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Translation of:

Sefer Stryj

Edited by: N. Kudish, et al.

Published in Tel Aviv, 1962



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Our sincere appreciation to Uriel Zur Shützer z”l, of the Stryj Landsmannschaft,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of Sefer Stryj (Book of Stryj), edited by N. Kudish, Tel Aviv,
Former Residents of Stryj in Israel, 1962 (328 pages. H, Y, E)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Stryj (1962)

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Hebrew Section
The Community of Stryj Until WWI (1914)
The History of the Jews of Stryj Dr. M. Gelber 17
At the End of the Nineteenth Century Tamar Buchstab – Avi–Yona 51
Beginning of Zionism (Memoirs) Eliyahu Katz 53
From the book “Voices in the Darkness” Julian Strikovski 56
The First World War (1914-1918)
During the Russian Invasion (1914-1915) 65
The Russian Occupation in Stryj (1914-1915) Naftali Siegel 65
The Jewish defense 1918 Shimon Rosenberg 67
The Jewish Militia in 1918 R. S. 68
The days of the Ukrainian rule Naftali Siegel 69
Institutions and Associations
Stryj Jewish Community between the Two World Wars   75
Synagogues 77
The various minyanim or small prayer groups in our town 87
The Talmud Torah [Torah school for young children] 88
The “Safa Brura” Hebrew School 88
The ”Ivriya” Society Dr. Nathan Kudish 89
A Town and its charm Prof. Dov Sadan 91
The Students' Organizations in Stryj Naftali Teller, atty. 96
The Academic Society “Emuna” Arie Hobel 97
“Kadima” Mark Wieseltier 98
The Academic Society “Hebronia” Mgr. Meir Borer 99
The Socialist-Zionist Academic Association 100
Bet Ha'am 101
The Orphanage 101
The Jewish Hospital 101
TOZ organization 102
The Jewish Vocational School 102
”The Soup Kitchen” 103
”Ezrat Nashim” (Women's help organization) 103
”Kreuzer Verein Society” 104
The “Gemilut Hesed” (Benevolence) Fund 104
Yad Harutzim Society 104
The “Oseh Tov” Merchants Society 105
Committee for the Rescue of German Jews 105
WIZO 105
The Jewish Economic Society Yakov Waldman 106
The Jewish “Civic Casino” Yakov Waldman 106
The Jewish Sport in Stryj Yakov Waldman 106
Personalities and Public Figures
Rabbi Arie Leib HaKohen Heller 111
Rabbi Asher Enzel Cuzmer 111
The Rabbi of Lissa, the Author of “Havat Da'at” (The Opinion) 111
Rabbi Eliyahu Meir Ben Yaakov HaKohen Rosenblum 114
Rabbi Arie Leibish Horowitz 114
Rabbi Shalom HaKohen Yolles (Der Mościsker) 115
Rabbi Shraga Feivel Hertz (Der Glogover) 116
Rabbi Eliezer Ben Shlomo Ladier 116
The Dayanim [judges in religious court] 116
Rav R'Asher Yeshayahu Frenkel 117
R'Mordechai (Motel) Druker 117
R'Yitzhak Hauptman Shub (slaughterer and examiner) 118
Dr. Isaac (Isidor) Aaron Bernfeld 118
Dr. Zvi Diesendruk 119
Dr. Naphtali (Tulo) Nussenblatt 119
Jonah Gelernter 121
Yehoshoa Tilleman 121
Dr. Max Bienenstock 121
Dr. Abraham Insler 123
Dr. Zeev Presser 124
Dr. Mordechai Kaufmann 124
Dr. Shlomo Goldberg 125
Dr. Benjamin Millbauer 125
Moshe Aaron Wohlmut Zvi Wohlmut 125
Benjamin Klein Dr. Ada Barlev Klein 126
Dov (Berl) Stern 126
Meir Frankel 127
Dr. Moshe Barlev (Reinhartz) 127
Abraham (Buczi) Apfelgruen 128
Rachel Katz P. Avineri – Katz 128
Dr. Malka Leibowitz 129
Aryeh (Leib) Schwamer 130
Dr. Azriel Eisenstein 130
David Zeidman 130
Eliyahu Waldman 131
Aaron Meller 131
Joshua Oberlaender 131
Ben–Zion Garfunkel 132
Abraham Levin Naphtali Siegel 132
Levi Opper A. Reis 133
Michael (Mechel) Opper 133
Itta Becher 133
The Rossler Brothers 134
Yehoshua Rossler 134
Shlomo Rossler 134
Shlomo Rosenberg 134
Leib Tepper 134
David Seltzer 135
Eliyahu Katz Fella Avineri–Katz 135
Dr. Joseph Schuster-Shilo 136
Organizations and Parties
General Zionism in Stryj 139
“Arbeitsgemeinschaft” (Working Group – Cooperation Committee) 141
The “Mizrahi” Organization 142
Agudat Israel 142
Poalei Zion Shimon Rosenberg 142
Before the Frist World War   143
Poalei Zion Youth   143
The Awakening Behind the Front   144
The Polish Period   145
The Split   145
Elections   146
The Jewish Professional Movement S. Stryjer 147
The “Hitahdut” A. Rotfeld - Dr. N. Kudish 148
The Unification of “Hitahdut” and “Poalei Zion” A. Rotfeld - Dr. N. Kudish 150
Ha'Oved [The Worker] A. Rotfeld - Dr. N. Kudish 151
Z.A.S.S. (Zionist Socialist Academic Society) A. Rotfeld - Dr. N. Kudish 151
HeHalutz [The Pioneer] A. Rotfeld - Dr. N. Kudish 152
Hashomer Hatzair Yosef Gilatt (Gotlieb), Kibbutz Gat 153
The Women of Stryj 155
The Revisionist Movement Zvi Steiner 156
The “Betar” Movement Berko Igra 157
“Masada” and the Revisionist HeHalutz Meir Kez 158
Second World War
The Soviet Occupation (1939 – 1941) Shimon Rosenberg 161
A Refugee Writes about Stryj's Jews   163
A Stryj Refugee in Russia   164
The Destruction of the Stryj Community
Holocaust episodes Yona Friedler 169
The Destruction of the Stryj Community Isaac Nussenblatt 187
List of Stryj Martyrs 198
Yiddish Section
Memories, Chronicles, Labor Movement
Memories of the old home Sara Weiss-Hauptman 225
The Jewish Militia in Stryj 226
The First Self Defense in Stryj 227
Béla Kun in Stryj S. Rosenberg 230
The Bloody Wednesday in Stryj S. Rosenberg 231
The Jewish Labor–Movement in Stryj S. Rosenberg 233
Po'alei–Zion in Stryj (1900–1914) S. Rosenberg 234
Z.P.S. – BUND 241
The Jewish Professional Movement S. Stryjer 244
The Borochov Library Avraham Grossman 245
The Soviet Occupation in Stryj S. Hirschorn 246
A Letter from a Refugee about the Jews of Stryj 250
Stryj Refugees in the Soviet Union 251
The Annihilation of the Jewish Community in Stryj 252
A p p e n d i x 257
Organization of Former Stryj Residents in Israel 259
Former Stryj Residents who died in Israel 261
I n d e x 263
Name Index 263
English Section
The Aftermath of Catastrophe   5
The United Stryjer Young Men's Benevolent Association   5
The History of the Old Independent Stryjer Society in New York  6
The Stryj Community after 1886   8
Between the Two World Wars   19
The Death of a Community
    Chapter One: An Established City   35
    Chapter Two: In the Throes   39
    Chapter Three: Under Soviet Rule   39
    Chapter Four: The Destruction of Jewish Stryj   41
    Chapter Five: Through the Carpathian Mountains   50
Jews of the Stryjer Community Victims of the Nazi Holocaust as Commemorated by their Relatives in the United States (Necrology) 61


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