Gorzd book;
A memorial to the Jewish community of Gorzd
(Gargždai, Lithuania)

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Translation of
Sefer Gorzd; ayara be-hayeha u-be-hilyona

Edited by Yitzhak Alperovitz

Published in Tel Aviv, 1980


Our sincere appreciation to Yitzhak Alperovitz, of the Gargzdai Landsmanschaft,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

Our sincere appreciation to Genia Hollander
for typing up the English text to facilitate its addition to this project.

This is a translation from: Sefer Gorzd; ayara be-hayeha u-be-hilyona (Gorzd book; a memorial to Jewish community of Gorzd),
ed. Yitzhak Alperovitz, Tel Aviv, the Gorzd Society, 1980 (H, Y, E; 419 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Gargzdai

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Table of Contents

Frontispiece Y. Alperovits H 10
From the Organization   H 12
Chapters of the Past
Gordz - from “The Jews of Lithuania”   H 17
Gorzd – A Shtetl in Lithuania Chaim Shoys Y 19
On the History of Jews in Lithuania Dr. Hershl Meyer Y 34
Some Characteristics of Lithuanian Jewry Dr. Hershl Meyer Y 41
Some Memories of our Gordz Home and Town Dr. Hershl Meyer Y 45
My Town Gordz Avraham Orenshteyn H 68
My Shtetl Gordz Avraham Orenshteyn Y 73
A Bit of History Slava Aronovits Y 81
Gordz Yitzkhok Gudman Y 86
Gordz as She Lives in our Memory
Memories of Gordz Yehudis Leshem Y 91
This is how I parted from my home Rivka Naveh (Katz) H 98
The Dream Came True and I Arrived in the Land of Israel Rivka Naveh (Katz) H 100
Father and mother's home that once was Avraham Orenshteyn H 101
Gordz Cultural Institutions Rashel Oysher Y 104
How Can I Forget Yudika Y 115
Jewish Social and Religious Life in Gordz Arye Frak Y 117
Memories of My Town Gordz Ita Arman-Kamil H 128
In Memory of Gordz Sheva bas Meyer Aronovits Y 142
And You Ask Ela Zilberg Y 145
Gordz My Town Khayim Man (Florida) Y 146
I Once Had a Home Orenshteyn Avrohom Y 148
Gordz My Town Haya Geles H 153
I Think of You Yudika Y 157
Memories Moshe Drori-Rupel   159
My Town Gordz Dobke Duks Blank (Canada) Y 165
Dreams in Autumn Yudika Y 168
Memories of My Home Arye Leyb Dikson (Duksas) Y 173
Experiences Rashel Oysher Y 175
On the Threshhold of My House Yudika Y 177
Gordz My Town in Lithuania Ela Zilberg Y 178
Documents Recount   Y 179
Rabbis, Authors and Religious Life
The Gordz Rabbis   Y 191
My Father Rabbi Ya'akov Burshteyn of Blessed Memory Dr. Ben-Tsiyon Inberi-Burshteyn H 192
The Yofe Family Prof. Yosef Gilis H 194
R. Moshe Markovitz, the Shoemaker-Bibliographer Dr. Ben-Tsiyon Inberi-Burshteyn H 198
Khayim Shoys - Scholar and Teacher Avrohom Menes Y 209
The Figure Khayim Shoys Efrayim Oyerbakh Y 214
Father as We Remembered Him Miriam and Amos Shoys Y 222
Shoys Leybe Shoys Dvoyre   233
Yudika the Poetess Shoshana Oysher Y 238
The Synagogue and the Study House Dr. Ben-Tsiyon Inberi-Burshteyn H 240
“A Terrible Happening During the Prayer Service” Abba Zussmanovits H 243
The Study House in the Life of the Community Moshe Katz (Kibbutz Ramat Rahel) H 244
My Shtetele Gordz in Everlasting Memory Yehudis Leshem Y 249
People and Characters
R. Fayvl Melamed Yehudis Leshem   255
Gordz Figures Dr. Hershl Meyer Y 259
Yahmaya Memorial Moshe Katz (Kibbutz Ramat Rahel)   263
Dr. Leyzer Iglshteyn Dr. Ben-Tsiyon Inberi-Burshteyn   269
R. Hirshe Aharon Hertses Dr. Ben-Tsiyon Inberi-Burshteyn   269
R. Aharon Hertz Dr. Ben-Tsiyon Inberi-Burshteyn   271
R. Moshe Korbman Dr. Ben-Tsiyon Inberi-Burshteyn   271
R. Mordechai (Max) Zusman Dr. Ben-Tsiyon Inberi-Burshteyn   273
Itse the Chimney Sweep Rivka Naveh (Katz) Y 274
Hoga-Mira's Itse Rivka Naveh (Katz) Y 275
The Shoys Family Dvoyre Shoys Y 276
In Memory of My Dear Ones Khane Asif-Mendelson / Basya
Y 279
Berl Akerman Aryeh Frok   282
R. Yitzhak Katzin Rut Kark (of the Katzin family)   283
The Zilberg Family Rivka Naveh (Katz) Y 285
R. Yankl Glik Yitzhak Glik Y 286
R. Zusia Zussmanovits Abba Zussmanovits Y 288
Grandmother Tsivya Katzin Shoshana and Dina (from the Maggid Family) H 288
Shmuel Ya'akov and Zise Platus Chasya Shif-Platus H 291
Memorial Tablet Hana Asif-Mendelson / Batya Matalon-Mendelson H 293
Gordz in Rhymes Ben-Tsiyon Gloyn Y 297
Shlomo Milner Aryeh Frok   299
Nachum Manat Ida Kamil   300
Sarah the Baker Yudika Y 302
The Song of the Murdered Jewish People Yitzkhok Katsenelson Y 309
In Memory of My Town Gordz which was Destroyed in the Holocaust Rivka Naveh-Katz H 313
On the Entry of the Nazis into Gordz   H 318
Who Erased My Town from the Map   Y 323
The Destruction of Our Town Gordz Rashel Oysher Y 325
Softly, Softly Lets be Silent Sh. Katsherginsky Y 332
The Bloody Roads Eliyohu Akerman Y 334
Our Town is Burning Mordekhai Gebirtig H 339
Our Town is Burning Mordkhe Gebirtig Y 340
A Letter from Leyb Shoys Yeshayahu Zandberg Y 342
Remember     347
A Memorial to my Town Gordz Yudika Y 348
I Light the Candles for You Yudika Y 349
List of the Residents of Gordz who were killed in the Kovno Ghetto and in Concentration Camps   H 351
The Gordz Jewish Youth who Fought in the Lines of the Lithuanian Division   Y 352
A Great Day for the Survivors of Gordz Rivka Naveh (Katz) H 353
Of the Works of the Emigrants of Gordz in Israel   H 355
A Great Day for the Survivors of Gordz Rivka Naveh (Katz) Y 359
List of Names   Y 413
English Section
Preface Yitzhak Alperowitz E 3
From the Gorzd Townspeople Association Committee of the Gorzd Townspeople in Israel E 5
Some Reminiscences Dr. Hershel Meyer E 9
Lithuanian Jewry and its Extermination Dr. Hershel Meyer E 33
Memories of Gorzd Yehudit Leshem E 41
Dr. George (Hirsh) Oxman Yehudit Leshem E 46
Gorzd Rivka Naveh E 47
Personalities Rivka Naveh E 49
Once I Had a Home… Avraham Arenstein E 54
Gorzd Ruth Kaplan Smith E 57
My Shtetl Gorzd Haim Mann E 62
Shloshim for Max Sussman G.M. Cohen E 64
The Impact of Gorzd Carmela (Furman) Katz E 72
On the Invasion of Gorzd and the Massacre of its Jews   E 75


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