Yizkor Book of the Jews
of Teleneshty of Bessarabia

(Teleneşti, Moldova)

47°30' / 28°22'

Translation of
Pinkas Teleneshty

Edited by: Aryeh Horshi, Alter Hertzovski

Published by the Organization of Teleneshty Emigres of Israel in Tel Aviv 5742 - 1982



Project Coordinator

Joyce Field


Donated translations

Joyce Field, Irving Schoenberg, John Youkilis & Victor Youkilis


This is a translation from: Pinkas Teleneshty (Yizkor Book of the Jews of Teleneshty of Bessarabia),
Editors: Aryeh Horshi, Alter Hertzovski,
Published by the Organization of Teleneshty Emigres of Israel, 1982


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Translated by Jerrold Landau

Map of Teleneshty   (Map Legend) 2-3
Editorial Committee   (Photo Captions) 4
Words of Thanks 5-6
Donations from Teleneshty natives in the Diaspora 7-10
Foreword (Yiddish text, "The Unfortunate Martyrs!") 11-12
Teleneshty -- its beginnings, etc. 13
The founding of the town 14-15
Bessarabia under Turkish-Moldavian rule (until 1812) 16
The presence of Jews in the area of Bessarabia 17-18
The business of the Jewish settlers 19
A map of Bessarabia and its Jewish settlement in 1817 20
Bessarabia under Czarist rule (19th century) 21
The beginnings of the Jewish settlement 22-23
A map of Bessarabia produced by the Joint (1922) 24
A general map of Bessarabia 25
The first residents 26-28
The first census 29-31
Teleneshty (from the Bessarabia Encyclopedia,1908-1913) 31
A map of the Jewish population from 1858-1897 34
The occupations of the Jewish residents after 1812 35-36
Ploughing in an agricultural settlement 37
Crisis and Immigration (1812-1900) 37-39
The end of Czarist Rule (1917) and annexation to Romania 40-43
The economy after the annexation to Romania (1918-1940)  
    1) Wine business, The Coopers 44-46
    2) Grain business 47
    3) Raising of Sheep 48-49
    4) Light industry 50-52
    5) Small scale business 53-55
    6) Artisans 56-59

"The loan and saving fund" of the town

Bibliography 63
Teleneshty in the 17-18 centuries A. Ben Moshe 64-66
My Shtetl as it was Rudolf Youkilis 67-70
The city in its blossoming and its destruction Hertzl H. 71-74
My town Teleneshty Avraham Feldman 75-76
My town -- I'll never forget you.. Aryeh Kuperov 77-79
Antisemitism in the shtetl Alie Soroker 80-81
Mi Shtetl (a song) Avraham Feldman 82-83
Picture: water carries in the town 84
I remember you (a song) Hersh Shinder 85
The Jewish Bank in Telenesht Aryeh Kuperov 86-89
A profile of Nachum Roitman Aryeh Kuperov 90-91
My town Teleneshty Aryeh Kuperov 92-93
Bessarabia under Romanian rule Aryeh Kuperov 94-95
The lives of Jews in the villages Aryeh Kuperov 96
The first Zionists in the town H. Alter 98
The beginnings of the Zionist youth movements H. Alter 99-100
"Young Zion" H. Alter 101-102
"Gordonia" "Boslia" "Hatechia" H. Alter 103
Photos of youth and pioneers H. Alter 104-105
"Poale Zion - Dror" H. Alter 106-107
Photos of "Poale Zion - Dror" H. Alter 108
"Hechalutz" H. Alter 109-110
Photos 111-114
"Gordonia" - "Hechalutz" Sh. Youkilis C. Hochman 115-116
Tzipora Etzioni (Pekel) Mordechai Rishfi 117-118
Friends who we cannot forget A. H. 119-121
"Keren Hayesod" / "Keren Kayemet"  
Zionism in Teleneshty Simcha Sheiber 128-129
This is how I made Aliya to Israel  
   Fruma Hertzovski 130-132
My Shtetl Telenesht Yankel Rabin 133-134
How I made Aliya to the Land Shmuel Kleiman 135-136
"The Left" of the town A. H. 137-138
The three Teleneshty natives who crossed the Dneister Y. Peles 139-141
   (Shmuel Wallach, Chana Finkelman, Buka Rabin)  
The young "Upstarts" Avraham Feldman 142-144
   Alter Hertzovski 145-148
Photos 149-152
Writers and poets (biographies) H. Alter 153-159
   S. Ben Zion, Eliezer David Rosental, Zalman  
   Rosental, Mordechai Finkelman, Moshe Pinchevski,  
   Nachum Gutman  
S. Ben Zion (autobiography) S. Ben Zion 160-163
Our men of stature A. H. 164-166
   Dr. Buma Fisher, Dr. Chaim Warana, the lawyer  
   Mota Eidelstein, the lawyer D. Rafaelovitch,  
   the lawyer D. Kleine, the lawyer Y. Trulevitz,  
   dentist A. Kleiderman, Dr. M. Krishkotzki,  
   engineer Y. Bender, engineer S. Feldman,  
   educator Israel Gleizer  
"Hadorech" S. Ben Zion 167-175
A photo of the "Jewish" manuscript of S. Ben Zion 176
The last Troubador (a profile of Z. Rosental of blessed memory) 177-179
The great windfall (Homarska) Zalman Rosental 180-182
The broken roof (A song) Zalman Rosental 183-184
There is a frost, what a mechaye Zalman Rosental 185-186
In a Shtetl there is a Shtibel (a song) Zalman Rosental 187-188
The lamenting song of Telenesht Moshe Pinchevski 189-190
Porniale (a folk song in Bessarabia) Moshe Pinchevski 191-192
Florinda (a song) Moshe Pinchevski 193-195
Thus was I (a song) Moshe Pinchevski 196
Figures, Personalities and Events A. H. 198-209
   Dr. David Dorfman / Reb Leib Petrushka /  
   Levy Petrushka / David Wechselman / Dr. Avraham  
   Kleiderman / David Karimski / Reb Avraham Napadanski  
   Moshe Berlin and his family / Reb Israel Hochman  
The Berger family A. Kuperov 210-211
Photographs of people from the town 212
A profile of Moshe Soroker Olga Soroker 213
Avraham Shinder of blessed memory  
   (a yahrzeit article) Ethel Shinder 214
Aaron Plosk of blessed memory Y. Peles 215-216
The family of Tzvi and Milka Rabin of blessed  
   memory Yosef Rabin 217
Profiles of: the Rabinovitch family, Shamai the  
   son of David Fisher, V. Gorodenker, Chaim-  
   Mendel Beider, Malka and Yosef Lioberski  
    printed by A. Feldman 218-221
Photos of personalities of the shtetl 222-223
PROFILES H. Alter 224-228
   Pini Fuchs, Moshe Fuchs, Chana Weinstock,  
   Paul Weinstock, two wives  
Zalmine Tevels El. G. 229-231
Yona, the people are going El. G. 232-234
Yankel the red cow El. G. 235-236
Katigienikes: El. G. 237-240
Chaim Bitshak B. Alger 241
Chaya-Etis "Marazsheni" B. Alger 242
The Besht and the wine from Teleneshty H. Alter 244-246
Profiles of Torah teachers in the town H. Alter 247-248
Reb Shlomole Dayan 249
Reb Yisrael David Velvels 250
Rabbi Baruch Zukerman 251-252
Reb Yekutiel Sofer, Reb Mordechai Simcha 253
Reb Moishele Melamed, Reb Baruch Diament 254
Reb Hershele Pliman from the book of Teleneshty 255
And these are the names of the teachers --- 256-257
Synagogues--- 258-260
Cantors in Teleneshty Alter Hertzovski 261-263
Reb Levi Presman, Reb Avramel Chazan (Presman) 264
Pesach in the Shtetl, Lag Baomer Aryeh Kuperov 265-268
Wedding preparations in the Shtetl Aryeh Kuperov 269-270
Water carriers, How does one bake bread? Yaakov Plosk 271-274
Cooking, Tisha Beov, The world of animals,  
The cow and the mirror, A wedding in the town,  
Teleneshty gastronomes 275-276


Yizkor 278
Here I am, poor in worthy deeds David Kisilov 279
A picture (memories from Ukraine) R. A. Adler 280
Chapters on the Holocaust Alter Hertzovski 281-285
Yizkor pages 286-292
The names of those who are no longer alive --- 293-301
In the Holocaust Y. Peles 301-302
Witnesses of the Survivors 304-307
The witness of Mrs. Zukerman 308
From eyewitnesses 309
Moshe Hochman relates 310
Bracha Prakafitch writes from Telenesht 311-313
The tragic day in the shtetl Yankel Kleiman 314-315
The Martyr's march Avraham Gelberg 316-320
Goodhearted people Alie Soroker 321-322
The mother Rachel Y. Prakafitch 323-324
The fate of a family Y. Landman 325
A year of Yiddish in Telenesht A. Kuperov 326-327
The happenings of a family A. Kuperov 328-329
Photos 330-338
Monuments of the martyrs of the town 339-342
A list of Teleneshty emigres who donated to this book 344-346
Table of contents 347-352
Page Outline  

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