buried in Netanya.

He bore the yoke of the family at a young age in order to enable his younger brother to acquire education. He built his home in Netanya. He was among the first ones of that city. His soul knew much difficulty in those days – the first days of Netanya. Despite his tribulations, he gave good education to his three sons. He was like a brother to all his many family members, acquaintances, and friends. He was involved in communal affairs in Netanya. Similarly, he served as the address for those who made aliya from Volohin, who turned to him when they had difficulties.

When he became established there and his economic situation improved – he became ill. He died after difficult suffering.

Bunimowitz, Eliahu. Died in 1962 (5729).

Bunimowitz, Shlomo. Born in 1903 (5663). Died on 24 Elul 5629 (September 7, 1969) and was buried in Karkur.


Baksht, Meir


He was born in Volozhin in the year 5665 (1905). He was the son of Pesia and Rabbi Eliahu. He made aliya to the Land of Israel in the year 5691 (1931). He died in the United States and was buried in Petach Tikva on 27 Tishrei 5730 (October 9, 1969). He was buried next to his mother, Pesia Baksht.


Botwinik, Musia


She was born in 1887 (5647), and died on 4 Eul 5624 (August 12, 1964). She was buried in Holon.

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Bunimovich, Mendel
Bunimovich (Abt), Batya
Abt, Alter


My grandfather, Mendel Bunimovich, died in Volozhin in 1914 at the age of 76.

He came from a “high family.” He was a relative of “The household of the Rabbi” in Volozhin. Although stringently Orthodox, he had a worldly education, thanks to the fact that in his young years, he was employed as a bookkeeper in the cabinet of Count Tyszkiewicz.

He was an intelligent and active man. He had was very involved in communal life in Volozhin. There he established the post, and he was coronated with the name “Mendel the postman.”

My father, Alter (Yekutiel) Abt was born in Ashmyany, where he lived until his marriage. He came to America at the end of 1921 with his wife and children. He died there in 1941 at the age of 83.

His father, Leibe Abt, was a scholarly Jew. His mother (Grandmother Feiga) looked after her father, Reb Asher Hutner, who was renowned for his wisdom, and who occupied the “seat of judgment” in the Volozhiner Yeshiva.

Father had a strong sense of justice. He was respected in the Chevra Mishnayos [Mishna study society] for his words of wisdom. He loved quoting from our ancient treasuries. His witty parables circulate in our area to this day.

My mother Batya Abt (Basha Mendel's) died in New York at the end of 1964 at the age of 90. She knew bible very well, and she spoke and wrote Hebrew, Russian, Polish, and later on, English. She always found time to read a book. On the fine summer Sabbath afternoons, she would gather together several women in “Petruche's Orchard” and read to them the works of Sholom Aleichem and other Yiddish classics. She was blessed with writing talent and maintained a wide-ranging correspondence until the end of her life.

She exemplified the noble character of a Jewish mother who drew her inspiration and belief from our rich religious tradition.

Perpetuators: Tamara Abt (Gross), Asher Abt, Feivel Abt, and Chana Golda Abt (Gotlieb), America

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Zeev Bloch and his wife Chava Rachel


My father was a cantor and shochet in Volozhin for 40 years. He was great at hosting guests. My mother supported the Yeshiva lads and concerned herself for them. Woe for those who are no longer alive, but are not forgotten.

Perpetuated by: Zelda, the cantor's daughter – America


Ben-Sasson (Luntz), Moshe Zalman. Murdered on 2 Nissan 5697 (March 14, 1937). Buried in Yavne'el. See his photo on page 243.

Bar-Ilan (Berlin), Rabbi Meir. He was born in Volozhin on 29 Nissan 5640 (April 10, 1880). He died in Jerusalem on 11 Nissan 5609 (April 18, 1949). See his photo on page 233.

Berlin, Rebbetzin Batya Miriam (wife of the Netzi'v). Died in Jerusalem at the beginning of the year 5693 (1933). See her photo page 476.

Berman, Eliahu. Born in Volozhin in 5665 (1905). Died in 5712 (1942). Buried in the Kiryat Shaul cemetery.


Berger, Shlomo


Born in Volozhin in 1908 (5678). Died in 5697 (1937). Buried in Petach Tikva.

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Berman Avraham


He was the son of Rivka and Yitzchak Meir. He was born in Volozhin in the year 5673 (1913), and made aliya to the Land in the year 5693 (1933).

He fell on guard duty in the orchard of Moshav Herut on 2 Tevet 5717 (December 17, 1955), and was buried in Moshav Herut.


Berman, Mina


She was the daughter of Rivka and Yitzchak Meir. She was born in Volozhin in the year 5676 (1916), and graduated from the Dr. Tsharno Seminary in Vilna. She served as a Hebrew teacher in Vishnyeva and Kozhan. She died in Vilna in 5698 (1938).

Derechinski (Ben-Sasson) , Rebbetzin Freidel. She died on 2 Shvat 5711 (January 27, 1951). See her photo on page 242.

Derechinski, Rabbi Shmuel Avigdor. Died on 12 Shvat 5720 (January 10, 1960). See his photo on page 239.


Wand-Polak, Michael


He was born in Piesk, Volkovisk district, in 5644 (1884). He was a known and accepted personality in Volozhin and the entire region, even though he was always occupied with his many businesses. Nevertheless, he devoted some of his time to communal work, both in the social realm (obtaining assistance for the needy), as well as the Zionist realm, especially in employing pioneers [chalutzim] in his enterprises. His name went forth with praise and honor.

He was a man with national pride. During the First World War, when Volozhin remained without a governor and without a regime – he stood in the breach. He organized a defense and stood at its head. He obtained weapons and distributed them to the defenders. He protected the lives and property of the Jews of Volozhin with hand weapons, along with the other members of the defense.

The Second World War forced him to go to Siberia. Full of tribulations and suffering, he succeeded in arrived in the Land of Israel on the eve of the end of the British Mandate, as the English were leaving the Land

He died in Jerusalem on 1 Marcheshvan 5727 (October 15, 1966).

Perpetuators: His wife Riva Wand-Polak; Yosef and Bat-Sheva Schwartzberg (nee Polak); Son Shmuel and his wife Rachel; daughter Roza Kaminer (nee Polak); son Bernard Wand-Polak (Argentina); daughter Rachel Meshorer (nee Polak), and her husband Asher

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Kahanovich, Chaim Binia


He was born in Volozhin in 5666 (1906). He made aliya in 5684 (1924). He was one of the founders of Kfar Vitkin. He died in 5725 (1965), and was buried in Kfar Vitkin.


Levitzki, Moshe


He was born on 11 Elul 5691 (August 24, 1931), and died on 30 Av 5716 (August 7, 1956). He was buried in Rechovot.

Meltzer, Eliezer Moshe

Meltzer, Chaia Reitza


Meir Yeshayahu Meltzer and his wife Yafa (Sheina)


Meir Yeshayahu Meltzer was born in Volozhin and lived there for many years. He made aliya to the Land in 5695 (1935). He lived from the labor of his hands until the day of his death. He was known for his uprightness, modesty, and love of his fellow. He died on 5 Iyar 5606 (May 6, 1946).

His wife Yafa (Sheina) was a native of Vilna. She was the daughter of an honorable family. She was a faithful wife to her husband, and bore the burden of the family after his death. She died on 21 Kislev 5620 (December 22, 1959), and was buried on the Mount of Olives.


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