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Those Who Perished in the Shoah


List of the Righteous who died in the Holocaust from Sokal

Translated by Rita Friedman

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Adler David Shmuel son of Mendel
Adler Elke daughter of Yakov Meyer Levy
Adler Moshe son of David Shmuel
Adler Yehuda Tsvi son of David Shmuel
Adler Mindel daughter of David Shmuel
Edelstein Yisesker son of Israel
Edelstein Leah daughter of Khanokh
Edelstein Shiendel daughter of Yisesker
Auberbuch Yosef
Auberbuch Abraham son of Yosef
Auberbuch Ezrieal son of Yosef
Auberbuch Sara daughter of Yosef
Auberbuch Naftali son of Yosef
Auberlender Raphael son of Yikheskel
Auberlander Tova daughter of Moshe Shudrokh
Auberlander Yoel son of Raphael
Auberlander Peseya daughter of Raphael
Oister Reizel daughter of Moshe
Oister Tsvi
Oister Fiebel son of Tsvi
Oister Shlomo son of Tsvi
Oister Feige daughter of Tsvi
Oister Shmuel son of Ephraim
Oister Meyteh daughter of David Tovia Beri
Oister David son of Shmuel
Oister Rueven son of Shmuel
Oister Sarah daughter of Shmuel
Oister Ephraim son of David
Oister Esther daughter of Aaron Kranitz
Oister Feibel son of Ephraim
Oister Frieda
Oister Moshe son of Ephraim
Oister Serel
Oister David son of Ephraim
Oister Shmuel son of Ephraim
Oister Henyia daughter of Ephraim
Oister Aaron son of Ephraim
Oister Yitshak son of Ephraim
Oister Yosef son of Ephraim
Unger Bluma daughter of Khaim Feybel
Unger Mergule son of Asher
Unger Shimshon son of Asher
Unger Azriel son of Asher
Ousterman Arieh
Ousterman Amelia daughter of Nakhmia and Vaniger
Auarbach Yoel son of Israel
Aymril Yakob Tsvi son of Meyer Yikhil
Aymril Khaya daughter of Moshe Baum
Aymril Feige daughter of Yakov Tsvi
Aymril Dina daughter of Yakov Tsvi
Aymril Abraham son of Meyer Yikhil
Aymril Zev son of Abraham
Aymril Yosef son of Abraham
Aymril Yonah son of Abraham
Ayrmil Gitel daughter of Abraham
Aymril Alexander son of Meyer Yikhil
Eienhoren Abraham son of Ephraim
Eimbar Elkhanan son of Zev
Eimbar Rishe daughter of Aria Leibish Beri
Eimbar Shalom son of Elkhanan
Eimbar Khiya daughter of Elkhanan
Eimbar Urie son of Elkhanan
Eimbar Toyve daughter of Elkhanan
Eimbar Mete daughter of Elkhanan
Eimbar Shyndel
Eimbar Leibele
Eimbar Berele
Eimbar Rivka
Eimbar Barukh
Elbaum Moshe
Altman Gershon son of Eikhil
Altman Frieda daughter of Gabriel Liperman
Altman Etel daughter of Gershon
Altman Yikhiel Meyer son of Gershon
Altman Sarah daughter of Gershon
Altman Gabriel son of Gershon
Altman Bluma son of Ahron Roth
Altman Barukh Yosef son of David
Altman Shmuel son of David
Altman Tsvi Hirsh son of Ahron Arieh
Altman Vite son of Oyzer
Altman Fishel son of Moshe
Altman Friedel daughter of Yhushua Moshe
Altman Briendel daughter of David
Altman Rachel daughter of Moshe
Alterman Teltse daughter of Shimeon
Afisdorf Mendel son of Israel
Afisdorf Hinde daughter of Neteh Byck
Afisdorf Tsvi Hirsh son of Israel

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Bet Return

Babad David son of Sholom
Babad Shifra daughter of Bruh family
Babad Shmuel son of David
Babad Moshe son of David
Babad Myrel daughter of David
Babad Shalom son of David
Babad Hana Etel daughter of David
Babad Rifka daughter of David
Babad Yosef son of Shalom
Babad Ratse daughter of Klein family
Babad Beshe daughter of Yosef
Babad Shalom son of Yosef
Babad Rifka daughter of Yosef
Babad Shlomo son of Shalom
Babad Hana daughter of Tsukerman family
Babad Moshe Hirsh son of Shlomo
Babad Esther Khiya daughter of Shlomo
Babad Rifka daughter of Shlomo
Babad Abraham son of Shlomo
Babad Beyle daughter of Hirshovsky Family
Babad Zishe son of Abraham
Babad Gitel daughter of Abraham
Babad Esther Khiya daughter of Abraham
Babad Rifka daughter of Abraham
Babad Berish son of Abraham
Bass Melekh son of Shalom
Bass Mordekai son of Shalom
Bard Yokheved
Bard David son of Gedalia
Bard Sarah daughter of Shmuel Zelig Kriegshaber
Bard Tova daughter of David
Bard Moshe son of David
Bard Yikheskel son of David
Bard Khyia daughter of David
Bard Shlomo son of Gedalia
Bard Hadasa
Bard Yakov son of Gedalia
Bard Brakha
Bard Abraham son of Israel
Bard Henyia daughter of Mordekai
Bard Eliyezer son of Abraham
Bard Mordekai son of Abraham
Bard Pinkhus son of Abraham
Bard Khayim son of Abraham
Bard Daniel son of Abraham
Bard Yhushua son of Israel
Bard Miriam daughter of Feybish
Bard Meyer son of Yhushua
Bard Bronia daughter of Yhushua
Bard David son of Israel
Bard Susha daughter of Mendel
Bard Bonam son of David
Bard Abraham son of David
Bard Moshe son of David
Bruh Yhushua son of Arieh
Bruh Esther daughter of Tsvi Shultz
Bruh Yosef son of Yhushua
Bruh Leah daughter of Urie Loufer
Bruh Khayim son of Yhushua
Bruh Khaya and three children of Khayim
Bruh Lipeh son of Yhushua
Bruh Sarah daughter of Leviton Family
Bruh two children of Lipeh
Bruh Khaya Dreizel daughter of Yhushua
Bruh her husband Israel and their children
Bruh Shlomo son of Yoel Pessakh
Bruh Reche Leah daughter of Kyle
Bruh Beryl son of Shlomo
Bruh Yosef son of Shlomo
Bruh Kyle daughter of Rachel Leah
Bruh Khayim son of Yoel Pessakh
Bruh Shifra daughter of Devoreh
Bruh Lipeh son of Khayim

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Bruh Abraham son of Khayim
Barer Ephraim son of Hersh
Barer Lena daughter of Israel Raher
Barer Yhushua Heshel son of Ephraim
Barer Pesia daughter of Ephraim
Barer Yhikhiel Leib son of Ephraim
Barer Gitel daughter of Ephraim
Barsky Hanah daughter of Gershon (Zender)
Barsky Reizel daughter of Israel
Barsky Malka daughter of Israel
Barsky Yakov son of Israel
Barsky Gitel daughter of Israel
Barsky Bashe daughter of Israel
Boim Zev son of Moshe
Boim Alexander son of Moshe
Boim Shlomo son of Moshe
Boim Mordekai son of Moshe
Boim Abraham
Boymail Nisen son of Yosef
Boymail Sarah daughter of Nisin
Boymail Tsvi son of Nisin
Bichler S
Bichler Sprynze daughter of Moshe Yosef
Bichler Moshe son of Yhuda
Bichler Kahat son of Moshe
Bichler Shmuel son of Moshe
Binstock Yocheved daughter of Shalom Lentz and children
Byk David son of Shalom
Byk Feige daughter of Asher
Byk Shnitzia daughter of Shalom
Byk Regina daughter of Shalom
Byk Tsvi son of Mordekai
Byk Shimeon son of Mordekai
Byk Shmuel son of Mordekai
Byk Ysrael son of Mordekai
Byk Royze daughter of Mordekai
Birenbach Mendel
Bach Abraham son of Mordekai
Bach Esther daughter of Mordekai
Bach Beyle daughter of Mordekai
Bach Shmuel Leib son of Mordekai
Bach Khinkeh daughter of Mordekai
Bach Malka daughter of Mordekai
Bach Yhishua son of Mordekai
Bloom Monish
Blushtein Mordekai son of Khayim
Blushtein Sarah
Blushtein Tsila daughter of Mordekai
Blushtein Miriam daughter of Mordekai
Blaten (Belton?) Khyia daughter of Ahron Kranitz
Bergels (Berglass) Rueben
Bergels (Berglass) Beno son of Rueben
Bergels (Berglass) Leah daughter of Eliyezer Weker
Berger Shlomo son of Moshe
Berger Attlia daughter of Pinkhas
Berger Devorah daughter of Shlomo
Berger Khayia daughter of Shlomo
Berger Moshe
Berger Esther daughter of Eitseh
Berger Yhushua Melekh son of Moshe
Berger Rifka daughter of Asnat
Berger Arieh Leib son of Abraham
Berger Friede daughter of David Reinart
Berger Hinde daughter of Yosef
Bernstein Etel daughter of Yekutyiel Tsvi Shmutser
Bernstein four children of Etel Bernstein
Brandman Elyaizer son of Yosef
Brandman Sarake daughter of Arieh
Bruner Ahron son of Shmuel
Bruner Esther daughter of Moshe Baum
Bruner Shlomo son of Ahron
Bruner Leah daughter of Ahron
Bruner Sheindel daughter of Ahron
Bruh Biyle daughter of Mendel
Bruh Khayim son of Mendel
Bruh Mordekai son of Mendel
Bruh Moshe Wolf son of Leibish
Bruh Shevah
Bruh Yakov son of Moshe Wolf

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Bruh Khyia daughter of Moshe Wolf
Bruh Hessa daughter of Moshe Wolf
Bruh Bentzion son of Moshe Wolf
Bruh Tova daughter of Moshe Wolf
Bruh Pinkhas son of Moshe Wolf
Bruh Urie son of Aria Wolf
Bruh Bluma daughter of Ysrael Kleter
Bruh Reginia daughter of Urie
Bruh Nele Henyia daughter of Urie
Bruh Miyte daughter of Urie
Bruh Hirsh son of Urie
Bruh Shmuel Grons son of Leibish
Bruh Eita daughter of Shmuel Grons
Bruh Tovia son of Shmuel Grons
Bruh Doleck son of Shmuel Grons
Bruh Bentzion son of Leibish
Bruh Sarah
Bruh Mordekai son of Bentzion
Bruh Rachel daughter of Bentzion
Bruh Manus son of Bentzion
Bruh Gitel daughter of Bentzion
Bruh Feige Leah daughter of Bentzion
Bruh Khaya daughter of Bentzion
Bruh Breindel daughter of Michael Levgoy
Bruh daughters of Breindel Bruh
Bruh Ahron son of David Tovia
Bruh Hana daughter of Mordekai
Bruh Roize daughter of Moshe
Bruh Leah daughter of Urie
Bruh Tsvia daughter of Yishuah
Bruh Leizer son of Moshe
Bruh Shulem son of Leizer
Bruh Feige daughter of Leizer
Bruh Israel son of Abraham
Bruh Gitel daughter of Israel
Bruh Rachel daughter of Yishuah
Bruh Seril daughter of David
Bruh Israel son of Hirsh
Bruh Toive daughter of Yishuah

Gimmel Return

Galatzer Nakhum son of Khono
Galatzer Mindel daughter of Yakov Meir Levi
Galatzer Yute Rachel daughter of Nakhum
Galatzer Yente Bluma daughter of Nakhum
Gasthalter Nakhum
Gasthalter Mina daughter of Tzvi Shitz
Gasthalter Shula daughter of Nakhum
Gottleib Khaya daughter of Gedalia Meir Kobler
Gottleib Bluma daughter of Gedalia Meir Kobler
Gottleib Brointse daughter of Gedalia Meir Kobler
Goldberg Yishuah Hashel son of Abraham Shlomo
Goldberg Matel family of Waber
Goldberg Tova daughter of Yishuah Hashel
Goldberg Yakov son of Abraham Shlomo
Goldberg wife of
Goldberg Abraham son of Yakov
Glazer Velvel son of Meir Leib
Glazer Sheindel daughter of Isesker
Glazer Meir Leib son of Yakov
Glazer Alte daughter of Ahron Liber
Glazer Yakov son of Meir Leib
Glazer Khaya daughter of Bumbach
Glazer sons of Yakov and Khaya
Glazer Sarah daughter of Reb Meir Leib and her children
Glanzberg Zalman
Glanzberg Mordekai son of Zalman
Glanzberg Leib son of Zalman
Glanzberg Pini son of Zalman
Gleicher Mordekai son of Moshe

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Gleicher Sabina daughter of Tzvi Shutz
Gleicher Hesa daughter of Mordekai
Gleicker Yitzhak son of Shmuel
Gleicker Toveh daughter of Shmuel
Gleicker Maleh daughter of Shmuel
Gleicker Shulem son of Shmuel
Gleicker Riba
Gleicker Hana daughter of Netah
Gleicker Zalman son of Aria
Gleicker Ruchel daughter of Iseschar
Gleicker Yosef son of Zalman
Gleicker Ysrael son of Zalman
Gleicker Asher son of Zalman
Gleicker Malka daughter of Zalman
Gleicker Arieh son of Zalman
Gleicker Yakov son of Arieh
Gleicker Leah daughter of Arieh
Gleicker Rikel daughter of Arieh
Gleicker Zisel daughter of Yosef
Gelbert Mendel son of Yhuda
Gelbert Bluma daughter of Meir Melel
Gelbert Motel son of Yhuda
Gelbert Heseh daughter of Shmuel Latzer
Genoya Melch son of Tzvi
Genoya Eliazer son of Tzvi
Genoya Rifka daughter of Tzvi
Genoya Aota daughter of Tzvi
Garnar Sara Reizel daughter of Koppel Alster
Garnar Feibel son of Shalom
Garnar Rachel daughter of Rueben Alster
Gerstler Yakov son of Yhuda
Gerstler Khaya daughter of Hirsh Lang
Gerstler Eliazer son of Yakov
Gerstler Gitel daughter of Yakov
Gerstler Yitzhak son of Yakov
Gerstfeld Pinkhus son of Mordekai
Gerstfeld Malka son of Shevekh
Gershfeld Dvora daughter of Gedalia Meir Kobler
Gersfeld Shmuel
Gershfeld Sara daughter of Shmuel
Gruber Hana daughter of Shlomo
Gruber Miriam daughter of Shalom (Zigmund)
Gruber Ynina daughter of Shalom (Zigmund)
Bruner Yhuda and wife Ita
Gruber Esther daughter of Zev
Gruber Arieh son of Zev
Gruder Dr. Arieh and his wife
Gruder Vivleh son of Arieh
Grosskopf Roize daughter of Etel
Grosskopf Rifka daughter of Etel
Grace Levi son of Shaul
Grace Rachel daughter of Yhikhiel David Daks
Grace Eli son of Shaul
Grinberg Ahron
Grinberg Elihau son of Khym Leib
Grinberg Bila daughter of Ahron
Grinberg Dov son of Elihau
Grinberg Hana daughter of Ysrael Bard
Grinberg Yokheved daughter of Ahron
Grinberg Serel daughter of Ronia
Grinberg Simcha son of Ahron
Grinberg Natan son of Elihau
Grinberg Ytzhak Mordekai son of Elihau
Grinwald Ezrial son of Shimeon
Grinwald Antshal
Grinwald Bina daughter of Etia

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Dalet Return

Daks Yikhal David son of Hirsh
Daks Sheindel daughter of Ahron Plantz
Daks Feige daughter of Yikhal David
Daks Berel son of Yikhal David
Daks Toiveh daughter of Nisin
Doner Klara Lifshe daughter of Aria
Doner Yitzhkak son of Yakov
Doner Sheindel daughter of Yitzhkak
Doner Khaya daughter of Yitzhkak
Doner Tertzeh daughter of Yitzhkak
Doner Zelig son of Yitzhkak
Doner Yakov son of Yitzhkak
Doner M.Rifka daughter of Khaim
Doner Henie
Doner Ysrael son of Yakov
Doner Eliazur son of Ysrael
Doner Khaya Sarah daughter of Eliazur
Doner Rifka daughter of Ysrael
Doner David son of Meir Ephriem
Doner Fefi daughter of Yakov
Doner Yakov son of David
Doner Yshkar Ber son of David
Doner Rifka daughter of David
Doner Ryne daughter of David
Doner Meir Ephraim son of Moshe
Doner Etel daughter of Meir Ephraim
Doner Yosef son of Meir Ephraim
Doner Mania
Dinar Yakov son of Yhshua Moshe
Dinar Shmuel son of Yhshua Moshe

Hay Return

Hafner Zelman son of Ahron
Hafner Tovah daughter of Falik
Hafner Falik son of Zalman
Hafner Baruch son of Zalman
Hafner Sushah daughter of Zalman
Hafner Sara daughter of Zalman
Hafner Ysrael son of Yitzkhak
Hafner Eliazur son of Yitzkhak
Hartknoch Malka
Holtz Natniel
Holtz Fania
Holtz Losia daughter of Natniel
Holtzman Sara daughter of Yitzkhak
Holtzman Pinkhus
Holtzman Relah
Holtzman Khaya daughter of Pinkhus
Holtzman Uri son of Abraham
Holtzman Natan son of Khaim
Holtzman Rechel daughter of Mordekai Shfarber
Holtzman Arieh son of Khaim
Holtzman Leah
Holtzman Mordekai son of Natan
Holtzman Hana daughter of Arieh
Holtzman Sarah daughter of Arieh
Holtzman Feige daughter of Arieh
Honig Leon son of Neta
Honig Yakov son of Neta
Horvitz Naftali Hertz son of Yakov
Horvitz Mindel from Englander Family
Horvitz Sara Menucha daughter of Naftali Hertz
Horvitz Hana daughter of Naftali Hertz
Horvitz Gedalia
Horen Simcha son of Yakov
Horen Tzvi son of Yakov
Horen Shmuel
Horshtrit Izik son of of Khie Feibish


Horshtritt Gitel daughter of Moshe
Horshtritt Motel son of Izaac
Horshtritt Sara daughter of Khy Feibish
Horshtritt Feigeh daughter of Khy Feibish
Horshtritt Hersh son of Khy Feibish
Horshtritt Yonah son of Khy Feibish
Hirshoren Yakov
Hirshoren Khya daughter of Shalom
Hirshoren Tzvia daughter of Yakov
Hirshorn Malka daughter of Yakov
Herold Wolf
Herold Beileh

Vov Return

Wortzel David son of Yakov
Wortzel Pesha daughter of Yokhanan Shtiglitz
Wortzel Yakov son of David
Waliner Ahron son of Moshe
Waliner Frida Gitel daughter of Sarah
Waliner Lena daughter of Ahron
Waliner Ahron son of Raphael
Waliner Dina daughter of Raphael
Wolf Shlomo
Wolf Henia
Wolf Leib
Wolf Yakov
Wolfish Leibish son of Mendel
Wolfram Dr. Shimeon
Wolfram Lolik son of Shimeon
Waks Lemel son of Shmuel
Waks Rifka daughter of Shlomo Lipa Liperman
Waksman Malka daughter of Merel
Wart Leon son of Yosef
Wart Papi daughter of Meir
Wart Esther daughter of Leon
Wart Yosef son of Leon
Wart Izaac son of Leon
Wart Klara daughter of Leon
Wart Yetka daughter of Meir Meler
Wart Izaac son of Yakov
Wart Frida
Wart Moshe son of David
Wart Rachel daughter of David
Wart Yokeved daughter of David
Wart Yakov son of David
Wart Shmuel son of David
Witels Baruch and his wife
Witels Yakov son of Baruch
Witels Feigeh daughter of Baruch
Witels Simcha son of Baruch
Witels Leah daughter of Baruch
Witels Etel daughter of Baruch
Witel Hinde daughter of Baruch
Weizer Tzvi Elimelkh son of Abraham
Weicher Yshker son of Khaim
Weicher Yakhtshe
Weicher Sima daughter of Ysker
Weicher Sheindel daughter of Gedalia Bard
Weicher Yitzkhak Leib
Weicher Gedalia son of Yitzkhak Leib
Weicher Feigeh daughter of Yitzkhak Leib
Weinberg Yhuda son of Shaul
Weinberg Salu son of Shaul
Weinberg Bluma daughter of Tzvi Elimelkh Weizer
Weinroth Moshe
Weinroth Gitel Rachel daughter of Moshe Kremnitzer
Weiss Yosef Bonim son of Shmuel Tzvi
Weiss Yonathan son of Yosef Bonim
Weiss Elke daughter of Yosef Bonim
Weiss Rachel daughter of Yosef Bonim

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Weiss Moshe son of Gershon
Weiss Bila daughter of Gesrhon
Weiss The Rabbi Yentshele son of Gershon
Weiss Ahron son of Shalom
Weiss Sheindel daughter of Shalom
Weitz Shlomo Yzrael son of Pinkhas
Weitz Khaya Sarah daughter of Sara Hestnah
Windler Tzvi son of Yoel
Windler Yhushua son of Yoel
Windler Lipa son of Yoel
Windler Hana daughter of Yoel
Windler Rachel daughter of Yoel
Windler Yakov son of Tzvi
Windler Esther daughter of Tzvi
Windler Sprinza daughter of Tzvi
Windler Tzirel daughter of Tzvi
Windler Leah daughter of Mordekai
Windler Esther daughter of Mendel
Windler Reizel daughter of Shlomo
Windler Kryntze daughter of Kalman
Windler Golda daughter of Shmuel
Windler David son of Shmuel
Windler Etel daughter of Shmuel
Weitzman Khaim son of Shimeon
Weitzman Gitel Rifka daughter of Shimeon
Weitzman Izaak son of Shimeon
Wessing Ysrael
Wessing Eida daughter of Leon Vart
Weber Shimeon son of Simkha
Weber Meir son of Shimkha
Weber Ysrael
Weber Moshe
Wetter Shmuel
Wetter wife and two children
Wellitshker Mali daughter of Shmuel Zeinbel Krantz
Wellitshker Shmuel Zalman son of Arieh Leib
Wellitshker Sarah Bluma daughter of Sheine Rachel
Wellitshker Tilli daughter of Sheine Rachel
Wellitshker Etel daughter of Sheine Rachel
Wellitshker Fani daughter of Sheine Rachel
Wellitshker Hana daughter of Yonathan Shtigelitz
Wellitshker Sender son of Leib
Wellitshker Miriam daughter of Meir
Wellitshker Pashi daughter of Sender
Wellitshker Meir son of Sender
Wellitshker Abraham son of Mordekai Shlomo
Wellitshker Eli son of Yhushua Ramras
Wellitshker Mordekai Shlomo son of Mordekai
Wellishker Zindel son of Abraham
Wellishker Sheindel daughter of Shmuel Hersh
Wellishker Khaya Sarah daughter of Mordekai Shlomo
Wellishker Yhushua son of Mordekai Shlomo
Wellishker Pini son of Mordekai Shlomo
Weker Wave (Zev)
Weker Mintshe daughter of Asher Shmirer
Weker their children
Weker Eliazer son of Menakhem Mendel
Weker Zev son of Eliazer
Weker Reizel daughter of Eliazer
Weker Menucha daughter of Eliazer
Weker Khaim son of Eliazer

Zion Return

Zandbank Yhushua
Zaft Izaak son of Menakhim
Zaft Shmuel son of Yhuda
Zaft Yitzkhak son of Shmuel
Zaft Gitel daughter of Yitzkhak
Zaft Manus son of Yehuda

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Zaft Yitzkhak son of Manos
Zuchman Zalman son of Eitzi
Zuchman Etia daughter of Eitzi
Zuchman Toyva daughter of Etia
Zuchman Hantzhe daughter of Etia
Zuchman Khaya daughter of Shmuel Windler
Zuchman Bilah daughter of Khaya
Zuchman Gitel daughter of Khaya
Zuchman Moshe son of Khaya
Zolkwer Eliazer son of Moshe
Zolkwer Leibish son of Eliazer
Zolkwer Yote daughter of Herzl
Zolkwer Sheindel Susha daughter of Leibish
Zolkwer Feigeh Ronie daughter of Leibish
Zolkwer Sima daughter of Leibish
Zolkwer Zlateh daughter of Leibish
Zolkwer Mani daughter of Leibish
Zolkwer Moshe son of Leibish
Zolkwer Sonia daughter of Leibish
Zolkwer Mendel Gershon son of Eliazer
Zolkwer Adele daughter of Abraham
Zoklwer Yikhezkel son of Eliazer
Zolkwer Gitel Rifka daughter of Ysrael
Zolkwer Feibel son of Yikheskel
Zolkwer Yhuda Hersh son of Yikheskel
Zolkwer Natan Hersh son of Eliazer
Seigel Yula daughter of Tzvi Shutz
Seigel Rachel daughter of Yulia
Seigel Tzvi son of Yulia
Seigel Yakov son of Yulia
Zidzamer Pesach
Zidzamer Bluma
Zitszamer Shimeon son of Shalom
Zitszamer Devorah daughter of Shimeon
Zitszamer Hana daughter of Shimeon
Zitszamer Tova
Zitszamer Sara daughter of Yzrael
Zinger Berel
Zinger Yzrael son of Berel
Ziffer Berel Leib son of Khaim
Zitzer Rachel daughter of Abraham
Zitzer Mindel daughter of Abraham
Zitzer Hantzi daughter of Abraham
Zitzer Shmuel son of Abraham
Zeligman Shmriah
Zeligman Fryda daughter of Roni
Zeligman Feigeh daughter of Shmriah
Zeligman Simcha son of Shmriah
Zeligman Henah daughter of Shmriah
Zeligman Khaim son of Shmriah
Sender Sheindel daughter of Gershon
Sender Khiya Toiva daughter of Gershon
Sender Eli Khaim
Sender Yzrael son of Shmuel
Sender Frieda Pasha daughter of Mordekai
Sender Khaya Toiva daughter of Yzrael
Sender Mindel daughter of Yzrael
Sender Malka daughter of Yzrael
Sender Mordekai son of Yzrael
Sender Arieh son of Yzrael
Sender Khaim son of Shimeon
Sender Feibel son of Khaim
Sender Rifka daughter of Khaim
Sender Ezrial son of Gershon
Zack Rachel daughter of Abraham Welitshker
Zack Yhushua son of Ahron Meir
Zack Khaim Yosef son of Ahron Meir
Zack Yisskar Ber son of Ahron Meir
Zack Khaya daughter of Ahron Meri

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Chet Return

Khamydes Eliazur son of Yakov
Khamydes Lena daughter of Nakhman
Khamydes Tovah daughter of Lena
Khamydes Witel daughter of Yosef
Khamydes Yosef son of Hersh Leib
Khamydes Mordekai son of Hersh Leib

Tet Return

Toube Pesia
Toube Miriam
Toube Shalom
Toube Hanah
Toube Mordekhai
Tortshin Abraham
Tortshin Yakhiad family of Klaher
Teler Tzvi son of Yitzkhak
Teler Sara daughter of Ruben Lustig
Teler Kalman son of Tzvi
Teler Shusha daughter of Tzvi
Teler Yakov son of Tzvi
Teler David son of Moshe Meir
Teler Feige daughter of Wolf Balk
Teler Peshe daughter of David
Teler Roize daughter of David
Teled Moshe Meir son of David
Tepich Abraham son of Khaim
Tepich Hinde daughter of Moshe Rozenfeld
Tepich Pepi daughter of Abraham
Terner Menakhim Mendel son of Baruch Yosef
Terner Eti Gitel daughter of Baruch Yosef
Trefel Reize daughter of Menakhim Shimeon

Yud Return

Yanovshtinski Pesia daughter of Dov
Yanovshtinski Tzvi son of Kadish
Yanovshtinski Giza daughter of Adolf
Yanovshtinski Karl son of Tzvi
Yanovshtinski Abrahm son of Kadish
Yanovshtinski Tilah
Yanovshtinski Yanek son of Abraham
Yakovzahn Eliazer son of Moshe
Yakovzahn Tzviah daughter of Yhushua Bruh
Yakovzahn their three children
Yougend Leib
Yougend Khaya

Kof Return

Khana Rachel daughter of Abish
Khana Meshulam son of Yosef
Khana Breindel daughter of Shlomo Lipa
Khana Golda daughter of Shlomo
Khana Meshulem son of Shmuel Yakov
Khana Sarah daughter of Shimeon
Khaha Dvorah daughter of Shimeon
Khana Mindel daughter of Shimeon

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Katz Anshel
Katz Sarah daughter of Menashe
Katz Menashe son of Anshel
Katz Kyle daughter of Anshel
Katz Henoch
Katz Tileh daughter of Leib
Katz Pashi daughter of Henoch
Katz Tova daughter of Henoch
Katz Hertz Wolf
Katz Hinde Mindel
Katz Feige daughter of Hertz Wolf
Katz Khaya daughter of Hertz Wolf
Katz Ysesker son of Hertz Wolf
Katz Abraham son of Hertz Wolf
Katz Yitzhak son of Hertz Wolf

Lamed Return

Lam Yosef son of Moshe
Lam Reizel Etel duaghter of Moshe
Lang Henia
Lang Pesach son of Hersh
Lang Zelda daughter of Pesach
Lang Mordekai son of Pesach
Lang Betka daughter of Pesach
Lang Tzvi son of Noach
Lang Pesia daughter of Ahron Boiman
Landau Sheindel Rachel daughter of Gershon Zander
Landau Sheinzie daughter of Mrodekai Khihl
Lotner Khaim Meir
Lotner Tova daughter of Ezriel Shtritzel
Lotner Yzreal son of Khaim Meir
Lotner Sheindel daughter of Khaim Meir
Lotner Esther daughter of Khaim Meir
Lotner Ezriel son of Khaim Meir
Levi Roza daughter of Mendel
Levi Shmuel son of Yhushua
Levi Yente daughter of Yhushua
Levine Khaya daughter of Yzrael
Levine Rickel daughter of Khaya
Levine Berel son of Yhuda
Levine Golda daughter of Abraham
Levine Shimeon son of Berel
Levine Beiltzi daughter of Berel
Levine Yitzkhak son of Yhuda
Levine Tzipora
Levine Yhuda son of Yitzkhak
Levin Mirel daughter of Yitzkhak
Lonsker Shalom son of Shmuel
Lonsker Yhuda Feibish son of Shalom
Lonsker Ysrael Nathan son of Shalom
Lonsker Shmuel son of Yhuda
Lonsker Yente daughter of Rifka
Lorentz Ronia daughter of Feibel
Leiber Shlomo son of Yhushua
Leiber Roza of Zweig family
Leiber Moshe son of Shlomo
Leiber Yakov son of Ahron
Liberman Izaak
Leider Shlomo
Leider Yokhei
Leider Zalman
Leimzider Yitzkhak
Leimzeider Esther daughter of Khaim Krochmal
Leinzeider Feige
Leimzeider Alte daughter of Yzrael Perlshtein
Liperman Shlomo Lipa son of Yorukham
Liperman Witel daughter of Peshe Maach
Liperman Yhushua son of Shlomo Lipa
Liperman Tzvi Hersh son of Gabriel

[Page 511]

Liperman Esther
Liperman Yute daughter of Tzvi Hersh
Liperman Binah daughter of Zvi Hersh
Liperman Meir son of Tzvi Hersh
Liperman Hanoch son of Gabriel
Liperman Toyva from Zander family
Liperman Meir son of Hanoch
Liperman Khaya daughter of Tzvi Rozenfeld
Liperman Shlomo son of Ahron Mordekai
Liperman Rokhama daughter of Ahron Mordekai
Liperman Yitzkhak son of Ahron Mordekai
Liperman Yikhiel son of Ahron Mordekai
Liperman Dvorah daughter of Ahron Mordekai
Liperman Rachel
Liperman Moshe son of Gabriel
Liperman wife of Moshe and their children
Liperman Henia duaghter of Gabriel
Liperman her Children
Liperman Yitzkhak
Liperman Rachel duaghter of Leibish Bruh
Lierman Rifka daughter of Yitzkhak
Liperman Khaya daughter of Yitzkhak
Liperman Yakov son of Yitzkhak
Liperman Rele daughter of Yitzkhak
Lenton Peshe
Lenton Khaim
Lenton Yhushua Heshel
Lenton David Moshe
Lenton Yosef Arieh
Lenton Rachel
Lehrer Yakov son of Leibish
Lehrer Gitel Libe daughter of Yitzkhak Lauzer
Lerer Khanoch son of Yakov
Lehrer Ytzkhak son of Abraham Yakov
Lehrer wife of
Lehrer Reizel daughter of Yitzkhak
Lehrer Hanah daughter of Batzelel
Lehrer Khaim Benzion son of Abraham Yakov
Lehrer Yakov son of Khaim Benzion
Lehrer Batzelel son of Khaim Benzion
Lehrer Esther son of Khaim Benzion
Lehrer Mordekai son of Khaim Benzion
Lehrer Reuben son of Khaim Benzion
Leow Malia daughter of Moshe
Leow Mordekai son of Melech
Leow Yoche daughter of Melech
Leow Baruch son of Yhuda
Leow Melech son of Yhuda
Leow Moshe son of Yhuda
Leow Gitel daughter of Yhuda
Leow Sarah daughter of Yhuda
Leowjoy Michael
Leowjoy Yitzkhak son of Michael
Leowjoy Zalmen son of Yhikhiel Michael
Leowjoy Hersh Wolf son of Yhikhiel Michael
Leowjoy Henia Briendel daughter of Yhikhiel Michael
Leowjoy Rifka daughter of Yhikhiel Michael
Leowjoy Hanah Mirel daughter of Henia Briendel
Lantz Dache daughter of Mendel
Lantz Yente daughter of Mendel
Lantz Simcha duaghter of Mendel
Lantz Shalom Anshel
Lantz Sara daughter of Leibish Zitzer
Lantz Shlomo son of Shalom Anshel
Lantz Leah daughter of Shalom Anshel
Lantz Khaya daughter of Shalom Anshel
Lantz Dzunia daughter of Shalom Anshel
Lantz Malka daughter of Shalom Anshel
Lantz Nakhman
Lantz Yuta
Lantz Gitel
Lantz Meir
Latzter Shmuel
Latzter Devorah
Latzter Miriam
Latzter Elihu son of Shmuel
Latzter Artzi son of Shmuel
Latzter Mindel

[Page 512]

Letzter Izak
Letzter Mordekhai son of Shmuel
Letzter Hesia daughter of Shmuel
Letzter Hana daughter of Shmuel

Mem Return

Magenheim Arieh
Magenheim Gitel daughter of Simcha Kindler
Magenhaim Simcha son of Arieh
Maltz Yosef son of Moshe
Maltz Rifka daughter of Meri Tzvi Zuchman
Maltz Lipshe daughter of Moshe
Maltz Khaya Dvorah daughter of Yosef
Margoles Yakov Tzvi son of Dov
Margoles Khaya Sara daughter of Alter
Margoles Ytzkhak son of Yakov Tzvi
Margoles Shmai son of Yakov Tzvi
Margoles Bracha daughter of Yakov Tzvi
Margoles Pesia daughter of Yakov Tzvi
Margoles Arieh son of Yakov Tzvi
Margoles Zalman son of Yakov Tzvi
Margoles Toyva daughter of Yakov Tzvi
Margoles Gitel daughter of Yakov Tzvi
Markus Feibush son of Leib
Markus Alta
Markus Shmuel
Markus Feige
Markus Mordekhai son of Leib
Markus Malka
Markus Rishe
Markus Yhudit
Markus Izak
Markus Abrahm
Markel Yushua
Muster Ysrael
Muster Dvora
Muster Feige daughter of Mendel
Muster Shmuel
Miller Moshe son of Benzion
Miller Perel daughter of Shaul Leib
Miller Shmuel Khaim son of Moshe
Milram Miriam daugher of Baruch
Milram Shimeon son of Baruch
Milram Eyidel daughter of Baruch
Milram Perel daughter of Baruch
Milram Hana daughter of Baruch
Mintshalem Khayim son of Ytzkhak
Mintzer Zeinwel
Mintzer Mindel
Mintzer Moshe
Mintzer Hantshe
Mintzer Berel
Mintzer Rifka
Minster Feige
Meller Meyer
Meller Rifka
Meller Fania daughter of Meyer
Meller Nela daughter of Meyer
Meller Yhushua son of Khayim
Meller Royze daughter of Moshe
Meller Gitel
Menkem Rifka Leah daughter of Yosef Fish

[Page 513]

Nun Return

Nadel Leib son of Khaim
Nadel Feige daughter of Yhushua Heshel
Nadel Reizel daughter of Leib
Nadel Yosef son of Leib
Nadel Hersh son of Leib
Nadel Elihoyu son of Leib
Nadler Moshe son of Yakov
Nadler Antonina daughter of Yakov
Novak Zev son of Zvolon
Novak Krusha daughter of Nakhman Baruch
Novak Pesha daughter of Zev
Novak Yakov son of Zev
Novak Yentshe daughter Zev
Novak Tushka daughter of Zev
Novak Urie son of Zev
Nyer Yuta daughter of Yehuda
Nyer Petkhia son of Yehuda
Nyer Leah daughter of Yehuda

Somech Return

Soliter Moshe son of Arieh Leib
Soliter Sheindel daughter of Tzvi Katz
Soliter Yikutiel son of Moshe
Soliter Aydel daughter of Moshe
Soliter Peshe daughter of Moshe
Soliter Leah daughter of Moshe
Soliter Yosef son of Moshe
Soliter Tzvi son of Moshe
Soliter Zelde daughter of Moshe
Soliter Lipa son of Arie Leib
Soliter Beile Mirel from Welitzher family
Soliter Khaya daughter of Lipa
Soliter Walish son of Lipa
Soliter Yosef son of Lipa
Soliter Arieh Leib son of Lipa
Sinkuver Yakov son of Morderkai
Sinkuver Golda daughter of Mordekai
Sinkuver Rachel daughter of Mordekai
Sefrin Shimshon son of Yoel
Sefrin Hanah Rachel

Ain Return

Elefant Yuore son of Yair
Elefant Yosef son of Yzrael
Elefant Yente daughter of Abraham
Elefant Yzrael son of Yosef
Elefant Hentshe daughter of Yosef
Elefant Bashe daughter of Yzrael
Elefant Rachel daughter of Notan
Elefant Sarah daughter of Notan
Elefant Feige daughter of Yzrael
Elefant Hersh son of Kopel
Elefant Yzrael son of Hersh
Elefant Beile Yute daughter of Hersh
Ertag Zev son of Yosef
Ertag Beile daughter of Yosef
Ergag Sheva daughter of Yosef

[Page 514]

Peh Return

Falk Dr. Striker
Pam Henrietta daughter of Khanoch
Pam Khanoch son of Nathal
Pam Mindel
Pam Shmuel son of Natnal
Pam Tzvi son of Natnal
Pam Yitzkhak son of Natnal
Pam Tzvi son of Yakov
Pam Moshe son of Yakov
Podhoretz Shalom son of Yzrael
Podhoretz Moshe son of Ahron
Podhoretz Leah daughter of Khaim Feibel
Podhoretz Yakov son of Moshe
Podhoretz Ahron son of Moshe
Foder Yosef
Foder Yitkhak son of Yosef
Foder Shlomo son of Yosef
Foder Dov son of Yitskhak
Foder Gitel daughter of Yitskhak
Foder Yocheved daughter of Shmuel
Foder Yhuda son of Shlomo
Foder Yute daughter of Ruben Kobler
Foder Hana daughter of Feibel
Foder Arieh son of Daniel
Foder Sara Devorah daughter of Khaim Krochmal
Foder Gitel daughter of Arieh
Foder Feige daughter of Arieh
Foder Daniel son of Arieh
Foder Yhuda son of Daniel
Foder Matil son of Daniel
Fost Shalom
Fost Feige daughter of Esrial Shtritzel
Fost Sheindel daughter of Shalom
Fost Moshe
Feivel Rifka daughter of Mordekai
Feivel Moshe son of Mordekai
Feivel Abraham son of Khaim
Feivel Ezrial son of Abraham
Feivel Yosef David son of Walf
Feivel Yitzkhak son of Walf
Feivel Moshe Leib son of Walf
Feivel Shimshon son of Walf
Feivel Mordekai Hersh son of Walf
Fink Benyamin son of Moshe
Fink Esther daughter of Moshe and her son
Fink Nathanal son of Moshe and his family
Fink Shmuel son of Moshe and his family
Fink Erna daughter of Gitel and her son
Fink Malka daughter of Gitel and her son
Fink Sarahtshe daughter of Erna and her family
Fink Dina daughter of Ahron and her family
Fink Malka daughter of Dina and her family
Fink Yonah daughter of Ahron and her family
Fink Hana daughter of Dina and her family
Fink Sara daughter of Dina and her family
Finkel Mendel
Finkel Yitzkhak
Finkel Eide
Finkel Toive
Finkel Shabtai
Finkel Sheve daughter of Wolf Feivel
Finkel and children
Fish Khaya daughter of Tzvi Arieh Man
Fish Shalom son of Yosef
Fish Leah of Shwartz family
Fish Nechama daughter of Shalom
Fish Fishel son of Moshe
Fish Tzirel daughter of Zalman Leib
Fish Devorah daughter of Moshe
Fisher Shlomo
Fisher Michael
Fisher Miriam
Fisher Mosher Leizer

[Page 515]

Fisher Khaim
Flass Yishkher Ber
Flass Froywa
Flass Yitzkhak son of Yishkher Ber
Flass Malka daughter of Yishkher Ber
Plaster Abraham son of Berel
Flewer Shimeon son of Yitzkhak and daughters
Flash Dina daughter of Moshe
Flash Moshe son of Shmuel
Flash Raphael son of Shmuel
Flash Shmuel son of Raphael
Felenberg Moshe Mordekai son of Yosef
Felenberg Sara daughter of Abraham Abush Shwartzwald
Peltz Yhuda Tzvi son of Shalom
Peltz Miriam Sheindel daughter of Yhuda Tzvi
Peltz Mindel daughter of Yhuda Tzvi
Peltz Leah Prometze daughter of Yhuda Tzvi
Peltz Rifka Zisel daughter of Yosef Khaim
Peltz Yhuda Tzvi David son of Yosef Khaim
Ferber Yhushua son of Mosher
Ferber Hana daughter of Leib Klaher
Perlman Zindel son of Leib
Perlman Bracha daughter of Abraham Welitshker
Perlman Yhushua son of Zindel
Perlman Yakov Hersh son of Zindel
Perlma Yhuda son of Kalman
Perlman Pnina daughter of Yhushua
Perlman Yzrael son of Yhuda
Perlman Kryndel daughter of Yhuda
Perlman Feige daughter of Yhuda
Perlman Khaya Fradel daughter of Beni Zeltzer
Perlman Esther daughter of Khaya Fradel
Perlman Yzrael son of Yosef
Perlman Shusha daughter of Yzrael
Perlman Arieh son of Yzrael
Perlman Moshe son of Yzrael
Friman Meir son of Tzvi
Friman Feige daughter of Khaim
Friman Hersh son of Meir
Friman Khava daughter of Meir
Friman Gitel daughter of Meir
Pranz Leah daughter of Netah Gleicher
Frankel Klara daughter of Aba
Frankel Fatkhia son of Aba
Frankel Michael son of Fatkhia
Frankel Eliazer son of Fatkhia
Frankel Mindel daughter of Fatkhia
Frankel Yusha son of Shimshon
Frankel Hana daughter of Shlomo Lipa
Frankel Etil Beile daughter of Yusha
Frankel Shimshon son of Yushe

Tzadik Return

Tzuleler Ephraim Fishel son of Abraham
Tzuleler Khaya Rifka daughter of Yitzkhak
Tzueller Shlomo Lipa son of Ephraim Fishel
Tzuleler Yosef Khaim son of Tzvi
Tzuleler Tzirel son of Tzvi
Tzuleler Esther daughter of Tzvi
Tzuleler Feibish son of Tzvi
Tzucker Tovia
Tzucker Khya Yhudit daughter of Feibel Klinger
Tzuckerman Shlomo
Tzuckerman Sara
Tzuckerman Benzion
Tzuckerman Hana
Tzuckerman Pesha
Tzuckerman Frieda
Tzuckerman Golda

[Page 516]

Tzuckerman Yoel
Tzuckerman Yitzkhak son of Yoel
Tzoron Leah daughter of Yzrael
Tzoron Gitel daughter of Yzrael
Tzoron Rifka daughter of Yzrael
Tzigman Yosef son of Dov
Tzigman Yhudat son of Yosef Klinger
Tzigman Hersh son of Dov
Tzigman Malka
Tzigman Abraham son of Dov
Tzigman Berish son of Abraham
Tzigman Yzrael son of Abraham
Tzigman Zeinbel son of Mordekai Sender
Tzigman Tzvi Hersh son of Shalom
Tzigman Sara daughter of Shalom
Tzigman Freida daughter of Shalom
Tzigman Seril daughter of Shalom
Tzigman Meir
Tzigman Tzvi
Tzigman Leib
Tzigman Abrahm son of Moshe Yakov
Tzigman Rifka daughter of Abraham
Tzigman Seril daughter of Abraham
Tzigman Rifka daughter of Tzvi Hersh
Tzigman Henoch son of Abraham
Tzigman Leah daughter of Yzrael
Tzigman Shifra daughter of Shlomo
Tzigman Breindel daughter of Shlomo
Tzigman Moshe Yakov son of Henoch
Tzigman Shabtai
Tzigman Khaim
Tzitron Rifka daughter of Yoel Natan Rozenfeld
Tzitron Melech son of Mordekai
Tzitron Keile daughter of Mordekai
Tzeig Shmuel

Kuf Return

Kahl Kahat son of Berish
Kahl Zisel daughter of Berish
Kahl Reisel daughter of Berish
Kahl Moshe son of Ykutiel
Kandel Leah daughter of Tzvi Klinger
Kastner Benzion
Kastner Gitel daughter of Shmuel Zelig
Kastner Gedalia son of Benzion
Kastner Kaus son of Benzion
Kastner Batya daughter of Benzion
Kastner Yhushua Nisan son of Falik
Kastner Mordekai son of Falik
Kastner Pradel daughter of Falik
Kastner Feige daughter of Falik
Kastner Esther daughter of Falik
Katzbach Khaim son of Ahron
Katzbach Izick son of Ahron
Katzbach Ephraim son of Ahron
Katzbach Henoch son of Ahron
Katzman Moshe
Katsman Roza daughter of Nathnel Pass
Karp Daniel
Karp Feige daughter of Sender Shtrum
Karp David son of Daniel
Karp Shimeon son of Daniel
Karp Meir son of Daniel
Karp Shlomo son of Daniel
Karp Ahron son of Daniel
Karp Primet daughter of Daniel
Karp Leah daughter of Daniel
Karp Benjamin son of Yakov
Karp Friede Etel daughter of Abrahm Yakov
Karp their daughter
Kobler Breintshe daughter of Gedalia Meir

[Page 517]

Kobler Hersh Wolf son of Gedalia Meir
Kobler Regina daughter of Gedalia Meir
Kugel Yzrael son of Yakov
Kugel Elke daughter of Abraham Yakov
Kugel Hasia daughter of Yzrael
Kugel Betzalel son of Yzrael
Kugel Alina daughter of Shmuel Windler
Kugel Bila daughter of Alina
Kuch Yitzkhak
Kolbshuver Zev son of Leibish
Konstantin Yakov Tebil son of Hertz
Konstantin Izick son of Hertz
Konstantin Yosef son of Yitzkhak Eizick
Konstantin Khaim
Konstantin Yakov son of Khaim
Konstantin Izick son of Khaim
Konstantin Eitze son of Khaim
Konstantin Meir Tzvi son of Yzrael Michael
Konstantin Pesi daughter of Abraham Zitzer
Konstantin Yzrael Michael son of Meir Tzvi
Konstantin Yintzi daughter of Meir Tzvi
Konstantin Bracka daughter of Meir Tzvi
Konstantin Motel son of Meir Tzvi
Konstantin Shalom son of Meir Tzvi
Kornman Leah daughter of Naftali Levi
Kornman Yosef son of Yosef Abraham
Kornman Frida of Zandgarten family
Kornfeld Sarah daughter of Gedalia Bard
Kornfeld Berel
Kornfeld Leib son of Berel
Koren Shmuel son of Sheptel
Koren Reizel daughter of Yhushua
Koren Yshker son of Shmuel
Koren Shimeon son of Shmuel
Koren Lipshe daughter of Shmuel
Koren Mordekai son of Shmuel
Kihl Yitzkhak son of Mordekai
Kihl David son of Mordekai
Kihl Amalia
Kihl Meir
Kihl Yocheved
Khil Abraham
Khil Moshe
Kindler Khaim son of Yzrael Mordekai
Kindler Shmuel son of Yzrael
Kindler Hinde daughter of Ezrial Shtritzel
Kindler Ezrial son of Shmuel
Kindler Yzrael son of Shmuel
Klaher Neshe daughter of Moshe
Klaher Pinkhas son of Leib
Klaher Freida wife of Pinkhas
Klaher Leon son of Hersh
Klaher Richard son of Hersh
Klein Yakov son of Yzrael
Klein Nachman son of Mordekai
Klein Hentshe
Klein Sara daughter of Hentshe
Klein Mordekai son of Nachman
Klein Yhushua son of Nachman
Klein Aba
Klein Michael son of Aba
Klein Yakov son of Aba
Kleinhamer Meir
Kleinhamer Tzipora daughter of Moshe Pudhortz
Kleinhamer Feige Esther daughter of Perel
Klinger Moshe son of Tzvi
Klinger Hodel daughter of Moshe Pudhortz
Klinger Mendel son of Tzvi
Klinger Rachel daughter of Tzvi
Klinger Achil son of Tzvi
Klinger Hodel daughter of Tzvi
Klinger Zev son of Tzvi
Klinger Arieh son of Shraga Feibel
Klinger Feibel son of Arieh
Klinger Khaskel
Klinger Khaike
Kram Bentzion son of Kopel
Kram Mindel son of Abraham Walitshker

[Page 518]

Kram Yhushua son of Benzion
Kram Zindel son of Benzion
Kram Khaim Yakov son of Shmuel
Kram Sheindel daughter of Khantshe
Kram Yitzkhak son of Abraham
Kram Bonim Benjamin son of Abraham
Kram Leah daughter of Bonis Benjamin
Krantz Moshe son of Izaak
Krantz Yzrael son of Izaak
Krantz Esther daughter of Yosefl Eliazer Shnee
Krantz two children of Yzrael and Esther
Krantz Toiveh and two children
Krantz Shmuel Zeinbel son of Yzrael
Krantz Yhushua son of Yzrael
Krantz Rachel
Krantz Mali daughter of Yhushua
Krantz Alteh daughter of Yhushua
Krantz Feigeh daughter of Shmuel Zeinbel
Krantz Ykutial son of Yzrael
Kruchmal Yakov son of Khaim
Kruchmal Mirel daughter of Arieh Zalig
Kruchmal Khanoch son of Yakov
Kruchman Arieh son of Yakov
Kruchmal Tzvi son of Yakov
Kruchmal Khulia daughter of Yakov
Kruchmal Sara daughter of Yakov
Kruchmal Michel Nisan son of Khaim
Kruchmal Khat son of Yakov
Kruchmal Rifka daughter of Zelig
Kruchmal Abush son of Meir
Kruchmal Rifka daughter of Shmuel
Kruchmal Yakov son of Abush
Kruchmal Khat son of Abush
Kruchmal Dvorah daughter of Abush
Kruchmal Sara daughter of Abush
Kruchmal Feige daughter of Abush
Kristinopolski Leizer son of Natan Leib Kacohen
Kristinopolski Yosef son of Leizer Hacohen
Kristinopolski Shmuel son of Leizer Hacohen
Krebs Shlomos son of Moshe
Krebs Hana daughter of Moshe
Krabs Moshe son of Shlomo
Krabs Abraham son of Shlomo
Krabs Sheindel daughter of Shlomo
Kreminer Khaim son of Shlomo Halevi
Kreminer Sara daughter of Izrael Katz
Kreminer Yosef Falik son of Shlomo Halevi
Kreminer Perel daughter of Mordekai Hersh
Kreminer Moshe Ahron son of Shlomo Halevi
Kreminer Khava daughter of Shlomo Halevi
Kreminer their children
Kremnitzer Shlomo son of Moshe
Kremnitzer Pesel daughter of Moshe
Kremnitzer Rachel daughter of Abraham
Kremnitzer Zlateh daughter of Berel Leib
Kremnitzer Bina daughter of Berel Leib
Kremnitzer Beileh
Kremnitzer Abraham
Kremnitzer Khaim son of Abraham
Kremnitzer Shprinze Dvorah daughter of Shaul
Kremnitzer Uri son of Abraham
Kremnitzer Yakhet daughter of Uri
Kremnitzer Yitzkhak son of Uri
Kremnitzer Binah daughter of Uri
Kremnitzer Shmuel Leib son of Uri
Kremnitzer Khaya Esther daughter of Shaul
Kremnitzer Abraham son of Izaak
Kremnitzer Izaak son of Abraham
Kremnitzer Khaim Yakov son of Abraham
Kremnitzer Matil son of Abraham
Kremnitzer David son of Abraham
Kremnister Khele daughter of Abraham

[Page 519]

Kremnitzer Benzion son of Ahron
Kremnitzer Ahron
Kremnitzer Risheh daughter of Abraham
Kremnitzer Berel Leb
Kremnitzer Khaya daughter of Yitkhak
Kramer Yhushua Moshe son of Abraham Feivel
Kramer their children

Raish Return

Rabinowitz Ytzkhak son of Ahron Shmuel
Rabinowitz Misholem son of Ahron Shmuel
Rabinowitz Khaya daughter of Ahron Shmuel
Ratah Ephriem
Ratah Freideh
Ratah Natan
Ratah Shmuel
Rapaport Simckha son of Berish
Rapaport Yzrael son of Simckha
Rapaport Yutah Leah daughter of Rabbi Elimelech Ashkhanazi
Rapaport Yitzkhak son of Simckha
Rapaport Shmelke son of Yitzkhak
Rapaport Dov Beresh son of Yitzkhak
Rapaport Yakov Leibish son of Yitzkhak
Rapaport Moshe Levi son of Yitzkhak
Rapaport Shlomo son of Simckha
Rapaport Mindel daughter of Shlomo
Rapaport Zalman son of Simckha
Rapaport Moshe son of Dov Beresh
Rapaport Leibish son of Moshe
Rapaport Shlomo son of Leibish
Rapaport Dov Berish son of Leibish
Rapaport Shalom son of Leibish
Rapaport Yitzkhak son of Leibish
Rob Abraham son of Pinkhas
Rosenblatt Hertz son of Pini
Rosenblatt Gitel daughter of Ahron Meir Zack
Rosenblatt Ahron Meir son of Hertz
Rosenblatt Esther Khaya daughter of Hertz
Rosenblatt Leib son of Hertz
Rosenblatt Yakov son of Pini
Rosenblatt Mileck
Rosenblatt Bina daughter of Shlomo Shuman
Rosenblatt Lusia
Rosenblit Sara daughter of Bonim Benjamin Kram
Rosenberg Izaak
Rosenberg Leah daughter of Gabriel Lliperman
Rosenberg Mania daughter of Izaak and her family
Rosenberg Sev son of Izaak and his family
Rosenberg Berel son of Izaak and his family
Rosenfeld Yoel Natan son of Tzvi
Rosenfeld Sara daughter of Gabriel Liperman
Rosenfeld Yitzkhak son of Yoel Natan
Rosenfeld Rachel daughter of Yoel Natan
Rosenfeld Mendel son of Yoel Natan
Rosenfeld Hersh son of Yoel Natan
Rosenfeld Etel daughter of Yoel Natan
Rosenfeld Mordekai son of Yoel Natan
Rosenfeld Meir Leib son of Yoel Natan
Rosenfeld Moshe son of Tzvi
Rosenfeld Rachel
Rosenfeld Abraham son of Tzvi
Rosenfeld Khaim Leib son of Tzvi
Rosenfeld Toiveh
Rosenfeld Rokhama daughter of Khaim Leib
Rosenfeld Yitkhak son of Abraham
Rosenfeld Sheindel daughter of Asher Shipenbojer
Rosenfeld children of Yitzkhak
Rosenfeld Azriel
Rosenfeld Hana daughter of Shmuel
Rosenfeld Yakov son of Azriel

[Page 520]

Rosenfeld Abush son of Azriel
Rosenfeld Gitel daughter of Neta Gliecher
Rosenfeld Yosef son of Yoel
Rosenfeld David son of Yoel
Rosenfeld Shmuel son of Yoel
Rosenfeld Moshe son of Yoel
Rosenfeld Hadel daughter of Yoel
Rosenfeld Mendel son of Shmuel
Rosenfeld Hadel daughter of Shmuel
Rosenfeld Betzalel son of Mendel
Rosenfeld Shmuel son of Menakhem Mendel
Rosenfeld Makhle daughter of Yosef
Rosenfeld Sirka daughter of Yosef
Rosenfeld Rachel daughter of Arieh
Rosenfeld Yosef son of Kopski
Rosenfeld Arieh son of Kopski
Rosenfeld Drezel daughter of Kopski
Rosenfeld Sara daughter of Kopski
Rosenfeld Zlateh daughter of Kopski
Rosenfeld Simkha son of Meir
Rosenfeld Feige daughter of Nakhman
Rosenfeld Yoel son of Nakhman
Rosenfeld Tova daughter of Abraham
Roth Zalamn son of Shmuel
Roth Sara daughter of Asher Shipnbojer
Roth Asher son of Zalman
Roth Elihuo
Roth Sara
Roth Leib son of Elihuo
Roth Shabtai son of Elihuo
Roth Yente daughter of Elihuo
Roth Eita daughter of David
Rotfleish Lipa son of Abrham Ber
Rotfleish Shimria son of Abraham Ber
Rotfleish Rifka daughter of Abraham Ber
Rotfleish Nakhman
Rotfleish Meir son of Nakhman
Rotfleish Malka daughter of Nakhman
Roltfleish Rifka daughter of Nakhman
Rotflish Esther Hana daughter of Nakhman
Rotfleish Lipe son of Nakhman
Rotfleish Shimeon
Rotfliesh Simkha
Rotfleish Malie daughter of Henia
Rotfleish Eita and her children
Roff Hadel daughter of Yosef Arieh Lanton
Reizler Leon
Reizler Yakov son of Leon
Reizler Klara daughter of Leon
Reizler Shmuel son of Leon
Reizler Nina daughter of Leon
Reizer Eiser son of Hersh
Reizer Sara daughter of Shalom
Reizer Mani daughter of Eiser
Reizer Moshe son of Eiser
Reiter Mendel
Reiter Esther Malka
Reiter Yitzkhak son of Mendel
Reiter Leah daughter of Mendel
Reinman Toive
Reinman Yhushua son of Abraham
Reinman Reize daughter of Elihuo
Reinman Meir son of Abraham
Reinman Alter son of Abraham
Reinman Yosef son of Meir
Reinman Tzipora daughter of Yhushua
Reinert Mordekai Aba son of David
Reinert Hana daughter of Tzvi
Reinert Shimeon son of David
Reiss Abraham son of Mordekai
Reiff Khaya Roize daughter of Meir Peper
Reiff Yosef son of Mordekai Zev
Reiff Rachel daughter of Heshel
Reiff Malka daughter of Yosef
Reiff Khaya Roize daughter of Yosef
Reiff Meir son of Yosef
Reiff Abraham Yakir son of Mordekai Zev
Reiff Eliazer son of Mordekai Zev

[Page 521]

Reiff Batya daughter of Mordekai Zev
Redlich Pesakh son of Fishel
Redlich Hadel daughter of Yzrael Bard
Redlich Dov Berel son of Pesakh
Redlich Hana daughter of Pesakh
Redlich Khaya daughter of Pesakh
Redlich Roize daughter of Pesakh
Redlich Pesakh son of Mendel and his family
Redelheim Ziame son of Arieh
Redelheim Leah daughter of Arieh
Redelheim Gitel daughter of Arieh
Redelheim Fishel son of Arieh
Redelheim Arieh son of Fishel
Redelheim Bileh daughter of Shlomo
Rehr Nakhum son of Izrael
Rehr Yuta daughter of Shkena
Rehr Pesakh son of Nakhum
Rehr Frimet daughter of Nakhum
Rehr Betzalel son of Nakhum
Rehr Yhushua Hersh son of Nakhum
Rehr Pesheh daughter of Nakhum
Rehr Yosef son of Yzrael
Rehr Elke daughter of Hersh
Rehr Peshe daughter of Yosef
Rehr Yhushua Hershel son of Yosef
Rehr Yzrael son of Yosef
Rehr Meir son of Yosef
Rehr Esther daughter of Yosef
Rehr Mordekai son of Izrael
Rehr Dborva daughter of Izaak
Rehr Hana daughter of Izrael
Rehr Shlomo son of Hersh
Rehr Yesel daughter of Meir Leib
Rehr Moshe Ahron son of Shlomo
Rehr Daniel son of Shlomo
Rehr Hersh son of Shlomo
Rehr Gabriel son of Shlomo
Rehr Leibish son of Hersh
Rehr Toltze daughter of Yosef Khaim
Rehr Elia Yitzkhak son of Hersh

Sheen Return

Shapira Moshe son of Yzrael Yhuda
Shapira Glikel daughter of Dov
Shapira Beile daughter of Moshe
Shapira Hana daughter of Moshe
Shapira Dov son of Moshe
Shapira Arieh son of Moshe
Shapria Malka daughter of Moshe
Shapira Gitel daughter of Moshe
Shapira Shoshana daughter of Moshe
Shapira Shkana
Shapira Manucha daughter of Meir Meler
Shafranski Simckha daughter of Leibish
Shafranski Henia daughter of Ahron Lieber
Shafranski Leibish son of Simckha
Shafranski Perel daughter of Simkha and her children
Shatz Meir son of Moshe
Shatz Yosef son of Moshe
Shargel Yakov son of Moshe
Shargel Gitel Leah daughter of Ephraim Fishel Tzoller
Shargel Hana daughter of Yakov
Shudrich Moshe son of Yoel
Shudrich Mizi daughter of Yickhiel Michel Levgoy
Shudrich Shmuel son of Moshe
Shudrich Tzvia
Shudrich Hana daughter of Shmuel
Shudrich Tzipora daughter of Shmuel
Shudrich Heni Rifka daughter of Shmuel
Shwartz Shmuel son of Eitamar

[Page 522]

Shwartz Shlomo son of Shmuel
Shwartswald Abraham son of Petkhia
Shwartszwald Yakov Shlome son Abraham Abush
Shwartswald wife of Yakov Shalom
Shwartswald Mordekai son of Yakov Shalom
Shwartszwald Kreintshe daughter of Abraham Abush
Shwerd Berish son of Mordekai
Shwerd Moshe son of Mordekai
Shwerd Eli son of Mordekai
Shwerd Devorah daughter of Mordekai
Shwerd Gitel daughter of Gitel
Shuman Bernard Dov son of Sander
Shuman Roza daughter of Leon Wart
Shuman Shlomo son Shabtai
Shuman Rachel daughter of Eliazer
Shuman Seril daughter Shlomo
Shuman Hese daughter of Shlomo
Shuman Malka daughter of Shlomo
Shuman Shimshon son of Shabtai
Shuman Shabtai son of Shimshon
Shuman Gitel daughter of Shimshon
Shuman Khava daughter of Eiser Segal
Shuman Eiser son of Mickha
Shuman Tzipora daughter of Mickha
Shore Toiva daughter of Khantshe
Shtark Rikel daughter of Ysesker Zvolon Shtukhamer
Shtuktzenberg Uri, Dr. his wife and their daughter Shulamit
Shtukhamer Shimshon son of Rikel
Shtukhamer Yosef son of Rikel
Shtukhamer Shlomo Zalman daughter of Ysesker Zvolon
Shtukhamer Moshe son of Zalman
Shtukhamer Berish son of Zalman
Shtukhamer Yitzkhak son of Zalman
Shtukhamer Pinkhas son of Zalman
Shtukhamer Seril daughter of Mordekai
Shtukhamer Sara Hana daughter of Zalman
Shtorch Menia daughter of Sheya
Shtorch Gitel daughter of Sheya
Shtorch Sheya son of Menia
Shtorch Machle daughter of Mania
Shtorch Perel daughter of Mania
Shtorm Ysrael son of Eliazer
Shtorm Riekel daughter of Eliazer Weker
Shtorm Henia daughter of Sender
Shtorm Wolf son of Sender
Shtorm Devorah
Shtiglitz Yosef son of Shlomo Zalman
Shtiglitz Gitel son of Moshe Boyem
Shtiglitz Wolf son of Yosef
Shtiglitz Feibish son of Yosef
Shtiglitz Natan son of Shlomo Zalman
Shtiglitz Baruch son of Abush
Shtiglitz Moshe son of Abush
Shtiglitz Khaya daughter of Abush
Shtiglitz Yonathan son of Yitzkhak
Shtiglitz Mindel daughter of Leib
Shtiglitz Khaya Dina daughter of Yonathan
Shtiglitz Izaak son of Yonathan
Shtiglitz Basha daughter of Michael
Shtiglitz Shemria son of Yonathan
Shtiglitz Shimshon son of Yonathan
Shtiglitz Mordekai Shlomo son of Yonathan
Shtiglitz Yitzkhak Baruch son of Yonathan
Shtiglitz Leib son of Yonathan
Shtiglitz Feige
Shtiglitz Yzrael son of Leib
Shtiglitz Golda daughter of Yakov
Shtiglitz Salo son of Mordekai
Shtiglitz Rifka daughter of Mordekai
Shtiglitz Baruch son of Mordekai
Shtiglitz Feige daughter of Mordekai
Shtiglitz Reize Rachel daughter of Shmuel Zeinbil Krantz
Steiger Yosef son of Mordekai Yhushua
Steiger Hana daughter of Moshe

[Page 523]

Steinbach Shimon son of Shlomo Zalman
Steinbach Feige daughter of Tzvi Liberman
Steinbach-Liberman Miriam daughter of Shimon
Steinbach-Liberman Yosef son of Shimon
Steinbach-Liberman Zalman son of Shimon
Steinfeld Gitel daughter of Shaul
Strauss Feibish son of Shalom
Strauss Khaim son of Shalom
Strauss Henia daughter of Shalom
Strauss Feibish son of
Strauss Pesach
Strauss Shraga Feibish son of Khat
Strauss Eztriel son of Shraga Feibish
Strauss Tzvi son of Shraga Feibish
Strauss Khava daughter of Ahron Krantz
Strauss Ahron son of Tzvi
Strauss Uri son of Tzvi
Strauss Asher son of Tzvi
Strauss Elke
Strauss Khat son of Asher
Strauss Rifka
Strauss Malka daughter of Asher
Strauss Meir son of Asher
Strauss Khat son of Zev
Strauss Khat son of Shraga Feibish
Strauss Gitel Devorah daughter of Yonathan Shtiglitz
Strauss Maltzi son of Khat
Strauss Yosef son of Khat
Stritzel Mordekai son of Ezrial
Stritzel Feige
Stritzel Manos son of Ezrial
Stritzel Ronia daughter of Arieh
Stritzel Yhuda Feibish son of Mordekai
Stritzel Mashe daughter of Feige Esther
Stritzel Meir son of Shraga
Stritzel Shoshe daughter Etil Shteinfeld
Stritzel Etil daughter of Meir
Stritzel Hana daughter of Meir
Stritzel Shraga son of Meir
Stritzel Uri son of Ezrial
Shindler Rachel
Shindler Yzrael
Shindler Yankel
Shindler Feige
Sisler Rachel daughter of Mendel
Schussman Yosef son of Yacov
Schussman Khaya Drezel daughter of Mendel Bruh
Shifenboayer Abraham son of Asher
Shifenboayer Zlate daugther of Yhushua Shargel
Shifenboayer two children of Abraham and Zlate
Shifenboayer Sima daughter of Meir Boyer
Shifenboayer Sheindel daughter of Sima
Shifenboayer Sara daughter of Sima
Shifenboayer Eita
Shifenboayer Rifka
Shitz Mendel son of Tzvi
Shitz Genia of Wallach family
Shitz Sara daughter of Tzvi
Shluster Yakov son of Moshe
Shluster Mindel daughter of Yhushua
Shluster Yhushua son of Yakov
Shmutzer Abrahm Yitzkhak son of Yseskar
Shmutzer Rifka daughter of Pinkhas Shmirer
Shmutzer Yzrael son of Abraham Yitzkhak
Shmutzer Yakov son of Abraham Yitzkhak
Shmutzer Shaul son of Abraham Yitzkhak
Shmutzer Khaim son of Abraham Yitzkhak
Shmirer Pinkhas son of Asher
Shmirer Sara daughter of Asher
Shnee Shalom son of Abraham
Shnee Leibish son of Abraham
Shnee Levi son of Abraham
Shnee Sheindel daughter of Yosef Eliazer
Shnee The Rabbi Ysrael son of Ahron Asher
Shnee Simckha Ahron son of Yzrael
Shnee Khaim Yhushua son of Yzrael
Shnee Abraham David son of Yzrael

[Page 524]

Shnee Hana Miriam daughter of Yzrael
Sheckter Naftali Hertz son of Yakov
Sheckter Sima daughter of Yzrael
Sheckter Hana daughter of Yakov
Sheckter Meite daughter of Naftali Hertz
Sheckter Eita daughter of Naftali Hertz
Sheckter Nackhum son of Naftali Hertz
Sheckter Khaya daughter of Yhuda
Shel Nisan son of Moshe Yosef
Shel Toive daughter of Zalman
Shel Sheindel daughter of Nisan
Shel Glikel daughter of Nizan
Shel Golda daughter of Nizan
Shel Mendel
Shel Lemel son of Natan
Shel Fatkhia son of Natan
Spalter Shimshon Meir son of Yzrael
Spalter Yhudit daughter of Yukotiel Tzvi
Spalter Yhushua son of Shimshon Meir
Spalter Hersh son of Shimshon Meir
Spalter Mordekai son of Khaim
Spalter Khaya Sara daughter of Yukotiel Tzvi
Spalter Hana daughter of Mordekai
Spalter Hersh son of Mordekai
Spalter Shimon
Shpilki Shmuel son of Baruck
Shpilki Ysrael son of Baruck
Shpindel Mordekai son of Yhushua
Shpindel Ber son of Yhushua
Shpindel Leah Mindel daughter of Yhushua
Shpindel Rachel daughter of Yhushua
Shpindel Shalom son of Yhushua
Shpindel Moshe Ahron son of Meir Leib
Shpindel Khaya Breindel
Shpindel Batya Perel daughter of Azriel Rozenfeld
Shefron Michael
Shefron Feige Etil daughter of Shmuel Zeinvel Krantz
Shreiber Shmuel son of Nakhman
Shreiber Gitel Rachel daughter of Yseskhar Zvolon Shtokhamer
Shreiber Feige daughter of Shmuel
Shreiber Nackman son of Shmuel
Shreiber Abraham son of Natan
Shreiber Khaya daughter of Ahron Broner
Shreyer Abraham
Shreyer Khaya Mashe daughter of Hentshe
Shrer Hentshe daughter of Khiya Mashe
Shreyer Pesackh son of Abraham
Shreyer Devorah daughter of Khaya Mashe
Shreyer Malka daughter of Khaya Mashe

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