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List of Martyrs from Mád, Hungary

Edited by Yocheved Klausner


Sex Marital
Name of
ALTER Samuel M Married   141
ALTER   F Married Samuel 141
ALTER Imre M     141
ALTER Judit F     141
BANBERGER Terez F     141
BENDETZ Samuel M     141
BENDETZ Dr. Mor M     141
BENDETZ   F Married Sandor 141
BEIN Dezso M Married   141
BEIN   F Married Dezso 141
BEIN Eva F     141
BEIN Vera F     141
BISCHITZ Laszlo M     141
BERGER Mihaly M Married   141
BERGER   F Married Mihaly 141
BLASZBERGER Dr. Vilmos M Married   141
BLASZBERGER   F Married Vilmos 141
BLASZBERGER Lilla F     141
BRAUN Jeno M Married   141
BRAUN   F Married Jeno 141
BRAUN Erno M     141
BRAUN Tibor M     141
BRAUN Ignac M Married   141
BRAUN   F Married Ignac 141
BRAUN Ella F     141
BRAUN Jeno M     141
BRAUN Gizella F     141
BRENNESZ Jozsef M Married   141
BRENNESZ   F Married Jozsef 141
BRENNESZ Eva F     141
BRENNESZ Ervin M     141
BREIER   F Married Samuel 141
BRUNN Dezso M Married   141
BRUNN   F Married Dezso 141
BRUNN Ilona F     141
BRUNN Lajos M     141
CSASZAR   F Married Samuel 141
DANZINGER Sandor M Married   141
DANZINGER   F Married Sandor 141
DANZINGER Eva F     141
DANZINGER Olga F     141
DANZINGER Hilda F     141
DEUTSCH Elkan M     141
DEUTSCH Iren F     141
DEUTSCH Erno M Married   141
DEUTSCH   F Married Erno 141
DEUTSCH Geza M Married   141
DEUTSCH   F Married Geza 141
DEUTSCH Ferenc M     141
DEUTSCH Ibolya F     141
DEUTSCH   F Married Lajos 141
DEUTSCH Sandor M     141
DEUTSCH Tibor M     141
EDELMANN Izidor M Married   141
EDELMANN   F Married Izidor 141
EDELMANN Sandor M     141
EDELMANN Magda F     141
EDELMANN Jolan F     141
EDELMANN Erzsebet F     141
EHRENREICH Moshe Juda M Married   141
EHRENREICH   F Married Moshe Juda 141
EHRENREICH Jete Elka F     141
EHRENREICH Haiim Zvi M     141
EHRENREICH Gitel F     141
EHRENREICH   F Married Henrik 141
FEDER Miksa M     141
FEDER Dezso M Married   141
FEDER   F Married Dezso 141
FEDER Panni F     141
FISCH Ignac M Married   141
FISCH   F Married Ignac 141
FISCH Ibolya F     141
FISCH Lajos M     141
FISCH Imre M     141
FLEGMANN Mor M Married   141
FLEGMANN   F Married Mor 141
FLEGMANN Nathan M     141
FREILICH Zoltan M Married   141
FREILICH   F Married Zoltan 141
FREILICH Edit F     141
FREILICH Valeria F     141
FREILICH Ilona F     141
FREILICH Klara F     141
FRIEDLANDER Lajos M     141
FRIEDLANDER David M Married   141
FRIEDLANDER   F Married David 141
FRIEDLANDER Sandor M Married   141
FRIEDLANDER   F Married Sandor 141
FRIEDLANDER Pali M     141
FRIEDLANDER Jeno M Married   142
FRIEDLANDER   F Married Jeno 142
FRIEDLANDER Vera F     142
FRIEDLANDER Karoly M     142
FRIEDLANDER Judit F     142
FRIEDLANDER Andor M     142
FRIEDMANN Jozsef M     142
FRIEDMANN Aja F     142
FRIEDMANN Sandor M Married   142
FRIEDMANN   F Married Sandor 142
FRIEDMANN Agi F     142
FRIEDMANN   F Married Jozsef 142
FULOP Samuel M Married   142
FULOP   F Married Samuel 142
GELB Herman M     142
GLUCK Izsak M Married   142
GLUCK   F Married Izsak 142
GLUCK Lipot M     142
GLUCK Marton M     142
GLUCK Herman M     142
GLUCK Helen F     142
GLOZIRES Miklos M Married   142
GLOZIRES   F Married Miklos 142
GLOZIRES Szilvia F     142
GOLDBERGER Simon M Married   142
GOLDBERGER   F Married Simon 142
GOLDBERGER Lazar M     142
GOLDBERGER Herman M     142
GOLDBERGER Izidor M     142
GOLDBERGER Edit F     142
GOLDBERGER Mozes M     142
GOLDMAN   F Married Salamon 142
GOLDSTEIN   F Married Menyhert 142
GOTTLIEB   F Married Majse 142
GROSZMANN   F Married Marton 142
GROSZMANN Geza M Married   142
GROSZMANN   F Married Geza 142
GROSZMANN Adel F     142
GROSZMANN Zoltan M     142
GRUNBERGER   F Married Armin 142
GRUNBERGER Miklos M     142
GRUNBERGER Imre M     142
GRUNBERGER Hajnal F     142
GRUNWALD   F Married Jakab 142
GRUNWALD Erno M Married   142
GRUNWALD   F Married Erno 142
GROSZ Istvan M     142
HARTMANN Sandor M     142
HERSKOVICS   F Married Matyas 142
HERSKOVICS Marta F     142
HERSKOVICS Judit F     142
HORVATH   F Married David 142
JAKABOVICS   F Married Jeno 142
JAKABOVICS Erzsebet F     142
KATZ Sandor M Married   142
KATZ   F Married Sandor 142
KATZ Kato F     142
KATZ Iren F     142
KATZ Tibor M     142
KIRSCH   F Married Herman 142
KIRSCH Zoltan M     142
KLEIN Lajos M     142
KLEIN Szidonia F     142
KOHN Miklos M Married   142
KOHN   F Married Miklos 142
KOHN Tibor M     142
KOHN Idiko F     142
KOHN Robert M     142
KOHN Mor M Married   142
KOHN   F Married Mor 142
KONIG Roza F     142
KUPFER   F Married Ignac 142
LASZLO Marton M     142
LEFKOVICS   F Married Jozsef 142
LEFKOVICS Markus M Married   142
LEFKOVICS   F Married Markus 142
LEFKOVICS Vilmos M     142
LEFKOVICS Gyula M Married   142
LEFKOVICS   F Married Gyula 142
LEFKOVICS Zsuzsi F     142
LINDENFELD Emil M     142
LINDENFELD Ervin M     142
LINDENFELD Vera F     142
LOWY Adolf M Married   142
LOWY   F Married Adolf 142
LOWY Samuel M Married   142
LOWY   F Married Samuel 142
LOWY Judit F     142
MIHALY   F Married Armin 143
MIHALY Laszlo M     143
MIHALY Sandor M     143
MORGENSTERN Fulop M     143
MORGENSTERN Mozes M     143
MORGENSTERN Marika F     143
NEUMAN Izrael M     143
NEUMAN Jozsef M     143
NEUMAN Miklos M     143
NEUMAN Ilona F     143
NEUMAN   F Married Miklos 143
NEUMAN Margit F     143
NEUMAN Joli F     143
NEUMAN Anci F     143
NEUMAN Armin M     143
NEUMAN Jozsef M     143
NEUMAN Marton M     143
REINER   F Married Aladar 143
REINER Dezso M     143
REINER Imre M     143
REINER Andor M     143
REINER Eva F     143
REINER Ervin M     143
ROSENBERG Mor M     143
ROSENBERG Imre M     143
ROSENBERG Herman M     143
ROSENBERG Berta F     143
ROSENBERG Janka M     143
ROSENBERG Erika F     143
ROSENBERG Zoltan M Married   143
ROSENBERG   F Married Zoltan 143
ROSENBERG Simon M     143
ROSENBERG Ferenc M     143
ROSENBERG Mor M     143
ROSENBERG Henrik M     143
ROSENFELD   F Married David 143
ROSENFELD Mor M     143
ROSENFELD Lajos M     143
ROSENFELD Vilmos M     143
ROSENFELD Terez F     143
ROSENFELD Jolan F     143
ROTH   F Married Ignac 143
ROTH Teri F     143
ROTH Ferenc M     143
ROTH Vilma F     143
ROTH Bela M     143
ROTH Lili F     143
ROTH Sandor M Married   143
ROTH   F Married Sandor 143
ROTH Eva F     143
RUBINSTEIN   F Married Efrajim 143
SALAMON   F Married Samuel 143
SALZER Jeno M Married   143
SALZER   F Married Jeno 143
SALZER   F Married Jozsef 143
SALZER Denes M     143
SALZER   F Married Vilmos 143
SALZER Ildiko F     143
SALZER Erika F     143
SALZER Tamas M     143
SCHWARZ Eva F     143
SCHWARZ Soma M     143
SCHWARZ Zoltan M Married   143
SCHWARZ   F Married Zoltan 143
SCHWARZ Judit F     143
SCHWARZ Oszkar M     143
SCHWARZ Frigyes M     143
SICHERMANN Mor M Married   143
SICHERMANN   F Married Mor 143
SICHERMANN Agnes M     143
SICHERMANN Endre M     143
SICHERMANN Lajos M     143
SICHERMANN Salamon M Married   143
SICHERMANN   F Married Salamon 143
SICHERMANN Laszlo M     143
SICHERMAN   F Married Ignac 143
SICHERMAN Andras M     143
SICHERMAN Judit F     143
SIEGELBAUM Samuel M Married   143
SIEGELBAUM   F Married Samuel 143
SIEGELBAUM Laszlo M     143
STILLMANN Andor M     143
STILLMANN Bella F     143
SPITZ   F Married Jozsef 143
SPITZ Kato F     143
SPITZ   F Married Pal 144
SPITZ Livia F     144
SPITZER   F Married Jeno 144
SPITZER Olga F     144
SPITZER Livia F     144
SPITZER Tibor M     144
STERN Salamon M Married   144
STERN   F Married Salamon 144
STERN Iren F     144
STERN Sandor M     144
STRASLER Viktor M     144
SZAMET   F Married Armin 144
SZAMET Mendel M Married   144
SZAMET   F Married Mendel 144
SZAMET Bence M     144
SZAMET Ica M     144
SCHARF Salamon M Married   144
SCHARF   F Married Salamon 144
SCHARF Lili F     144
SCHARF Regina F     144
SZTRULOVITZ Zoltan M Married   144
SZTRULOVITZ   F Married Zoltan 144
SZTRULOVITZ Ibolya F     144
TEITELBAUM Miska M     144
TEITELBAUM Bela M     144
TEITELBAUM Erzsebet F     144
TEITELBAUM Anna F     144
TEITELBAUM Klara F     144
TEITELBAUM Mor M     144
TEITELBAUM Mano M     144
TEITELBAUM Terez F     144
VESZI Rezso M Married   144
VESZI   F Married Rezso 144
VESZI Laszlo M     144
VESZI Agnes M     144
WECHTENHEIM Abraham M Married   144
WECHTENHEIM   F Married Abraham 144
WECHTENHEIM Fani F     144
WECHTENHEIM Rozsi F     144
WECHTENHEIM Sandor M     144
WALFISCH Mor M Married   144
WALFISCH   F Married Mor 144
WALFISCH Gabor M     144
WALFISCH   F Married Lajos 144
WALFISCH   F Married Gyula 144
WALFISCH   F Married Erno 144
WALFISCH Vera F     144
WALFISCH Katalin F     144
WEISZ Berta F     144
WEISZ   F Married David 144
WEISZ Jeno M Married   144
WEISZ   F Married Jeno 144
WEISZ Miklos M     144
WEISZ Zoltan M     144
WEISZ Edit F     144
WEISZ Klara F     144
WEISZ Lajos M     144
WEISZ Mor M Married   144
WEISZ   F Married Mor 144
WEINBLUM Adolf M Married   144
WEINBLUM   F Married Adolf 144
WEINBLUM Eva F     144
WEINBLUM Marton M     144
WEINBLUM Tibor M     144
WEINBLUM Olga F     144
WEINBLUM Otto M     144
WEINFELD Arnold M Married   144
WEINFELD   F Married Arnold 144
WEINFELD Eva F     144
WALLER Henrik M Married   144
WALLER   F Married Henrik 144
WALLER Gyula M     144
WALLER Szeren F     144
WICHTER   F Married Hugo 144
WICHTER Andras M     144
ZIMMERMANN Lajos M Married   144
ZIMMERMANN   F Married Lajos 144
ZIMMERMAN   F Married Miklos 144
ZIPSZER Henrik M Married   144
ZIPSZER   F Married Henrik 144
ZIPSZER   F Married Herman 144
ZIPSZER   F Married Markusz 144
ZIPSZER Zoltan M Married   144
ZIPSZER   F Married Zoltan 144
ZIPSZER Klara F     144
ZIPSZER Alice F     144


List of Survivors from Mád, Hungary

Transcribed by Judy Petersen

Surname Given names Residence Remarks Page
BEN ARI (LÖWY) Tova Ramat Gan, Israel   147
BENDETZ Sachne Netanya, Israel   147
BENDETZ Rozsi     147
BENDETZ Berta   see Mrs. ZSOLDOS 147
BLAU (JAKOBOVITS) Gizi Miami, FL, USA   147
BRAUN   Ben Dor, Israel   147
CIZEK (GROSZMAN) Ester Chicago, IL, USA   147
DEUTSCH Aranka Budapest, Hungary Joska, Feri 147
DEUTSCH Terka   see Mrs. KÖVESSI 147
DEUTSCH Magda New York, NY, USA   147
EDELMAN Zvi (Feri) Ramath Yisay, Israel   147
EHRENREICH Lezer New York, NY, USA Rabbi 147
ENGEL (LINDENFELD) Eva Haifa, Israel   147
FEDER Pityu USA   147
FISH Edit   see Nafha 147
FLEGMAN Eva   see Mrs. SALAMON 147
FLEGMAN Jeno Mexico D.F., Mexico   147
FLEGMAN Tibor Mexico D.F., Mexico   147
FRIED (MORGENSTERN) Judith Haifa, Israel   147
FRIEDLANDER Etuka   see Mrs. KOHN 147
FRIEDMAN (FALUDI) Dezso Budapest, Hungary   147
FRIEDMAN Zsenka   see Mrs. WALFISH 147
FRIEDMAN (GROSZMAN) Hanna Washington, D.C., USA   147
GELB Bela Sydney, Australia   147
GRIENBERGER (GROSZMAN) Goldi Brooklyn, NY, USA   147
GOTTLIEB   Los Angeles, CA, USA   147
GROSSMAN Thomas Florence, SC, USA   147
GROSSMAN Edit   see Mrs. KARLSSON 147
GROSSMAN Margit   see Mrs. KUHLMAN 147
GROSSMAN Vera   see Mrs. STORM 147
GROSZMAN Dov Haifa, Israel   147
GROSZMAN Binu   see Mrs. KLEIN 147
GROSZMAN Boriska   see Mrs. KNOPFLER 147
GROSZMAN Ester   see Mrs. CIZEK 147
GROSZMAN Hanna   see Mrs. FRIEDMAN 147
JAKABOVITS Gizi   see Mrs. BLAU 147
KARLSSON (GROSSMAND) Edith Göteburg, Sweden   148
KLEIN (GROSZMAN) Binu Moshav Shafir, Israel   148
KNOPFLER (GROSZMAN) Boriska Brooklyn, NY, USA   148
KOHN (FRIEDLANDER) Etuka New York, NY, USA   148
KOHN Miklos Vienna, Austria   148
KÖVESSI (DEUTSCH) Terka Ma'd, Hungary   148
KRAUS (STILMAN) Mariska Debrecen, Hungary   148
KULMAN (GROSSMAN) Margit Florence, SC, USA   148
LAHAV (ROTH) Rozsi Haifa, Israel   148
LASZLO Iluci Budapest, Hungary   148
LEFKOVITS Josef Tivon, Israel   148
LEIBOVITS (JAKABOTS) Iren Brooklyn, NY, USA   148
LINDENFELD Eva   see Mrs. ENGEL 148
LEWY Arieh Jerusalem, Israel Dr. 148
LEWY Simha Petah Tiqva, Israael   148
LÖWY (SALCZER) Cibi Haifa, Israel   148
LÖWY (SPITZ) Eva Moshav Tifrah, Israel   148
LÖWY Ella   see Mrs. SZAMEK 148
LÖWY Ica   see Mrs. YAARI 148
LÖWY Tova   see Mrs. BEN ARI 148
MORGENSTERN Aranka Budapest, Hungary   148
MORVAI (MORGENSTERN) Siyu Hamilton, Ont., Canada   148
MOSKOVITS David Jerusalem, Israel Rabbi 148
NADAS (NUSSENZWEIG) Miklos Budapest, Hungary   148
NADAS (NUSSENZWEIG) Gyula Budapest, Hungary   148
NADAS (ZIPSER) Margit Ramat Gan, Israel   148
NAFHA (FISH) Sara Jerusalem, Israel   148
NUSSENZWEIG Mrs. Aron Jerusalem, Israel   148
NUSSENZWEIG Bumi Australia   148
NUSSENZWEIG Gittla Australia   148
NUSSENZWEIG Bella Budapest, Hungary Magda, Vera 148
REINER Rozsi   see Mrs. LIEBERMAN 148
ROTH (NEWMAN) Rozsi Israel   148
ROTH (SICHERMAN) Boriska Herzliyah, Israel   148
SALAMON (FLEGMAN) Eva Mexico D.F., Mexico   148
SALCZER Cibi   see Mrs. LÖWY 148
SALCZER (ELIAZ) Josef Haifa, Israel   149
SALCZER Ilonka   see Mrs. SCHWARTZ 149
SALCZER Vilmos Ramat Gan, Israel   149
SICHERMAN Boriska   see Mrs. ROTH 149
SIEGELBAUM Tibi Ramat Hasharon, Israel   149
SILBER Arieh Jerusalem, Israel   149
SILBER Miki Jerusalem, Israel   149
SOMOGYI (SIEGELBAUM) Zoltan Vienna, Austria   149
SONNENSCHEIN Artur Even Yehuda, Israel   149
SPITZ Eva   see Mrs. LÖWY 149
SPITZ Pinhas (Pal) Petah Tiqva, Israael   149
STEINER Josef Ujpest, Hungary   149
STEINER Miklos Brooklyn, NY, USA   149
STERN Jehuda Jerusalem, Israel   149
STERN (SPITZER) Ilonka     149
STILMAN Mariska   see Mrs. KRAUS 149
STERN Pinhas London, England Rabbi 149
STORM (GROSSMAN) Vera Göteburg, Sweden   149
SZAMEK (LÖWY) Ella Ramat Hasharon, Israel   149
SZAMET Ari Debrecen, Hungary   149
SCHWARTZ (SALCZER) Ilonka Jerusalem, Israel Mrs. BLECHER 149
TEITELBAUM Dezso Bnei Barak, Israel   149
TEITELBAUM Erzsi     149
WACHTENHEIM Jacob New York, NY, USA   149
WEISS Pinhas USA   149
WALFISH Ernö Budapest, Hungary   149
WALFISH (FRIEDMAN) Zsenka Ma'd, Hungary   149
YAARI (LÖWY) Ica Herzliyah, Israel   149
ZAGON (SICHERMAN) Menachem Haifa, Israel   149
ZAHORI (SICHERMAN) Arieh Shaar Yashuv, Israel   149
ZIMMERMAN Zsuzsi USA   149
ZSOLDOS Istvan Budapest, Hungary   149
ZSOLDOS (BENDETZ) Berta     149
ZSUPNIK Heskel Jerusalem, Israel   149


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