Memorial Book of Sokal, Tartakow and Surroundings

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Translation of Sefer Sokal, Tartakow Ve-ha-Seviva

Edited by: A. Chomel

Published in Tel Aviv, Israel, 1968



Project Coordinator

Rita Friedman


This is a translation from: Sefer Sokal, Tartakow, Ve-ha-Seviva
ed. A. Chomel Memorial Book of Sokal Tartakow and Surroundings, Tel Aviv, Israel, 1968

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Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund


Memorial and Memorial Headstones   7
A. Sokal
To the History of The Jews in Sokal
Community of Sokal The Rabbi, Reb Mordekhai Fogelman 13
The Jewish Settlement in Sokal - a Center of Torah and Yiddishkeit [Jewish Faith] Ayzyk Konstantyn 21
The Jews in Sokal Since the Ancient Times to the Holocaust Dr. Avraham Khomet (Khumt) 44
Historic Graves at the Old Cemetery in Sokal A. Birnboim 96
The Jews on the Sokal City Council Dr. Zigmunt Gruber 98
Hasidus in Sokal
The Tartakov-Husiatiner House of Study Yitzhak Birnboim 103
The Small Husiatin House of Study - Chortkow Avraham Gleicher 107
The Zionist Movement in Sokal
The Zionist Organization in Sokal Dr. Dovid Kindler 113
History of the Mizrakhi [Religious Zionists] in Sokal Yitzhak Birnboim 132
Of the Revisionist Movement in Sokal Yisroel Shapira 135
Poalei Zion [Labor Zionists] and Hitahadut [Union] in Sokal A. S. 137
A History of Youth Organizations Attorney Moshe Kubler 144
Hashomer Hatzair [Socialist Zionist Youth] Movement in Sokal Dr. Y. Efrat (Menkes) 156
Tze'irei Mizrakhi [Mizrakhi Youth organization] of Sokal Yakov Z”K [Zak] 167
Histadrut Hanuer "Gordonia" [Zionist Youth Movement] of Sokal Yitzhak Lewin 172
The Revival of the Hebrew Language in Sokal Dr. Dovid Kindler 178
Non-Zionist Organizations in Sokal
Agudas Yisroel [Union of Israel - ultra Orthodox political party] A. S. 187
Bund [secular Socialist party] in Sokal A. S. 189
About the Economic Life of the Jews in Sokal
Jewish Agriculture in Sokal County Aryeh Fas 193
The Contribution of Jews to the Development of Sokal Dr. Dovid Kindler 197
Jewish Charity and Charitable Institutions in Sokal
Jewish Philanthropic Organizations and Institutions in Sokal Dr. Dovid Kindler 205
The Women's Committee at Work Klara Kindler 211
Memories and Personalities
What I Remember from Sokal Tzvi Klinger 217
My father's home Dr. Y. Efrat (Menkes) 230
These I Remember! Y. Halevi 234
When I Remember Zabuzhe Tzvi Klinger 238
The Rebbe, Reb Shmuel Rokeakh, may the name of a righteous man be blessed Menasha Unger 249
The Gaon [genius or brilliant man], the Rabbi, Reb Shimshon Shtokhamer, may the name of a righteous man blessed Melekh Neyshtat 250
The Rabbi Shimshon Shtokhamer, may God take revenge for his blood Avraham Zemba 252
Avraham Yakov Z.K. of blessed memory Y. F. 254
Lyovna (Leib) Feybl of blessed memory Y. F. 255
Dr. Josef Uniger Mikhal Landau 259
The Figure of Naphtali Shimoni (Tauba) of blessed memory Dr. Y. Efrat (Menkes) 261
Aryeh Fas, of blessed memory Dr. Y. Efrat (Menkes) 264
Dovid Bik, Engineer Szwarc, Zigmunt Leider, of blessed memory Dr. Dovid Kindler 267
Eidl Grosman, of blessed memory A. Beker 271
The Holocaust
Pages about Pain and Death of the Jewish Settlement in Sokal Moshe Maltz 277
The Fate of Two Jewish Children - Maryam and Shulemit Nakhman Blumental 317
Three Years in the Nazi Hell Bubi Lev 323
Dov Zigman's Survival in the Nazi-Ukrainian Hell A. Kh. 329
The Rescue of 15 Jews Under the Roof of a Pig Pen. Y. Shmulbic 339
Life at the Beginning of the German Occupation Pepe Rotenberg (from Bik) 342
In the German Labor Camp Aryeh Fas 347
Memories of the Suffering and Anguish Miriam Riziner (from Eizen Mushke) 350
Sokal Ghetto Leah Bauml 355
Remember What Amalek Did to You Borukh ben Tzvi haLevi Levites 356
One of the Righteous Among the Nations Gitl Linsker 363
Jewish Doctors-Medical Personnel in the Sokal Ghetto Dr. Dovid Kindler 367
Jews from Sokal and Surrounding Areas in Israel and in the Diaspora
Organization of Former Inhabitants of Sokal and Vicinity in Israel Josef Feybl 373
Sokal Jews in the Diaspora Josef Feybl 384
B. Tartakov
Memories of My Jewish Home City Tartakov Aryeh Bik 398
Tartakov - Shtetl [town] Shmuel Linsker 409
Jewish Life in Tartakov A. Beker 413
One Family History Chana Kohen (née Eizen Shofel) 428
The Road of Pain and Suffering Hersh Genoyer 435
A Diary from the Nazi Hell Tzvi Abers 438
In Memory of Friend, Asher Rubinshtein, of blessed memory Shmuel Linsker 444
C. Varenzh
The Shtetl Varenzh Sore Ben-Yakov 447
Josef Hersh the Dorfsgeyer [village peddler] Shlomo Straus-Marku 457
D. Stoyanov
The Small Town of Stoyanov Aryeh Verbner 465
Memories of My Shtetl [town] Moshe Yehiel haLevi Segal 472
Reb Moshe Yehiel Segal, of blessed memory Elimelekh Rozenbaum 478
A Few Memories of My Shtetl [town] Leah Ben Yehuda, 479
Brother A. D. Verbner, of blessed memory Shifra Rozeneld, Malka Landi, Tzvi Verbner 482
About Jakov ben Josef Grosman, of blessed memory Aryeh Verbner 484
Stoyanov - During the Nazi Occupation Y. Kramincer 485
Those Who Perished in the Shoah
List of the Pages of Sokal Marytrs   499
List of the Tartarov Martyrs   545
List of the Stoyanov Martyrs   551
List of the Varenzh Martyrs   557
Epilogue   563
Index of Names   567

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