Memorial Book Dedicated
to the Jews of Pitchayev-Wohlyn
(Pochayev, Ukraine)

50°01' / 25°29'

Translation from:
Pitshayever yizker-bukh

 Edited by: H. Gelernt

Published in Philadephia by the Pitchayever Wohliner Aid Society, 1960


Project Coordinator

Lisa Brahin Weinblatt

This is a translation from Pitshayever yisker-bukh
(Memorial book dedicated to the Jews of Pitchayev-Wohlyn executed by the Germans),
Editors: H. Gelernt, Philadelphia, The Pitchayever Wohliner Aid Society, 1960 (Y, 311 pages).

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Translated by Paula Parsky

Translator's Note

H. Gelernt A word from the editorial staff 


Chapter 1

Dr. Y. Shatski The Jewish Community of Pitchayev 11
Charles Saltz (Zaltz) Pitchayev and the Pitchayev Church 28
H. Gelernt About Pitchayev and the Church 45
Rav Akiba Orzhekh The "Odpist" Was For the Jews 48

Chapter 2

H. Gelernt In the Net of Wickedness 54
Philip Krants The Pitchayev Lavre and the Jews 63

Chapter 3

Chaim Genzelman Time To Speak 95
Yekhiel Rudman The Situation of the Jews of Pitchayev After the First World War 98
Yitskhok Nusn Lerer The Gemilus Khasadim Treasury in Pitchayev 101
Yitskhok Nusn Lerer Activities and Finance Reports of the Committee in Pitchayev 104
Yitskhok Nusn Lerer Afterpains of the First World War 115
Yitskhok Nusn Lerer Pitchayev Youth For America 119
Shmuel Tauber Pitchayev in the Twenties 134
Zev Vaytsman Rav Reb Eliezer Uretski 138
Rav Akiba Egozi Fragments of Spiritual and Religious Life 143

Chapter 4

Khone (Charles) Saltz The Rise of the Pitchayev Landsmanshaftn in America


Chapter 5

P. Schwartz Pitchayev Jews Greet Jewish Writers 159
Aaron Kuperman, Vaytsman The Destruction of Pitchayev's Jews 165
V. Vaytsman How I Saved Myself From Destruction 175
Meir Uretski My Father, Rav Eliezer Uretski 184
Shlomo Skulski The Shtetl Is No More 188
Efraim Brik Shabes In Pitchayev 194
Sam (Sholom) Margolis My Twenty Years of Life In Pitchayev 196

Chapter 6

H. Gelernt Man of the People- Khone (Charles) Zalts (Saltz) 207
Shlomo Skulski Charles (Khone) Zalts 211
Charles (Khone) Saltz My Shtetl Pitchayev 214
Reb Aharon Petshenik My Grandfather Rev Alterunie 236
Khone Saltz A Youthful Khosid of Rev Alterunie 239
Khone Saltz A Rov For Pitchayev and the Czar Comes To Naught 241
Khone Saltz Hersh Mindies 244

Chapter 7

  Pitchayev Figures  
V. Vaytsman Yehuda Sores, the Judge 251
Khone Saltz Faybe Gamerman and Others 252

Chapter 8

  Pitchayev in America  
Khone Saltz A Series of Figures, Activists in the Landsmanshaft 265
Chaim Gechtel The Reincarnations of a Pitchayever in the Holocaust 285
  Tombstone List, of Jews who lived in Pochayev before the Holocaust 299
  Pithayevers in Argentina, in Buenos Aires 307
  The living remnant after the Holocaust 308
  Remembrance Panel of More Deceased Persons 309
  A Series of Pictures of the Shtetl and Jewish Activists in Pitchayev and in America  

Name Index (of those persons only appearing on the lists from pages 299-309)

[Translator's Note: The Translator has added a Name Index indicating the original pages on which each name appears in the Yizkor Book. The Index follows the last page of the translated book. RDD]

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