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Translated by Helen Sendyk

“For Everlasting Memory to the Martyrs of the Holocaust of Stary Sambor (Old-town Sambor) and vicinity (Eastern Galicia) who were murdered and destroyed by the Nazis and their collaborators, Yud Mem”Shin, “Yemach Shemam” (may their names be blotted out) to sanctify the Name of the Almighty during the years of the Holocaust, Tav Resh Tzadik'Tet – Tav Shin' heh (1939 – 1945).

Their memory will be sanctified forever in our midst.

Tav' Nun' Tzadik' Mem' heh' “Teheye Nafsham Tzrura Bitzror Hachaim” (May their souls be included in the Chain of the Living).

    Survivors of Stary Sambor in Israel and around the world.

    Tav Shin” Chav (1959 – 1960)

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"We have arranged the list of the martyrs slaughtered by the Nazis and their collaborators according to the questionnaires reaching us from the families, relatives and friends of the deceased. To our regret, this list of the Holocaust slain is incomplete because of the failed response to the questionnaires, by the people whom we contacted several times.

The members of the committee and the publishers of this book exerted every effort and did all possible. If we missed someone unintentionally, may we be forgiven."

Note: The Necrology's order has been adjusted to the English Alphabet for easier use.

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Abret, Yona and Family Ardman, Lipa
Abret, Faivel and Family Ardman, Yehoshua and Family
Abret, Hinda Ardman, Sonia
Achtel, Benjamin Ardman, Toncia
Achtel, Rachel Ardman, Leah
Achtel, Faivel Ardman, Pesia
Achtel, Shymon Ardman, Chasia
Achtel, Ita Ardman, Jacob
Achtel, Abraham Arelboim, Hershale and Family
Achtel, Zundl Arelboim, Gitl
Achtel, Leah Arelboim, Chaim Yosef
Achtel, Amalia Arelboim, Abraham
Achtel, Bronia Arelboim, Shaya
Achtel, Dov Arelboim (Kruk), Faiga and Family
Achtel, Yona (Jonah) Arnold, Dr. Leon and Family
Agret, Wolf Ashengrau, Felicia (Faiga)
Agret, Liba Ashengrau, Yoel
Agret, Shamah Ashengrau, Regina (Rachel)
Agret, Markus Ashengrau, Anka (Yona)
Altbach, Dr. Leon Ashengrau, Alexander
Altbach, Dr. Shymon Ashengrau, Eliezer
Altbach, Etka Ashengrau, Li
Altbach, Israel Ashengrau, Zelda
Altbach, Abraham Ashengrau, Shymon
Altbach, Marcus Ashengrau, Zalman
Alrbach, Symcha Ashengrau, David
Altbach, Wolf Ashengrau, Rafael
Altbach, Bunio Ashengrau, Pinkl
Altbach, Shymon Ashkenazi, Ruzia
Altbach, (Mantl) Ruzia Ashkenazi, Yosef
Altschield and Family Ashkenazi, Reuven
Antman, Ben Zion Ashkenazi, Hela
Antman, Rina Ashkenazi, Yitzchak
Appelzis, Wilhelm Ashkenazi, Chana
Appelzis, Yechezkiel Ashkenzai, Malka
Appelzis, Chaya Avned, Sidnia
Appelzis, Alter Avned, Liba (Ahuvah)
Appelzis, Munish Avned, Chaim
Appel, Zeev Avned, Yocheved
Appel, Moshe Avned, Tonia
Appel, (Langer) Chaya Avned, Dr. Leon
Appel, Rivka Avned, Ariella

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Bacher, Nathan Berger, Shmuel
Bacher, Roza Berger, Regina
Bacher (Zuckerberg), Bronislava Berger, Dr. Julian
Bart, Bronia and Daughter Berger, Izidor
Bart (Levin), Ester and Family Berger, Dov
Bart, Wolf Berger, Yeshayahu
Bart, Chaici Berger, Rachel
Bart, Malci Berger, Sarah
Bart, Israelci Berlfain, Wolf
Bart, Heshe Berlfain, Bertha
Bart, Shalom Berlfain, Zehava
Bart, Dudie Berlfain, Shaibe
Bart, Baila Berlfain, Shaindl
Bauer, Isaac Berlfain, Benjamin
Bauer, Ida Berlfain, Mordechai
Bauer, Munio Berlfain, Tonka
Bauer, Dzunia Berlfain, Chana and Family
Bauer, Nela Berlfain, Lein and Family
Baum, Sofia Bernfeld, Dr. and Family
Baum, Leah Birnbaum, Nachman
Baum, Zvi Birnbaum, Moshe
Baum, Mendel Birnbaum, Anna
Baum, Rachel Birnbaum, Bernard
Baum, Zosia Bitner, Gustav
Baum, Giza Bitner, Arnold
Baum, Benjamin Bitner, Laizer
Baum, Misha Bitner, Mania
Baum, David Bitner (Wolker), Yeti
Bauml, Abraham Bitner, Izak
Bauml, Chasia and Husband Blaiberg, Yosi
Baumwolhschpiner, Adela Blat, Lorka
Baumwolhschpiner, Machla Blat, Dr. –
Baumwolhschpiner, Moshe Blauschtein, Tila and Family
Baumwolhschpiner, Shaindl Blum (Cimrit), Chaya
Baumwolhschpiner, Faiga Boksman (Pener), Dvora
Baumwolhschpiner, Matilda Boksman, BenZion
Baumwolhschpiner, Meir Boksman, Eli
Baumwolhschpiner, Regina Boksman, Inka
Baumwohlschpiner, Abraham Bokser (Wolker), Bertha
Baumwolhschpiner, Mendel Boksman, Icik
Baumwolhschpiner, Mozes Boksman, Yitzchak
Baumwolhschpiner, Shaindl Bolinger, Alter
Baumwolhschpiner, Yechiel Bolinger (Levine), Chaici
Baumwohlschpiner, Gitl Bolinger, Masha
Baumwohlschpiner, Matil Bolinger, Pesach
Baumwolhschpiner, Jacob Bolinger, Lipa
Beglaiter, Yechiel Brand, two brothers, one sister
Beglaiter (Wolker), Sarah Brand, Drizia
Beglaiter, Benjamin Brat, Blanka
Beglaiter, Aaron Brilant, Shifra
Beglaiter, Manes Brilant, Pesachye
Beglaiter, Ester Brilant, Bila
Beglaiter, Jacob Brilant, Zlata
Beglaiter, Rosa Brilant (Dalo), Zvi
Beglaiter, Dora Brodner, Abraham and Family
Beglaiter, Wolf and Family Bros, Roza and Family
Beglaiter, Wilhelm Bros, Yosef
Beglaiter, Zigmund Bros, Sarah
Begleiter, Alexander Bros, Shmuel
Beker (Langer), Frieda Bros, Dvorah and two Daughters
Beker, Moshe Bros, Marcus
Bekenrot, Rivka Bros, Faiga and three Children
Bekenrot, Henek Bros, Eliezer
Bekenrot, Ronek Bros, Lania and two Sons
Bekenrot, Mordechai Bros (Klar), Leah and Family
Berenfain and Family Bros (Osterbach), Meni and Family
Bergner, Dr. Leon and Son Brumer, Rosa
Berger, Dzunia Brumer, Chana
Bergner, A. (with Wife and two Daughters) Brumer, Abraham
Berger, Cliva Buchwalter, Leon
Berger, Shmuel Buchwalter, Erela (or Arale)
Berger, Moshe Buchwalter, Sali
Berger, Bronia Buchwalter, Efraim
Berger, Jacob Buchwalter, Dorcia
Berger, Julius Bunem, Manka
Berger, Zvi Bunem, Lusiek
Berger, Hela Bunes, Abraham
Berger, Hana Bunes, Mona
Berger, Shlomo Bunes, Eliezer (Lusiek)
Berger, Etka Bunes, Genia

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Cackes, Raiza Caimer, Helena
Cackes, Bluma Caizl, Itzik
Cackes, Yosef Caizl, Motl
Cackes, Izaak Caizl, Pesia
Cailer, Dvora Can, Michal
Cailer, Yetta Can, Zusman
Cailer, Ida Can, Tauba
Cailer, Berish Can, Elimelech
Cailer, Franciska Cauzmer, Dr. Severin
Cailer, Yehel Cener, Chaim
Cailer, Anna Cener, Moti
Cailer, Genia Chana’les, Shifra
Cailer, Roza Cin, Chashka
Cailer, Yehuda Cin, Gila
Cailer, Fani Cin, Sala
Caimer, Sara Cin, Mendel
  Cin, Motek

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Dachinger, Bertha Dinstag, Marcus
Dachinger, Shymon Dinstag, Lola
Dachinger, Shaya Disha, Dr. Meir
Dachinger, Roza Disha, Gavriel
Dachinger, Maniu Doitsher and Family
Dachinger, Mircia Domb, Melech
Dachinger (Wolker), Ida Dornberg, Yosef
Datelkramer, Perl Dornberg, Susha (Susia)
Datelkramer, Leah Dornberg, Slova and Husband
Datelkramer, Muni Dornberg, Malka and Husband
Davl, Chava Dornberg, Arye Yehuda
Dik, Dr. Zigmund Dornberg, Menachem Mendl, Wife, Child
Dik (Helinger), Hela and two Children Dornberg, Sender
Dim (Bart), Dorka and Family Dornberg, Leon
Dim, Hirsh Dranger and Family
Dim, Perl Drezdner, Jacob
Dim, Sala Drezdner, Etel
  Drezdner, Chaim and three Brothers

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Efrosi, Slova Eidman, Esther
Efrosi, Faiga Eidman, Malka
Efrosi, Yehuda Eidelheit, Hershl
Efrosi, Heshel Eidelheit, Chaim Hersh and Family
Efrosi, Kisil Eidelheit, Mendele
Ehrlich, Dr. Leon Eidelheit, Malka
Ehrlich, Henrisia Eidelheit, Hirsh
Ehrlich, Juliush Eidelheit, Joseph
Ehrlich, Israel Eidelheit, Chaim
Ehrlich, Hirsh Eimer, Shaindl
Ehrlich, Rosa Einenhandler and Family
Ehrlich, Masel Eizner, Alexander
Ehrlich, Perel Eizner, Yuzek
Ehrlich, Shlomo Eizner, Sala
Ehrlich, Yitzchak Eizner, Hilda
Ehrlich, Margalit Eizner, Maniu
Ehrlich, Eliyahu and Family Eizner, Bertha
Ehrlich, Meir Eizner, (Dachinger) Marian
Ehrich, Perl Ernest, Leo
Ehrlich, Chana Ernst (Rosenbaum), Rachel
Eichenstein and Family Ernst, Leah
Eichel, Dr. Zigmund Ernst, Mordechai
Eichel, Balka Ernst, Hirsch
Eidman, Jacob Ernest, Braindl and Family

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Falk, LibaFrie, Israel Fishman and Family
Faller, Leon Flashenberg, Zofia
Faller, Chaim Flashenberg, Henrika
Faller (Verner), Bluma Flashenberg, Ida
Faller, Misha Fligner, Eliezer
Faller, Bina Fligner, Bernard
Faller, Jacob Fligner, Frieda
Faller, Yosef Flink, Ester
Faller, Shoshana Flink, Herman
Faller, Lutka Flink, Mundek
Faller, Sizia Fogel, Henryk
Faller, Michael Fogel, Pepi
Farschtendig, Dr. Yoachim Fogel, Leon
Feist, Cila Freilich, Cila
Feist, Dr. Izidor Freilich, Leon
Feist, Leah Freilich, Manek
Felder, Moshe Freilich, Lila
Felder, Yosef Freilich, Jacob
Felder, Meir Freilich, Mina
Felder (Langer), Leah Freilich, Tonia
Feldschtein, Rachel Freilich, Ester
Feldschtein, Sara Frenkel, Maatl
Feldschtein, Cale Frenkel, Dvora
Feldschtein, Chaim Frenkel, Faiga
Feldman, Tuvia Frenkel, Israel and Family
Feldman, Hilda Frenkel, Mordechai and Family
Feldman, Yechoshua Frie, Meira
Feler, Yechezkel Frie, Herman
Feler, Dora Frie, Rubin
Fener, Genia Frie, Fried
Fener, Shymon Frie, Yenta
Fener, Klara Frie, Ester
Fener, Jacob Frie, Abraham
Fenner, Liba Friedberg, Bina
Fink and Family Friedberg, Lusia
Finsterbush, Dr. Yoachim Friedberg, Dvora
Finsterbush, Dr. Philip Friedberg, Shalom
Finsterbush, Bunia Friedberg, Leah
Finsterbush (Altbach), Lola Friedman, Herman (Heshu)
Fish, Meir Friedman, David
Fish, David Friedman, Rivka
Fish, Fruma Friedman, Dina
Fish, Zoska Friedman, Hirsh
Fisher, Israel Friedman, Golda
Fisher, Mendel Friedman, Ester
Fisher, China Frisher, Stella
Fisher, Chaim Frisher, Irma
Fisher, Vita Fuks, Roiza
Fisher, Malka Furman, Masia
Fisher, Izko Furman, Yitzchak
Fisher, Laicia Furman, Mathias
Fisher, Sabina Furman, Lion
Fisher, Dr. Mauritzi Furman, Moshe

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Garfunkel, Salia Goldberg, Zigmund
Garfunkel, Genia Goldberg, Yosef
Garfunkel, Sonia Goldberg, Munek
Garfunkel, Lusia Goldfisher, Fishl
Garfunkel, Chaim Goldfisher, Sara
Garfunkel, Regina Goldfisher, Chaim and Family
Garfunkel, Zalman Goldfisher, Mendel and Family
Gebler, Iziu and Brother Goldfisher, Moshe
Gebler, Braindl Goldfisher, Etka
Gelbart and Family Gotthelf, Blima
Gelber, Dr. A. Gotthelf, Marcus
Geles, Git Gotthelf, Nathan
Geles, Leon Gotthelf, Ester
Geles, Abraham Gotthelf, Henia
Geles, Dvora Gottlieb,  Gila Chana
Gertner, Frieda Gottlieb, Mota
Gertner, Miriam Gottlieb,  Hirsh (Zvi)
Gertner, Chaya Gottlieb, Chava
Gertner, Menachem Mendel Graidinger, Liba
Gertner, Moshe Graidinger, Sosia
Gertner, Rachel Graidinger, Dzunka
Gertner, Abraham Graidinger, Toibe and Husband
Gertner, Zigmund (Zelig) Graidinger, Kalman and Wife
Gertner, Ruzia Graidinger, Nachman and Wife
Gertner, Zindl Graif, Henrik
Gertner (Mat), Balka Graif, Irena
Glatschtein, Giza Graif, Marian
Glatschtein, Dr. Sholek Graif, Salka
Gluck, Bezalel Graifinger, M., Esq.
Gluck, Chaim Graifinger, Ruzia
Gluck, Henrik Graifinger, Leshek
Gluck, Miriam-Ita Graulich, Melech
Gluck, Chana Graulich, Malka
Gluck, Elka Graulich, Abraham
Gluck, Pesel Graulich (Wilf), Etel
Gluck, Pinio Graulich (Plus), Tova
Gluck, Noah and Family Greenberg, Golda
Gluck, Sara Greenberg, Bronek
Gluck, Shmuel and Family Greenberg, Kuba
Gluck, Mordechai Greenberg (Frailich), Mina
Gluck, Benjamin Greenfeld, Herman
Gluck, Anna Greenfeld, Bertha
Gluckman, Jacob Greenfeld, Mania
Gluckman, Yitzchak Greenfeld, Shiko
Gluckman, Dvora Greenfeld, Ruzia
Gluckman, Baruch Greenfeld, Lonka
Gluckman, Anda Grind (Langer), Chaya
Gluckman, Zosia Grind, Zalman
Gold, Aba Grind, Meir
Gold, Berl Gris, Dr. Henryk
Gold, Henia Gurfain, Yoel
Gold, Sanek Gurfain, Mala
Goldberg, Herman Gurfain, Yehuda
Goldberg, Ruzia Gurfain, Dov
Goldberg, Klemens Gurfain, Sara
Goldberg, Ludwig Gurfain, Rivka
Goldberg, Matilda Gutter, and Family
Goldberg, Hela and Family Gutaier, Greta
Goldberger, Heniek  
Goldberg, Roza  

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Haan, Faiga Herzog (Flink), Ester
Haan, Cila Herzog, Jacob
Haan, Yitzchak Herzog, Zeev
Haberman, Aaron Herzog, Markoli
Haberman, Roza Herzog, Baila
Hai, Laib Herzog, Moshe
Hai, Hirsh Hibner and Family
Hai, Taiba Hilcz, Yitzchak
Hai, Moshe Hilcz, Leon
Hai, Dvora Hilcz, Baruch (Bunio)
Hai, Faiga Hilcz, Shainka and Family
Hai, Gitl Himl, Hinda
Hai, David Himl, Maita
Hai, Leon Himl, Shlomo
Hai, Golda Himberg, Manes
Hai, Mordechai Hirsch, Meir and Family
Hailperin, Jacob Hirt, Batia
Hailperin, Ruth Hirt, Jacob
Hailperin, Yechezkel Hirt, Israel
Hailperin, Chana Hirt, Fishl
Hailperin, Yehuda Laib and Family Hirt, Frieda
Haimer, Liba Hirt, Henek
Haimer, Jacob Hirt, Melech
Haimer (Krigl), Zlata Hirt, Sara and Family
Haimer, Shlomo and Family Hirt, David
Haimer, Sima Hochfeld, Shlomo
Haiman, Herzel Hochfeld, Shalom Dov HaCohen
Haiman, Henia-Faiga Hochfeld, Gitl
Haiman, Rachel Hoisman, Dr. Levi
Haiman, Chaim Hoisman, Tauphilia
Haimer, Ester Hoisman, Alexander
Haimer, Nechama Holtzman, Eduard and Family
Halperin, Shaindl Holtzman, Chaim and Family
Halperin, Leon Holtzman, Moshe and Family
Halperin, Sara Holtzman, Mordechai and Family
Hamerman, Herman Holtzman, Eliahu and Family
Hamerman, Roza Holtzman, Adolf and Family
Hamerman, Sala Holtzman, Meir
Hamerman, Risia Holtzman, Pnina
Hartzheft, Yosef Holtzman, Olek
Hauptman, Regina Holtzman, Henia
Hauptman, Yehuda Holtzman, Abraham
Hauptman, Rina Holtzman, Lonek
Hauptman, Leah Holtzman, Chaya
Hauptman, Hodia Holtzman, Rivka
Hauptman, Laizer Holtzman, Jacob
Hauzman, Dr. Nathan and Family Holtzman, Raizl
Hauzman, Dr. Izidor Holtzman, Anna
Hauzman, Dr. Wolf and Family Holtzman, Sabina
Heimberg, Etel Holtzman, Mozes
Heichal, Shmuel Holtzman, Ada
Heichal, Abraham Holtzman, Shymon
Heichal, Alte Holtzman, Matilda
Heichal, Bertha Holtzman, Adela
Heichal, Roza Holtzman, Shiko
Heimberg, Eli Holtzman, Salka
Helcl, Yisachar Holtzman, Etka and two Children
Helcl, Frymet Holtzman, Henia and two Children
Helcl, Leah Holtzman, Max and Family
Helcl, Sara Hordinger, Wilhelm
Helcl, David Horowitz, Ziga
Helcl, Shlomo Horowitz, Irma
Helcl, Rachel Horowitz, Herman
Helcl, Cipora Horowitz, Roza
Helcl, Bat-Sheva Horowitz, Chaya Gitl
Helcl, Sarah Horowitz, Pepka
Helcl, Nesha Horowitz, Raizl
Helfgott, Etel Rivka Horowitz, Yosef
Helfgott, Fishl Horowitz, Mordechai
Henish, Ruzia Horowitz, Muncia
Henish, Shifra Horowitz, Rivka
Henig, Yenta and Husband Horshovski, Dr. Moshe
Henish, Chaim Horshovski, Vala
Henish, Dina Horshovski, Helenka
Henish, Bezalel Horshovski, Regina
Hershaft (Altbach), Miriam Horshovski, Salka
Hershaft, Meir Horshovski, Gaicha
Hershdorfer, Yosef Horshovski, Laib
Hershdorfer, Frieda Hurt, Chaim David
Hershdorfer, Dvora Hurt, Civia
Hershdorfer, Leah Hurt, Yesachar
Hershdorfer, Shprinca Hurt, Uri
Hershdorfer, Abraham Hurt, Baruch (Binia)
  Hurt, Miriam
  Hurt, Shalom

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Intrater, Henia Intrater, Wolf
Intrater, Shaindl Intrater, David
Intrater, Leon Intrater, Pepi
Intrater, Michael Intrater, Jacob
Intrater, Rivka Intrater, Sarah
Intrater, Esther Intrater, Chaya

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Kalb, Zvi Kirschbaum, Yermiyahu
Kalb, Abraham Kirschbaum, Toni
Kalb, Hene Kirschbaum, Sprinca
Kalb, Mordechai Kirschbaum, Solomon
Kalb, Yosef Laib Klauber, Dr._
Kalmus, Dr. _ Klauber, Nicka and Husband
Kalter, Bela Klugman, Pepi and Family
Kalter, Mala Knapl, Izaak
Kalter, Klara Koch, Mozes
Kalter, Gusta Koenig, Anda
Kalter, David Koenig, Chaim
Kalter, Shmuel Koenig (Glickman), Leah
Kalter (Zinger), Helena Kolb, Israel
Kamerman, Genia Kolb, (Hofenfinger), Nechama
Kamerman, Amania Kolb, Miriam
Kamerman, Shalom Kolb, Pepka
Kamerman, Tila Kolb, Zeev (Wolf)
Kamerman, Alter Kolb, Abraham
Kamerman, Matilda Kolb, Sara
Kamerman, Eugenia Kopel, Dr. Emil
Kamerman, Malka Kopel, Fani
Kamerman, Meir Kotonflon, Hinda
Kamelt, Eliahu Kotonflon, Yehuda
Kamelt, Leah Krabs, Yosef
Karp, Abraham and Family Krabs, Civia
Karp, Roza Krabs, Ester
Karp, Anshel Krabs, Pesach
Karp, Lipa Krabs, Aaron
Karp, Yosef Krabs, Moshe
Karp, Chaya Krabs, Rivka
Karp, Jacob Krabs, Bat-Shevah
Karp, Aaron Krauss, Eliezer
Karp, Mira Krauss, Frieda
Karp, Shmuel Krauss, Faiga
Karp, Benjamin Krauss, Abraham
Karp, Moshe Kreutznoyer, Dr. Izak
Karp, Sara Kreutznoyer, Dr. David
Karp, Rachel Kreutznoyer, Leon
Karp (Schpiegel), Gitale Kriegel, Israel Wolf
Katz, Laizer and Family Kriegel, Chana Rivka
Katz, Mania Kriegel, Ephraim
Katz, Yoel Kriegel, Zlata
Katz, Chaim Kriegel, Manis
Katz, Sara Kriegel, Hena
Kimelheim, Mordechai Kriegel, Rivka
Kimelheim, Moshe Kriegel, Bela and Family
Kirschbaum, Simcha and Family Kriegel (Goldschtein), Chana Rivka
Kirschbaum, Yosef and Family Kriegel, Mala and Family
Kirschbaum, Nechemia Kupferberg and Family
Kirschbaum, Gizela and Family  
Kirschbaum, Nachman  

L   <return>

Laden, Adolf Lev, Zelo
Laden, Stella Lev, Isik
Lam, Shaindl Lev, Salo
Lamet, Fraida Pesel Lev, Wolf
Lamet, Felicia Levine, Sima Leah
Lamet, Mordechai Levine, Jacob
Landau, Memdel Levine, Mendel-Wolf
Landau, Sarah Levine, Abraham
Langer, Hadassah Levine, Yechiel
Langer, Alter Levine, Israel-Hirsh
Langer, Malka Levine, Sara-Yenta
Langer, Ephraim Levine, Yitzchak
Langer, Yitzchak Levine, Rivka
Langer (Cackes) Lichtenstein, Dr. ___
Langer, Rachel Lieberman, Olek
Langer, Yitzchak Liebwohl, Sabina
Langer, Chana Liebwohl, Bertha
Langer, Nechama Liebwohl, Abraham
Langer, Zvi Ben-Zion Liebwohl, Israel
Langer, Jacob Yehuda Lieventer, Dr. ____
Langer (Dachinger), Elka Lindenwald, Zisl
Langer, Israel Laib Lindenwald, Chaim
Langer, Nathan Lindenwald, Wolf
Langer, Etka Lindenwald, Perel
Langer, Herman Lindenwald, Dzunia
Langer, Abraham Lindenwald, Izik
Langer, Zalman Lindenwald, Shifra
Langer, Regina Lindenwald, Etka
Langer, Kopel Lindenwald, Abraham
Langer, Chaya Lindenwald, Hirsh
Langer, Nusia Lindenwald, Bina
Langer (Hirt), Cila Liner and Family
Langer, Abraham Linhart, Greta
Langer, Meir Linhart, Oskar
Langer, Mirl Linhart, Richard
Langer, Rivka Linhart, Lisha
Langer, Israel-Arye Linhart, Herman
Langinger, Oskar Linhart, Sara
Langinger, Clara Linhart, Dora
Last, Zisha Linhart (Maizel), Cila
Last, Sara Raica and Family Linhart, Roza
Laufer, Israel Linhart, Abraham
Laufer, Chaika Linhart (Gertner), Frieda
Laufer, David Linhart (Walker), Sabina
Lehrman, Moshe Linhart, Neti
Lehrman, Lipa Linhart, David
Leichter, Shmuel Linhart, Mina
Leichter, Dvora Linhart, Shmuel
Leichtman, Ephraim Linhart, Shifra
Leichtman, Ester Linhart, Hinda and Family
Leichtman, Hirsh (Zvi) Linhart, Berish
Leizer, Lusia Linhart, Yechiel and Family
Leon, Dr. Arnold and Family Linhart (Kappel), Gerta
Leon, Henrik Linhart, Shlomo
Lerer, Chaya Linhart (Zeiler), Chaika
Lerer, Jacob Linhart, Zenia
Lerer, Genia Linhart, Leon
Lerer, Sara Litman, JacobYosef
Lerer, Pola Litman (Langer), Yetta
Lerer, Klara Loichter, Kuba
Lerner, Chaya Lukschtein, Etka
Lev, David Lustig and Family

M  <Return>

Maizels, Yechiel Mendel, Irena
Maizels, Mendel Mendel, Henia
Maizels, Regina Mendelsohn, Yitzchak
Maizels, Motek (Mordechai) Mendelsohn, Gitl
Maizels, Chaim  Zecharia Mendelsohn, Moshe
Maizels, Abraham Menhart, Yenta and Family
Maizels, Gitl Metzgel, Shmuel
Maizels, Shlomo Meir Metzger, Miriam
Maizels, Benjamin Metzger, David (Dudik)
Maizels, Menachem Metzger, Genia
Maizels, Mordechai Metzger, Jacob
Maizels, Gitl Metzger, Henia
Maizels, Yosef Metzger, Faiga Rachel
Maizels, Mordechai Metzger, Chana
Maizels, Elka Metzler, Miriam
Maizels, Chaim Metzler, Chana
Maizels (Raizner) Frumcia and Family Metzler (Schreiber), Dodie and Family
Man, Rachel Metzler (Schreiber), Chana and Family
Mantel (Buchwalter), Regina Metzler, David (Dodie)
Mantel, Mami Midworf and Family
Mantel, Uri Mius, Gitl and Family
Mantel, Rachel Moskowitz, Yoel
Mantel, Fishl Moskowitz, Meir
Mantel, Ira Moskowitz. Alte Leah
Margel, Moshe Moskowitz, Sonia
Margel (Gertner), Rivka Moskowitz, Ida
Meizel, Rachel Moskowitz, Hirsh
Melamut and Family Moskowitz, Arye
Melisdorf, Chana Moskowitz, Faiga
Melisdorf (Braunthal), Dvora and Family Moskowitz, Leah
Mendel, Dr. Adolf Mundek, Michel
  Munderer, Dr._

N  <Return>

Naner, Zvi Nas, Hirsh
Naner, Golda Nathansohn, Yosef Shaul
Naner, Henia Nussblat, Nela and Family
Nas, Moshe and Family  

O <Return>

Oberlander, Shmuel Osterbach, Meir
Oberlander, Sabina Osterbach, Shmuel
Oberlander, Gertner Chana Osterbach, Rivke
Oher, Chaya Baila Osterbach, Henia
Oher, Manis and Family Osterbach, Zindl
Orenstein, Zvi and Family Osterbach, Sarah

P  <Return>

Pauzer, Sara Pik, Sara
Pauzer, Lusia  Pik (Linhart), Faiga
Pauzer, Sonia  Presler, Muniek
Pepper, Ignac Presler, Idus
Pepper, Herman Presser, Jacob
Pepper, Roza Presser, Cila
Pepper, Cila Presser, Emil
Pik, Leo Presser, Maximilian

R  <Return>

Rab, Mina  Rieger, Yehoshua
Rab, Vilka  Rincl (Langer), Nacha 
Rabach, Mozes Rincl, Jacob
Rader, Raizl Rincler, Leah 
Rader, Shmuel Hirsh Ringer (Helcl), Hinda 
Rader, Levi Rintl, Dr. Leon and Family 
Rader, Jacob-David Robinson (Goldberg), Lusia and Family
Raisman, Yosef and Family Robinson, Dr. Ephraim
Rand and Family Rochberger, Yones
Rat, Shalom Rochberger, Roza
Rat, Toibe Rochberger, Marcel
Rat, Ruzka Rochberger, Halina
Rat, Gershon Rochberger, Lola
Rauch, Arye  Roner, Alter
Rauch, Leah Roner, Minka
Rauch, Chaim Roner, Iro and Family
Raud, Shaincia Roner, Abraham
Raud, Hirsh Roner, Shymon
Raud, Abraham and Family Roner, Mania
Reich, Regina Roner, Melech and Family
Reich, Anna Rosenbaum, Zelig
Reich, Maria Rosenbaum, Shifra
Reich, Roza Rosenbaum, Rivka
Reich, Gizela Rosenbaum, Mala 
Reich, Alexander Rosenbaum, Nachum
Reich, Irena Rosenbaum, David and Family
Reich, Perl and Family Rosenbaum, Itzik and Family
Reich, Ada Rosenblit, Amalia
Reich, Dr. Shymon Rosenblit, Genia
Reich, Leah Rosenblit, Faivl
Reich, Itzchak Rosenblit, Bilig
Reich, Cipa Rosenblit, Jacob 
Reich, Rivka Rosenblit, Benjamin 
Reich, Neta Rosenblit, Laib-Benjamin
Reich, Moshe and Family Rosenblit, Nunia
Reich, Chana and Family Rosenblit, Isaac
Reichman and Family Rosenblit, Fela
Reisner, Henrik Rosenblit, Rachel
Reisner, Minka and Husband  Rosner, Helka
Reiter, Tehila  Rosner, Moshe
Reiter, Roni Rosner, Ariela
Reiter, Raizl Rotenschtreich, Cila
Reiter, Rachel Rubinfeld, Jacob
Reiter, Chaim Rubinfeld, Mirl
Reiter, Abraham Rubinfeld, Ruchama
Reiter, Dvora  Rubinfeld, Elimelech 
Reizes, Henrik Rubinfeld, Raizl
Reizes, Hela Rubinfeld, Eliezer
Reizes, Roman Rubinfeld, Dvora
Reizes, Ruzka Rubinfeld, Moshe
Rener and Family  Rubinfeld, Chana-Shaindl
Rieger, Nathan Chaim Rubinfeld, Noah
 Rieger (Glich), Elsa Rubinfeld, Nechemia
Rieger, Yitzchak Rubinfeld, Etka
 Rieger, Blumka Rubinfeld, Klara
Rieger, Sara Rubinfeld, Iziu
Rieger, Sofia Rubinfeld, Heniu

S  <Return>

San, Mendel Schtrausman, Silvia
San, Henia Schtrausman, Lubka
San, Ruzia Schtrausman, Zenka
San, Moshe Schtulbach, Elimelech
San, Hela Schtulbach, Chaim Eliahu
Sandviar, Adolf (Abraham) Schtulbach, Chana
Sandviar, Yosef Schtulbach, Yechiel Mordechai 
Sandviar, Israel Laib Schtulbach, Zvi Hirsh
Sandviar, Tolcia Schtumer, Adela and Family
Sandviar (Langer), Etel Schuminer, Rushka
Sandviar, Herman and Family Schuminer, Yosef
Sandviar, Bracha  Schuminer, Chava
Sandviar, Leon Schuminer, Tonka
Sandviar, Reuven Schuminer, Nusia
Sandviar (Ashkenazi), Shoshana (Ruzia) Schuminer, Eva
Schechter, Shymon Schuminer (Schulberg)
Schechter, Miriam Schuminer,Cipora 
Schechter, Hirsh Schuminer, Shaul
Schechter, Amalia Schuminer, Chemda
Schechter, Faiga Liba Schuminer, Jacob
Schechter, Leah Schwaltz, Meir
Schlichter, Mina Schwaltz, Yehuda
Schmukler, Shai Schwartz (Sandviar), Bela
Schmukler, Yenta Schwartz (Sandviar), Benjamin
Schneid, David Schwartz (Sandviar), Chana
Schneid, Zalman Schwartz (Linhart), Karola 
Schneid, Etel Shacht (Reisner), Rivka
Schneid, Rachel Shainbach, Etka
Schneider, Isak-Mozes Shainfeld, David
Schneider, Fania Sheiner, Emanuel
Schneider, Mundek Sheiner, Fani
Schneider, Michael (Mechel) Shugar, Moshe
Schneider, Frania Shugar, Moshe
Schneider (Baumwohlschpiner), Leah Solomon, Ester
Schneider, Emil Solomon, Gitl
Schneider, Abraham (Adolf) Solomon, Bezalel 
Schneider, Emanuel Solomon, Mozes 
Schneiweiss, Leah Solomon, Yoel
Schneiweiss, Sala and Family Solomon, Moris 
Schor, Dr. Solomon  Solomon, Abraham
Schor, Dr. David Solomon, Cila
Schor, Dr. Munish Solomon, David 
Schor, Binker Solomon, Leon 
Schor (Scheidscher), Leah  Solomon, Arlencia
Schor, Anna Solomon, Nechemia 
Schor, Eliezer Solomon, Roza
Schpeizer, Dr. _ Solomon, Ita
Schpeizer, Necha Solomon, Leah
Schpiner, Abraham Solomon, Tema 
Schpigel, Shlomo Solomon  Moshe and Family
Schpiner, Chana Solomon, Arye
Schpindler, Genia  Solomon, Chaya
Schpiner, Giza Solomon, Masha
Schpiner, Bronia Solomon, Rivka
Schpiner, Jacob Solomon, Chaim Yosef 
Schpiner, David (1) Spaiser (Avned), Salomia and Family
Schpiner, David (2) Spaiser, Ruth and Family
Schpiner (Schreiber), Nechama Stern (Goldstein), Sala
Schpiner, Faiga Stern, Victor
Schreiber, Yehoshua and Family Stern, Tuvia
Schreiber, Laibele and Family Stern, Abraham Shmuel
Schreiber (Meltzer), Miriam Stern, Gitl
Schrekinger, Chaika Stern, Ruzia
Schrekinger, Shmelki Stern, Yosef
Schrekinger, Berl Stern, Gitl-elka
Schrekinger, Chaim Sternberg, Ida
Schteif, Aba Sternberg, Dvora
Schteif (Gertner), Golda Sternberg, Faiga
Schtein, David Sternberg, Isachar
Schtein, Rivka Sternberg, Rachel
Schtoyerman, Dusiek Sternberg, Mendl (1)
Schtrasser and Family Sternberg, Mendl (2)
Schtrausman, Dr. Yitzchak  Sternberg, Shaindl
Schtrausman, Sara Sternberg, Yenta
Schtrausman, Moshe Sternberg, Bluma

T  <Return>

Tau, Izak Tilman, Faiga
Tauschtein, Abraham Tilman (Raizner) Pepka
Tauschtein, Amalia Tink, David
Tauschtein, Henia  Toraschreiber and Family
Tauschtein, Ruzia Tornheim, Malnia
Tauschtein, Wolf Tornheim, Marian
Tauschtein, Yechiel Tornheim (Bacher), Dora
Tauschtein, Baruch Tornschreiber, Laib
Teicher, Nathan Tornschreiber, Tema
Teicher, Mania Tornschreiber, Balka
Tel, Jacob Kalman Tratner, Leah
Tel, Leah Tratner, Yehoshua
Tel, Rachel Trauber, Cila
Tel, Schaindl Trauber, Shymon
Tel, Zofia  Trauber, Herman
Tenenbaum, Hanusia Trauber, Dr. Izak
Tenenbaum, Artek Tuchner, Yechiel
Tiger, Dzunia Tuchner, Alte
Tiger, Lola Tuchner, Mira
Tiger, Dora Tuchner, Ovadia and Family
Tilman, Menachem Eliezer Tuchner, Avigdor and Family

U <Return>

Ungerfeld, Abraham Ungerfeld, (Cailer) Ruzia
Urbach and Family  

W  <Return>

Waidman, Fani Witman, Sara
Waidman, Moric Witman, Berl
Walaski, Faiga Witman, Faiga
Wall, Roza and Family  Witman, Guta
Wall, L.  Witman, Chaim-Eli 
Warshtacki, Shmuel  Witman, Mirl
Warshtacki, Amalia and Family Witman, Yehuda
Wasner, Shymon Witman, Chaim
Wasner, Faiga Witman, Moshe
Wasner, Abraham Witman, Rivka
Weinert, Dr. Gustav Witman, Bezalel
Weininger, Moris Witman, Gita
Weininger, Israel Witman, Mina 
Weininger, Tehila Witman, Yehuda 
Weininger, Solomon Wohlman, Leah
Weininger, Abraham Wohlman, Elisha
Weininger, Nunia Wohlman, Gitl 
Weininger, Amalia Wohlman, Arye
Weisengreen, Faiga Wokker, Bernard
Weisman, Marcel  Wolf, Bronia
Weisman, Dr. Felix  Wolf, Benek
Weisman, Sidzia Wolf, Herman
Weissbart, Mila Wolf, Jacob
Weissbart, Toncia Wolf, Mendele and Wife 
Weissbart, Dzunia Wolf, Shymon
Weissbart, Lipa Wolfinger, Sara
Weissbart (Gebler), Yancia (Yehudit) Wolkenberg, Yitzchak
Weissbart, Mendel Wolkenberg, Sara 
Weizinger, Riva and Family Wolker, Abraham Mozes
Weizinger, Shlomo Wolker, Moshe
Weizinger, Miriam and Two Sons Wolker, Faiga
Werdinger and Family  Wolker, Bina
Werner, Leah Wolker, Michael
Werner, Eliezer Wolker, Simcha
Werner, Chana Wolker, Leon
Werter and Family Wolker, Kola
Wilbach and Family Wolker, Henrik
Winter, Shofet Wolker, Wilhelm
Witman, Shmuel Wolker, Felix
Witman, Raizl Wolker, Helena
Witman, Shaul Wolker, Jacob
Witman, Israel Wutman, Abraham 
Witman, Yitzchak  

Y  <Return>

Yerucham, Faivl and Family  Yungman, Eliezer
Yuleles, Shprinca Yungman, Miriam
Yungman,  Moshe Yungman, Bat-Shevah
Yungman, Yenta Yungman, Leah and Family
Yungman, Ephraim Yungman, Pepi and Family

Z  <Return>

Zaif, M. Zelinger, Zigmund
Zaif, Chaya Zelinger, Herman
Zaif, Mania and Three Children Zelinger, Yulek
Zaltzman, Dzunia and Family Zelinger, Lonek
Zelinger, Fani Zelinger, Sida
 Zelinger, Chaika Zinger, Israel
Zelinger, Faiga (Tzipora) Zinger, Ester
Zelinger, Hela Zuckerberg, Theodor Caizl, Yenta
  Zuckerberg, Laib and Family Caizl, Alter

Towns and Villages near Sambor – Stari Sambor


Druker, Meir and Family   (4 People)
Druker, Yitzchak and Family   (3 People)
Fink, Abraham and Family   (3 People)
Gustman, Shmuel and Family   (4 People)
Kamerman, David and Family  (3 People)
Kamerman, Yosef and Family   (5 People)
Kamerman, Israel Arye and Family   (6 People)
Kamerman, Civia and Family   (4 People)
Zekel, Frieda and Family   (2 People)
Klinghoffer, Menachem & Family  (3 People)
Shufman,  Israel and Family    (3 People)


Hurman and Family


Dukatenzeiler, Two Families   (12 People)
Kolaw, Jacob and Family     (3 People)
Markel, Yosef and Family    (5 People)
Wandner, Shmuel and Family   (7 People)
Wandner, Gitl and Family


Blaiberg and Family   (4 People)
Blaiberg, Yosef and Family   (5 People)
Ernst and Family   (4 People)
Klinghoffer and Family   (4 People)
Kolaw, Yitzchak and Family   (3 People)
Kolaw, Moshe and Family   (2 People)
Wilf, David and Family    (3 People)
Wilf, Sender and Family   (4 People)


Musinger, David and Family  (5 People)
Schacman, Shmuel and Family   (6 People)
Schulzinger, Shraga and Family   (3 People)
Schulziner, Menachem and Family   (4 People)
Schwartz, Shmuel and Family    (5 People)
Weber, Symche and Family   (4 People)


Weinart and Family      (7 People)


Badian and Family   (5 People)
Drexler and Family   (6 People)
Hertz and Family     (4 People)
Musinger and Family  (3 People)
Schreiber and Family  (5 People)


Karp, Yosef and Family   (4 People)
Schwalbandorf, Alexander and Family  (4 People)
Schwalbandorf, Menachem and Family   (4 People)
Schwalbandorf, Mordechai and Family  (3 People)
Tsukerberg and Family   (2 People)


Frum, Liba and Family   (5 People)


Badian, Berl and Family   (4 People)
Blumenthal, Leah and Family  (3 People)
Boiml, Menachem and Family   (3 People)
Davidman, Shlomo and Family  (5 People)
Faustner, Israel and Family  (4 People)
Glantz, David and Family  (3 People)
Glantz, Zisl and Family   (4 People)
Glantz, Azriel and Family   (2 People)
Grastman, Israel and Family  (8 People)
Hermensdorfer and Family  (3 Sisters)
Hermensdorfer, Abraham and Family  (5 People)
Hermensdorfer, Arye and Family   (3 People)
Hermensdorfer, Leah and Family  (2 People)
Horszowski, Menachem and Family   (4 People)
Horszowski, Fuzia and Family    (3 People)
Kuk, Jacob and Family  (5 People)
Kuk, Moshe and Family  (4 People)
Muncer, Chaim and Family  (3 People)
Nadler, Menachem and Family  (3 People)
Nussbaum and Family  (3 People)
Rechter, Yehuda and Family  (6 People)
Respler, Chaim and Family   (4 People)
Respler, Abraham and Family  (6 People)
Roderfer and Family  (3 People)
Waxelberg, Abraham and Family   (3 People)
Waxelberg, Yosef and Family   (3 People)
Waxelberg, Zvi and Family    (5 People)
Weingarten, Eliachu and Family  (5 People)
Zimmerman, Abraham and Family   (4 People)


Bekenroth, Yehudit and Family  (2 People)
Benendorf and Family    (4 People)
Fenner and Family   (2 People)
Kinstler and Family   (2 People)
Taub,  Yosef and Family  (3 People)


Weissman and Family  (4 People)


Bekenroth, Etl and Family Bekenroth, Benjamin and Family
Bekenroth, Henish and Family Bekenroth, Leibish and Family


Oberlander, Abraham and Family
Oberlander, Risha and Family


Feiler, Zosia and Family
Fishler and Family
Frei, Pepi and Family
Frei, Zosia and Family
Freilich, Israel
Freilich, Shalom
Freilich, Malka
Freilich, Leah
Freilich, Roza
Freilich, Zvi
Gimpl, Dov and Family
Schtraubach, Dvora
Schtraubach, Yitzchak and Family
Schtraubach, Abraham
Weininger, Shymon and Family
Weininger, Shmuel and Family
Weininger, Shalom and Family

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