Mir Memorial Book

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Translation from
Sefer Mir

Edited by: N. Blumenthal

Published by the "Encyclopedia of the Diaspora" in Jerusalem, 1962



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This is a translation from: Sefer Mir (Memorial book of Mir),
Editors: N. Blumenthal, Jerusalem, The Encyclopedia of the Jewish Diaspora, 1962 (H,Y,E, 768 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Mir

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English Section

13  Introduction
17  Mir - the City of the Torah by M. Tiktinski
27  Personalities in Israel and Overseas originating from Mir by Natan Gardi
33  Mir - before the destruction by Simha Reznik
41  The German Occupation and Liquidation of Mir by Miriam Swirnowski-Lieder

Hebrew Section

29  History of the Jews of Mir / Dr. N. M. Gelber
45  Rabbis of the Mir Congregation / M. Sinovitz
         1 - Moshe
         2 - Tzvi Hirsch HaCohen Rappaport
          3 - Shlomo Zalman Mirkes
         4 - Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Eizenstadt
         5 - The “Gaon” Yosef David Eizenstadt
         6 - Rabbi Moshe Avraham Eizenstadt
         7 - Rabbi Chaim Zalman Bressler
         8 - The “Gaon” Yom Tov Lipman (R. Lipa)
         9 - The “Gaon” Ba'al Hadar
75  The “Gaon” Elihu Baruch Kamai / HaRov Ruben Gollick
77  Avraham Tzvi Kamai / HaRov Elchanan Soritzkin
83  The community of Mir during the “Council of Lands” period/ H. Berlis
99  History of the Mir Yeshiva / M. Sinowitz
115  The “Gaon” Chaim Yehuda Leib Tiktinski / Moshe Tiktinski
119  Memories of the Mir Yeshiva / L. Mendelstam, HaRov Tzvi Hirsch Masliyonski, & A. R. Mashvitzki
123  Yerucham Livovitz, HaMasgiah of the Yeshiva / M. Sinovitz
127  Yerucham Livovitz / N. Gordai
131  Scholars in Mir / Tiktinski

Memories From The Past

137  Yeshua Zuchovitzer / Yitzhak Zuchovitzky
143  When the Grandfather Left / Zalman Rubashov (Shazar)
151  The Defense of Mir / Y. Shmulevitz
155  The Geniuses & Honor of Mir / Chanoch Rakovitz
163  Bread for the Poor / M. Tiktinski

Between The Two Wars

169  My city Mir / Simcha Resnick
185  In my city of Mir / Tzvi Packer
197  A walk in Mir's streets / Bruria Rettner Rosenblum
203  Material merchants / Bruria Rettner Rosenblum
209  Sofer / S. Resnick
213  The Jewish Elementary School / S. Resnick
227  The Library / Moshe Ravni (Postvoski)
233  The Library Comes Back to Town / Nisan Gardi (Garvadzitski)
235  Pioneers / S. Resnick
253  The Chevra Kadisha (Burial Society) / S. Resnick

Persons And Periods

265  Mir Chapters / Zalman Shazar
283  People of Note in Mir / Y. Yoselevitz
         Elihu Baruch Kamai
         Akiva Goldberg
         Zeev Yoselevitz
289  From the days I lived in Mir / Aryeh Leib Schwartz
291  Characters / S. Margolin
         1- The Talmud Torah
         2 - The genius from Minsk
         3 - “G'milot Chesed” [loan society]
         4 - Yaacov Abaranok
297  The Youth / S. Resnick
         Chaim Shmukler
         Nachum Elihu Kogon
         Eliezer Gorodner
         Pinkus Resnick
         Avraham Kastrovitzki
         Avraham Piezitzner
305  Establishments With People & Tzedekah / M Tiktinski

The Holocaust

313  Osvald Rufeisen / S. Resnick, M. R'uveiny
329  Resistance of the Jews of Mir / Dov Resnick
         Osvald Ruteisen
347  Children of the Partisans / S. Resnick
355  The Destruction of Mir / Zalman Leib Hoffman
359  Trees on the Edge of the Pits / S. Resnick

People Of Mir In Israel And Other Countries

365  People of Mir in the Building of Israel / N. Avir
379  Alexander Manor / Zalman Shazar

Men of Mir

385  Moshe R'uveiny
389  ”Hashomer Hatzair”/ Moshe Kraynowitz
393  Rabbi Isser Zalman Meltzer / R Tzvi Yehuda Meltzer
401  Three generations / Alexander Manor
415  The Shachor home / Zalman Shachor
419  Yishaya Tiktinski / M. Tiktinski
421  Yishaya Tiktinski / Sonia Shvirif
423  Men of Mir in the Hagannah
425  Men of Mir amongst the Partisans
429  Shlomo Meiman / M. Sinovitz
433  Rabbis of Mir / M. Sinovitz
         Avraham Yaakov Lesser
         Yaakov Meir son of Avraham Dov Ber HaCohen
         Baruch Zandel Margolin
         Yaakov Eskolsky
         Israel Isaacson
         Aryeh Leib Zeev from Vilna
         Israel Yaakov of Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Hirsch
         Gershon Tanchum
         Shemai Yelyad Mir
         Ephraim Zalman Halevi Slutzky
         Ezra Altshuler
         Yaakov Yoselevski
         Yosef David Shahar
         Meir Shahar
         Herschel Eliasberg

Yiddish Section

Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Mir of Old Times

449 History of the Jews of Mir / Dr. N. M. Gelber
465 My town Mir / Noach Mishkowski
475 The Yeshiva / Yosef Rolnik
483 Three Libraries / Yosef Rolnik
487 In our town / Yosef Rolnik
  The “right”
  A plundered house
  Beating up the “Pristav”
  Beating up a teacher
  The Shilhoyf [“Synagogue courtyard”]
497 A town of birth / M. I. Chaimowitz
503 The burned up synagogue / G. Tcharni
507 Mir - at the end of the 19th century / Mania Rubashov-Iskalski
509 The “gang”
513 The first fire / Menashe Tzinkin
515 Long ago in Mir / Alte Slotzki-Famertchik
521 The first secular Jewish school / Noach Mishkowski
525 A Shavuot-Holiday night at the Yeshiva / Chaim Semiatitzki
529 From American Universities in the Polish Yeshivas
533 The Mir Jewish Elementary School 1917-1939 / Mendel Tabatchnik
541 Unzer Kinder Velt [Our Children's World] / The story of our Journal
        How I caught a dove / M. Kaminer
        Spring / A. Shmiklen
        Spring / Chaia Yoselewitz
        Free as a bird / Rachel Kaminer
        Motele and Kotele
545 The Mir Drama Club / Mendel Tabatchnik
555 Mendel Tabatchnik / Simcha Reznik
559 Memories from long ago / Mania Schwarz (Miriam Slutzki)
563 Types and personalities / Mendel Tabatchnik
        Reizl Yakov Meyers (Yoselewitz)
        Djame Yoselewitz
        Yosef Mazurewitz (Leib Bers)
        Chaim Djuck and Moshe'l Ginsburg
573 Yashe the Melamed [teacher] / M. Tzinkin

Destruction and Bravery

581 The years 1939-1941 / Miriam Swirnovski (Mariasha Lieder)
587 Memories from the German Occupation / Ester Krinitzki-Gorodieski-Bercowitz
601 We got off with fright / M. Lieder-Swirnovski
        A new commander
        Coffee beans
        Swastikas on the doors
607 The Jewish quarter / M. Lieder-Swirnovski
611 The first great massacre 9 Sept. 1941 / M. Lieder-Swirnovski
617 The miracle of the seventh Chanuka-light / M. Lieder-Swirnovski
619 A pancake for a hungry person / M. Lieder-Swirnovski
621 After the first destruction / Alte Salutzki
627 The last day in the Ghetto / Devora Rakowitz-Ressel
631 The battle against the Germans / Beretchke Reznik
645 From the life of the partisans / Shimon Kagan
647 We say farewell to the graves / Devora Rakowitz-Ressel
651 The Yahrzeit [memorial day] of Mir
653 A poem by an unknown poet in the camp / H. Leivik
655 Al Chet [For these sins] / Yudel Peker
657 The Yizkor [memorial] box / Beruria Rosenblum Ratner
659 In memory of our beloved who perished / Feigel Shmushkewitz
661 In memory of the pure souls / Yehuda Shkliar

The War in our Country

669 Rivka Liess / I. Baratz; I. Neter; Chayuta; Yehoshua Manoach
675 David Liess; Michael Liess / Rivka Liess
677 Moshe Shmukler / Binyamin Gurewitz
679 Menachem Shany
679 Zvi Schuster / Ida; Avraham Z.; Arie Bauer

In Memory of the Missing

685 Moshe Kaminer / S. Reznik
685 Herschl Pernokov / Beretchke Reznik
687 Yosef Kaplan / Zviya Peker
689 Yosef Kaplan / Shoshana Ben Yehuda
689 Shlomo Itzkowitz / M. Reuveni (Postovski)

Mir Landsleit Organizations

697 Association of Mir Olim [immigrants] in Israel / S. Margolin
699 Our American friend / M. Swirnovski-Lieder
701 Z. L. Hoffman / Nissan Gardi
705 The Mir Aid Association in Buenos Aires / M. Levandovski
725 List of martyrs


M. Tiktinski, S. Reznik, Natan Gardi, M Reuweni, Nissan Gardi, Sh. Margolin, Bruria Rosenblum,
Elieser Breslin, Dov Resnik (Berechke), M Kreinowitz, Moshe Yorshan.

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