The Book of Sambor and Stari Sambor;
a Memorial to the Jewish Communities

(Sambir, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Sefer Sambor-Stary Sambor; pirkei edut ve-zikaron le-kehilot.

Edited by: Alexander Manor, Sambor / Stary Sambor Society

Published in Tel Aviv, 1980


Project Coordinator

Carol H Raspler


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This is a translation from: Sefer Sambor-Stary Sambor; pirkei edut ve-zikaron le-kehilot,
(The book of Sambor and Stari Sambor; a memorial to the Jewish communities,
the story of the two Jewish communities from their beginnings to their end);
ed. Alexander Manor, Tel Aviv, Sambor/Stary Sambor Society, 1980 (H, Y, E, 369 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Sambor

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Translated by Sara Mages

Introduction   12
History of the Cities Sambor and Stari–Sambor
   Stari–Sambor to Novi–Sambor; History of the city; The siege of Bohdan Khmelnytsky;
   The royal palace; Fires; Floods; Epidemics; The internal regime in the city; The first school;
   The first printing press; The population; The suburbs; The artists unions (guilds); Prominent figures;
   Sambor in the history of Poland and Russia; Period of the Austrian conquest; During and after the First World War.
Jewish Sambor over the Various Periods
   The beginning of the Jewish Community (1447); “Blich”; The number of Jews;
   The printing presses; Structure of the Jewish Community; The ancient Jewish Cemetery.
Period of Austrian Rule
   Means of livelihood; Plans to transfer Jews to agriculture; Occupations of Sambor's Jews;
   Religious life; Synagogues and Betei–Midrash; Schools; Health and Welfare institutions;
   “Achva” Organization; The beginning of the Zionist Movement;
   “Keren Kayemet LeYisrael”; “Poalei Zion”; “Zeirei Zion
Period of the First World War   38
Between the Two World Wars
   First conflicts; The economy; Craftsmen; “Gemilut Hasadim” [mutual aid] Fund;
   Welfare activities and Welfare institutions; The Orphanage; The founding of “WIZO”;
   “Mutual–Aid” to Students; The Jewish hospital; “Bikur Holim
Education and Culture
   Schools; Trade School; Dramatic–Musical Club (Lutnia);
   “Kasino”; Jewish Sports Club
The Jewish Community and its Administration
   The city's attitude to the Jews; Anti–Semitism; Self–Defense; The Jewish population
   Anti–Zionist Parties and Movements:
Agudat Israel”;
   “Bund”; The Communist Party; The Committee for Jewish Immigration
Zionist Parties and Movements
   General Zionist Party; “Hamizrachi” and “Hapoel Hamizrachi”;
   The Revisionist Party; The Zionist Labor Party “Hitachdut”;
   United Zionist–Socialist Party “Hitachdut–Poalei Zion”;
   Results of elections in Sambor to the Zionist Congresses
David Ben–Gurion in Sambor Shlomo Talmon (Tilman) 52
From the activities of the Jewish Community Council Nehemiah Lanninger 53
The Great Synagogue Ozer Linhart 57
The National Jewish Library Avraham Linhart 59
Youth Movements
The beginning of “Hashomer” Movement in Sambor Efraim Reizner 63
Hashomer” and the immigration to Israel Moshe Yemini (Rechter) 66
From “Hatchia” organization to “Hashomer Ha'zair” organization Yakov Zafri (Baumwolhschpiner) 67
Hatchia” – “Hashomer Ha'zair” – “Hechalutz Hatzair Yitzchak Heruti 72
The merger of “Hashomer Ha'zair” with “Hechalutz Hatzair Efraim Reizner 78
Sambor – The cradle of “Hanoar Hazioni” Movement   79
The Youth Organization “Akivah   80
The Youth Movement “Gordonia Arye Ben–Yosef (Shuminer) 84
Gordonia Dr. Shmuel Meltz 86
The “Gordonia” chapter in the rural communities Yona Respler 89
My road to “Gordonia Shulamit Porath (Stefa Finsterbusch) 90
The Youth Movement “Vitkinia 94
The adversary between the non–Zionist youth and the pioneer youth movements Ozer Linhart 95
Personalities and Figures
HaRav Yosef Moshe Charif (Eisenberg)   98
HaRav Yitzchak Charif (Eisenberg)   98
HaRav Yakov Naftali Eisenberg   98
The Admor Moshe Eichenstein   99
HaRav Meir Tzvi Witmeir   99
The Admor Uri HaCohen Yolles   99
HaRav Naftali Hertz Bombach   102
The Preacher Mendel–Fishel Treiber   102
HaRav Aharon Levin   104
The speeches of HaRav Aharon Levin in the Polish Sejm   105
The Rothenstreich Family
Dr. Fishel Rothenstreich   108
Prof. Natan Rothenstreich   111
Dr. Yehoshua Rothenstreich   114
The Heruti (Wolker) Family
Yitzchak Heruti   116
Mordechai Heruti   120
The Sandviar Family
Adolf (Avraham) Sandviar   122
Prof. Arthur Sandviar   123
The Schtoyerman Family
Dr. Yosef Schtoyerman   125
Edward Schtoyerman   125
Dusiek Schtoyerman   125
Salka Schtoyerman–Pirtel   126
Tzvi Pechthold   127
Dr. Dov Peled (Pechthold)   129
Yehezkel San   130
Mordechai Schteif   131
Dr. Mordechai Zelinger   132
Meir Deshe (Weizingerin)   133
Michael Frum   134
Zygmunt (Mordechai) Stein   136
Arthur Fidler   137
Memories and Experiences
The protectors of the Jewish Heritage Arye Ben–Yosef (Shuminer) 139
The Jewish Zionist source Yehoshua Yemini (Rechter) 140
The period of my studies in Sambor's High–School Professor Natan Reich 141
Blich Etke Ben–Pinchas 144
When my father immigrated to Israel Dr. Shmuel Meltz 145
How my family immigrated to Israel Aharon Witztom 147
On the verge of destruction Tzvi Shoham (Hesio Brilant) 147
Fragments of Folklore
Fishle' Mentel Ozer Linhart 151
Avrahamle' the resourceful Ozer Linhart 152
Yona the “drunk”   157
Stari–Sambor (Altstodt)
The History of the community of Stari–Sambor (Altstodt)   160
Memories and Records
Altstodt Tzvi Meltzer–Schreiber 170
The Educational Heritage of Stari–Sambor Professor Nathan Reich 172
In the atmosphere of those days Aharon Witztom 176
The Livelihoods of the Jews Yosef Hailprin 177
Chapters of Folklore David Waltzer 180
My way to Israel Yosef Hailprin 182
In the “Halutz” Federation Tzvi Meltzer–Schreiber 184
Personalities and Figures
HaRav Chaim Yitzchak Yeruham   187
Menachem Groylich   189
Avraham Buck   190
R' Yakov Schreiber   191
Dudya Metzler– Schreiber   192
Heshe Richter   194
Dov Kariv (Karvas)   195
The Judge Moshe Lerer   195
Prof. Dr. Natan Reich   197
Bibliography (For chapters 2–7)   198
The Annihilation of the City
Dates   203
From occupation to occupation Toni Nacht (Halperin) 204
When Ukrainians Get Wild Dolek Frei 205
The stages of destruction Nechama & Moshe Sctulbach 206
The first “Aktzia” and the preparations for its execution Dr. Leon Tehorn 209
Between life and death Dr. Irna Glantz–Sendiwer 211
The hiding place at the train station Yakov Hershaft, 219
How I survived Aliza Golan (Frida Wilf) 221
My pursuers didn't catch me Ajzik Zigman 226
Survivors Sara Avtel (Gorfein) 227
How I survived Yehiel Hirsh 228
Hiding for sixteen months Genya Habenstreit (Maizels) 229
The final liquidation Zofia Hass 231
Letters from the city of death – “Remember and don't forget us!” Feiga Kraus 232
In the partisans' detachments Yosef Zinger 234
“Cattle grazing on the graves of our loved ones” Jack Gardner 236
On the way to Israel
In the company of HaRav Dr. Yehiel Yakov Weinberg Aharon (Ronek) Holzman 239
In military–camps and labor–camps in Russia Tzvi Sandviar 240
From Sambor to Uzbekistan David (Dunek) Beglaiter 241
The road signs of immigration Eliezer (Lunek) Abned 242
The treatment of illegal immigrants in the camps in Cyprus Shoshanna Ginzburg (Zimchoni) 244
The History of the Organizations
Jews from Sambor in the United States   246
Jews from Sari–Sambor in the United States   248
The association of former residents of Sari–Sambor in Israel   251
The association of former residents of –Sambor in Israel   255
The establishment of the consolidated organization   256
Sambor Necrology   258
Necrology of towns and villages near Sambor – Stari Sambor    
Summary in Yiddish   283
English Section
Introduction   I
History of the Cities Sambor and Stari-Sambor   II
Sambor   III
Jewish Sambor over the Various Periods   X
Period of Austrian Rule   XIII
Period of the First World War   XIX
Between the Two World Wars   XX
Education and Culture   XXIV
Clubs   XXV
The Jewish Community and its Administration   XXVI
The City's Attitude to the Jews   XXVII
Parties and Movements   XXIX
Youth Movements   XXXII
Jewish Community of Stari-Sambor (Altstodt)   XXXIII
Jewish Population in Stari-Sambor and its Surroundings   XXXIV
The First Beginning of the Zionist Movement and the First Olim   XXXV
Liquidation of the Jewish Community of Stari-Sambor   XXXVII
Liquidation of the Jewish Community of Sambor   XXXVIII
The Destruction – Dates   XLI
Jews from Stari-Sambor in the United States   XLII
Sambor Jews in the United States   XLIII


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