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Photos & Translated Photo Captions


Donated by Yechiel Golander, Ph.D


“In memory of my parents,
Benjamin and Tova (Guta) Golender from Krasnosielc, Poland
who were survivors of the Holocaust and lived a full life in Israel”


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Page # in
2007 Edition
Synopsis Corresponding
page # in
1970 Edition
1 Hand Drawn Map of Pultusk None
2 Remains of Demolished Synagogue None
2a Illustration of Candle None
2b Illustration, Praying Man & Candles None
2c “Bashta” – A castle from the 14th century None
3 Top A Hebrew inscription on the Collegiate wall None
3 Bottom right Castle of the Bishops None
3 Bottom left A house in the market place None
4 Illustration - “First Jews…” None
14 Rabbi Yehoshuale from Kotana 21
31 The grave stone on the grave of Rabbi Otterman 38
32 Rabbi Baruch Itzhak Issachar Halevy Levintal 39
33 Prayer and commentary books 40
38 Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Lipsker 45
39 Rabbi Chaim Leib Kliger 46
50 The main synagogue that was destroyed by the Nazis 58
51 A general view None
55 Top Shwiyenta Yanska Street 63 Top
55 Bottom The bridge at Shwiyenta Yanska 63 Bottom
56 Top left The bridge on the river and a view of the Russian Church that was destroyed in the twenties 64 Top left
56 Top right The “Ratusz” (City Hall) with the Town Clock that existed until 1939 64 Top right
56 Bottom left The Sports Park 64 Bottom left
56 Bottom right Theatre Square 64 Bottom right
57 Top The park around the District House (Poviat) 65 Top
57 Bottom A General view 65 Bottom
58 Top City view from the City Park 66 Top
58 Bottom left Stashitza Street by the brook 66 Bottom left
58 Bottom right Benedictinska Street after Piotry Skargy on the way to the Gymnasium 66 Bottom right
75 “Bashta” (firing tower) 87
81 Top First grade elementary school with the teacher Grossbard 94 Top
81 Bottom Public school with teacher Stotzky in the center 94 Bottom
82 Top A class in public school with the teacher Roiza Hudes 95 Top
82 Bottom Public school class with the Principle Gutman 95 Bottom
83 Top Public school class with teachers Roiza Hudes and Grossbard 96 Top
83 Bottom Public school class with teacher Turner in the center (1924) 96 Bottom
84 Top Public School – Shevtovka, Pultusk 1937 97 Top
84 Bottom The Public School 97 Bottom
85 Top A class in public school 98 Top
85 Bottom A class in public school with the teacher Falcona 98 Bottom
87 Abraham Lipman. Principal and founder of the Jewish Gymnasium in Pultusk 100 Bottom
91 Top The Jewish Gymnasium students 105 Top
91 Bottom The Jewish Gymnasium students 105 Bottom
92 Top Left The teacher Scharlach 106 Top Left
92 Top Right Public Gymnasium Students 106 Top Right
92 Center Female students of the Jewish Gymnasium 106 Center
92 Bottom The Jewish Gymnasium students & teacher (unnamed) 106 Bottom
93 Top A class of the Jewish Gymnasium with the teacher, P.( or F.) Teger (1923) 107 Top
93 Center Left A. Kwasznowski, educator and Hebrew teacher 107 Center Left
93 Center Right Akiva Wonchotzker, a Pultusk teacher 107 Center Right
93 Bottom The Jewish Gymnasium, teachers and students 107 Bottom
96 Bottom The Synagogue Building until 1923 112 Bottom
97 Bottom The Synagogue Building 1939 113 Bottom
99 Top Synagogue and Jewish Community Center 1923 114 Top
106 A “Table” at the market place 124
107 The founders of the wood (lumber) workers organization in Pultusk 1933 125
112 Top The “Goyazda” sports group 131 Top
112 Center “Maccabi” Team 1924 (may be soccer) 131 Center
112 Bottom A Jewish sports team in Pultusk (may be soccer) 131 Bottom
113 Top “Maccabi” Pultusk, 1929 132 Top
113 Center “Maccabi” Pultusk, 1928-1930 132 Center
113 Bottom “Maccabi” in a 1930 Ping-Pong Championship 132 Bottom
114 Top The founders of the weekly Newspaper “Unzer Vort” (Our Word) 133 Top
114 Center The committee of the “Zamir” (Nightingale) Organization of Pultusk 133 Center
114 Bottom Members of the “Zamir” Circle of Pultusk, 1927 133 Bottom
115 Top Y. Kuppermintz 134 Top
122 A placard that announces a grand ball that was organized by the Jewish Agency to celebrate the dedication of their new auditorium in 1931 142
123 Top Movie-day fund-raiser for the Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemet) 143 Top
123 Bottom United “Grochov” Kibbutz – A Pultusk Kibbutz preparation battalion of the “General Halutz (pioneer)” 143 Bottom
124 Top The Keren Kayemet (JNF) Committee 144 Top
124 Bottom Keren Kayemet party, 1932 144 Bottom

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