Our Hometown Goniondz
(Goniądz, Poland)

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Translation of Sefer yizkor Goniadz

Edited by J. Ben-Meir (Treshansky)

Published in Tel-Aviv, 1960

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Project Coordinator

Suzanne Scheraga

Sefer yizkor Goniadz (Our hometown Goniondz), Editor J. Ben-Meir (Treshansky), Tel-Aviv,
The Committee of Goniondz Association in the USA and in Israel, 1960 (H,Y,E).

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Note from Project Coordinator: This project has taken over 15 years and is the product of many individuals. Because there were several professional and non-professional translators, there are many inconsistencies in spelling and style. Many improvements could be made with editing, but we do not have the resources to do more. It is our hope that a future volunteer will prepare the translation for the “Yizkor Books in Print” initiative.


Translated by Shayna Kravetz

    Our Hometown Goniondz[1] IX-XX
    Foreword – M.S. Ben-Meir z”l[2] 21-22
    [Hebrew translation – ALF][3] 23-24
Part I – Communal History
    Goniondz – Moshe[4] Bachrach[5], Los Angeles 33-36
    Our hometown – A. Miltshan, Tel Aviv 37-46
    Historical extract 47-48
    Goniadz in the Middle Ages 49-50
    Historical reports about Goniondz 49-52
    [Political] parties in Goniondz – Fishl Yitzhak Treshtshanski, Tel Aviv 53-62
    Zionism in Goniondz – Yekhezqel Peretz Tsherniak, Tel Aviv 63-68
    Agudas Tzeirei-Zion - Association of Young Zionists [H] – Prof. Dr. Eng. Mordechai L. Avshalom, Buenos Aires 69-70
    Precepts of the Yehudiah Zionist Union 71-72
    Photostat of a letter 73-74
    A homely reflection on various movements - Yosef Hertzig, Tel Aviv 75-78
    The Work of the Jewish National Fund [H] – Sarah Barqa'it, Tel Aviv 79-82
    The Bund – Avraham Yafe, Tel Aviv ([translated] from the Hebrew, M. Goelman) 83-92
    He-Chalutz [The Pioneer] – Aryeh Khativah, K’far Witkin 93-104
    The Young Chalutz – Gershon Gelbort, Ramat Ha-Kovesh 105-110
    The Young Chalutz – Fishl Yitzhaki, Tel Aviv 111-114
    The library – Yekhezkeil-Perec Tsherniak, Tel Aviv 115-120
    The Dramatic Circle– Yekhezkiel Peretz Tsherniak, Tel Aviv 121-124
    The first sprouts of Haskalah in Goniondz [H] – Ephraim Halpern 125-126
    The Kheder Metukan – David Bachrach, Petakh Tiqvah 127-132
    Annals of the Hebrew Elementary School in Goniadz [H] – Moshe Levin 133-154
    Annals of the Hebrew national school in Goniondz – Moshe Levin 155-158
    The Wonderful Institution – Yerukham Levine, z”l 159-160
    The Chalutz School [H] – Moshe Goelman, Tel Aviv 161-164
    Tales of Goniadz – Mordechai Nilovitzki, Haifa 165-175
    A cherished town [H] – Arieh Arad (Axelrod), Haifa 175-176
    The Yiddish school and People’'s library – Leibl Mankowski 177-180
    Goniondzers in America – Moshe Malozovsky, New York 181-190
    Goniondzer Immigrants in Palestine Prior to the First World War 191-192
    Goniadzers in Israel - Fishl Yitzhaki–Treszczanski, Tel Aviv 193-230
    Goniadzer Aid Activity in America – Meirim Rubin, New York 231-244
    Goniadzer Ladies Auxiliary – Mrs. Kamenietz, New York 245-250
    Aid Work in Israel – Dovid Bachrach - Petah Tikva - Tel Aviv 251-256
Part II – Images
    Foreword – Moshe Bachrach 261-262
    My father Rabbi Gedaliah Ha-Cohen Kamenietzki z”l – Ze’ev Wolf Kamenietzki, Haifa 265-268
    Rabbi Mordechai Yaffe (Judge) z”l – Avraham Yaffe, Tel Aviv 269-270
    Rabbi Tzvi Wolf z”l – Yosef Hertzig, Tel Aviv 271-276
    Rabbi Yisroel Shlumovitsh z”l 277-278
    Moshe Levine: Pioneer of Hebrew schooling in Poland – Moshe Bachrach 281-284
    Binyamin the Scribe z”l – Moshe Bachrach 285-288
    Rabbi Ephraim Halpern z”l – Yeruham Levine z”l, Afula 289-290
    Yaaqov Rudski z”l – Moshe Bachrach 291-292
    Gedaliah (G’dalke) Seid z”l – Moshe Bachrach 293-296
    Yaakov Tucker, a Hero of Tel–Hai [H] – Joseph ben Ephraim Halpern, Tel–Aviv 297-300
    Yakov Tuker z”l – Dovid Bachrach, Petach Tikvah 301-302
    Yaakov Tuker z”l – Yisroel David Yardeni (Yarushevski) 303-304
    Yonatan Neiman z”l – A. Ben-Meir 305-306
    On the Grave of Natan Noyman (Yonatan Neiman): Sonnet – H. Leivik, Denver 307-308
    As At Night (poem) – Yonatan Neiman 309-310
    The grandfather z”l (Excerpts from a notebook) – Yonatan Neiman  
    Yehoshua (Alter) Supraski z”l – Avraham Yaffe, Tel Aviv 311-312
    David ben-Yaakov Rudski z”l – Avraham Yaffe 313-314
    Yehoshua Rosenbloom z”l – Avraham Yaffe 313-314
    Aryeh-Leib Bachrach z”l – Moshe Bachrach 315-318
    Khayim-Aryeh Pekarski z”l – Kalman Bachrach 319-322
    The Dearest of Men – Dr Josef Karmin 324-326
    Yitzhak Yaffe z”l – Avraham Yaffe 327-328
    Nakhum Zakai z”l 329-331
    The Land of Our Forefathers [H] – Nahum Zakai z”l 331-332
    Letter to a friend [H] – Nakhum Zakai z”l 331-332
    Hagai Zakai z”l – Gideon K. 333-334
    Moshe Biali z”l – Sarah B. and Elimelech S. 335-336
    In memory of my brother a”h [6] – Yonah Levinshal-Mali 337-338
    Yosef Bobrowski z”l – Moshe Bachrach 339-340
    Nisan the Tailor, of blessed memory – David Bachrach 341-342
    Avraham Szwarc z”l – A. Ben-Meir 343-344
    Yankl the doctor – David Bachrach 345-346
    Max Schwartz z”l – Dovid Forman 347-348
    Dr. Josef Chazanowicz z”l – D.B. 349-352
    M. Sh. Ben–Meir z”l – The Tag-Morgen Dzhurnal [7], New York 20.1.59 353-354
    Idl Treszczanski (M.Sh. Ben-Meir) z”l – David Bachrach, Petakh Tiqva 353-358
    Master of Sound and Shadow [H] – Kalman Bachrach, New York 359-360
    M. S. Ben–Meir – M. Meizlish 361-364
    A Man and his Book – Aharon Zeitlin 365-368
Part III – Memoirs and Portraits
    We Will Remain the Eternal Dreamers… (poem) – A. Szwarc z”l 371-372
    Goniadz Dances Before My Eyes [H] – Arieh Khativa 373-390
    The Goniondz landscape – Aryeh Khativah (From the Hebrew: ALF) 391-410
    Long ago in Goniondz [H] – Avraham Yaffe, Tel Aviv 411-422
    Long ago in Goniondz - [From the Hebrew – M. Goelman] 423-436
    Three leaders in prayer – Moshe Bachrach 437-442
    My grandfather, Reb Gedaliah – Khannah Neiman, New York 443-450
    Family memories [H] – Chana Neiman, New York 451-454
    Torah in Goniondz – David Bachrach 459-464
    Two Quiet Talmud Students 459-460
    Societies 460-462
    Yeshiva Students 462-463
    Yeshiva Students of My Generation 463-464
    Reb Binyamin Yosef son of Reb Tzvi Boyer – A. Miltshan 463-468
    My Synagogue and the Synagogue hill – Feigal Rubin, New York 469-472
    Sketches of Goniondz – David Forman 473-474
    My town long ago – Yitzkhak Ellen, New York 475-476
    The great fire of Goniondz and the pogrom in Bialystok [H] – Avraham Yaffe 477-484
    The great fire of Goniondz and the pogrom in Bialystok – [From the Hebrew – M. Goelman] 485-492
    Goniondz’s firemen – Moshe Bachrach 493-500
    A marriage in town – Avraham Yaffe 501-502
    Reb Gershon Baruch and the senate decision – Khatzkl Peretz Tsherniak 503-506
    Silhouettes from the old home – D.B. 507-512
    Passages and episodes from World War I – D.B. 513-520
    The first Bolshevist regime in Goniondz – Meirim Rubin, New York 521-524
    Goniadz's youth considers the exile… – D. Bachrach 525-542
    As I remember it – Meirim Rubin, New York 543-544
    The Dybbuk  544-546
    The Penitent – Moshe Bachrach 545-546
    A Goniondzer remains a Goniondzer – Dovid Bachrach 547-548
    A mother of Goniondz (elegy) – Alter Rosen 549-550
    Itshe Shtumak wins a strike (story) – Asher Shtshutshinski 551-556
    Daydreams – Miriam Ferber–Keren–Tzvi, Yagor 557-558
    To my mother (poem) – M.S. Ben-Meir z”l 559-560
    To my mother (poem) [H] - M.S. Ben-Meir z”l 561-562
Part IV – Destruction and Perishing
    In memoriam [H] – Fishl Yitzkhaqi 573-576
    In memoriam – Fishl Yitzkhaki 577-580
    Six candles (poem) - Asher Shtshutshinski, Cuba 581-582
    Six candles (poem) [H] - Asher Shtshutshinski (Hebrew: ALF) 581-582
    Goniondz under Soviet rule – Zeidl Altshuld, Munich 583-590
    The Destruction of Goniadz – Tuvya Evri (Yevreiski) 591-676
    On the road to Treblinka – Keila Yevraiski-Kremer 677-684
    How I survived it – Shabtai Finkelshtein 685-700
    The Goniondz and Bialystok ghetto – Zeidl Altshuld 701-704
    A Visit to the Shtetl after the destruction – Chaim Krawiec, Tel Aviv 705-708
    A Holy Community Goniadz… (poem) - Alter Rozen, New York 709-710
    A dream of my town (poem) – Shmuel Farber 711-712
    I dreamt a dream (poem) [H] – Shmuel Farber (Hebrew: ALF) 711-712
    On the Goniadz Road – Dovid Treszczanski 713-716
    Night of Horror (poem) [H] – M. Sh. Ben–Meir z”l 717-720
    The burning of the synagogue [H] – Avraham Yaffe 721-722
    The synagogue (poem) – Idl Treszczanski, of blessed memory (M.Sh. Ben-Meir) 723-726
    The synagogue (poem) [H] – Idel Treshtshanski z”l (M.S. Ben-Meir) (Hebrew: ALF) 727-730
    Lamentations[8] (Hebrew and Yiddish) – ALF 733-738
    List of families that were Destroyed [Hebrew and Yiddish] 741-754
    To the Eternal Memory: obituaries [Hebrew and Yiddish] 757-798
    List of Goniondz natives who were saved 801-804
    Afterword – Fishl Yitzhaki [Hebrew and Yiddish] 805-808
    Index of Illustrations[9] 817-820


  1. An article in the book which is written in English, is not listed on the Table of Contents but is placed here for convenience Back
  2. “z’l”An abbreviation for the Hebrew phrase “Zichrono [male] or zichronah [female] liv’rocho”, meaning “May his or her memory be blessed” Back
  3. Unless specifically marked [H] to indicate the Hebrew language, all chapters are in Yiddish Back
  4. All names are transliterated as they appear, rather than given their English Biblical equivalents; thus, “Moshe” remains as such and will not become “Moses”, “Yekhezqel” will not become “Ezekiel” Back
  5. In transliterating, the following equivalences have been followed: Hebrew “khet” = kh; Hebrew “khaf” = ch; Hebrew “kaf” = k; Hebrew “kuf” = q; Yiddish “kuf” = k Back
  6. “a’h”An abbreviation for the Hebrew phrase “Alav [male] or alehah [female] ha-halom”, meaning “Peace be upon him or her” Back
  7. “The Daily Morning Newspaper”, a Yiddish newspaper published out of New York Back
  8. Literally, “How” – in Hebrew, “eichah” – the first word in the biblical book of Lamentations, which gives the book its title Back
  9. Is not listed in the Table of Contents but is placed here for convenience and serves as a link to pictures in the Yiskor Book. Back

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