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Yizkor Pages*

Perpetuation of the Memories of the Deceased by their Relatives

Translated by Jerrold Landau

* to our chagrin, it was impossible, even though we put out great effort, to make a consolidated list of our martyrs. Even the individual details may be incomplete.

[upper right box]

An eternal flame in memory of those who were dearest to us:

Our father -- Zelig Hertzovski, who was killed in Nicher.

Our mother -- Zvia Hertzovski, who died in Teleneshty.

Our sister -- Roza Hertzovski, who was killed in Nicher.

Our brother -- Meir Hertzovski, who died in Belzi.

Our sister-in-law -- Dina Hertzovski (nee Rabin), who died in Israel.

Those who perpetuate their memory: Alter and Herzl Hertzovski and their families.

[upper left box]

In Eternal Memory

With honor we mention the holy names

Peretz Gruman, Idis Gruman, Shmuel Gruman, Bracha Gruman

who were killed by the Nazi murderers in the town of Sokolitshen in 1942.

Perpetuating their memory: daughter Manya Lantzman, and her husband.

[bottom right box]

In Memory

of my father -- Shalom Rabinovitch

of my mother -- Hasia Rabinovitch

Their memory will never be forgotten from our midst.

Perpetuated by: their son -- Moshe Rabinovitch and his family.


[bottom left box]

A memorial candle in memory of

Noach Pichman -- died in Leningrad (1971)

Leika Pichman -- died in Leningrad (1979)

Rachele Pichman -- died in Bandizen, U.S.S.R. in 1942.

Perpetuated by: Alia and Aryeh Kuperov (Israel)

Moshe Pichman -- Leningrad

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[upper right box]

With a painful heart we perpetuate the memory of:

our parents:

Israel Hochman, died in Orles Mare.

Rachel Hochman and his family in Pardes Hanna

Moshe Hochman and his family in Bat Yam

[upper left box]

In Eternal Memory

We uplift the memory of our parents

Mordechai the son of Avraham Rosenblum

Freda the daughter of Chaim Rosenblum

May their memories be a blessing!

Those who perpetuate their memories:

the sons: Avraham Vardi (Rosenblum)

Israel Vardi (Rosenblum) and their families

[lower right box]

An Eternal Candle in Memory of our Parents:

Moshe Berman

Chaika Berman

and our friends and relatives

May their souls be bound up in the bonds of eternal life

Those who perpetuate their memories:

the son -- Henech Berman and his family, Pardes Hanna


[lower left box]

In Eternal Memory

of our parents:

Zalmine Felman

Menucha Felman

our brother: Shlome Felman

May their memories be a blessing!

The mourners:

the daughters -- Zelda, Chana and their families.

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[upper right box]

An Eternal flame in memory of our

family whom we will never forget

Velvel Wallach -- died in Moldova in 1944

Ethel Wallach -- died in Teleneshty in 1939

Eli-Eizik, his wife, and two children, who were killed by the Germans in 1941

The perpetuators: Dora Kupershmid, and her husband Yaakov

Petach Tikva

[upper left box]

In Eternal Memory

With grief and agony we remember

the names of our dearly beloved

Yitzchak Berger -- died in Kishinev in 1918

Shifra Berger -- died in Telenesht in 1917

The perpetuators: Rivka Ben-Yitzcha and his son Tzvi Berger

Ramat Hasharon

[lower right box]

In Memory of Our Parents and Sisters

whom will never be forgotten from our midst

Tzvi Prakafitch -- died in Tashkent in 1941

Chana Prakafitch -- died in Teleneshty in 1962

Feiga Prakafitch -- (nee Mester)

died in Belzi in 1972

The perpetuators: their daughter and sister -- Bracha Bernstein and her husband


[lower left box]

In Eternal Memory

we dedicate to the memory of

Israel Kornwein -- died in Belzi in 1965

Batia Kornwein -- died in a camp in Ukraine in 1942

Udel Kornwein - died in Israel in 1980

Uncle Mordechai Shtrachman -- died in Teleneshty in 1963

The perpetuators: their daughter and her husband Lea and Eli Eisen

Petach Tikva

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[upper right box]

A Memorial Candle

In Eternal Memory

of my parents Mottel Youkilis

Machli Youkilis

my aunt Sara Youkilis

the perpetuators:

Shlomo Michaeli (Youkilis) and his family

Pardes Hanna

[upper left box -- photo]

Hershel Berger


Perpetuating his name

from the family

[lower right box]

A Monument

to our dear unforgettable

Meir Baiarski -- killed in Siberia

Chaika Baiarski -- died in Israel

Yitzchak Bender killed in Siberia

Binyamin Bender killed in Siberia

Honoring their memory!

Perpetuating them:

Aaron, Avraham, David Baiarski and their families

Tzur Shalom


[lower left box]

Perpetuating The Memory

Freda Gitelman (Lachs)

who was tragically killed in Transnistria

Perpetuating her name:

Israel and Hersh (Chernovitz)

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[upper right box]

A Memorial Candle

to our parents who will never be forgotten

Leib Berlin -- died in Teleneshty

Batia Berlin -- died in Israel

we remember our brother

Moshe Berlin -- who died en route from Venezuela to Israel

Remembering them:

daughters -- Fruma Sara and Rivka in Israel

sons -- Oscar and Upshi in Venezuela

[upper left box]

A Candle for the Soul

In Perpetual Memory

our father Leib Petroshka

our mother Mariasi Petroshka

and the rest of our relatives who died or were killed

in the Holocaust

Those who weep bitterly for them:

daughters -- Sonia in Israel

Gutele in the U.S.S.R.

and their families

[lower right box]

With a heavy heart we perpetuate their memory:

Eliezer Bozishaker -- who was killed on the eve of Passover 1947 in Teleneshty as he was crossing the road to Orgeyev

Leika Bozishaker -- who died in Teleneshty 1948.

The perpetuators:

Aryeh Kuperov, Petach Tikva

Miriam Grachenstein, U.S.S.R.

[lower left box]

To Perpetuate the Memory of Our Unforgettable Parents

who died during the time of the war

Shimon Gelberg Rachel Gelberg

Yosef Shwartzman Chaika Shwartzman

Mentioning their memory with sadness:

Avraham Gelberg and his family

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[upper right box]

In Eternal Memory

with a heavy heart we perpetuate the holy memory of our parents

Our father Reb Alter Feldman of blessed memory

Our mother Rivka Feldman of blessed memory

who were killed in Teleneshty

The mourners:

the son: Avraham in Israel

the daughter: Muka in the U.S.S.R.

and the families

[upper left box]

In Eternal Memory of Our Parents

Reb Shmuel the son of Yitzchak Sheiber

who was killed in Teleneshty by the murderers, may their names be obliterated

Mrs. Bayla the daughter of Yechiel Yosef the Cohen who died in the 15th of Adar II 5798

May their souls be bound in the bonds of eternal life

The perpetuators:

the son -- Simcha Sheiber and his family

[lower right box]

In Eternal Memory

we perpetuate with pain and sadness our dearly beloved

Our parents: Moshe Kleiman, died in Khazakstan

Leika Kleiman died in Khazakstan

our sister -- Feiga Kleiman died in Khazakstan

our brother -- Zelig Kleiman died on the front

and Ben Zion Berkovitch -- in Siberia

Remaining in grief:

Yankel Shmuel and Yehudit in Israel


[lower left box]

In Eternal Memory

of the souls of our holy parents

our father: Reb Levi Petroshka

our mother: Sasel Petroshka

who died in Israel after much painful wandering

May their memories be a blessing!

The perpetuators:

daughters -- Shunia, Etia, Bukele

son - Buria

and their families in Israel

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Names of Members of the Teleneshty Community

who are no longer alive

(in alphabetical order)

Translated by Jerrold Landau

This list is not complete. It includes names of those who died or who were killed. We requested information, and we received information from their families in Israel or the Diaspora who transmitted the names to us. Many names, in particular of those who were killed in the Holocaust, did not make it to this list. We regret that their names did not make it into this memorial book.

In the event of errors in the names, we request the forgiveness of the family members.

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Okstein Feiga Berkovitch Feiga
Okstein Moshe Bronstein Elia
Eidelstein Motia Bronstein Chaya
Eidelstein Roza Bender Yitzchak
Eisenstein Avraham Bender Sarake
  Batoshanski Rachel
Balban Shmuel Berkovitch Fishel
Bozshaker Leizer Bliumis Yaakov
Bozshaker Leika Bliumis Chaika
Burman Hersh Bliumis Meir
Burman Baruch Bliumis Malka
Bender Edil Bliumis Yuzia
Bender Avraham Bliumis Bliuma
Burstein Shuni Buikis Noach
Beider Aaron David Buikis Liuba
Berlin Moshe Buikis Yocheved
Berlin Leib Berdichevski Esther
Berlin Batia Berdichevski Yuzia
Broitman Hershel Bronstein Suibl
Broitman Arke Bronstein Gitel
Botoshanski Moshe Balaban Rebecca
Botoshanski Idit Bender Nachum
Beret Freda Bender Moshe
Baiarski Chava Bender Miriam
Bronstein Machli Bender Perel
Bronstein Israel Bender Israel
Berman Shlomo Batoshanski Yaakov
Berman Yaakov  
Berger Hersh Ganuli Enie
Berger Yitzchak Gatnuli Liza
Berger Moshe Gleizer Moshe
Berger Tzvi Gleizer Ethel
Broitman Shimshon Gleizer Israel
Balaban Ethel Gershonzon Rachel

[Page 295]

Goldman Yitzchak Gorodenker Velvel
Goldenstein Baruch Gorodenker Genia
Gerchavski Zelig Gorodenker Nesl
Gerchavski Zvia Gorodenker Rivka
Gerchavski Roza Gorodenker Esther
Gerchavski Meir Gorodenker Yosel
Goldstein Hersh Dr. David Dorfman
Goldenberg Mendel Diament Baruch
Goldenberg Israel Dodik Kasil
Groman Yosel Dochavna Avraham
Groman Israel Dochavna Alec
Gleizer Israel Dochavna Chaya
Golkin Meir Dochavna Manya
Golkin Sime  
Golkin Idit Hochman Ita
Gluzman Rachel Hochman Israel
Grinfeld Chaim Meir Hochman Noach
Grabois Leib Hochman Leika
Goldman Nachum Yankel Hochman Necha
Goldman Feiga Vachselman Avraham
Grinspun Moisei Vachselman David
Grinspun Fania Verezinski David
Gruman Leika Waldman Chaya
Gruman Anshel Waldman Manya
Gelman David Waldman David
Ginshperg Moshe Weinbaum Menachem Mendel
Geisler Idel Waldman Menashe
Geldstein Yosel Weisman Moshe David
Gelberg Shimon Verezinski Sara
Gelberg Rachel Wallach Velvel
Gruman Eizik Verezinski Chana
Gleizer Buka Veinik Yosel
Gitinstein Yaakov Weinstock Tulia Dr.
Goldman Yosel Weinberg Meir

[Page 296]

Weinstock Chuna Zimerfeld Moshe
Weinstock Lianie Zimerfeld Yosel
Wallach Zeide Zimerfeld Leizer
Dr. Warana Chaim Zimerfeld Frima
Warana Israel Zilberman Berel
Waserman Rebecca Chaninovitz Shimon
Verezinski Aaron Chailomski Simcha
Verezinski David Chailomski Entzie
Weiner Naftali Chailomski Max
Weinstock Sara  
Weinstock Paul Tabachnik Yitzchak
Weinstock Gershon Taker Buzi
Vasilkovski Enie Tandaitnik Yaakov
Vasilkovski Leib Tandaitnik Moshe
Vasilkovski Avraham Tandaitnik Hersh
Vasilkovski Tzipe Taker Lea
Vasilkovski Zalmine  
Vaskoboinik Leib Youkilis Moshe-Chaim
Weiner Shimon Yosilovitz Eliahu
Weinberg Yosel Yaser Leib
Weisenberg Yosel Youlis Pesach
Weinberg Froike Chomski Rivka
Weinberg Mordechai Chomski Shimon
Wechsler Alter Chatkis Berel
Zanis Shmuel Lerner Meir
Zanis Malka Lapides Velvel
Zanis Israel Lapides Yente
Zanis Yasha Lioberski Malka
Zakis Eidel Lioberski Yosef
Zaikeiner Avraham Labonski Chaika
Zakis Efraim Lachs Avraham
Zisman Sara Lachs Reuven
Zisman Yitzchak Lecht Shimshon

[Page 297]

Lerner Moshe Soroker Moshe
Lerner Motel Soroker Meir
Labonski Arki Soroker Sheindel
Lapides Shalom Soroker Chaim
Lecht Avraham-Yosel Soroker Elie
Moskovitz Mordechai Soroker Fanie
Mutchnik Israel Soroker Riva
Mutchnik Esther Soroker Shimon
Mariames Shlomo Skaliar Israel
Mariamis Ben-Zion Sakinovski Shmuel
Mariamis Froike Strolovitch Yosef
Moldovski Shame Strolovitch Zlote
Mester Shimon Serkovitch Yankel
Mutchnik Wolf Serkovitch Sonia
Mutchnik Yankel Serkovitch Moshe
Mutchnik Nazaria Sudman Israel
Moskovitch Nechama Sudak Chaika
Macheiveshleiger Moshe Salmanovitch Leib
Mezanski Feivel Salmanovitch Yaakov
Matlis Chaim Salmanovitch Rivka
Moshe Leib & Sara Mezebitch Salmanovitch Shalom
Milman Sender Salmanovitch Sara
Milman Nesia Safanar Leizer
Nafadenski Moshe Safanar Chaika
Nafadenski Avraham Safanar Chaika
Nudelman Shlomo Safanar Leib
Nudelman Sara  
Nusinkes Berel Eliches Gedalia
Nusinkes Tzipora Etis Israel
Nusinkes Alie Eliches Itzel
Nusinkes Malvina Eliches Yaakov
Musinkes Fania Pichman Zuza
Nusinkes Moisei Pichman Noach

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Pichman Leika Presman Sheindel
Pichman Froike Finkelman Yosel
Pichman Mendel Finkelman Frida
Pichman Gitia Finkelman Zelda
Pichman Mendel Finkelman Mordechai
Pichman Feiga Feldman Menucha
Pichman Zisia Pinchevski Moshe
Pichman Ita Fuchs Moshe
Pichman Simcha Finkelman David
Fridental Moshe Finkelman Leib
Fridental Israel Finkelman Shika
Fridental Beila Prizamenter Mania
Petroshka Levi Puterman Itzel
Petroshka Sonia Pekerman Mendel
Petroshka Mariasi Feierman Moshe
Petroshka Leibl Prapelichka Sheika
Plusk Idit Finkelman Israel
Plask Tovia Finkenzon Dake
Plusk Frima Pichman Rachele
Plask Aaron Pichman Gitel
Plask Chaika  
Plask Baruch Rabbi Zukerman Baruch
Plask Hershel Rebbetzin Zukerman Yehudit
Pekerman Makie Kovelkovski Anshel
Pekerman Velvel Kovelkovski Nisel
Prakafitch Binyamin Kleiman Moshe
Feldman Zalman Kleiman Zelig
Feldman Shlomo Kizshener Itzel
Presman Yitzchak Keiserman Aaron
Prakofitch Nechama Kaufman Chaika
Pliman Hershel Kodishavitz Tsake
Pliman Sara Kreidelman Chaim
  Kalimuk Froika
Presman Avraham Kizshener Sara

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Kizshener Esther Kornwein Batia
Kilshtein Leib Kornwein Idel
Kishinovski Israel Krimski David
Kisilov Sender Krimski Ethel
Kisilov Rachel Kisilov Sara Krimski Ribusie
Kisilov Chaim  
Kisilov Nachum Roitman Mendel
Kisilov Malka Roitman Nachum
Kravetz Salaman Rabin Malka
Kravetz Chaika Rabin Pinchas
Kravetz Mania Rabin Binyamin
Katzman Liani Rabin Rivka
Katzman Roza Rosenblum Frida
Kizshener Chaim Rosenblum Mordechai
Kizshiner Yankel Rabin Chana
Kutzik Nachum Rappaport Paul
Krintshtein Moshe Rosental Zalman
Kosokovski Aaron Rosental David
Kotshok Mania Rabin Avraham
Kotshok Yeva Rafaelovitch Yankel
Keiserman Berel Rabin Yankel
Kornwein Israel Rubenstein Mordechai
Krutianski Ethel Rakler Berel
Kleiderman David Redenski Avraham
Kleiderman Avraham Redenski Aaron
Kleiderman Dora Roitberg Avraham
Kishinovski Baruch Roitman Aaron
Kettgasker Yankel Roitman Yechiel
Koivel Leib Roitman Hersh
Kruter Leib Roitberg Zelde
Korogatsh Yitzchak Roitman Sara
Kogan Moisei Roitman Moisei
Kogan Rosa Roitman Fuga

[Page 300]

Rabin Moshe Sherman Mordechai
Rabin Bilia Shinder Yoel
Reines Buzia Shinder Udel
Reines Zalmine Shwartzman Beni
Roitman David Sheinberg Shlomo
  S. Ben Zion Gutman
Shleizer Shabse Shleker Kalman
Shapashnik Yitzchak Shreier Aaron
Shapashnik Feige Shwartzman Yona
Shapashnik Eli Shwartzman Leib
Shapashnik Shlomo Shwartzman Moshe
Shlapit Yekutiel Shar Zalman
Shinder Avraham Shtechman Doke
Starchman Mordechai Shtechman Froike
Starchman Hersh  
Shwartzman Yitzchak TELENESHTY NATIVES
Shichman Roize Katzman Liani
Shuster Moshe Shinder Avraham
Shuster Israel Petroshka Levi
Shnit Daniel Petroshka Sasel
Steinberg Chaim Plask Aaron
Steinberg Sara Yaakov Rabin
Steinberg Labe Velvel Gorodenker
Shreibman Shmuel Idel Bender
Shreibman Zalman Nechama Moskovitz
Shmuishman Menucha Teler M.

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The names of the martyrs who were killed by the Nazis and their helpers in the month of Tammuz, as they were escaping from Telenesht, and they were found in a pit near Ineshti. When the inhabitants of the town returned after the war: Moshe Soroker, Avraham Lachs, Aaron Plosk and others buried their bodies in a communal grave in the cemetery of Teleneshty.


Ita Pichman Sara Berman
Sheindel Soroker Yaakov Berman
Chaim Soroker Bracha Roitman
Avraham Berman Velke Feisman
Yechiel Veinik Nisel Kovolkovski
Roitman Sima Israel Veimer
Moshe Batoshanski Malka Veinik
Shendel Batoshanski Mintcha Veinik
Motel Lerner Shibele Veinik
Beti Lerner Avraham Yosel Lecht
Aaron David Shochet Ethel Lecht




“They said let us go wipe them out from being a nation, and the name of Israel will no longer be remembered” (Psalms 83)

[Pages 302-303]

[Hebrew text]

From the book “Teleneshty” by Y. Peles

[Page 304]

Short Words of Witness from Teleneshty Jews -- Survivors of the Holocaust

 [Pages 304-307]

[Yiddish text]

Fanny Zukerman / Landau /

Nisel Reiz

Tovia Nudelman

Bernstein Bracha

Zise Feinman

Y. Lantzman

Betie Fisher

Rabbi Y. Peles

* ....They killed Moshe Batoshanski (the largest fancy goods merchant in the town), and buried him in the vineyard of the Fisher brothers.

* ... Mani Rafaelovitch and Hersh Kalechnik (Burman), were murdered by a local youth, from the Teleneshty village .

* ... They tied Shmuel Rashkover to the tail of a horse dragged him through the streets of the town.


* ... In 1944, Mordechai Mechvitz returned to Teleneshty, and the gentiles told him that his parents Moshe Leib and Sara were killed and buried in Koropcheni village.

* ... In 1944, with the efforts of Avraham Lachs, Moshe Soroker, Aaron Plosk and Zeev Lisgug, a communal grave was opened near Ineshty, and they brought the bones of the Jews, residents of Teleneshty who were mercilessly killed. They were brought to rest in a Jewish grave in the local cemetery. Next to them were buried the martyrs of Krasnosheni village (a village near Teleneshty, where nearly the entire Jewish population was murdered and pillaged).

* Reb Aaron David Shochet

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