Book of Memory; Suffering of Jews that Died
During the Nazi Occupation; History of Polonnoye Jews


50°07' / 27°31'

Written and compiled 1987-1991. Completed by Semyon Lvovich Bentsianov,
member of Ukrainian Journalist Union

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Ellen Shindelman Kowitt

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This is the translation of Sefer Zakorrem; Book of Memory; suffering of Jews that died during the Nazi occupation;
History of Polonnoye Jews. Unpublished. Written and compiled 1987-1991.
Completed by Semyon Lvovich Bentsianov, member of Ukrainian Journalist Union.

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Sefer Zakorrem

Book of Memory

Suffering of Jews that died during the Nazi Occupation

History of Polonnoye Jews

Polonnoye, Poninka, Novolabun,
Vorobievka on Podoleyee,
Khmelnitsky County, Ukraine

Completed by S. L. Bentsianov,
Member of Ukrainian Journalist Union

Jews that died during the
Years of Nazi occupation
Pollonskogo County, formerly
Kamenets-Podolsky County

City of Polonnoye, township Poninka,
Farming community Novolabun, Vorobievka
Khmelnitsky County, Ukraine

Contents  Pages 
General Information  2-3 
List of Jews of Polonnoye and towns from the area that were killed by Nazis 4-26 
Memories of enslaved Maria Tribun from Polonnoye Ghetto 27-28 
Memoirs of a Former Prisoner of a Jewish Ghetto 29-30 
List of the Jews of Polonnoye and towns from the area that managed to survive and their rescuers  31-32 
History of Jews of Polonnoye for Five Centuries  33-42 
Fight with the Death —Newspaper publication about Yakov Bagula who was saved by the family of Ribachuk  43-46 
I Will Remember Forever —Material from the newspaper "Noviy Shliayh" about an evening in Polonnoye dedicated on the 50 th anniversary of the death of Polonnoyian Jews  47 
Tragedy of the mother--material about rescuing wife and daughter of A. Baginskogo—Evgeniya Yakovlevna and Galina  48 
Savior—Notes about savior A. I. Boriskina  49 
On the Roads of War—By O. Lochkin 49 
Difficult Way—Publication about life of the Jews of the region  50-51 
Memorial on the site of the killing of Polonnoyian Jews in September 1941 in the forest by Polonnoye  52 
Memorial on the site of the killing of victims of ghetto in 1942  53 
Picture of the former enslaved from the Polonnoye ghetto A. Kalika  54 
Pictures of the former enslaved sisters from Polonnoye ghetto Maria and Evgeniya Tribun  55 
Stone monument on the grave of a famous Polonnoyian Rabbi Yakov-Yosef  56 
Stone monument over the grave of a famous Hasidim Zsaddik Yehuda/Arie/ - Leib  57 
Two after war plots of an old Jewish cemetery  58 
Monument to the first Polonnoyian Revkom (revolution committee)  59 
The corner dedicated to a Jewish poet Peretz Markish in the Folk Museum  60 
Monument on the site of killing of Novolabunskih Jews  61 
"Stone of the Sorrow"—articles in the newspaper—"Noviy Shliayh" about meeting in the forest dedicated the opening of the memorial to the Novolabunskih Jews  62 
Document about Novopolonsky Jewish community with the stamp of Gorsovet in Ukrainian and Yiddish  63 
Monument on the site of killing Jews of Poninka  64 
That's how the site looked where the enslaved were killed in 1989  65 
Monument of the site of death of Polonnoyian Jews in the forest near the train station  66 
Memorial sites of Hasidic in Podolya and Volin  67-71 
Memories of the former enslaved from the ghetto V. Timoshenko  72 
Archive Reference  73 
Excerpts about Hasidim from the book—E. Weisel "Spreaded Sparks"  74-75 
"Will Not Be Forgiven Ever" material from the newspaper  76 
Lev Sibiryakov—an opera singer picture  77 
"Tragedy of Black September" article in the newspaper "B. SH".  78 
Picture of the rescued M. Shafranskaya  79 
"Made-up Legend" an article from the newspaper "N. SH"  80 

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