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Remember (yizkor),
O God, the holy and pure

who met their tragic deaths among the other holy ones of Israel in the diaspora,
The children of our city and its environs who were uprooted suddenly and with terrible cruelty from
the places where their parents and grandparents had lived for many generations,
And who were destroyed by the Nazis (may their memory be erased) with all kinds of unusual deaths,
The dead-murdered-holy ones whose graves were destroyed down to the foundations
by the Amalekites-Germans, who used their gravestones to adorn their homes and roads
which were left bereft of any memory of the Jews,
The children of our city who met their deaths wandering the steppes of Russia,
All those whose names are unknown and who are not mentioned in this book.
Their souls are in paradise, and God will avenge their blood and the shame they endured.

The Society of Former Citizens of Pultusk and Its Environs in Israel

Author: Kenneth Pearson

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“List of Souls “


A list of souls from Pultusk and the vicinity

The names as they were given to us from
Their friends and families

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It was very hard for us to gather together the names for this Yizkor Book. With strength, we went on the way to do this, therefore, we are far from certain that all the names are here. Therefore, we are leaving a blank page where each Pultusker can fill out the missing names from their families. Forgive us for forgetting the names.


1. Jews from Another Town

All the Kobyleskis and Kaltans from the village Blendestove.
Bunder, Hershel, his wife Leah (née Bzshezshina), and children Tzife, Golda, Itke, Motl, Rushka, and Yankela
Burshtin, Chana
Gelbard, Motl, his wife Tzvia, and children Shmeven and Esther
Helman, Antshl, his wife Nechama, and children Fraidl, Faia, Mendl, Rivka, and Gershon
Helman, Shlomo, his wife Tobe, and children Sura and Fraidl
Vochs, Mordechai, and children Tobe, Mendl, Dovid, and Fraide
Vochs, Noske, his wife Blume, son Yossel, and 5 other children
Vochs, Shaia, and his wife Mechl
Vinekrantz, Sarah (née Burshtin), and children Ite and Yisrael-Yitzhak
Vinekrantz, Kalman, his wife Sarah, and children Gitl, Rivka, Faige-Sarah, and Shlomo
Vinekrantz, Aydl, and his wife Miriam
Vinekrantz, Chava, her husband Shmuel, and children Baruch and Ite
Vinekrantz, Esther, and children Faige-Sarah, Baruch, and another son
Vinekrantz, Chaim (Shuster), his wife Chava, and children Leibtsche, Rivka, Ete, Blume, Leah, Shlomo-Aydl, and Yossel (it is not clear if Chaim is a Vinekrantz or a Shuster.)
Katz, Yacov-Shimshom, Moishe, Rivka, Shaine-Rachel, and Golda


2. Jews from Pultusk



Abramchik, Fishel, his wife Braina, and daughter Rachel
Afliak, Shmuel, and his wife Mindel (née Neistenpover)
Agantavaski, Yehudit
Agradnik, Avramel (Abraham), his wife Chava, and children Yossel, Perel, Braina, Bayla, and Rashka
Agurak, Abraham, his wife Chava, and children David, Faiga-Rivka, Bayla, Shaindel, Miriam-Gitel, and Aryeh
Alivenstein, Nachum, wife (Kaptel) and 4 children
Alivenstein, Eliyahu and wife Yocheved (Liebman)
Alshaiver, Berish, and his wife Henia
Alshaiver, Moshe-Leib, his wife Faiga, and 3 children
Alshaiver, Sarah and Malkah
Altman, Chaya, and children Chana-Rachel and Leizer
Altman, Esther
Altman, Moshe, and daughter Rosa
Altman, Ruda, and children Golda, Zalman, Devorah, and Frumet
Altmark, Leibel, his wife Perel (née Freeman), and children Nicha and Chana
Apazdover, Chaim, his wife, and family
Apazdover, Leibel, his wife (née Warshavik), and family
Apazdover, Meir, his wife, and son Yitzchak (Itsha)
Arlovski, Mordechai, his wife Chana (née Mintz), and children Aaron and Faiga
Arpa, Moshe-Yechezkel, his wife Sarah, and daughter Toba
Ash, Chava, and her husband
Asher, Shprintza
Asman, Yechiel, his wife Chana (née Fish), and children Aaron-Yitzchak, Mordechai and Wolf
Astrakolski, Chaim-Aaron and family
Astroviak, Gitel, and family
Astroviak, Golda, and family
Astshaga, Beinish and son Yankel
Avazshank, Avramel (Abraham)
Avazshank, Yehudah-Yosef, wife Tzirel (Shifman), children, Moshe-Faivel and Aaron-Shlomo
Avazshank, Yospa and family
Avazshank, Moshe and wife Sima
Avazshank, Shlomo and wife Dobe
Avazshank, Shepsel and wife Sarah Leah
Avazshank, Rachel and family
Avazshank, Rivka-Leah, Husband, children: Tuvia and Batia
Avazshank, Yehudit
Avazshank, Mendel
Axelrod, Hinde

B return

Balaban, Moshe-Wolf, and 2 children
Balaban, Yosef-Leib, his wife Yospa-Gitel, and 3 children
Bangelsdorf, Moshe-Yankel, his wife Miriam, and son Reuven
Balvatnik, Yosef, wife Esther-Gitel and daughter Malkah
Barackas, David, wife and family
Barant, Beila (Piekash)
Barsack, Avraham-Mordechai, and his wife Zlota
Barstar, Moshe, his wife Rachel (née Rapaport), and daughter Chana
Barzarkevitch, Chava, her husband Zelig, and 1 child
Barzarkevitch, Esther, and her husband
Barzarkevitch, Lazer
Barzarkevitch, Nesha
Bashkar, Yehoshua, his wife Basha, and children Moshe, Leibel, Yankel, and 2 other children
Baum, Chaya-Sarah (née Rosenthal), and children Devorah, Moshe, Leah and Aaron
Baum, Nicha (née Grudka), and 1 child
Bauman, Yosef, his wife, and children Mordechai, Leizer, and another 2 daughters
Baumgarten, Yisroelka (Israel), his wife Chana (née Rosen), and 1 daughter
Baumgold, Luba, and daughter Shaindel
Beilas, Leah, and children Chana and Mindel
Beile, Shlomo-Shimon and sister Rachel
Berent, Beila (née Piekash)
Bergsen, Cantsha, and son Shmuelka (Shmuel)
Bergsen, Hena
Bergsen, Yankel, and family
Bergsen, Yehudah-Aryeh, and family
Berliner, Chaim-Wolf, his wife Rachel (née Mirsdorf), and 3 children
Berliner, Leibel, his wife Shaindel (née Bulman), and children Betzalel, Zisel, Chaim-Nechemia, Rivka-Braina, Ita, Chana, Gitel, and Israel Yitzchak
Berliner, Meir, his wife Rachel (née Leibovitch), and daughter Rosa
Berliner, Zanvel, and his wife Rosa (née Sapin)
Berlinka, Mendel, his wife Mita (née Sravra), and daughter Tova
Berman, Yudel, his wife Gitel, and children Miriam-Sarah and Rivka
Bernholtz, Rachel, and 2 children
Besser, Sarah (née Bramson), and 1 child
Bialashtatka, Chava-Ita and daughter Rivka
Biberstein, Aryeh, and family
Biberstein, Mendel, his wife Bluma, and 2 sons
Biderman, David
Biderman, Moshe, Hinda, and Avramel (children of Yakov-David)
Biderman, Yechezkel, his wife, and son Leibel
Birnbaum, Avraham, and his wife Dina
Birnbaum, Mechal-Zerach, his wife Bluma, and children Rachel, Pesa, Rosa, Hinda, and 1 other child
Birnbaum, Moshe-Yechezkel, his wife Golda-Rivka (née Starashavtzky), and children Avramel, Hershel, Chaim-Mordechai, and Mirel
Blavatnik, Baltsha, and her husband Yakov
Blavatnik, Yosef, his wife Esther-Gitel, and daughter Malkah
Blay, Shlomo-Shimon, and sister Rachel
Blenkitny, Ita, and children Avramel and Shea
Bloom, Avraham-Chaim, and daughters Malkah and Leah
Bloom, Leibel, and his wife Chana-Sarah (née Padambovitch)
Bloom, Moshe, his wife Sarah, and daughter Sheva
Bloom, Motel, and his wife Chana-Chaya
Bloom, Shmuel (son of Ben-Tzion)
Bloom, Simcha, his wife Nicha (née Goldstein), and daughter Devorah
Bloom, Yossel, his wife Bayla (née Zashalinsky), and children Pinya, Frumet, Yitzchak and Moshe
Bloomberg, Malkah, Zlota, and Rosa
Bloomenzweig, Rosa (née Lichtenstein), and 3 children
Bloomstein, Yehoshua, his wife Rivka (née Griack), and children Yankel, Hershel, and Raizel
Bloomstein, Yitzchak, his wife Miriam, and daughter Yenta
Blotman, Chaim, and son Shmuel
Bodnick, Ephraim, his wife Hena (née Inventash), and children Devorah and Tzippah
Boksenbaum, Benyamin, his wife Gitel-Leah, and daughter Rachel
Bokser, Benik, his wife Pesa (née Goldstein), and daughter Hadassah
Bokser, Shepsel
Bookman, Moshe, his wife Hena (née Vegada), and 2 children
Borekes, David, his wife, and family
Borenstein, Gadliah, his wife Chaia (née Reichman), and 2 children
Bornstein, Abba, and family
Bornstein, Alka, and daughter Chava-Rachla (Rachel)
Bornstein, Chaim-Yitzchak, his wife Hadas, and son Yossel-David
Bornstein, Chana
Bornstein, Gedalia, his wife Mirel, and children Moshe, Faiga, and 2 other children
Bornstein, Gershon, his wife, and family
Bornstein, Golda (née Kirshenbaum), and son David
Bornstein, Hershel, his wife, and family
Bornstein, Mendel, his wife Chava, and children Chaim, Esther, and 2 other children
Bornstein, Moshe
Bornstein, Shea, his wife, and family
Bornstein, Shmuel, his wife Sarah, and 2 children
Bornstein, Yitzchak
Bornstein, Zelik
Bradata, Tzviya and daughter Rachel
Bradatsh, Pesa-Devorah (Makower) and daughter Chana-Gitel
Bradower, Mirel, and family
Bradower, Moshe, his wife, and 3 children
Bradower, Yochanan, and his wife (née Brandspeigel)
Braf, Yakov, his wife Rosa, and children Yirmiyah, Bayla, and Shmuel-Yitzchak
Braff, Yechiel, his wife Bluma, and daughter Kayla
Braff, Yosef, and family
Bramberg, Leib, and sister Nicha
Bramson, Esther (née Piekash), and children Mendel, Moshe, and Leibel
Bramson, Faiga-Rosa, and daughters Chaya and Rosa
Brandspeigel, Moshe, his wife Elka (née Paner), and daughters Bayla and Rachel
Bressler, Bluma (née Greenbaum), and daughter Chanala (Chana)
Bressler, Shimon, his wife Sarah (née Zacariash), and son Meir
Brif, Avraham, and his wife Chaya
Brif, Chaya-Ita, and family
Brif, Moshe, and family
Brodata, Tzviya, and daughter Rachel
Brodatsh, Pesa-Devorah (née Makower), and daughter Chana-Gitel
Bronstein, Gedalia, and his wife
Bronstein, Moshe, his wife Faiga, and 1 child
Bronstein, Moshe-Yankel, and his wife Dina (née Robinstein)
Bulman, Malkah, and family
Bulman, Shlomo, his wife Sarah-Leah (née Doshadsitz), and children Ita, Betzalel, Rivka and Eliyahu
Bulman, Yosef, his wife Toba, and children Betzalel, Malkah-Braina, and Eliyahu-Hersh
Burstein, Avraham-Noach, his wife Frymet, and daughter Zlota
Burstein, Chaim-David, his wife Tzirel (née Starashevski), and children Moshe-Leib, Sarah, and 2 others
Burstein, Chaya-Ita
Burstein, Dina, and family
Burstein, Hershel, his wife, and children David, Yankel, and Tzirel
Burstein, Hersh-Yudel, his wife Rivka, and children Leibel, Chaya, Golda, Faiga, and Avramel
Burstein, Leizer, his wife Esther (née Tzipelovska), and children Yankel, Zlota, and Tzirel
Burstein, Miriam
Burstein, Moshe, and his wife Itka (née Agurak)
Burstein, Moshe, his wife Gisha, and 2 children
Burstein, Moshe, his wife Liba Zlota, and children Chaya, Tzviya, Rachel, and Tzirel
Burstein, Moshe, his wife Rivka-Rachel, and children Tzviya, Chaya, Tzirel, and Liba
Burstein, Sarah-Esther, and son Matas
Burstein, Shmuel, and family
Burstein, Yankel, his wife, and 6 children
Burstein, Yisroel, his wife Perel (née Rosenberg), and children Trina and Alter
Burstein, Yitzchak-Velvel, and family
Bzshaza, Mendel, his wife Rina, and daughter Zisel
Bzshaza, Moshe, and his wife Esther (née Milnick)
Bzshaza, Shlomo
Bzshazinsky, (Dr.) Shea, and his wife Chava
Bzshazinsky, Nicha
Bzshazinsky, Velvel, and family

C return

Capnikevitch, Israel, his wife Esther (née Shtern), and 1 child
Celnik, Mindl, and children Polie, Tola, and another child
Centner, Michle
Centner, Moshe, his wife Esther, and children Channa, Yehoshua, and Breindl
Chania, Moishe, his wife Sarah, and children Faiga, Yospa, Motol, Raisel, and Lizer
Chetz, Israel, his wife Esther Leah (née Zaltzman), and children Sarah-Gittel, Moisha-Yoseph, Fraida-Rivka, Chaim, Tsve, and Laibel
Chetz, Mendel, and his wife Malka
Chetz, Moishe, his wife Gittel, and son Shaia-Chaim
Chetz, Mordechai, his wife Malka, and 1 child
Chetz, Motol, and family
Chetz, Shmuel, and his wife Hana
Chetz, Yankel, and his wife Yenta (née Reichek)
Chmelarz, Chaim and his wife Melcha
Chmelarz, Zisha, his wife Nachuma (née Gorman), and 2 children
Chugover, Moisha, his wife Masha, and children Shaia and Shmulek
Chugover, Velvel, his wife Mindel (née Fluta), and children, Shaia, Leibel, and Moishe
Chugovitch, Kaila, and daughter Brucha
Chugovitch, Moishe-Chavel, his wife Leah, and children, Nitta-Mirel, Nachman, and Rivka
Cimbal, Shie, his wife Breine, and daughter Chaia
Cimerman, Avraham-Yosef, and his wife Malka
Cimerman, Bron-Hersh, his wife Beile, and family
Cimerman, Chaia, and family
Cimerman, Chaitche, and her husband
Cimerman, Noske, his wife Mechle, and children Shlomo and Yente
Cimerman, Rachel, and family
Cimerman, Sarah, and family
Cinamon, Azriel, his wife Paie (née Pluda), and children Simcha Avraham, Sheine-Rivka, and Miriam
Cinamon, David, his wife Rivka, and children Israel-Zalman and Golde
Cinamon, Itche, his wife Leah (née Ring), and son Idl
Cinamon, Moshe Yankl
Cinamon, Moshe, his wife Rachel (née Zusman), and children Zirl, Velvel, and Sheindl
Cinamon, Naftali, and his wife Perl (née Koplpwitch)
Ciplovski, Feige, and children Pese, Miriam, Sarah, their families, and Reisele
Citrinazh, Esther
Citrinazh, Idl, his wife Hene-Rachel, and 6 children
Citrinazh, Moshe
Citrinazh, Shlomo, his wife Esther, and 2 children
Civiner, Shea
Cuker, Aharon, his wife Channa (née Yagoda), and son Moshe
Cuker, Hershl, and family
Cuker, Yosl, and children Moshe, Velvel, and Simcha
Cukerman, Devora
Cukert, Leibl, his wife Rivka (née Melnik), and 1 child

D return

Dan, Maniyak, and his wife Itka (née Weisenberg)
Dan, Manya, and family
Dan, Motel, his wife Rosa, and children Sela, Hela, and Tobsha
Dan, Royba, son Avraham, and 2 daughters
Dan, Rozsha, and daughter Bayla
Dan, Simcha (Paat), his wife Genia, and 1 daughter
Daniel, David-Yankel, and his wife Malkah
Daniel, Itka
Daniel, Shea-Chaim
Daniel, Yakov-Aryeh, and children David and Henya
Daniel, Yoska (Yoseph), and his wife Dobe (née Domb)
Darn, Avraham-Yitzchak
Datotshni, Gitel (née Greenbaum), and 1 daughter
Deliktish, (Dr.), his wife (Dr.) Bayla (née Robenstein), and daughter Rosa
Dembinski, Pinya
Dembinski, Yitzchak, and his wife Dora
Dembinski, Zisha, and his wife Rocksha (née Novominski)
Direktor, Mordechai, his wife Chaya-Nicha, and daughters Devorah and Shifra
Dobner, Shepsel, his wife Liba, and children Nachman-Berel, Ksiel, Itka, David, and Yoseph-Hirsch
Dobner, Yoseph, his wife Rachel (née Grodshtik), and children Perel, Shaindel, Hershel, Velvel, and Chana
Dolnoruzsha, Moshe, and his wife Rockza (née Katshalk)
Domb, Aaron (Paat), his wife Chana (née Greenberg), and daughter Sarala (Sarah)
Domb, Avraham, his wife Leah Miriam, and 5 children
Domb, Chaim-Yankel, and his wife Esther
Domb, David, his wife Pesa, and children Ado, Yitzchak, Sarah, Matel, Chana, and Tuvia
Domb, Leiber
Domb, Mendel, his wife Chava (née Rozsha), and 2 children
Domb, Moshe, his wife Rivtcha (Rivka) (née Weinagrad), and children Mindcha and Franya
Domb, Yechezkel-Avraham, and his wife Sarah-Basha
Domb, Zalman, his wife Basha, and children Avraham, Rachel, and another daughter
Domd, Yisroel
Doshedzshitz, Rachel, and children Sarah, Yudel, and Chaim
Doshedzshitz, Yoseph, his wife Shaindel, and children
Dovik, Avraham, his wife Esther-Leah (née Zimmerman), and 2 children
Dranshak, Avraham, and children Leizer and Chana
Dranshak, Biltsha, and family
Dranshak, Faiga, and family
Dranshak, Moshe, his wife Yenta, and children Avraham and Benyamin
Dranshak, Moshe-Chaim, his wife Itka, and children David, Nicha, and Aryeh
Dranshak, Yankel, his wife Rachel (née Nisanfaver), and children Gitel, Elka, Leah, Moshe, and Yisroel-Yitzchak
Dranshak, Yoseph, and family
Dronzshek, Hershel, his wife Chana-Devorah, and children Yehuda, Yitzchak, Avraham, Chaya, Sarah, and Itel
Dua, Kopel, his wife Sarah (née Simkovitch), and daughter Miriam

E return

Eisenberg, Leibel, his wife Freida, and children Sarah, Moshe, and Faiga
Eisenberg, Moshe (Maniak), and his wife Tzalina (née Friedland)
Eisenberg, Yehoshua
Eisenkit, Berel, his wife Faiga, and children Chava, Raizel, Chana, Hershel, Sarah, and Shlomo
Eisenshtadt, Moshe, his wife Rosa, and children Meir and Shaindel
Elkes, Moshe-Leib, and children Yosel, Shmuel, Chantche, Hershl, Tobe, and Asher
Engel, Abraham-Yosl, his wife Frimet (née Piekash), and children Mendel, David, and Yocheved
Engel, Chaim-Shlomo, and his wife Gelche (née Warshaviak)
Engel, Devora
Engel, Faivel, his wife Rachel-Leah (née Staroshvietzki), and 6 children
Engel, Rivka (Frenkel), and daughter Devora
Engel, Simcha, his wife Blume (née Melnik), and children Pesach and Channa
Engel, Yehuda- Mordechai, and his wife Sarah Leah (née Bramson)
Engel, Yosef, his wife Yachet (née Vishnia), and 4 children
Engelman, Avigdor, and his wife Genendl (née Goldshtein)
Engelman, Chaim, his wife Chaia-Sarah, and children Israel, Leibl, Franie, Leah, and Rachel
Engelman, Itche, his wife Sarah (née Segal), and family
Englard, Leibl, his wife, and 3 children
Englard, Meir, his wife Chava, and son Israel
Epshtein, Esther (née Nutkevitch)
Epshtein, Moshe-Yosef (the son of Rabbi Simchale), his wife Zirl, and children Popka and Alter
Ernshtein, Abraham-Yosef, his wife Devora (née Cinamon), and children Shlomo-Nisan and Leibl

F return

Fainshnaider, Avrehml, his wife Rivka, and son Simcha
Faldo, David-Eisik, and son Yankl
Faldo, Moshe, his wife Rachel, and children Zundl and Sarah
Faldo, Yaakov-Ber
Faldo, Yankl, his wife Chana, and children Eliahu and Avraham
Falkenfeld, Meir, his wife Etke (née Sum), and son Hershele
Fas, Mendl, and his wife Sarah-Hinde
Faskovitch, Henech, and son Shmuel
Faskovitch, Itche
Faskovitch, Yehuda-Itzl, his wife Channa-Etke (née Srebro), and children Dobe, Chaia, Mirl, Shlomo, and Israel
Feld, Itka, and children Moshe and Efraim
Feldboim, Faivel, and family
Feldboim, Shmuel, and his wife Chaia
Feldboim, Michalke, and family
Fenigson, Yaakov, his wife Yente, and children Avraham Yosef, Rivka Nechama, and Hodes
Fenster, Bendet, his wife Miriam, and children Sheine and Dobe
Fenster, Berl, his wife Leah, and a daughter
Fenster, Braine-Niche, and daughter Beiltche
Fenster, Chaim-Godl, and his wife Chaia-Feige
Fenster, Hersh-Wolf, his wife Sarah-Devora, and children Sheine and Miriam
Fenster, Shie, and his wife Reiske
Fershtnberg, Yankl, his wife Golde, and son Shmuel
Figa, Refael Yosef
Figa, Reuven, his wife Freidl, and children Channa, Polia, and Aharon
Figa, Yaakov-Ber, and daughter Channa
Filar, Alter, and his wife Chava (née Bulman)
Filar, Berish, his wife Feige, and children Chaia, Rachel, Beile, Malka, Moshe, Gitl, and Motl
Filar, Esther, and children Simcha and Asher
Filar, Yosef
Fink, Channa-Braine
Fink, Mordechai-Hersh, his wife Dina (née Grinshpan), and children Hodes, Avraham-Aharon, Yaakov-Leib, Zise, Perl-Leah, Libtche, Sarah, and Itzchak
Finkelman, Faige (née Gorfinkel)
Finkelman, Gitl
Finkelman, Israel-Yaakov, his wife Bathia, and children David and Sarah
Finkelshtein, Chanina, his wife Beile, and children Channa and Yaakov
Finkelshtein, Hinde-Rivka
Finkelshtein, Noske, his wife Hene-Leah (née Margolis), and daughter Feige
Finkelshtein, Yaakov, and his wife Sarah
Firon, Mordechai, his wife Zipora (née Zaltzman), and family
Fish, Benyamin, and his wife Esther (née Wonsover)
Fish, Efraim, and his wife Gitl (née Fenster)
Fish, Hersh-Chaim, his wife Esther (née Altman), and a daughter
Fish, Sheva-Gitl, and children Moshe-Leib and Miriam
Fish, Shie, his wife Elke, and children Moshe-Leib, Chava, Miriam, and Rivka
Fish, Shmuel-Lazer, and family
Fisherman, Avraham
Fisherman, Henech, and his wife Chaia-Channa (née Vieviorka)
Fleishaker, Shlomo, his wife Mechle (née Rotblat), and 4 children
Fliglman, Feige (née Skoza)
Fogel, Velvel, and son Leibl
Fogelman, Leibl, his wife Esther, and daughter Feige
Fogelman, Pese, and children Itzl and Zalman
Fraiman, Chaia
Frenkel, Beile, and family
Frenkel, Esther and family
Frenkel, Hene-Devora
Frenkel, Ichezkel, and his wife Sarah
Frenkel, Mendl, and his wife Blume (née Yurkevitch)
Frenkel, Pinchas, and his wife Zisl (née Podembovitch)
Frenkel, Rachel
Frenkel, Shmuel Leib, and his wife Sheine-Gitl
Frenkel, Simcha, and family
Frenkel, Yehuda-Mordechai, his wife Rivka, and children Kalman, Channa, Elie, and Benyamin
Frenkel, Yidl, and 4 children
Frenkel, Yosef, and family
Frid, Beniek, his wife Fella, and 1 child
Frid, Mordechai-Mendl, his wife Rivka (née Ostshega), and son Itche
Frid, Nachman, and his wife
Fridland, Shimon, and son Natan
Fridland, Sime, and children Leibish and Masha
Fridman, Alter, his wife Esther-Rivka (née Kinel), and children Yerachmiel, Simcha, Sarah, Devora, and Miriam
Fridman, Henech, and his wife
Fridman, Leibl, his wife Ruzha (née Glodovska), and his mother
Fridman, Shilem, and his wife Leah (née Shteinberg)
Fridman, Shilem, his wife Itte-Leah, and daughter Sarah
Fridman, Tchipe, and 1 daughter
Fridman, Yosef, his wife Feige (née Shelontchik), and 1 child
Froimovitch, Hershl, his wife Alte, and son Reuven
Fronenberg, Avraham-Mordechai, and his wife Miriam (née Faskovitch)
Frost, Chava
Frost, Zalman-Yosef
Fruchtenboim, Itta-Leah (née Grinboim), and children Ada, Zemach, and Asher
Fruchtenboim, Yadzha, and son Simcha
Furmeinski, Hertzke, his wife Pesse, and 1 child

G return

Gaftik, Baruch, and his wife Frumka (née Dalnarusha)
Gaftik, Feivel, his wife Mirel, and children Finkel, Kopel, Shaindel, and Esther
Galant, Mendel, and his wife Sima
Galant, Moshe
Galina, Sender
Galina, Tzivia-Tzirel (née Fulda)
Galina, Yeshia (née Shea)
Garfinkle, Yitzchak-Nachum, his wife Rachel, and 1 daughter
Gdanke, Hinde-Rachel (née Zilbershtein)
Gelbard, Henoch, and his wife Breindel (née Gurman)
Gelbard, Moshe-Yosef, and his wife Rivka
Gelbard, Motel, and his wife Sheva (née Greenberg)
Gelblum, Esther, and children Chaya, Hinde, Kraindel, and Simcha
Gelblum, Hershel, and children Leibish and Moshe
Gelfant, Yitzchak (Rosh HaYeshiva), his wife, and 4 children
Gelman, Aaron, and family
Gelman, Azriel, his wife Shaindel, and children Mordechai-Leib and Getzel
Gelman, Chaya, and family
Gelman, Itka, and family
Gelman, Meir-Wolf, and family
Gelman, Toba, and family
Geltshinski, Reuven, his wife Tzlava (née Mida), and 2 children
Geltzer, Hadas (née Shtutzki), and children Savcha and Natan
Geluda, Nechama (née Engel), and son Leizer
Gershonavitch, Itsha, his wife Malka (née Stern), and daughter Shaindela
Gershonavitch, Yakov, his wife Perel (née Lerer), and children Shmuel and Leah
Gevorchik, Yisroel-Yitzchak, his wife, daughter Hena, and 1 son
Ginzberg, Leib, his wife Esther (née Fikash), and daughter Chava
Ginzberg, Leizer, his wife Chana, and children Esther and Avraham
Gladovsky, Yehuda-Leib
Glicksberg, Yosef, his wife Rachel, and son Meir
Gliklich, Avraham-Yitzchak, and children David and Rachel-Leah
Gniazda, Lusha and Sala
Goldbaum, Avramel (Avraham)
Goldbaum, Yankel
Goldbazsh, Rivka-Leah, and 2 children
Goldberg, Devorah (née Wegman), her husband, and 2 children
Goldberg, Gershon, his wife Bayla, and daughter Rivka
Goldmacher, Devorah
Goldman, Feivel, his wife Yocheved, and daughter Gisha
Goldstein, Beirish, his wife Dobsha (née Ornstein), and 1 child
Goldstein, Chaim Shlomo
Goldstein, Leibel, and family
Goldstein, Leibel, his wife Chana (née Sitalni), and son Henoch
Goldstein, Mendel, and daughter Sarah
Goldstein, Shlomo, his wife Sima (née Goldmacher), and daughter Shaina-Liba
Goldstein, Yankel, his wife Faiga-Leah (née Pas), and children Noach, Shabsai, Hershel, Tuvia, Shmuel, Rivka, Rachel, Bluma, and Bracha
Goldstein, Yehoshua, his wife Mirel, and daughter Esther
Golibroda, Chava (daughter of Yitzchak)
Golibroda, David, his wife Gitel (née Domb), and son Mendel
Golibroda, Mordechai, his wife, and 2 children
Golibroda, Simcha, his wife, and 1 child
Goltachinsky, Reuven, wife Tzlava (Mida) and 2 children
Golumb, Anshel, and son Moshe
Grabina, Hershel, his wife Gitel (née Galibrada), and children Avraham, Chava, Rosa, Chana, Yakov-Velvel, and Elia
Gradstein, Bunim
Gradstein, Herman
Gradstein, Lalik
Graiver, Bina, and daughter Malka
Gravina, Hershel, wife Gitel (Galibrada) children: Avraham, Chava, Rosa, Chana, Yakov-Velvel and Elia
Greenbaum, Avraham-Moshe
Greenbaum, Chava, and family
Greenbaum, Hershka, his wife, and 2 children
Greenbaum, Hinda, and family
Greenbaum, Lipa, his wife Malka, and children Chaim, Mechal, and Guta
Greenbaum, Mendel, his wife Hinda (née Rosenberg), and children Guta and Paula
Greenbaum, Rivka, and family
Greenbaum, Yehoshua, his wife Rosa, and children Chaya and Gitel
Greenberg, Chaicha, and family
Greenberg, Chaim-Leib, his wife Freida-Perel, and son Moshe
Greenberg, Eliyahu
Greenberg, Faiga, and family
Greenberg, Nechama, and family
Greenberg, Pesa, and daughter Bluma
Greenberg, Sarah-Rosa, and children Shea-Shmuel, Yonatan-Leib, Sima-Raizel, and Toba-Leah
Greenberg, Toba, and family
Greenberg, Yankel, and family
Greenspan, Anshel, his wife Toba (née Jerusalem), and daughter Sima
Greenspan, Avramel (son of Yerachmiel)
Greenspan, Chaim-Zelig, his wife Sarah-Bayla, and children Golda and Chana
Greenspan, David'l, and children Avraham-Aaron, Yakov-Leibel, Faiga, and Golda
Greenspan, Hersh-Meir, and his wife Miriam (née Naiman)
Greenspan, Rivka (née Fisherman), and children Hershel and Chana-Leah
Greenspan, Yosef
Greenspan, Yudel, and his wife Chana
Greenstein, Mendel, and his wife Dina-Roda (née Salzman)
Gril, Shlomo, and his wife Yachat
Grizek, Yechiel, son Mendel, and 1 daughter
Grudka, Kalman
Grudka, Leibel
Grudka, Nachum-Sender
Grudka, Avramel
Grudka, Hershel
Grudshtik, Aaron-Davide and Sarah (children of Tuvia)
Grudshtik, Leah and Chava (daughters of Hershel)
Gurman, Berel, his wife Doba, and children Hershel, Chana, Golda, Yehuda, and Chava
Gurman, Berel, his wife Mindel, and daughter Malka
Gurman, Chana
Gurman, Chaya, and family
Gurman, Itsha, and 1 child
Gurman, Leibel and Gitel (children of Simcha and Chava)
Gurman, Meir, his wife Malka (née Goldshtein), and daughter Chava
Gurman, Menashe, his wife Esther (née Lasher), and children Nachman-Pesach, Leah, and Faiga-Miriam
Gurman, Natan, and family
Gurman, Shea-Beirish, and his wife Devorah
Gurman, Shepsel, his wife Tzitza, and children Tzirel, Devorah, David, and Leizer
Gurman, Tzirel, and family
Gurman, Zanvel
Gurni, Rushka (née Gutman)
Gurni, Shea, his wife Malka, and children Max, Andzsha, and Edzsha
Gut, Avraham-Yitzchak
Gut, Chaim-Alter, his wife Perel, son Yakov, and 2 other children
Gut, Chana, her husband, and 1 child
Gut, Henia-Leah, and children Mordechai and Chaim
Gut, Leizer-Wolf, his wife Rivka, and children Yakov and Peska
Gutmorgen, Avraham, and family
Gutmorgen, Avraham, his wife Dina, and children Shlomo, Devorah, Malkah, Tirtza, and 2 other children
Gutmorgen, Beirish, and his wife
Gutmorgen, Dina (née Shteinberg)
Gutmorgen, Shlomo, and family
Guzstik, Chaim, his wife Rivka, and son Avramel

H return

Hazanshprang, Simcha-Bunim, his wife Sarah (née Axelrod), and 2 children
Hazanshprang, Yehuda-Leib, his wife, and 2 children
Hazenshprung, Esther-Malkah, and children Chiel-Leizer and Nicha
Hendel, Avraham, his wife Liba, and children Karpel and Yudel
Hendel, Binyamin, and family
Hendel, David, and family
Hendel, Dinsha (Dina), and family
Hendel, Itsha, his wife Tzirel (née Tziplavska), and children Sholom, Chaim, Binyamin, Sarah, and Moshe
Hendel, Itsha-Meir, and his wife
Hendel, Leibela, his wife Hinde, and children son Moshe-Yossel, Hershel, Nachman, and 1 other child
Hendel, Rosa, and family
Henna, Beile-Rachel, and Esther
Himelfarb, Max, and his wife Luba (née Shtuzki)
Hochman, Avramel (Avraham), his wife, and 3 children
Hochman, Yakov-Aryeh, his wife Rachel (née Paskavitch), and children Moshe and David
Holzman, Avramel (Avraham), his wife, and children Anshel, Yitzchak, and another child
Holzman, Berel, and family
Holzman, Hershel, his wife Rachel, and children Henoch, Miriam-Rivka, and Tzirel
Holzman, Mendel
Holzman, Moshe, and his wife Rachel (née Finkelstein)
Holzman, Shimon, and daughter Sarah
Horowitz, David
Horowitz, Yakov, his wife Rachel (née Eisenkit), and children Leibish, Palya, and Nashka
Horwitz, (Dr.) Adela
Hosman, Chanatsha, and her husband
Hosman, Sarah (née Skornick)
Hosman, Yisroel-Hirsh, his wife Sarah-Idel, and children Moshe and Chaim

I return

Ignatovski, Yehudit
Inventash, Chaya-Leibsha, and son Yehoshua
Inventash, Kalman (son of Chaim)
Inventash, Shmuel, and his wife Freida
Inventash, Simcha, his wife Esther, and daughter Malkah
Inventash, Yossel, and his wife Rachel-Leah
Inventash, Zalman
Ionant'~holom ,
Izraelovski, Tala (Naftali), and his wife Rachel (née Friedland)

K return

Kachan, Niche, and children Alter, Channa, and Laser
Kafer, Moishe, his wife Chaia-Sura (née Barzarkevitch), and 2 children
Kalfus, Shimon, and his wife Esther
Kalina, Benyamin, his wife Dobe (née Berliner), and 4 children
Kalina, Esther (née Trok)
Kaltan, Beryl, and his wife Chana
Kaluski, Alte, and family
Kaluski, Alter
Kaluski, Asher, and his wife Zisl
Kaluski, Rachel, and family
Kam, Avraham, his wife Sarah (née Ash), and 3 children
Kam, Pinchas, his wife Cipe (née Centner), and children Neche, Sheine, and Tobe
Kaminski, Esther-Malka
Kaminski, Itzhack-Neta, and his wife Breine-Rivka
Kanarek, Avreml, his wife Channa, and children Laser, Shie, Yehudit, and Chaia-Dina
Kaner, Henech, his wife Maite, and daughter Leah
Kantor, Moshe, his wife Chaia, and daughter Rivka
Karash, Noach, his wife, daughter Sarah, and another daughter
Karash, Yaakov-Meir, and his wife (née Holtzman)
Karmel, Itzl, and his wife Gitl
Karmel, Moshe
Karmela, Hersh-Leib, his wife, and 4 children
Karmela, Pese, her husband, and 2 children
Karpa, Itche-Gershon, and children David, Mendl, and Shlomo
Katz, Gavriel, and his wife Rochel
Katz, Gershon
Katz, Hillel, and family
Katz, Laibel, and family
Katz, Meir, and family
Katz, Meir Hillel, his wife Sarah-Etel, and children Faiga-Zisal, Esther-Leah, and Shaina-Rivka
Katz, Pinchos
Kaufman, Yisrael-Aaron, his wife Braindl, and children Esther, Mindl, Leah, and Nachman
Kefer, Chana, and family
Keper, Blume, and family
Keper, Rachel
Keper, Roise, and family
Keper, Sheindl, and family
Kershenbaum, Avraham, his wife Rivka, and children Chaia, Fraide, Chashe, Roise, Shmuel, and Hershel
Kershenbaum, Baruch-Mordechai, and his wife
Kershenbaum, Ephriam Ayzl, his wife Sarah Esther (née Bordovitch), and children Mendl, Shea, and Hershel
Kershenbaum, Esther
Kershenbaum, Fraide, and family
Kershenbaum, Malka, and family
Kershenbaum, Mordechai-Leib
Kershenbaum, Pesa, and family
Kershenbaum, Pinchas, and family
Kershenbaum, Shlomo, and his wife Dvorah
Kershenbaum, Shmeven-Leib, and family
Kershenbaum, Yore, and family
Kershenbaum, Yossel, and family
Kershenovitch, Esther (née Volman), and children Ephraim, Avraham-Chaim, Meir, Nachman, Frimet, Rachela, and Gitla
Kershenovtich, Braina-Raizel
Kershenovtich, Itzhack
Kesel, Avraham, his wife Sarah-Gitl (née Landau), and daughter Devora
Keshinski, Shlomo-Motem, and children Malka, Freide-Raizel, and Sarah
Kinel, Avraham-Itzhack, his wife Leah, and children David and Moshe
Kinel, Bashe (née Weitz), and children Chaia-Gitl and Sarah-Rive
Kinel, Breine-Rachele (daughter of Hene-Devora)
Kinel, Dina
Kinel, Dina-Rachle (daughter of Yosef and Yospa)
Kinel, Rachele (daughter of Yehuda and Dina)
Kinel, Yaakov, his wife Channa (née Brandshpigel), and children Avraham, Aharon, Sarah, Itche, and Chaia
Kinel, Yehoshua, his wife Breine, and son Yankl
Kinel, Yosef, and family
Kipel, Moshe, his wife Malka (née Shtern), and 1 child
Klain, Etke
Klain, Neche, and family
Klain, Yaakov, and family
Klain, Yosef
Klain, Zalman, and family
Klainberg, Raizl (née Leibman)
Kletshevski, Volf, his wife Chaitche (née Safian), and 4 children
Kliger, Chaim-Leib, (Shochet and Bodek), his wife Gitl, and children Dina, Faivl, Yaakov, and Baruch
Klos, Itche, his wife Golde (née Domb), and children Feigele and Moshe
Klos, Pese and Bashe
Klos, Yure
Knorfel, Leibl, his wife Sarah (née Kohn), and children Bracha, Nachman, and Ben-Zion
Knorfel, Moshe, his wife Sime, and children Sholke, Shoshe, and Yospe
Kobyleski, Esther
Kobyleski, Leibish-Faivel, his wife Gisha, and children Yossel and Esther
Kobyleski, Malka
Kobyleski, Velvel
Kobyleski, Yitzhak, his wife Faia, and children Yossel, Avrahaml, Herschl, and Meir
Kohn, Berl, his wife Breindl, and children Noah and Chaitche
Kohn, Efraim, his wife Gitl, and children Hersh-Neta and Rachel
Kohn, Henech, and 1 child
Kohn, Idl, his wife Milke, and children Beile-Rachel, Hersh-David, and Chaim
Kohn, Itche-Meir, his wife Sarsh-Leah, and children Leibl and Sime
Kohn, Moshe, and his wife Dina
Kohn, Noach, his wife Mishke, and children Hershl, Nacman, and Leibish
Kohn, Shlomo, his wife Feige-Leah (née Gurman), and children Nachman and Mordechai
Kohn, Yaakov-Yosef, his wife Breine, and children Pesach and Golde
Kolaker, Avraham-Elie, and his wife Zivia
Konkol, Avraham, his wife Esther-Malka (née Sokol) and children Rachel and Yachet
Koplovitch, Chaim Yankl, his wife Neomi (née Meirsdorf), and children Asher, Channa, and another child
Koplovitch, Chava (daughter of Shlomo-David and Leah)
Koplovitch, Itzhack, his wife Rachel-Leah, and daughter Rivka
Koplovitch, Lazer, and his wife
Koplovitch, Meir-Leib, and family
Koplovitch, Noach, his wife Sheindl, and children Pesach and Rivka
Koplovitch, Sarah, and children Libe, Itzhack, Zecharia, and another daughter
Koplovitch, Yaakov, and his wife Charne
Koplovitch, Yochanan, his wife Leah, and children Chanina, Perl, and Zecharia
Kosover, Yankl-David, his wife Paie, and children Alter, Idl, Rivka, and Srulik (Israel)
Kotcholek, Berl, and his wife Gitl
Kotcholek, David, his wife Beile, daughter Tobe, her husband Yankl, and children
Kotcholek, Moshe, his wife Zlove, and 2 children
Kotcholek, Yosef-Meir, his wife Rivka, and 1 child
Kovalski, Chaim-Laser, his wife and 4 children
Kozak, Aharon, his wife Chaia, and children Chaim-Baruch, Noske, Aidl, and Tobe
Kozak, Hersl, and his wife Bashe (née Kinel)
Kozlovitch, Fraide, and 2 children
Kra, Yosef-Meir, his wife Roise, and children Rushka and Chaia-Leah
Kratko, Moishe, his wife Chana (née Lichtenschtein), and family
Kravietzki, Moishe, his wife Rivka (née Montzasha), and children Sarah, Dvorah, Idl, and Yankel
Kronenberg, Aba, his wife Gitl, and 2 children
Kronenberg, Yitzhak-Meir
Kronenberg, Yosef, his wife Zirl, and children Shaindl and Bracha
Kronzjek, Esther-Rivka, and children Faige-Beile and Henna
Kukfa, Reuven, his wife, and 2 children
Kushnir, Rivka (née Lis)
Kutz, Zalman
Kuzhnier, Berl, his wife Channa-Gitl (née Braff), and son Meir

L return

Laks, Avraham, and his wife Esther (née Pener)
Lamfort, Aaron-David, and his wife (née 'Srevra)
Landau, Berish, Hinda-Leah, and son Avremal
Landau, Hena-Devorah (née Frankel),and children Chava, Yosef, and Shaina-Hadas
Landau, Yitzchok, his wife Perel (née Kookfa), and 1 child
Lasher, Hershel, and his wife Esther-Miriam
Lasko, Benyamin, and his wife Toba-Shprintza
Laska, Leah
Leficowitz, Hershel
Lefkowitz, Baila (daughter of Yaacov Dovid)
Lefkowitz, Binyamin
Lefkowitz, Chana
Lefkowitz, Dovid
Lefkowitz, Leah
Lefkowitz, Miral
Lefkowitz, Rivtsha, and family
Lefkowitz, Roza
Lefkowitz, Sarah
Lefkowitz, Shalom, and family
Lefkowitz, Shifra
Lefkowitz, Yehudah, his wife Itka (née Bodner), and 3 children
Lefkowitz, Yisroel
Leibawitz, Menashe
Leibawitz, Mottel
Leibawitz, Avraham-Chaim, and family
Feivel, his wife Shainel (née Vallagura), and 3 children
Leibawitz Hershel, his wife Elka (née Aizenkait), and children Toba and Moshe
Leibawitz, Cheva, and his wife Sima (née Silverman)
Leibman, Mendel (Rozshoner)
Leiderman, Berel, his wife Rashka, and 2 children
Leiderman, Shloima
Letkowitz, Mottel
Levin, Moshe, his wife Roche, (née Goldberg), and son Berel
Levin, Pinchos Yaacov, and his wife (née Birnbaum)
Licht, Shloima, and his mother
Lichtenstein, Basha (née Filler)
Lichtenstein, Raiza (née Blumentzvaig), and 3 children
Lichtenstein, Shmuel, his wife Grintsha, and 2 children
Lichtenstein, Shmuel-Simcha, his wife Rachela (née Leiberman), and daughter Sarah
Lifke, Simcha, and his wife Zelfe
Lindenberg, Yankela, his wife, and family
Lindwiberg, Sholom-Hersh
Lipmonawich, Nachman
Lipmonawich, Pesach
Lipmonawich, Ructsha
Lipniack, Velvel, his wife, and 2 children
Lipniack, MosheYankel
Lipp, Mendel, and his wife Rivka (née Walman)
Lipshitz, Yechiel Meir, his wife Frumtsha, and children Moshe, Faiga, and Avremal
Liss, Shimon
Litvak, Shloma-Dovid, and his wife Faiga (née Epstein)
Litvak,Yitzchok, and his wife Ruchtsha
Lotterman, Betzalel and his wife Sima (née Yazshyna)
Lotterman, family
Lustik, Shimon

M return

Magneshever, Meir Shloima, and 2 children
Makover, Fishel, his wife Esther-Malka, and son Leibel
Makovska, Hinda
Malavsky, Avraharn, his wife Sorah-Leah, and 3 children
Malavsky, Rochel (née Stem)
Malavsky, Yankel, his wife Rikel, and 3 children
Malina, Sheya-Chaim, his wife Chana, sons Moishe and Hershel, and daughter Riva and her child
Malovani, Meir-Leib, his wife Yachet, daughter Rivka, and another child
Malovani, Sarah-Chasha
Malovani, Yidel
Malovani, Yitzchok, his wife Pesa, and children Chana, Moshe, Mailech, Chatzkal, Faiga, Devorah, and Yosel
Marcus, Simcha, and family
Marcusfeld, Avraham-Yisroel, his wife Chava, and son Chaim
Marcusfeld, Simcha, his wife Henna, and daughter Rella
Marcusfeld, Yaacov-Moshe, his wife Frayda, and children
Marcusfeld, Yitzchok, his wife Chaya (née Srevara), and daughter Pesala
Mardicks, Abaron
Margolis, Alter, his wife Chana-Leah (née Yavlonka), and 3 children
Margolis, Berish and Shaia-Rivka
Margolis, Chana-Faiga, and daughter Raizel
Margolis, Faiga
Margolis, Hershel, his wife Chana (née Fleisher), and son Avremel
Margolis, Leibel, his wife Basha, and son Avremel
Margolis, Moish and Sarah
Margolis, Necha-Leah (née Tzitrinatch)
Margolis, Shepsel, and his wife Faiga (née Kachan)
Margolis, Yacov-Mordechai and Raine
Markowitz, Gedalia
Markowitz, Leibel
Markowitz, Miriam
Marmorstein, Moshe
Marmorstein, Yenkel, his wife Rochel-Leah (née Sokol), and children Moshe, Avraham, Mendel, Yehuda, and Mirel
Mehck, Avrahamche, (his wife?) Arife Esther, and children Breincha, Leibish, and Chanale
Mehck, Shaiva, his wife Shaintsha, and 3 children
Melnick, Avraham, and family
Melnick, Avraham, and family
Melnick, Avraham-Ahron, his wife Tzerka, and children Gittel, BeItcha, Bentzion, Feivel, Devorah, and Benyamin
Melnick, Avrahma-Yitzchok, and family
Melnick, Boltsha, and children Hertzka, Feivel, Simcha, and Leibish
Melnick, Botsha, and family
Melnick, Chana
Melnick, Chava, her husband, and 2 children
Melnick, Dovid-Hersh, and daughter Chava-Leah
Melnick, Esther-Faiga
Melnick, Moshe-Aron, and family
Melnick, Mechlia, and 2 children
Melnick, Pinya, and family
Melnick, Rochtcha
Melnick, Shinuel, his wife Rochel, and 1 son
Melnick, Shmuelka, and family
Simcha, his wife Rivka, and children Shaindel and Moshe
Melnick, Yaacov, his wife Malka (née Kirshenbaum), and son Avraharn
Melnick, Yaacov, his wife and 3 children
Melnick, Yaacov-Arve, and his wife Perel
Melnick, Yaidel (née Altman), and a daughter
Melnick, Yaidel, and family
Melnick, Yankel, and his wife Chasha
Melnick, Yechiel, his wife Miriam, and children Chaya, Leah, Etel, and Moshe
Melnick, Yisroel-Meir, and family
Melnick, Yisroel-Yankel
Melnick, Yoel, his wife, and 2 children
Melnick, Yosef, his wife Tzirel (née Neiman), and son Yitzchok
Melnick, Yosef, his wife Elka, and 2 children
Meltzazsh, Avraham, his wife Chaya-Malka, and son Yaidel
Merla, Fishel, his wife Golda, and children Malka, Roza, and Yosel
Merla, Levi, his wife Baila (née Bzshaza), and 2 children
Merla, Moshe, his wife (née Rosenberg), and 3 children
Merla, Yitzchok, and his wife Chava
Mewck, Gittel, her husband, and 2 children
Mewck, Yitzcbok, his wife Shprintza, and daughter Rochela
Meyel, Lipa
Meyel, Masha
Meyer, Eliah, and his wife
Meyersdorf, Avigdor, his wife, and 4 children
Meyersdorf, Bainish, his wife Leah, and children Esther, Roza, and Rivka
Meyersdorf, Baruch, his wife Rochel (née Sarnevitch), and daughter Sarah
Meyersdorf, Benyamin, and his wife Rochel
Meyersdorf, Botcha, his wife Arife Faiga, and 4 children
Meyersdorf, Braindel
Meyersdorf, Chaim, and family
Meyersdorf, Henechel, and children Rochel, Bryna, and Faiga-Chana
Meyersdorf, Leah, and son Sheya
Meyersdorf, Lozer, his wife Chasha (née Veyernik), and children Chaim-Asher, Boruch, and Mordecai
Meyersdorf, Nota, his wife Chanita, and children Devorah, Rjvka, and Tzivia
Meyersdorf, Pinia, and family
Meyersdorf, Rashka (née Vishnia), and 1 child
Meyersdorf, Rochel, and son Binyamin
Meyersdorf, Shamai-Dovid
Meyersdorf, Shloima, and his wife Rivkaf
Meyersdorf, Yehuda-Leib, and his wife Sarah (née Roitblat)
Meyersdorf, Zalman, his wife Elka, and children Rochel, Chana, Henech, Chava, and Faiga
Mida, Lozer
Mida, Shloima
Mida, Yosef-Laib, and his wife Toba
Milberg, Shaiya, his wife Sarah, and son Hershel
Milchman, Chana, and family
Milchman, Henna, and family
Milchman, Meir, and family
Milchman, Shaindel, and family
Mintz, Dovid-Hersh, his wife Kraindel, and children Chana, Sorah, and Esther
Mintz, Itche, his wife Hinda, and children Tkfindel and Esther
Mintz, Leibel, his wife, and 1 child
Mogerman, Shmuel, his wife Sarah (née Sruvera), and children Shloima-Pesach and Yitzchok Berel
Molinatch, Levi, his wife Chasha (née Tashimovitch), and 11 children
Molinatchevitch, Dovid, his wife Devorah (née Margolis), and children Leibel, Chaya, Elka, and Etka
Molivani, Shmuel
Montzatch, Chaikel, his wife, and family
Mondri, Henech, his wife Sarah Leah (née Segel), and 2 children
Montzatch, Don, and family
Montzatch, Feivel, (his wife?) Arife Rochel, and children
Montzatch, Hershel, and his wife Baila Zlata
Montzatch, Hershel, and his wife Esther Bryna
Montzatch, Hershel, his wife Eta (née Drontchek), and family
Montzatch, Leibel, his wife Rochel (née Shiffinan), and children Hershel and Zelatke
Montzatch, Leibel, his wife Rochel, and children
Montzatch, Trietel
Montzatch, Yitchok, and family
Montzatch, Yosel, his wife, and children Nosson and Rochel
Montzatch, Zindel, and his wife Alte
Montzatch, Zindel, his wife Gittel (née Shimonska), and children Rochel, Necha, Liba, and Etel
Morgenstern, Shaina-Golda (née Burstin)
Moshe-Aron, Yitzchok and Katzkel
Mvchemer, Mendel, his wife Rivka, and daughter Etel
Mychemer, Shmuel, his wife Sarah, and 1 child

N return

Narvind, Ephraim, his wife Devorah (née Kvinovitch), and son Yitzchok
Neiman, Feivel, and his wife Esther
Neiman, Gittel (née Stem), and children Libtcha, Yehudis, and Bluma
Neiman, Golda, and children Leah, Yehudis, Shloma, and Chana
Neiman, Hershel, and his wife Leah
Neiman, Hershel, his wife Rivka (née Laska), and children Sarah-Fraidel and Tzerka
Neiman, Leibel
Neiman, Leibel, his wife Rochel, and children Zalman, Leah, Moshe, and Malka
Neiman, Moshe, his wife, and children Faiga, Yisroelik, and another daughter
Neiman, Shimon-Zelig, his wife Faiga (née Yarozalim), and 1 child
Neiman, Velvel, his wife Shifra, and daughter Leah and family
Neiman, Yitzchok
Neimark, Yachet (née Shtitzki)
Niedchiyetzski, Shlorno, and his mother
Niestempower, Devorah, and family
Niestempower, Harav Meir-Velvel, his wife Sarah, and 2 children
Niestempower, Moshe, his wife Mania, and son Yisroelik
Niestempower, Pesach, his wife, and 1 son
Niestempower, Rochel, and family
Niestempower, Rochel, and son Chaim
Niestempower, Shloma, his wife Esther, and children Moshe–Aron, Yitzchok, and Katzkel
Niestempower, Shloma-Zalman. his wife Devorah and 1 child
Niestempower, Yaidel, his wife Chava, and son Shmeul-Aba
Niestempower, Yaidel, his wife Chava-Sarah, and children Basha and Shaindeli
Notkavitch, Hershel, his wife Rivka, and children Basha, Hinda, Faiga, and Yenta
Notkavitch, Nachman, his wife Perel, and 2 children
Notkavitch, Yitzchok-Meir, and his wife Golda
Notkevitch, Berel, and his wife Chava (née Vigada)
Novidver, Fievish, and his wife Baila
Novidvor, Chana, and children Malka, Sarah-Etel, Faiga, Hersh, and Sheya
Novidvor, Shaiya, his wife Baila (née Rosenstroch), and daughter Gittel
Novidvor, Shmuel, his wife Rochel-Leah, and children Sholom, Yenta, Chana, and Gittel
Novodvorsky, Chana (née Cywiner)
Novominsky, Antshel, his wife Esther, and 2 children
Novominsky, Avraham, his wife Toba (née Gomey), and children Alter-Chaim and Chana-Sarah
Novominsky, Baila, and children Yosef, Toba, Mendel, Leah-Gittle, Sarah, Laibel, and Frayda
Novominsky, Esther
Novominsky, Fishel-Nosson, his wife Sima (née Suker), and daughter Chaika
Novominsky, Hersh-Nosson, and son Avraham
Novominsky, Moshe, his wife Chana-Sarah, and child Roda
Novominsky, Yaacov-Leib
Novominsky, Yisroel (Isador), his wife Chava (née Brester), and 1 child
Novorninsky, Avatar-Ber, and family
Novorninsky Chaim-Isser, his wife Roda (née Berstin), and children Chana and Moshe
Novorninsky, Chaya, and children Hinda-Malka and Rivka
Novorninsky, Nachum, his wife Toba.(née List), and children Yitzchok and Ahron
Novorninsky, Shilem, his wife Faiga, and daughter Rusi-Lulka
Novorrinsky, Yechiel, his wife Chava (née Hartstein), and children Yitzchok, Mendel, and Hershel
Novorrinsky, Yitzchok (Adash), and his wife Rivka (née Lichtenstein)

O return

Obarzanek, Avramel (Abraham)
Obarzanek, Chaim
Obarzanek, Mendel
Obarzanek, Moshe, and his wife Sima
Obarzanek, Rachel, and family
Obarzanek, Rivka-Leah, her husband, and children Tuvia and Batia
Obarzanek, Shepsel, and his wife Sarah Leah
Obarzanek, Shlomo, and his wife Dobe
Obarzanek, Yehudah-Yosef, his wife Tzirel (née Shifman), and children Moshe-Faivel and Aaron-Shlomo
Obarzanek, Yehudit
Obarzanek, Yospe, and family
Ochsenbaum, Hershel, his wife Shaindel, and children Kayla, Sarah, and Sheva
Olivenstein, Eliyahu, and his wife Yocheved (née Leibman)
Olivenstein, Nachum, his wife (née Kaptel), and 4 children
Orenstein, Yakov-David, his wife Malkah (née Lichtenstein), and daughter Baltsha (Bejla)
Ostrakolski, Chaim-Aaron, and family
Ostroviak, Ksiel, his wife Chama (née Grudshtik), and daughter Bayla-Zisel
Otshega, Beinish, and son Yankel

P return

Paktshik, Itzhak, his wife Dora, and son Peretz
Paktshik, Meir, and family
Partshak, Mordechai, his wife, and children Avraham, Faivel, Leah, Zirl, and Chava
Patalovski, Motl, and his wife Beile-Malka
Patalovski, Rachel, and family
Patalovski, Shlomo, and family
Patalovski, Zirl, and family
Pener, Aaron-David
Pener, Faivel, his wife Rachel-Leah (née Senderovitch), and 5 children
Pener, Idl, his wife Zirl, and children Yankl and Rachel
Pener, Nachum, and his wife Esther-Gitl (née Sokol)
Pener, Refael, his wife Malka, son Leibl, and another child
Pener, Yankl, his wife Rade, and 5 children
Peretz, Itche-Meir, his wife Channa, and family
Peretz, Ite, and her mother
Perlberg, Gedalia, his wife Tobe-Neche, and daughter Gitl
Pezinash, Israelke, his wife Chinke, and daughter Miriam
Pezinash, Mordechai
Pezinash, Rivka, and family
Pezinash, Zondl, and children Noach and Devora
Piavka, Hershl, and children Meir, Yaakov, and Gitl
Piekarek, Yaakov, his wife Yocheved-Leah (née Zisfine), and son Moshele
Piekarz, Dvorah
Piekash, Ben-Zion, his wife Dobe (née Wallman), and daughter Zlate
Piekash, David, and his wife Chava (née Kokpa)
Piekash, Devora
Piekash, Elie, his wife Feige-Braine, and daughter Sarah-Rivka
Piekash, Feige, and son Yankel
Piekash, Henech, and family
Piekash, Israelik, and his wife Rachel (née Merlo)
Piekash, Itche Meir, his wife Rivka (née Bramson), daughter Beile, and her husband Yoel
Piekash, Itche-David, his wife Chaia-Hinda, and children
Piekash, Motl, his wife Channa-Rachel (née Shtern), and daughter Sarah
Piekash, Rivka
Piekash, Sarah-Roise, and children Idl, Leibl, Leah, and Mendl
Piekash, Shlomo, his wife, and children Leiser, Meir, and Itchke
Piekash, Shmuel, his wife Mirke, and children Channa-Rivka, Gite-Rachel, Leibl, Mates, and Moshe-Ichazkel
Piekash, Yechiel, his wife, and 2 children
Piekash, Yehuda-Leib, his wife Chaika (née Grosbard), and 1 child
Piekash, Yosl
Piepsh, Michl, his wife Shprintze (née Ziskind), and 3 children
Piepshik, Itche, his wife Itte, and children Tobe, Zirl, Avreml, and Leiser
Piepshik, Zalman, his wife, and a daughter
Pietruch, Avrehml, his wife Feige-Chava, and children Kalman and Sarah-Neche
Pietruch, Yankl, his wife, and son Israel
Platka, Yaakov, his wife Beila, and 4 children
Platnik, Leiser, his wife Channa, and family
Pluda, Efraim, his wife Beila, and children Yospe, Naske, and a son
Pluda, Hershel, and his wife Judith (Yehudit) (née Fastolska)
Pluda, Israel-Itzhack, his wife Rosa (née Roise), and children Sarah-Leah, Rivka, and 3 more children
Pluda, Meir, a son, and a daughter
Pluda, Michael
Pluda, Mirl
Pluda, Moshe-Chaim, his wife Sime, and children Shlomo-Itzhack, Sarah-Rivka, Rosa (Roise), Shepsl, and another child
Pluda, Yukl, his wife Chaia-Beila, and son Shlomo
Podembovitch, Alte
Podembovitch, Ben-Zion, his wife Ethe-Chaia (née Bulman), and children Eliahu-Zvi, Zadok, and Israel-Itzhack
Podembovitch, Gitl (née Vinklhack), and son Leibtche
Poisner, Ben-Zion, and his wife Blume (née Greenberg)
Poisner, Yankale, his wife Neche, and children Gitl and Miriam
Pokorski, Mordechai, his wife Feige, and children Esther, Berl, and David-Leib
Pokorski, Rachel
Pozshitzki, Chaim, and his wife Yospe (née Mayersdorf)
Pozshitzki, Henech, his wife, and children Rivka, Miriam, Rachel, and Manie
Pozshniak, Shmuel-Lazer, his wife Rikl (née Melavski), and 4 children
Prager, Baruch-Mendl, and daughter Bailtche
Prager, Ben-Zion, his wife Esther, and children Malka, Rivka, and Dinna
Printz, Yankl, and family
Pshestshelenietz, Meir, his wife Elke, and children Idl, Rachel, and Menachem
Pshestshelenietz, Pinchas, his wife Chaia, and 2 children
Pshestshelenietz, Roise, her husband Sender, and 1 child
Psheticki, Zirl, and son Aviezer
Pultusker, Berish, his wife Feige, son Shilem, and 2 daughters and their families
Puterman, Velvel, his wife Chaitche, and family
Pzhevozhnik, Chaim, his wife Zivia, and son Hershel

R return

Randanitzki, Hersh-Chaim, his wife Malka, and 2 children
Randanitzki, Leib-Ber, his wife Sarah, and children Shlomo and Sime
Rappoport, Beile (née Meyrla), and 1 child
Rappoport, Hershel, and son Simcha
Rappoport, Shepsel, and his wife Sarah (née Mintz)
Rappoport, Shmeih (?), and family
Rappoport, Shmson, and his wife Ita
Ratovski, Faylish, his wife Fraidl (née Citrinosh), and children Ruti and Avraham
Raytshik, Aydl, and family
Raytshik, Itzkeh
Raytshik, Yacov, and family
Reichman, Itke
Reichman, Rivka-Rachel
Reindel, Rivka
Reindel, Ychiel
Reingevirtz, Dovid, and his wife Rivka (née Piepshik)
Reingevirtz, Yisrueltshe
Reingevirtz, Yoel
Revinzom, Wolf-Itzeh, his wife Bracha, and children Ezrial, Natan, and Chaia
Revinzom, Ychiel, his wife Chana, and daughter Rachel
Riboyad, Itzeh
Riboyad, Moishe-Dovid, and son Chaim
Riboyad, Shmeven
Richter, Bluma (née Rotblat)
Rigoza, Malka-Roise
Rikover, Natan, his wife Chana (née Markusfeld), and 1 child
Rinek, Luba
Ring, Baruch, his wife (née Vilnberg), and 2 children
Ring, Moishe
Ring, Yente (née Leibman)
Rochman, Dvorah-Yehudit
Rochman, Ete
Rochman, Moishe
Roizn, Tzetl
Rotblat, Faivel, his wife Matl (née Roznberg), and children Yosef and Tzvia
Rotblat, Gadliah, his wife, and 2 children
Rotblat, Sarah
Rotblat, Shmuel, and his wife Tobe (née Grinberg)
Rotblat, Yankel, his wife Dina (née Karmel), and daughter Dvorah
Rotman, Chaia-Roise, and children
Rotman, Sarah Yente
Rotman, Shaine-Rachel
Rotman, Shea-Asher
Rozaltshik, Avraham, his wife Faige, and children Etke, Chaia-Sarah, and Kesel
Rozaltshik, Yitzhak, his wife Beile (née Shtshetshin), and children Kesel, Shmuel-Leib and Dovid
Rozen, Heneg, his wife Chava (née Bramzon), and 2 children
Rozen, Yacov, his wife Rachel (née Mintz), and children Raizel, Esther, Moishe, and Sholom
Rozenberg, Aaron, his wife Libtsche (née Kefer), daughter Alta, and another daughter
Rozenberg, Alter, and his wife Tema (née Yozshina)
Rozenberg, Avraham, his wife Manya, and children Simcha-Bonim, Baruch, Nachman, Yoel, Esther, and Chaim
Rozenberg, Chava
Rozenberg, Itzhack, his wife Itke (née Rozonovski), and children Shmeven and Chaim
Rozenberg, Shmeven
Rozenberg, Shmuel, and his wife Faige (née Vagman)
Rozenberg, Shrolke, his wife Tzerke (née Meyersdorf), and children Chana and Esther
Rozenberg, Yankel, and his wife Malka (née Ring)
Rozenberg, Yankel, his wife, and children Ayzik, Avrahaml, and other children
Rozenberg, Yisrael-Yankel
Rozenberg, Zaylik
Rozenberg, Zindl, his wife, and children Berl, Shprintze, Shayndl, and Bracha
Rozenblum, Avramhaml, his wife Zirl (née Mida), and daughter Faigela
Rozenblum, Ben-Zion, his wife Finkl, and children Mendl, Dovid, Rishl, Roise, Faige, and Golda
Rozenovitch, Itzeh, his wife Nechama (née Lasko), and children Mendl, Beiltche, Faige, Shmuel, and Yacov
Rozenovitch, Leibl, his wife Malka, and children Avrahaml, Shaindl, and Dvorah
Rozenovitch, Mendl, and his wife Chaia-Esther
Rozenovitch, Rivka (née Shteinman), and children Hershel, Chaia, Menacham, and Aaron
Rozenovitch, Zvi
Rozenshtein, Moishe, his wife Genya (née Tschornyevski), and children Losa and Yacov
Rozenshtron, Michal, his wife Chaia-Rachel, and daughter Etke
Rozenshtron, Shmeul-Zise, and children Fraidl, Leah, Sarah, Esther, and Luba
Roznboym, Esther
Rozonovski, Avraham, and family
Rubin, Avraham, his wife Pesa, and son Mendl
Rubin, Chaim, his wife Dvorah, and children Yosef, Rachel, and Herschel
Rubin, Hennig, and his wife Leah
Rubin, Hersch-Chaim, his wife Yachet (née Melnik), and 2 children
Rubin, Herschel, and family
Rubin, Mendl, and his wife Faige (née Dronjzek)
Rubin, Michal, his wife Hena (née Gloda), and 1 child
Rubin, Moishe-Chaim, his wife Chantshe, and 2 children
Rubin, Neshke, and children Esther, Braindl, Mendl, and Ephraim
Rubin, Peniah, and his wife Meyrla
Rubin, Rivka
Rubin, Yosef, his wife Braine-Rivka, and children Chaim, Mendl, Henna, Beila-Rachel, and Esther
Rubinshtein, Yosef, Moishe, Yachbad, Sarah, Dvorah, and Leah (children of Serotzker and Rbin)
Rubinshtein, Faivel, his wife Leah (née Shtutzki), and children Sabtshe and Regina
Rubinshtein, Rachel (née Katz)
Ruda, Zarach
Ruzsha, Avraham, and children Uziel, Sarah, and Yosef
Ruzsha, Avraham, and his wife Radah (née Tzimermann)
Ruzsha, Faige (née Weitz), and 2 children
Ruzsha, Hershel, his wife, and 2 children
Ruzsha, Moishe, his wife Faige-Mindl, and 2 small daughters
Ruzsha, Rivka, and children Avraham and Sholom
Ruzsha, Shlomo, his wife Rivka, and daughter Chaia-Beile
Ruzsha, Shmuel, his wife Baltzshe (née Fleuda), and 2 children
Ruzsha, Yacov Velvel, and his wife Shaindl (née Kotsholek)

S return

Saferstein, family
Safian, Chaim-Wolf
Safian, Meir, and his wife Rivka (née Berliner)
Safian, Moshe, his wife Ita-Leah, and children Chava, Meir, and Wolf
Safian, Rochel, and children Yitzchok-Meir, Leah, Yostina, and another 2 children
Safian, Shloma, and family
Saltzman (Zalcman), Avraham'l, and his wife Rivka (née Katz)
Saltzman (Zalcman), Beryl, and his wife Henna
Saltzman (Zalcman), Shmuel-Dovid, his wife Malka, and 3 children
Sandler, Moshe
Sandler, Neshke (née Kravietzka), Avrahaml, Faige-Sarah, and Dvorah
Schteinberg, Hershel, and his wife Esther (née Schteinberg)
Schteinberg, Hershel-Leib, his wife Doba, and children Yacov, Dvorah, and Chana-Miriam
Schteinberg, Sarah (née Alter), and children Yankel and Shmulke
Schteinberg, Yitzhak-Nachem, and children Rivka and Chaia
Schteinberg, Yossel, and family
Schteinberg, Zvi, his wife, and 2 children
Schteinzaltz, Yitzhak, his wife Esther (née Binderman), and children
Schulman, Chaia (née Burshtin), and children Shlomo-Aydl, Rachel-Leah, Dovid, and 2 more children
Schulman, Shmuel, his wife Chayntche (née Srebro), and children Leah and Chava
Schulman, Yisraelke, his wife Liba (née Helman), and children Mendl, Dovid, Leah, Fraindl, Shlomo-Aydl, Esther, and Motela
Schutt, Velvel, his wife Bluma (née Naman), and daughter Malka
Schwartz, Frimet, and his wife (née Zylbershtein)
Schwartz, Levi, his wife, and daughter Fraidl
Schwartz, Litman, his wife (née Fink), and family
Schwartz, Sarah (née Goldstein)
Schwartz, Yosef-Chaim, his wife, and family
Segal, Chaya-Faiga, and children Sarah, Hinda, Devorah, Tzipa, and Liba
Segal, Itcha-Meir, his wife Esther-Nissel (née Kronchek), and children Roza-Chaya and Sheya
Segal, Mordechai-Mendel, his wife Tirtza, and children Malka-Rochel and Toba
Segal, Yitzchok, his wife Rochel (née Frankel), and daughter Baila
Segal, Hersh-Yosef, his wife Faiga, and children Rochel-Leah, Toba, Gedaliah, and Chava
Senderovitch, Chana, her husband, and 2 children
Senderovitch, Chaya-TvIindel (née Tzgrizek)
Senderovitch, Dovid, his wife Sarah (née Yanaver), and 3 children
Senderovitch, Hinde, her husband, and son Mendl
Senderovitch, Menachem-Mendel, his wife Rochel (née Zaltzman) and 3 children
Senderovitch, Sarah, her husband, and 3 children
Senderovitch, Shimon-Zelig, his wife Baila-Sarah, and children Fishel and Golda-Rivka
Senderovitch, Urka, his wife Nicha, and children Chaim-Baruch, Malka, Nosson, and Rivka
Senderovitch, Yitzchok, his wife Yora, and children Shabsi-Yosef, Dovid, Malka, and Esther
Serebnitzshki, Leah-Yehudis (née Katz) and children Eta-Miriam and Yacov-Mechul
Serebra, Hersh-Chaim, his wife Gittel (née Neiman), and 6 children
Serebra, Hershel, his wife Rochel-Baila (née Burstin), and children Yankel-Dovid, Chava, Moshe-Chaim, and Fraidel
Serebra, Hodes (daughter of Avraham and Roiza)
Serebra, Kalman-Aron, daughter Chaya-Zisa (née Burstin), and children Alta-Devorah and Bentzion
Serebra, Moshe-Hersh, his wife and family
Serebra, Shloma-Aron (son of Moshe and Rochel)
Serebra, Shlomo-Pesach (son of Rafael and Chaya)
Serebra, Yacov-Arvah, his wife Lotcha (née Erenstein), and daughter Golda (Skala)
Seres, Fishel, and children Faiga, Braina, Hershel, Sarah, Mordechai, Mala, Shloma, and Yitzchok
Sach, Leah (née Neutkevitch)
Shachter, Shmuel-Pesach, his wife Hinde (née Fuchs), and son Menacham
Shachter, Simcha, his wife Shaine-Rivka (née Fluda), and children Esther-Leah and Motel
Shafran, Avraham, his wife Rachel (née Shachter), and 2 children
Shafran, Avrahaml, his wife Chana, and children Chaia, Esther, Moishe, and Zisl
Shafran, Chana
Shafran, Itzeh, and family
Shakevitch, Shlomo, his wife Rifka-Rachel, and children Midl, Ephraim, Esther, and Leibche
Shapiro, Ben-Zion, his wife Faige (née Baum), and children Dinah, Miriam, and Leibl
Shapiro, Hanoch, his wife (née Schlesinger), and children Esther, Ychezkiel, Mindl, and Moishe
Shapiro, Mattes, and his wife Tobtche
Shaynbaum, Hershel, and his wife Faige (née Burshtin)
Shayntog, Leibe, and family
Shayntog, Raizel, and family
Shayntog, Shaine-Mindl, and family
Shayntog, Tzerl, and family
Shedler, Chaim, and his wife Chaia (née Fenner)
Shelontshik, Avrahaml, and his wife Beile
Sher, Chaim, his wife Brayna, and 4 children
Sherman, Nissan, his wife Dina, and children, Sarah Leah, Zalman Meyer, Scheindel, and Bluma
Shifman, Gershon, his wife Shoshke, and children Lazer, Mendl, and Dvorah
Shifman, Hershel, his wife Rachel, and 4 children
Shifman, Meir-Zelig, and daughter Rachel
Shifman, Ychiel-Meir
Shiltzer, Dovid, his wife Molia, daughter Geske, and another child
Shimanski, Aba, his wife, and children Moishe, Benyamin, and Chaia
Shimanski, Dobe
Shimanski, Esther-Fraidl (née Roda)
Shimanski, Leibl, his wife Rivka (née Proest), and children Liba, Roise, and Tobe
Shimanski, Sholom, and his wife Roise
Shimanski, Tzife, and children Fayne and Luba
Shimanski, Yankel, his wife Zlote (née Falstalska), and daughter Sarah
Shimanski, Yankel, his wife, and 3 children
Shimanski, Zindl, his wife Gitl (née Alteman), and children Lazer and Yankel
Shinovloga, Benyamin, his wife Rachel-Leah, and children Miriam, Yosef, and Leibl
Shinovloga, Brayna, and family
Shinovloga, Chava, and family
Shinovloga, Elie, his wife Esther-Rivka, and son Shaya
Shinovloga, Rachel, and family
Shklanka, Lazer, his wife Shaindl (née Melnik), and 6 children
Shlass, Aba, and his wife Leah (née Falda)
Shlass, Bayltshe, and children Gitl and Velvel
Shlass, Dovid, his wife Yente, and daughter Esther
Shlass, Leibl
Shlass, Sarah, and children Esther-Ita, Manya, Chava, and Rachel
Shlass, Yankel, his wife Bluma, and 1 child
Shlass, Yisraelch, and family
Shlass, Yosef, and son Itzl
Shnodover, Mendl, his wife Fraide, son Yankel, and 2 other children
Shnodovski, Chaim, his wife Rifka, and children Moise and Shayndl
Shperling, Moishe, and his wife Leah
Shpilke, Shaie, daughter Shushna, son Ychiel, and another child
Shrager, Yankel, his wife Roise (née Markusfeld), and children Rella and Lazer
Shtaifman, Ele (Eliyon), his wife Esther-Tzirl, and children Perl and Moishe
Shtaifman, Fishl, his wife Sarah-Chana, and children Beile, Bluma, Perl, Pessa, Moishe-Motl, and Yacov-Pesach
Shtarkstein, Frimet
Shtarkstein, Leibl, his wife Leah (née Schteinberg), and 2 children
Shtarkstein, Moishe, and family
Shtarkstein, Rivka, and family
Shtarkstein, Yoel-Meir, and family
Shtatzinger, Liba, and son Simcha
Shterling, Leibl, and his wife Rachel (née Lifniak)
Shtern, Avraham
Shtern, Avraham, his wife Raizel, and children Gitl and Noske
Shtern, Kalman, his wife Henne, and children Chaia, Esther, Rachel, Itka, and Yosef-Mechl
Shtern, Levi-Yitzhak, his wife Miriam, and children Sholom and Liba
Shtern, Rafael, his wife, and son Noske
Shtern, Sarah, and children Mashe and Shmuelik
Shtern, Shmeven, his wife Zelda, and son Noske
Shtern, Shmulke, his wife Sarah Rivka (née Trachnovski), and children Moishe, Liba, and Elke
Shternoym, Shmuel, his wife Nechama (née Director), and children Moishe-Hersch, Dvorah, and Esther
Shtetlo, Shaya
Shtoltzman, Chaia
Shtoltzman, Esther
Shtsherba, Leibish, and his wife Sarah
Shtsherba, Moishe-Dovid, his wife Rachel, and children Sarah-Dinah and Faiga-Leah
Shtsherba, Yacov, his wife Pesa, and 2 children
Shtsherba, Zalman, his wife Craindl, daughter Yehudit, and 2 other children
Shtshetshin, Yacov-Moishe, his wife Esther (née Libak), and children Yossel, Gele, Yisreul-Yitzhak, Dovid, Shmuel, Rachel, Brana, and Raizel
Shtshupak, Dovid, his wife Rachel (née Student), and son Chaim-Shlomo
Shtshupak, Ezriel, his wife Liba (née Berent), and daughter Chaia
Shtshupak, Roise, and children Yeshua and Chaia
Shtutzki, Bernard, and family
Shtutzki, Chava
Shtutzki, Hershel, and family
Shtutzki, Hinde, and family
Shtutzki, Leon, and family
Shtutzki, Mendl, and family
Simchavitch, Chaya-Necha (née Skalka), and son Avraham-Yitzchok
Simchavitch, Moshe, his wife Tziril (née Figa), and children Teme, Gela, Raina, and Pinchas
Simchavitch, Shmuel-Hersh, his wife Sarah (née Goldstein), and children Roiza, Itche-Meir, Pinchas, and Sima
Sjonrik, Shmuel-Moshe, and son Shmeril
Skala, Mordechai-Mendel, his wife Faiga, and children Sarah and Velvel
Skala, Sarah-Tzitel
Skalka, Shemaya, and his wife Chava (née Shechter)
Skurka, Velvel, his wife, and 2 children
Skurka, Yacov-Aryah, his wife Sima, and children Esther, Faiga, Henya, and another daughter
Skurka, Yehoshua
Skuzer, Mordechai, his wife Rochel, and children Shlomo-Yankel, Braina, Baila, and 2 more children
Skuzer, Yisroel-Moshe, his wife Zlata, and children Rishul and Bair-Leah
Slomianka, Chairn-Sheya, his wife Chaya-Sarah, and daughter Itka
Sokol, Alta, and daughter Rochel
Sokol, Chaim-Velvel, his wife Miriam-Leah, and children Rofoel, Gitta, and Chava
Sokol, Hersh-Leib, and his wife Rivka (née Zshitelni)
Sokol, Rofoel
Sokol, Yankel, and daughter Sarah
Sokolover, Shloma, and his wife Rochel (née Pener)
Soom, Benyamin
Soom, Pinya,
Spekterovitch, Mailich, and his wife Gittel (née Fluda)
Starushvietsky, Baruch, his wife Devorah (née Sokol), and 1 child
Starushvietsky, Faiga-Rivka, Man, and children Tziril and Tzipa
Starushvietsky, Moshe, his wife Sarah (née Kochalek), and 1 child
Starushvietsky, Rivka (née Lerer), and daughter Zlata
Starushvietsky, Roizka, and children Shlomo, Dovid, and Chaim
Starushvietsky, Shlomo
Starushvietsky, Yacov, and his wife Malka (née Katz)
Starushvietsky, Yacov-Arvah, and children Velvel and Rochel
Starushvietsky, Yacov-Leib, his wife Itka (née Katz), and children Malka, Velvel, and Leah
Starushvietsky, Yitzchok
Starushvietsky, Yitzchok, and his wife Toba
Starushvietsky, Yitzchok, his wife Sarah-Dina (née Butstin), and children Avremel, Yankel, and Rivka
Stolik,Yosef, his wife Rochel, and children Yankel, Yisroel-Moshe, Avremel, and Baila

T return

Taksa, Shachna, and his wife Tobe
Tashimovich, Avrohom'l, his wife Chaya Gittel, and son Herschel
Tashimovich, Sarah (née Srebro)
Tcharnietski, Gedalia, his wife Rachel, daughter Chaya, son Mendel, and another child
Tcharnietski, Reuven, his wife Mindel, and children
Tcharnievski, Bollek, and his wife Brein'tchia
Tcharnievski, Henyek, his wife Roize, and 3 children
Tcharnievski, Mendel, his wife Rivka (Rebecca), and children Chan'tchia and Esther
Tcharnievski, Monyek, his wife Etka, and son Ignatz
Tcharny, family
Teibel, Avrohom, and his wife Roize (née Penner/Fenner)
Teitelbaum, Josef Leib, his wife Rachel, daughter Tobe, and a son
Totenberger, Etta (née Srebro), and children Rivka (Rebecca) and Fishel
Totenberger, Gershon, his wife, and children
Tratsch, Alter, his wife Zlota (née Sheimienski), sons Reuven and Shaya (Isaiah), and a daughter
Treisser, Lusha
Tropievski, Chaim, and family
Tropievski, Velvel, and his wife Leah
Truck, Abba, his wife Malia, and children Ziss'l and Chaim
Truck, Avrohom, his wife Hinda, and daughters Miriam and Libbe
Tschapnikevich, Yisroel (Israel), his wife Esther (née Stern), and 1 child

V return

Vacter, Nota, and his wife Roda (née Peretz)
Vacter, Vishka, and children Yisroel and Rivka
Vagman, David, his wife Chava (née Rosha), and daughter Tova
Vagman, Freida (née Ring)
Vagman, Yisroel, his wife Faiga, and 1 child
Vagovski, Yakov-Leib, his wife Rosa-Esther, and children Shmuel-David and Chana-Malkah
Valdman, Anshel
Valman, Avraham-Shlomo, and his wife Leah
Valman, Avramel (Avraham)
Valman, Pinya, his wife Rivka, and daughter Faiga-Rosa
Valman, Tzirel (daughter of Shlomo), and family
Valman, Yisroel-Moshe
Vanchotzki, Moshe, and family
Vapniash, Yankel, his wife Henya (née Shwartz), and children Chaim, Berel, and Rivka
Varemshtein, Velvel, his wife Leah (née Slamyanka), and children Yakov and Shea
Varshaver, David, and his wife Esther (née Vansaver)
Veinstein, Shmuel-Aba, and his wife Faiga-Rivka
Veinstock, Ahravam-Aaron, his wife Frumet (née Vigada), and 5 children
Veinstock, David-Leib, his wife Sarah, and 8 children
Veinstock, Yisroel-Moshe, his wife Esther (née Yalavitch), and 2 children
Veintraub, Uziel, his wife Beila (née Rosha), and son Berela
Veintraub, Yitzchak, his wife Dinah, and children Henya and Moshe
Veiss, Elya
Veiss, Shea
Veissbard, David, and his wife Sarah
Veissbard, Moshe, his wife Breinsha (née Katz), and 1 son
Veissberg, Leib-Hirsh, his wife Gitel, and son Yitzchak
Vengel, Yisroel, his wife Chana, and son Moshe
Vengrover, Matas, his wife Leah, and 1 child
Vengrover, Shimon, his wife Dobe (née Bloomstein), and children Yudel, Esther, Chaya, and Malkah
Vengrovski, Chana
Vengrovski, Fishel, his wife Raizel, and children Esther, Liba-Leah, Faiga, and Feivel
Vengrovski, Shmuel, and his wife Chana (née Marisdorf)
Vengrovski, Yehuda-Baer, his wife Elka, and daughters Yocheved and Sarah
Ventke, Itsha, and his wife Shaindel (née Katshalk)
Ventke, Leizer, and his wife Chaya (née Naiman)
Viatrak, Yisroel, his wife Gitel, and children Yankel and Moshe
Vieviorke, Yachat
Viezshba, Shea, his wife Zlota, and children Avramel and David
Vigoda, Avraham-Gershon, his wife Dobe, and 1 daughter
Vigoda, Chaim-Shmuel, and daughter Beila-Leah
Vigoda, Itzel (Yitzchak), and his wife Tzirel
Vigoda, Yitzchak-Meir, and his wife Rachel
Viledrosh, Hirsch, his wife Doba (née Fartshak), son Aaron, and 2 other children
Vinklhatz, Shlomo, his wife Rachel, and children Leibel, Freidel, and Perel
Vinogrom, Mordechai, his wife Chana, and son Avraham
Vishnia, Devorah
Vishnia, Ita
Vishnia, Leibel, his wife Ita, and children Moshe, Gershon, Chaim, and Hena
Vishnia, Moshe, his wife Sarah-Leah, and children Elya and David
Vishnia, Moshe-Mendel, and his wife Bluma
Vishnia, Moshe-Zanvel, his wife Rutka, and children Yossel, Sholom, and Chaim
Vishnia, Sarah, and son Shea
Vishnia, Sarah-Liba (daughter of Zalman and Brayna)
Vishnia, Shea, his wife Sarah, and children Velvel, David, and Devorah
Vishnia, Shlomo-Zalman, his wife Rachel-Ita, and daughter Hena
Vishnia, Yisroel, and family
Vishnievitch, Gedalia, his wife Chanacha, and children Yudel-Hirsch, Motel, and Rivka
Vishnievitch, Shlomo, and his wife Rivka
Vishnievitch, Shmulka, and his wife Esther (née Pas)
Vladarski, Betzalel
Vladarski, Motel, his wife Chana, and children Shayna-Leah and Mindel
Vloska, Gedalia, his wife Bina, and children Hela and Henik
Vloska, Gershon, and son Benyamin
Vloska, Katzkel
Vloska, Yitzchak, and his wife Chaya
Vonsever, Baruch-Moshe
Vonsever, Benyamin, his wife Sarah-Esther, and children Shmuel, Shlomo, Perel, and Mindel
Vonsever, David, and his wife Dobsha
Vonsever, Mattas, his wife Leah (née Domb), and 3 children
Vonsever, Pesach, his wife Hinde (née Vishna), and children David-Shea, Aryeh, and Berel
Vonsever, Tzirel (née Zanshein)
Vonsever, Tzirel, and children Yisrolek, Aryeh, and Miriam
Vonsever, Velvel, his wife Esther (née Fish), and children David, Aaron, and Chana-Rachla
Vosk, Meir-Leib, and his wife Rachel
Vosk, Moshe-Shimon, his wife Henia, and children Shepsel and Hershel
Vosk, Pinchas, and his wife Rachel (née Malavani)
Vost, Yakov, his wife Itka, daughter Malkah and her husband Shaila, and 3 children
Vrona, Batsha (née Baruch), and family
Vyman, Avraham, his wife, and children Kubak, Yadsha, and Shlomak
Weinclock, Shlomo, wife Rachel, children: Leibel, Freidel, and Perel

Y return

Yablonka, Abraham Isaac, and family
Yablonka, Abraham Shlomo, his wife Sarah, and children Meyer and Hana
Yablonka, Bayla
Yablonka, Brina
Yablonka, Dvoira Gittel, and her husband
Yablonka, Ethel
Yablonka, Moishe Yossel, his wife, and 2 children
Yablonka, Rachel Leah
Yablonka, Sima, her husband, and 2 children
Yablonka, Yaakov Gisha, and family
Yablonka, Yankala, and his wife Freida (née Hussman)
Yadka, Simcha-Bunim, his wife Chia, and son Nachman
Yadnitzki, Asher, and his wife Gittel
Yagoda, Abraham Elia, his wife Esther Rachel (née Kacholek), and 2 children
Yagoda, Mendel, his wife Neshka (née Volman), and children Efriam, Haika, Rutka, Roisa, Dvoira, and Faiga
Yakobowicz, Isaac, his wife Manya, and children Sheina-Gittel, David, and Malka
Yakobowicz, family
Yalovitch, Leibel, his wife Fruma, and daughters Brina-Tisha, Basha, and Lipsha
Yalovitch, Yiddel, his wife Hava, and son Shmuel Yoseph and his wife Sarah Miriam (née Weinstock)
Yannover, Yankel, his wife Gittel (née Goreman), and children Feivel, Motol-Hersh, and Hana
Yaskovitch, Chaim, his wife Ginyazda, and 1 child
Yaskovitch, Yadja
Yaskulka, (the rumash, stable supplies), and family
Yaskulka, Yidel, and children Lizer and Shlomo
Yazembek, Haim Lizer, his wife Hanna (née Galant), and children Hershel, Motol, Sheindel, and Yospa
Yazshina, Chaim Gurchin, his wife Chia Ruchul, and children Alta and Tema
Yazshina, Hava
Yazshina, Nella
Yazshina, Velvel, and his wife Gusha, and children Golda and Israel
Yelen, Chaim-Baruch, his wife Rosa, and 3 children
Yelen, Leah
Yelen, Motol
Yerozalim, Etka (née Silverstein), and children Miriam, Faiga, Fulka, Chaya, and Esther
Yerozalimsky, Shena
Yerubemza, Shmeel, his wife Hana (née Cetrinash), and children Dora, Abraham, Sarah, Yishmuel and his wife, and 3 children
Yugish, Yaakov-Aria, his wife Hana, and children Dora, Avrum, Roisa-Gittel, and another daughter
Yugish, Yichel, and his wife Fruma (née Tzuker)

Z return

Zacharias(z), Chaim-Zelig, his wife Feige (née Bulman), and daughters Leah and Etta
Zacharias(z), Chaya, and family
Zajewski, Wolf-Ber, his wife Beinish, and children Masha, Zissl, and Feige
Zarevich, Moshe, his wife Soro-Itte, and son Fischl
Zelikeit, Yidel, his wife Malka, and children Liba and Levi Yitzchok
Zelikeit, Yisochor, his wife Yehudis/Judith (née Keinel), and 2 children
Zelmanovich, Hersch'l, his wife Breina Hodes, and son Shlomo/Solomon
Zelmanovich, Luzar/Elazar, his wife Chaya Itte, and children Yitzchok, Yaakov (Isaac Jacob), and Feige
Zelmanovich, Yitzchok/Isaac, and son Josef
Zemmel, Itte (née Goldberg)
Zgrizek, Ben-Zion, and family
Zgrizek, Ben-Zion, his wife, and 1 child
Zgrizek, Hersch, and children Rochel and Feige
Zgrizek, Mordechai, and family
Zgrizek, Moshe Yaakov
Zgrizek, Shlomo Mendel, and his wife Esther Leah
Zhafka, Avraham'l, his wife Sheindel, and children Menachem, Chaya, and Sarah
Zhafka, Binyomin (Benjamin), his wife Tob'tchia, and 3 children
Zhafka, Gershon, his wife Pesse, and 2 children
Zhafka, Yitzchok (Isaac), and his wife Beila (née Steinman)
Zhelasko, Chaya Yenta, and children Pesse, Rivka, and Blum
Zhelinski, Esther Golda
Zhezhniker, Charne, and children Sholmo/Solomon, Gittel, Sarah, and Ziss'l
Zhezhniker, Chatz'l, his wife Rivka (Rebecca), and children Yenk'l (Jacob) and Henna
Zhezhniker, Chaya'tchia
Zhezhniker, Devora
Zhezhniker, Leib'l, his wife Leah'tchia, and children Esther and Gershon
Zhezhniker, Raphael, his wife Zlatke (née Neiman), and son Feivel
Zhezhniker, Shia (Joshua), his wife Yachet, and daughter Giscia
Zhezhniker, Yenkel (Jacob)
Zhezhniker, Yenkel (Jacob), his wife Golda, and son Sender
Zhitelny, /Jitelny, Yitzchok/Isaac, and his wife Sima Henna
Zilberberg, Chaim Pesach, his wife Gittel, and children Miriam, Hinda, and Shmuel Meir
Zilberberg, Herschel (son of Shmer'l)
Zilberberg, Yantshe (Yaakov), and his wife Beile (née Niestenpover)
Zilberlicht, Yaakov
Zilberman, Hersch (Yeszorek), and his wife Miriam
Zilberman, Isaac, his wife Beile, and children Shmuel, Hinde and Shlomo
Zilberman, Theresa, and family
Zilberstein, Chaim Leib, and his wife
Zilberstein, Chana Bascia
Zilberstein, Itchia, his wife Hindl, and son Ber'l
Zilberstein, Ksil, his wife Reizl (née Rotenstein), and children Mechel and Chaim Leib
Zilberstein, Mechel
Zilberstein, Moshe, his wife Chasha, and son Leib'l
Zilberstein, Peretz, his wife Beila, and son Reuven
Zilberstein, Yechiel, and family
Zilberstein, Yehoshua Dovid
Zilberstein, Yosef, his wife Chana (née Fruchtenbaum), and children Gutke and Frumke
Zilberstein, Zalman Mott'l, his wife Elka, and children Yoss'l, Tova (Tobe), and 3 other children
Ziskind, Avrohom, and his wife Hena Leah
Ziskind, Ber'tchia, his wife Beila, and 4 children
Ziskind, Rachel Gittel (née Groda), and daughter Brocha
Zlotchevski, Josfa Chaya (née Scalla), and children
Zusfein, Nathan Chaim, his wife Shaina Rivka, and children Shia and Chona-Meir
Zusfein, Yisroel Yitzchok, his wife Mechlia, and 2 children
Zusman, Avraham'l
Zusman, Chava
Zusman, Elie, his wife Chaya, and children Kalman and Hersch'l
Zusman, family

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