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Translated by Ada Holtzman z”l

Translator's comment:

I have added all the names of the people in the photographs which appear only in Hebrew or Yiddish captions! I apologize in advance for any spelling error I might have had and will correct if be advised of such error.

I believe that the order of the people is usually from right to left, but in most of the photographs it is unfortunately not mentioned. I also added source of the image when was not available in English and the date it was taken, when available but not mentioned in the English caption. My hope is to scan all the photographs and post in the Internet in the near future. I welcome any volunteers who agree to help me in this important task. “There is a whole world behind each name”... Every martyr had a name and a face and a history... The photograph which captured it commemorated the person for eternity.

Ada Holtzman, April 19th, 2004, Yom Hashoah 5764

No. Illustration Page No.
A Jewish Plock – A map cover
B Poland, – a map 1
1 General View of Plotzk in 1627 (source: “Notatki Plockie” 5/39, 1966 15
2 Page of the Plotzk communal inventory-book (1616) (Historical Archives Jerusalem) 26
3 An appeal by the Jubilee Volume Committee, published on the occasion of the Community's 700th anniversary 1237-1937. Names on the appeal: M. Altberg, I. Sarna, Sz. Nichtberger, A. Plonskierowa, A. Blay 35
4 The old market square in 1870 69
5 Ahron Kahanstam, the teacher and educator 82
6 The Jewish Hospital 119
7 Old Age Home, founded by the Flatau family 120
8 Danziger Synagogue (“dos kleine beit-nudrashl”) - Nahum Sokolov studied here in his youth 129
9 Nahum Sokolov 130
10 Great Synagogue - Front view 198
11 The Mikve (Ritual Bathhouse) 199
12 “Milk for Babies” Committee 1936 ...Mrs. Plonsker, Lyfszyc, Mrs. Kowalska, Mrs. Goldkind, Blay 200
13 Children's Welfare Board Standing (from right to left): Dr. M. Marinstras, Mrs. Ostrower, Byrzunski and more 200
14 Passover Seder with Jewish soldiers. Sitting: Drabynka, Szymanski, Puterman, Zwirek, Turkeltaub, Dr. Bresler, Zwirek 203
15 The members of the “Vaad Hakehila” with the Talmud Torah Committee (1936). Sitting: Puterman, Sochaczower, Alberg, Dr. Bromberger, Szymanski, ..., Zylberberg Eliahu (the community secretary), Zylberberg icchak Meir, Lajb Kilbert (chairman of the community), German, Rabbi Ajdelberg, Kanarek, Szperling. 204
16 The wall and inscription which remained at the cemetery 206
17 The road to the cemetery 206
18 Fishl Fliderblum, the last Chairman of the Kehila (1939) 207
19 Lejb (Levek) Kilbert - chairman of the community 208
20 A. Samson, chief Cantor of the Synagogue 209
21 The Jewish Hospital on the name of Icchak Fogel 209
22 Physicians and nurses of the Jewish Hospital, 1930 Sitting: Madelion sisters, Rozenfeld, Plocer; doctors: Dr. Kadisz, Dr. Bresler, Dr. Fajnberg, Dr. Frankowski, Benjamin Luszynski, sister Sz. Hazan, “feltcher” Rozenfeld (standing). 210
23 The public worker Mrs. Altberg, with her daughter Emma, the Piano player 212
24 The regional conference of the Jewish Cooperative Bank Workers in Plotzk, April 1933. In the middle: the regional inspector: Eng. Szalman. 215
25 The management and staff of the Jewish Cooperative Credit Bank Sitting: Sz. Epstein, Y. Kruk, M.Alberg – the chief director, A. Graubard, N. Graubart Standing (on top): Szwarc, Nachmanowicz, Kroin, Mendelson, Taub, Karasek Standing (in the middle): Flaks, Y. Magnes, Grynszpan, Kalman 215
26 Management of Merchants Bank and its staff, 1930 Sitting: members of the board: J. Galewski, M. Sochaczower, L. Kilbert, J. Zeligman, K. Kohen Standing: Alter (Kriszek), J. G. Chanachowicz, Gecel, Jasziewicz, Menchyk, Keselman, Zylberberg (Globus), Medalion 216
27 General Offices of the Merchants Bank 216
28 The entrance to the Jewish quarter – corner of the Jerozolimska, Grodzka, Stary Rynek 221
29 A lane in the old Jewish quarter 222
30 A lane in the old Jewish quarter 222
31 The Main street of the Jewish quarter 223
32 The Prashker House on Szeroka Street 223
33 Bielska Street 227
34 An anti-Semitic leaflet 1938 228
35 Corner of the Tumska and Grodzka streets. Among the standing are: Zylber, Rozenblat, Kurstein, Berland and Szyf 229
36 Grade Four of the Jewish Gymnasium (1919/20) In the middle: the manager Sz. Heling 233
37 The students editorial committee of the Jewish Gymnasium, 1920 Standing: Glowinski, Staszyk, Holcman, Beker Sitting: Kotowicz, Wydawski, Szybek, Stern, Mucny 233
38 Class with their teacher, Chava Meisels and Director Hirschberg 234
39 A class with their teacher. Miss R. Cohen 234
40 A class with Director Hirschberg and teachers D. Eisenberg and H. Zemel 234
41 Grade seven of the Jewish Gymnasium with the director and their teacher Mr. Tzofes, 1925 235
42 Grade Five of the Jewish Gymnasium with the director and their teacher Mrs. Goldkind, 1925 235
43 Grade Five of the Gymnasium (1932) Sitting in the middle: the director Zylber, the Hebrew teacher Szkarlat 237
44 Graduates of the Jewish Elementary school (1928) In the middle: the director Kagan and the teacher H. Rozental 240
45 Graduates of the Jewish Elementary school (1937) Teachers: Eisenberg, Romner (Waserman), Cybolska, Bromberger, Hadasa Warsza, Nordenberg, Klajnman 241
46 The teacher, Shmuel Penson in his thirties 242
47 David Eisenberg, teacher at the Jewish Gymnasium 245
48 Graduates of the Jewish Gymnasium (1927/8) On top: Kursztajn, Bezura, Gelbert, Winter, the teacher Goldman, the teacher Jarzombek, Lichtenstein, the teacher Hefter, Domb, Rusak, Gmach, Prusak, Kowalska. In the middle - the teachers: Goldkind, Fleming, Zylber (the director), Kohen, Horonski, ... At the bottom: Gmach, Kursztajn, Sakowa. 245
49 Literary circle with the writer I. M. Weissenberg upon his visit to Plock. On top: Korzen, Berkenfeld, Ch. Flaks, Hazan, M. Flaks, J.J. Bursztyn Sitting: Wolret, J. Zeligman, J. M. Wajsenberg, Wajslic, Winter 247
50 Programmes of the “Hazamir” performances, 1916-1917 248
51 The building of the municipal theatre – destroyed by the Nazis 250
52 Programme of a Purim Ball, 1914. Names mentioned: Bromerger, Nojman. 251
53 A group of “Keren Kayemet” workers in their Purim costumes In the center: Josef Kohen, KK”L activist. 251
54 Publications regarding the performance of “Agudat Zion” Names mentions in the announcement: Mrs. Lajzerowicz, Mr. Katowicz, Mr. Balban, Mr. Horowicz, Mrs. Nafrastek, Mr. Fliderblum, Mrs. Chirowska. 252
55 Performance of Sholem Asch's play “Our Faith” in 1929 In the middle: the director Pesach Wolrat. 252
56 Interior of the large Bet Hamidrash 258
57 Interior of the Great Synagogue 259
58 The Chassidic Rabbi, R' Chaim Shapiro 260
59 The tombstone of Rabbi Chaim Shapiro hy”d – killed for Kiddush Hashem 262
60 Yakir Warshawski during his trip to Egypt, 1914 264
61 View of the town from the Vistula river 267
62 Rabbi Yehuda Leib Avida (Zlotnik) 270
63 Alfred Blay 273
64 Zyshe Landau, the Yiddishe poet. 275
65 The Building of the Jewish Gymnasium in the Kolegialna street. 280
66 Grade Four of the Jewish Gymnasium (1922) The teachers: Dawid Eisenberg. Zilber (standing), Heling (the director), Mrs. Goldkind 281
67 Manifest by the Jewish Gymnasium Names mentioned: F. Szperling, Dr. H. Bronberger, M. Bursztyn, A. Beker, F. Bzura, F. Wohlrat 282
68 Grade Four of the Jewish Gymnasium, 1925 283
69 Educational Board of the Jewish Gymnasium, 1924 Standing: Dawid Eisenberg, Gozik, Berek Zeligman. Sitting: ..., Pinkowska, Chawa Meisles, Czopes, Chana Zemel, Szwarc Sitting (in the front): ....., Hirszberg (the director), Goldkind 284
70 Broadsheet of the “Relief Committee” of the Jewish Gymnasium. Name mentioned: Dr. A. Tartakower 285
71 A group of “Akiba” youngsters, 1937 In the middle the leaders: Dawid Eisenberg, Benjamin Galewski 289
72 Graduates of the Jewish Elementary school (1936) Teachers: Cybolska, Cinamon,Mrs. Nordenberg, Altman, Mrs. Bromberger, Fliderblum and Mrs. Raciazer, Eisenberg, Rozental (standing), Warsia Hadasa (standing). 291
73 A group of youth-leaders prior to the Aliya of the first pioneers, 1920 On top: Gunszar, Blotnik (Josefun) Jecheskel, Mordechai Krubiner. In the middle: Icchak Krubiner, Szmidt, Elisza Czrnobroda (Jecheskeli), Naftali Rozanski (Shoshani), Josef Zyg. At the bottom: Horowic, Roza Goldkind Fruma, Goldkind Towa, Rubin Mosze (Mulek) 297
74 From the collection of the “Di Shweren Zeite” “Difficult Times” 298
75 Part of the Memorial Monument 299
76 Collection of programmes of “Agudat Zion” Names mentioned: Nafarstek, Finkelstein, Rozenberg, Lajzeowicz, Szapira, Horowicz. 300
77 Hebrew course of the “Agudat Zion”, 1918 On top: Cymbalist, Plonsker, Kowadlo, Olszewer, Gutman, Szapira, Fyszel Flideblum In the middle: the two sisters Rozenblum, Nordenberg, ..., the teacher Chaim Fridman, the teacher Indelman, Nafarstek, Rozenblum Sczyg, At the bottom: Czarnobroda, Horowicz, ... Balaban, Kohen. 301
78 Honor Guard in honor of the opening of the Hebrew University, 1925 301
79 “Agudat Zion” Committee prior to the Aliya of Itzhak Fuchs (Ben-Shai) 1933 Standing: Azriel Kowalski, Kalman Kiper, Jecheskel Rotkopf, Mosze Rubin. Sitting: Mosze Sochaczower, Krur, Itzhak Fuchs, Dr. Fajnberg, Yoseg Galewski. 302
80 Meeting of Jewish National Fund volunteers, 1924 In the center: Aharon Beker, chairman of “Agudat Zion”; Mordechai Bromberger, the certified representative of KK”L, Chaja Kowadlo, chair person of the Zionist women organization and Rabbi Jakob Aszkenazi. 303
81 Azriel Kowalski 304
82 Jewish National Fund Bazaar, 1932 Standing: Berland, Cyterblum, ..., Josef Rubin, Bronia Lichtenstein, Herszek Przincza, Chana Stern, Berta Lichtenstein, Azriel Kowalski, Mrs. Bzura, Rozencwaig, Eisenberg, Lichtenstein, Rotkopf, Prof. Eisenberg. 304
83 Regional conference of Jewish National Fund, 1925 Sitting (people of Plock): Dawid Eisenberg, Aharon Beker, Mordechai Bronberger Standing at the top: Yitzhak Fuchs (Ben Ishai), Gdalia Cymbalist, A. M. Alter, Yechiel Fliderblum Standing in the second row: J. Warszawiak, Sz. Fridenberg (Har Shalom) At the bottom: Josef Rubin, Z. Liser, Pazanczewska, Azriel Kowalski 305
84 The Wizo and Jewish National Fund Ladies' Committee (1926) Sitting: Mrs. Kruk, Kowalska, Widrowicz, Lichtenstein, Stern, Taub Standing: ..., Lajzerowicz, Wisinska, Rotkopf, Renbaum, ..., ..., Rotkopf, Racjozer 306
85 Publications regarding the last Jewish National Fund Bazaar, 1939 Name mentioned: H. Hartglas (from Warsaw). 306
86 “Keren Aliya” Committee, 1933 Sitting: Kowalski, Komorowska, I. Rubin, Bronka Florek, J. Fuchs (Ben Ishai) Standing: Prusak, Fridenberg (Har Shalom), D. Grinspan. 306
87 Committee of the “Zeirey Zion”, 1919 Standing: Josef Kohen, Balaban, Gold, Kalman, Fiszel Fliderblum, Kaliszer, Alter, Gonszur, Horowicz, ..., ..., Sitting: Zilberberg, Dawidowicz, Fiszel Wiszynski, Klara Lajzerowicz, Icchak Rubin, Szraga Warszawiak, Pinchas Czochowicz 307
88 The first group at the agricultural training farm at Milodroz 309
89 A group at the agricultural training farm at Milodroz with the owner Mr. Krakowski and representatives of the “Hehalutz”. 309
90 Members of the “League for Working Eretz Israel”, 1933 312
91 “Poale Zion S. Z.” members with Leib Perlgritz upon his Aliya (1925) 313
92 A group of friends prior to the Aliya of Berek and Clara Seligman, 1925 314
93 A group of friends with Sh. Warshawiak and A. Papierczyk (Agmon), 1925 314
94 A group of Poale Zion S. Z. members, prior to the Aliya of the Zimbalist and Fenigstein families, 1926 314
95 The “Hechalutz” organization, 1926 315
96 A group of Poale-Zion S. Z. and “Hechalutz” members (1930) 316
97 Members of “Hechalutz” at a farewell party for Olim (new immigrants to Eretz Israel) 317
98 Jewish National Fund Bazaar (1932) In the photograph: Rothopf, Lichtenstein, Jecheskel Kohen, Cytrynblum, Barland, Klamar, Morstein, Mrs. Cytrynblum, Jehoszua Rozenblum, Tonia Kowalska, Bzura, Lichtman 318
99 Footballers of “Kraft” (later “Hapoel”), 1928 At the bottom: Rzelka, ..., Roza, ... Rozenblum. In the middle: Zender, Zielonka, Buchman. At the top: Taub, Bibola, Szwarc, Hewel, Kosowocki, Rozenblum, Kryszek. 319
100 A group of Chalutzim (pioneers) in Eretz-Israel At the bottom: Perlgryc – Lubranicka, Perlgryc, Lajzorowicz, Hamburger First row: Agmon (Papierczyk), Icchak and Klara Zeligman and their children, Fliderblum Jechiel, Laboranicka, Zehavi-Goldszydt Second row: Ben Jakob-Jasziewicz, Agmon-Szlezinger, Fenigstein, ..., Kohen Menucha, Simchoni Goldszydt Mala, Simchoni-Wosolk Abraham, Iszai Jaszjewicz Azriel. At the top: ..., Ginosar-Gunszar, Lajzerowicz, Melnik-Hamburger, Melnik Icchak, Dancyger Szmuel, Kohen-Neszer irena, Neszer Arie. 320
101 Committee of “Herzlia” Association, 1921 Standing: Mosze Rubin, Meir Kenigsberg, Mosze Zylberberg. Sitting: Wasserman, Szmidt, Zielonka, Dina Baran (Rubin) 321
102 Committee of the “Herzlia” Association, 1919 Standing: Mosze Rubin, Plocer, Josef Rubin, Israel Galewski. Sitting: Szmidt, Benjamin Graubart, Dina Baran. 322
103 “Agudat Zion” Committee prior to the Aliya of its Secretary, M. Rubin, 1935. Standing: A. Kowalski, Kiper, Rotkopf, M. Sochaczower. B. C. Globus Sitting: J. Galewski, Kruk, M. Rubin, Dr. Fajnberg, Rozencwajg 322
104 The “Freiheit” stand at the JNF Bazaar, 1932 Standing: Zalke, Sz. Grinszpan Sitrting: Walfisz, ... 326
105 Members of “Freiheit” upon the visit of the Chaverim (comrades) Yschaevitz and Perlgritz from Eretz Israel, 1930. In the center: the chairman Dawid Krotenberg. 327
106 Entrance to the great Beth Midrash and the offices of the community 328
107 The funeral cortege of Leib Cohn, passing through Synagogalna street (1935) 329
108 Pinhas Schwarz (Kruk) 331
109 Opening ceremony of the “Bund” Workers Library on the name of Michalewicz, 1930 Sitting, part of the presidency: J. M. Ilower, A. Cyprian, Korita, M. Ziskind, J. G. Bornsztein, Lichtemstein, Stupaj 332
110 “Bund” leaders, 1936 Sitting: B. C. Jagoda, J. G. Burstyn, J. M. Ilower (Oliver), A. W. Zylbernerg, M. Ziskind Standing: L. Eliasz, A. Papiercyk, S. Lichtenstein, A. Cyperian, M. Jakobowicz 334
111 Instructors of the scouts' movement “Hatzofim” leaders, 1916 In the center: Jakob Zeligman 336
112 “Hashomer Hatzair” instructors, 1917 Standing: Stczygm Lew, Parwa, Sara Kivshani, Rozenberg, Szechtman, Lonia Prawa, Fema Kowalska, Meir Kanarek, Abraham Ostrower, Szczigelski Sitting: Mania Fliderblum, Rozka Kanarek, Glowinska, The teachers: Indelman, Wigodski, Frydman, Zeligman, Dina Baran, Taub At the bottom: Szmuel Kruk, Mosze Rubin, Kuba Lichtenstein 337
113 A “Hashomer Hatzair” group (1922) At the top: Waserman, Zalcberg, Fiszman, Kruk, Komorowski, Luszynski In the middle: Koenigsberg, Syma, Zlotnik Ruchama, Artur Ber Sitting: Zylberstein Chawa, Kohen Fela, Kryszek Andzia, the instructor: Zylber. 338
114 A group of “Hashomer Hatzair” leaders (1927) At the bottom: Warszawiak, Rega Ber, Prusak, Hamburger, Kohen. In the middle: Kurstein, Altman, Prusak, Jaszjewicz (Ben Yaacov), Glowinski At the top: Kosoy, Rozental, Tilman, Melnik, Waserman, Borenstein Roza, Taub, ..., Kowadlo, Parwalonia 339
115 Tobka Beatus Hy”d 340
116 A group of “Hashomer Haleumi” (1929) At the top: Ojer, Najdorf, Makowicz, Koenigsberg, Pagorek, Szperling, R. Koenigsberg In the middle: Czerkas, ..., ..., ..., Zylberberg, Szymanska, Galewski At the bottom: Stern, Eisenberg, Rechtman 341
117 A group of “Akiba” activists (1936) At the top: Mordechai Kalawierski, Jochewet Graubard-Braun, Dawid Eisenberg, Batia Glogowska, Chanka Borenstein, Eliahu Eisenberg. Sitting: Zehava Szapira, Beniamin Galewski, Efraim Makowicz, Meir Pagorek, Lew Goldberg. 343
118a Invitation to the Opening of the “Akiba” Training Center Names mentioned: Dr. Jehuda Oharensztejn, Izaak Fajnberg, Rabbi J. Askanas, Prof. D. Ajzenberg, Dr. R. Ber – Kanarkowa, Dr. J. Bresler, J. Farbowa, J. Galewski, Z. Kowalska, H. Rotkop, B. Rotman, W. Szperling  
118 A group of “Akiba” girl members (1937) At the top: ..., Graubart Zosia, Borenstein Chanka. In the middle: Parwa Rozka, Altman Fela, Eisenberg Dawid (instructor) Przedcz Chania, Najdorf Franka, Graubart Jadzia. At the bottom: ..., Przanica Marisia, Biniamin Galewski (instructor), Morstein Rozka, .... 344
119 A group “Akiba” scouts (1936) At the top: Josef Krajcer, A. Szulman, A. Jeszon, ..., ..., M. Klawrajski. Sitting: H. Rawina, B. Zeligson, Beniamin Galewski (instructor), ..., Jakob Krajcer, Libson. 345
120 A group of “Akiba” seniors (1937) At the top: Eisenberg Eliahu, Goldberg lea, Glogowska Batia, Nasielska, Eiseberg Dawid. Sitting: Galewski Beniamin, Szapira Zehava, Pagorek Meir, Okolica Rozka,Guzik Staszek 346
121 A group of “Maccabi” founders Sitting: J. Przenica, L. Goldberg, K. Hazan. Standing: M. Plonskier, W. Marjenstras, B. Zeigman, J. Penson 348
122 A group of “Maccabi” members with their sport equipment, 1915 349
123 The leaders of the first “Maccabi” calisthenics group Plonskier, Zeligman, Marjenstras, Penson 349
124 Calisthenics at the first public appearance of “Maccabi”, 1916 350
125 A parade of guests from Warsaw, Wloclawek, Kutno and Lodz pass through the streets of Plock. 350
126 Programme of a regional sports show of “Maccabi”, 1916 351
127 Members of Wloclawek “Maccabi” with their bands arrive by steam boat 351
128 Part of the large public attendance at a “Maccabi” performance 351
129 A group of “Maccabi” members, 1916 At the top: H. Baran, J. Nordenberg, J. Wingoron, Epstein, D. Zeligman In the second row: Weicman, L. Waserman, I. Rubin, Bromberger, M. Marinsztras, Kanarek Sitting in the third row: L. Hazan, B. Zeligman, K. Hazan, W. Marinsztras, J. Przenica, J. Penson, L. Perlmuter At the bottom: H. Przenica, Szlosberg, H. Kruk, J. Penson 352
130 The public at the Municipal Theater during the first “Maccabi” display, 1915 352
131 “Maccabi” Commission for helping the victims of the Lwow pogrom, 1918 Standing: Dudek Zeligman, Poczycha, Katriel (Kurt) Hazan, Leon Goldberg, Hersz Stern, Bolek Koenigsberg, Jakob Penson, Icchak Rubin Sitting in the middle: Szlomo Przenica,Jarzej Penson, Jakob Nordenberg, Hela keselman, Klara Lajzerowicz, Rozka Szenwicz, Chawa Maizels , Luba Kanarek, Josef Kanarek Sitting at the bottom: Genia Kruk, Fiszman 353
132 “Maccabi” Committee, 1921 Sitting: Icchak Rubin, Lajb Perlmuter, Katriel Hazan, H. Racionzer, H. Stern Standing: N. Dorbynka, B. Koenigsberg, M. Rozental, Berek Zeligman, Josef Magnes 354
133 The first football team of “Maccabi”, 1926/7 At the bottom: Blotnik, Mucny, Kowal In the middle: Kroyn, Licht, Segal At the top: Mendelson, Lewkowicz, Tynski, Roza Kosowocki, The trainer: I. Rozenfeld 354
134 “Maccabi” girls group with their leader Berek Zeligman, 1918 355
135 A group of “Maccabi” girls, 1919 At the bottom: Markowicz, Kruk – the instructor In the middle: Sdzawka, Zeligman, the instructor M. Plonskier, Zylberger, Widawska At the top: Wyor, Rozenfeld, ..., Taub, ... 356
136 Calisthenics at the first public appearance of “Maccabi”, 1916 356
137 A group of “Maccabi” girls, 1924 The instructors in the middle: I. Kohen, I. Rozenfeld, A. Lewkowicz 356
138 “Maccabi” Football team, 1929 357
139 Farewell party in honor of Berek Zeligman and family, 1925 357
140 “Maccabi” sports leaders course, 1933 Sitting in the middle: Eng. Szajnwicz, Dr. Bresler, Eng. Margolies, Kaplanski (the instructor), M. Rubin (manager of the course) 358
141 Visit of the “Maccabi” motorcyclists of Tel Aviv in Plotzk, 1930 (the first one from the left is the group commander, engineer Arazi). 359
142 A group of “Maccabi” members, prior to the Aliya of the Hazan family, 1933 Standing: Eliahau Baran, Malgot, Magnes, Mosze Rubin, Artek Galewski, Josef Rubin, Kruk, Gad Tynski Sitting: Zajderman, Firstenberg, Katriel Hazan, Feliks argolis, Michla hazan, Eng. Szenwicz, Hersz Stern 360
143 A “Maccabi” parade in the streets of town, 1932 360
144 “Maccabi” marchers through Plotzk streets Leading the group: Gad Tynski 360
145 Parade of “Maccabi” on Sports-day, 1934 361
146 Public Committee for the dedication of the “Maccabi” Flag, 1933 362
147 The stage of the City Theatre at the dedication ceremony of the “Maccabi” Flag, 1933 Presidency: Kruk, Szkarlat, Nymczyk (representative of the center), Eng. Szajnwicz, Mrs. Szajnwicz, Eng. Margolis, M. Rubin, Mosze Altberg, Dr. Rotfeld (delgate to the Polish Sajm and representative of the center), Sochaczower, Dr. Marienstras Standing at the front: Baran Eliahu, Malgot Mosze. 362
148 “Maccabi” Committee prior to Aliya of Rubin family (1935) Standing: Gombinski, Lewkowicz, Magnes, Gad Tynski, Kruk. Sitting: Prusak, Eng. Margulies, Mosze Rubin, Dyna Rubin, Malgot, Artek Galeski. 363
149 Farewell banquet in honor of Dina and Moshe Rubin (1935) 363
150 The “Maccabi” canoes on the Vistula 364
151 Bicycle race of “Maccabi” in 1933 – ceremonyfor the winners Second from left: Rudek Lubranicki – the hero of the Treblinka revolt. In the center: Eng. Margulies, M. Rubin, M. Rubin, Dr. M. Marienstras 365
152 Programmes of various sports events of “Maccabi” 365
153 A group of Maccabi girls with their leader Lichtenstein (1938) 367
154 A “Maccabi” group with leaders (1938): Goldberg, Szenwicz, Lichtenstein, Baran. 368
155 Calisthenics at the first public appearance of “Maccabi”, 1916 369
156 Nathan Korzen 370
157 Nathan Korzen: House 371
158 Nathan Korzen: Portrait of S. Segalowicz 371
159 Nathan Korzen: Portrait of the writer I. M. Weissenberg 372
160 Nathan Korzen: Plotzk Landscape 372
161 Nathan Korzen: Boy with flowers 373
162 Fishl Zylberberg-Zber 374
163 Fishl Zylberberg-Zber: The Prisoner 375
164 Fishl Zylberberg-Zber: My uncle 375
165 Fishl Zylberberg-Zber: Peasant and a cow 377
166 Fishl Zylberberg-Zber Among the houses in Jews' Street 379
167 Fishl Zylberberg-Zber: View from Szeroka Street 379
168 Jechiel Meir (Maximilian) Eljowicz 382
169 Max Eljowicz: The Warsaw Dayan, R' Hershl Weiss 382
170 Max Eljowicz: Meir Dizengoff in 1936 383
171 Max Eljowicz: A Jewish porter 383
172 David Tuszynski 384
173 David Tuszynski: Memories of Plotzk 385
174 David Tuszynski: Goats Lane 385
175 David Tuszynski : Spice box 386
176 David Tuszynski: Anna Frank 386
177 Shmuel Har-Shalom (Friedenberg) 387
178 Shmuel Har-Shalom: The Old Man 387
179 Shmuel Har-Shalom: From Bondage to Freedom 387
180 Shmuel Har-Shalom: Water Drawers 388
181 Nahum Sokolov 391
182 Itzhak Grinbaum 393
183 The Nazi murderers walk on the “Tumy”, third from left: the murderer Himler (Photo: “Notatki Plockie” Nr. 17/18, 1960). 451
184 The last sign of life - a month before deportation, sent by the Red Cross Names identified: Herman, Renia, Iciek, Bela, Luba - 28.1.1941. 455
185 The only document from German sources attesting to the fact that the Jews of Plotzk were deported on February 20, 1941 Names in the document: Mojzesz Leib Rubin, Tel Aviv, Chaim Ber Rubin, Plock. 456
186 February 1941: The last day of the ancient community - deportation! 457
187 Gate to the Dzialdowo concentration camp 458
188 A map of exile and extermination places of the Plotzk Jews 460
189 Arrival of the Plotzk deportees at the Chmielnik railway station (1941) 462
190 Arrival of the Plotzk deportees at the Chmielnik railroad station 488
191 A memorial assembly of the Sheerit Hapleita (the survivors) in Germany, 1947 504
192 Part of letter by the Committee of the Plocker refugees in Bodzentyn (Ringelblum Archive). Signed (the Committee): Dr. Bluman J., Ajzyk J., Cytryn H., Ankan J. (?), Horowitz J. Eng. Rubin J. 507
193 A letter sent by Icek Szpilman and his mother from Zarki (March, 1941). 516
194 A page of a letter written by Chaim Flaks 525
195 Reconstruction model of the Treblinka death camp (made by Jakob Wiernik) at Beth Lochamei Hagetaot 544
196 Marian Platkiewicz, son of Jakob and mother ne'e Girek. 545
197 Rudek Lubraniecki, one of the heroes and victims of the Treblinka revolt 550
198 Moshe Bahir (Szklarek) 553
199 One of the hells on earth: Sobibor 554
200 Wladystaw Broniewski, the Polish poet 559
201 Itzhak Bernsztein H”yd – a writer and an activist 560
202 “Treblinka”, Sculpture in stone by Prof. A. Ber 574
203 Y I Z K O R 575
204 Memorial Tablet of Plotzk Jewry on Mount Zion 576
205 The first Seder night of the Sheerit Hapleita (surviors), 1946 606
206 “Oneg Shabbat” of Plotzk returnees, 1946 607
207 A group of Germans who were brought to the grave of Jews murdered by the Nazis 610
208-209 Exhumation - Opening of a mass grave, in which 25 Jews murdered by the Nazis had been buried. Their names were: Grynszpan Mosze, Sadzowka Mosze, Bogacz Reuwen, Plocker Hersz, Przachedzki Dawid and his son Abraham, Flaks Abraham and his son Pinchas, Rotblat Simcha Lajb, Szwarc Moniek, Porzka Jakob, Bursztyn Abram, Bursztyn Israel, Kredit Mark, Zilberberg Hersz Reuwen, Fajka Efraim, Papierczyk Fiszel, Korstein Mosze, Szmit Aharon Lajzer, Goldberg, Graubard Efraim, Rifenholc Icchak, Kamzel, Herszkowicz Cadok, Zgal Alter. 610
210 Unveiling of the Memorial Monument 612
211 The Memorial to the Holocaust victims, erected in 1949 on the grounds of the cemeetry (designed by Architect A. Perlmuter). 613
212 The Synagogue in its loneliness and destruction 614
213 Israel Gerszon Bursztyn, speaking at a meeting of Plotzk Jews 617
214 A memorial assembly of the Sheerit Hapleita (survivors), 1947 619
215 Memorial service for the martyrs of Plotzk and vicinity (Plock, Wyszogrod, Gombin, Ciechanow, Mlawa, Bodzentyn). 620
216 A kindergarten of the Sheerit Hapleita. In the middle: Alfred Blaj 625
217 Memorial meeting at Landsberg (Germany), 1947 629
218 A newspaper published by the Cultural Committee of the Sheerit Hapleita,1946 632
219 Those who “came back” in 1946. In the center: Alfred Blaj 633
220 The road to the river – nowadays 639
221 Sheerit Hapleita (survivors) Committee. Sitting: J. G. Chanachowicz, Mrs. Giterman, Mrs. Koenigsberg, Lichtenstein. Standing: Nachmanowicz, Eisenberg, Margolin, Buch. 642
222 Gathering of people from Plotzk in Tel Aviv, 1928 643
223 First post-war convention of the Plotzk Association in Israel with the participation of Itzhak Grinbaum, 1951 644
224 Unveiling of memorial stone in the Plotzk Martyrs' Forest 645
225 “El Male Rachamim” recitation at a “Yizkor” meeting in Tel Aviv, 1965 Standing: A. Berland, I. Tynski, M. Aharonowicz, M. Rubin, A. Eizenberg, Sz. Rozen. The cantor: A. Samek 645
226 “Yizkor” meeting at the “Yad Vashem” hall, Jerusalem 645
227 Audience at a Plotzk Association memorial meeting in Tel Aviv, 1965 646
228 Committee members of the Plotzk Association in Israel, 1966 Standing: Sz. Kriszek, B. Galewski, Ester Bar-Am, A. Meiri, M. Zehavi, D. Grynszpan, M. Aharonowicz, A. Berland, I. Zylberberg, Chana Shoshani. Sitting: Franka Okonowski, I. Tynski, E. Eisenberg, M. Rubin, I. Rozenblum, G. Kriszek, I. Ben Ishai (Fuchs). 647
229 The first Plotzk-pioneers - Halutzim in Eretz-Israel, 1920 Standing: Zyg Yosef, Rozanski-Shoshani Naftali, Kruwiner Mordechai, Kruwiner Icchak. Sitting: Czernobroda-Jecheskeli Elisza, Blutnik-Yosifun Jecheskel 649
230 Meeting of Plotzk-born people in Tel Aviv 650
231 Plotzk Halutzim of the “Primus” group, 1928 The group carried with her primus stove in all her tours in Erezt Israel and so “Primus” became its name. At the top: A. Perlgryc, Tzidkoni, Azriel Jaszewicz At the bottom in the middle: Dancyger, Kohen. 651
232 Sgan-Aluf (Lieutenant Colonel in IDF) Itzhak Barak (Zeligman) 653
233 Mordechai Licht 656
234 Josef Rosenfeld 656
235 Eliyahu Krouvi (Kapusta) 657
236 Uri Kinamon 657
237 70th Anniversary Jubilee Committee of the Plotzker Young Mens' Association in New York B. Okolica, I. Bernstein, S. Ejron, I. Gomberg, H. Lipner M. Magnes, S. Borenstein, M. Lewi, L. Bomzon, S. Sztejnberg 659
238 Committee members of the Plotzk Association in Paris at a flag dedication ceremony. 661
239 Convention of Plotzk people in Israel with the participation of Itzhak Grinbaum 664
240 Pilgrimage to the Plotzk Memorial Section of the Martyrs' Forest in the Judean mountains near Jerusalem. 665
241 Kindling of Memorial Light at the “Yizkor Tent” of “Yad Vashem” in Jerusalem. 666
242 Memorial tablet for the Plotzk Community at the Holocaust Chamber on Mount Zion in Jerusalem 666
243 Audience at a Plotzk Association memorial meeting in Tel Aviv, 1958 667
244 Festive gathering in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Plotzk Association in New York 671
245 Shlomo Greenspan z”l 673
246 Title-page of the book “Yiden of Plotzk” by Shlomo Greenspan (New York, 1960). 673
247 Title-page of the book published by the Plotzk Society in the Argentine 675
248 Committee of the Plotzk Society in the Argentine on the occasion of Michael Zylberberg's visit 1949 676
249 Executive dais at the dedication ceremony of the Plotzk Society flag in Paris From the left: Dr. Sz. Luszynski, Dr. Tonia and Hersz Rusak, Chanka Cymerman, her husband and others 678
250 Image in the English Part : The Plotzk fortress in 1627 E 9


Drawings by Yaakov Guterman

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262-12 446
263-13 447
264-14 485
265-15 502
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