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Dr. Szlomo MINC

Dr. of medicine. A public activist and author of books. His origin is from Bieżuń, where he was born on 1862. He studied in the Gymnasium of Płock and belonged to the Zionist circles. In the year of 1882 he graduated high-school and then studied medicine in Moscow. He married a woman from the GOLDE family in Płock and worked as a doctor of medicine in Warsaw. He published books on popular medical subjects such as “The Economy and Damaging It” (about diseases of the digestion system), “The Cholera Epidemic” and others. He was very friendly with the famous author Y.L.Perec and Icchak Grinbaum. He often published articles in the “Hatzfira” and “Hayom” newspapers.

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Dr. Itzhak Fajnberg was born in 1867 and finished medical studies in 1895. In addition to his professional work as a doctor, he excelled in his public and Zionist work for many years.

He represented the Zionists in the community institutions and was active in the local Plock branch of “Hachalutz” (“The Pioneer”) Zionist Movement, and was a member of the committee of the Zionist organization in town. Every member who left for a Zionist preparatory period (for Alyia, immigration to Palestine, Eretz Israel) passed a medical thorough check by him, and than was equipped with a certificate which confirms his health ability to immigrate. Dr. Fajnberg was the manager of the Jewish hospital in Plock and dedicated all his efforts to the success of this institution which served the Jews from town and surrounding. In the year of 1935 he visited Eretz Israel with his wife. He perished in the Holocaust.

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Cynamon Israel was a teacher and a Zionist activist. He worked as a teacher for many years in the popular government school for Jewish pupils in Plock. He was very popular and loved by his pupils, since he was a very moderate and composed person. He joined every possible Zionist work which had been done in Plock. He was married to Szprincia née Zlotnik. All the family perished in the Holocaust.


Chaja Kowaldo, née Zlotnik, was a public activist. She was among the first women in town who participated in the Zionist various activities of town. She had a reputation of a fighter for women rights. She was an excellent orator who gave speeches in public various events.

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KALMAN Abraham

An activist in the organization of artisans in Plock. He was a member in the counsel of the Cooperative Bank for many years.


KAMZEL Bernard

A public activist, among the “Bund” leaders in town. For a while he devoted all his time to the library “Hazamir” (the nightingale).



One of the most senior teacher in the popular schools for the Jewish children in Plock.

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RUSSAK Dr. Hersz

Hersz Russak, Dr., was a graduate of the Jewish Gymnasium. He finished his studies of medicine in France, shortly before the outbreak of World War II. He was imprisoned by the Nazis in 1941 and was locked at a concentration camp in France. This was until 1942, when he was transferred with the other prisoners to a forced labor camp in Golleschau / Goleszow, 80 kms from Auschwitz (considered as part of the Auschwitz-Birkenau complex). He served as the prisoners doctor in that camp and did all what was in his powers to ease and improve the terrible life conditions which prevailed there. Before his liberation he experienced one of the “Death Marches”, into which the SS men forced the few survivors of the Concentration Camps. He managed to survive the horrors and returned to Paris. He renewed his medical activities and became very popular in Jewish homes in Paris. Among others, he also serves as the medical consultant of the Israeli embassy in France. He is also active, together with his wife. In the Committee of the Plocker Organization and is very positive about any social Zionist activity in France.



Grunim Russak was an active member of “Hechalutz Hatzair” Zionist Pioneer movement and dedicated a lot of efforts to the organization of “Hapoel” (Sport organization belonging to the labor Zionist movement.


RUSSAK Tunia (née Kowalski)

Tunia Russak, Dr., (maiden name Kowalski) She finished the Jewish Gymnasium and was active in “Maccabi” sport organization and “Hashomer Hatzair (the Socialist and Zionist Youth Movement). She completed her studies of medicine in Paris. During the years of occupation she hid in Paris and was active in the French resistance. After the liberation of France she returned to her profession and she runs a private roentgen laboratory. She is active in the organization of Plockers Jews in France.



Jakob Russak was born in Plock and immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1924. He settled down in Haifa and was active in the organization of Plockers Jews in Israel. He excelled in good heart, sensitive and full of love to the people and to the land. He educated his children to the love of the country and labor. His eldest son was one of the commander of the Kastel operation during Israel's War of Independence and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Israeli Defense Army. During the last years of his life he lived in Afula.

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