Preserving Our Litvak Heritage – Volume II
A History of 21 Jewish Communities in Lithuania

Author: Josef Rosin

Introduction by Professor Dov Levin, Hebrew University

Edited by: Don Loon and Joel Alpert

Proofread by: Sue Levy

Published by: JewishGen, League City, TX

First Printing: February 2007, Shevat 5767



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Joel Alpert


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Our sincere appreciation to Josef Rosin and Joel Alpert,
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Preserving Our Litvak Heritage - Volume II (A History of 21 Jewish Communities in Lithuania)
Author: Josef Rosin, Edited by Don Loon and Joel Alpert, Proofread by Sue Levy
Published by JewishGen, League City, TX , 2007

Protecting Our Litvak Heritage: A History of 21 Jewish Communities in Lithuania (pdf version)

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Map of Lithuania  
Preface i
Introduction ii
About the Author xviii
Glossary xxii
Lithuanian Name Yiddish Name Page
Alsėdžiai Alsiad 1
Antalieptė Antalept 10
Balbieriškis Balbirishok 20
Darbėnai Dorbyan 32
Gruzdžiai Gruzd 44
Kelmė Kelem 50
Kavarskas Kovarsk 78
Mažeikiai Mazheik 86
Pajūris Payure 102
Plungė Plungyan 108
Raguva Rogeve 142
Salakas Salok 152
Saločiai Salat 162
Širvintos Shirvint 166
Šaukėnai Shukyan 178
Užpaliai Ushpol 186
Vyžuonos Vizhun 194
Varniai Vorne 206
Zarasai Ezheremi 222
Žagarė Zhager 242
Žiežmariai Zhezhmer 280


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