Ejszyszki, its History and Destruction
(Eišiškes, Lithuania)

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Translation of
Eishishok, koroteha ve-hurbana

Editor: Sh. Barkeli

Published in Jerusalem 1960




Our sincere appreciation to Kenneth Juris who has kindly donated this translation
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Translated in 1980 from the Hebrew by Shoshanna Gavish

Copy editing and proofreading by Judy Baston

Text scanning by Seth Morgulas


This is a translation of: Eishishok, koroteha ve-hurbana (Ejszyszki, its history and destruction),
Editor: Sh. Barkeli, Committee of the Survivors of Ejszyszki in Israel, Published: Jerusalem 1960 (H,Y 136 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Eisiskes

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


   Introduction The Committee for Holocaust survivors in Israel V
   Foreword The Editor VII
Eishishok in the Past
   Beginnings 3
   The beginning of the Jewish community in Eisiskes 4
The Eishishok surroundings
   The old cemetery 7
   The “Mayak” 9
   The pool 11
Eisiskes the town of Torah and Learners (articles and letters)
   M. Tzinowitz 12
   Rabbi Meir Stalwitz z”l 15
   Rabbi Avraham Berish Rosing 16
   An article in Hashachar in 5638 (1878) 18
   A.A. Friedman (from his Memories, Tel Aviv 1926) 20
   The great fire in 1895 22
   A call from the editor of Hamelitz (24 Sivan 5655)ש 23
   The fires and the burned A.L. Levinski (Hamelitz Tamuz 5655) 24
   A call from the community leaders (Hamelitz 1896) 25
   From the book “From wave to wave” Meir Wilkenski 25
The Zionist Movement in Eisiskes
   Foundation of the Zionist Organization 27
   The Rak Ivrit [Only Hebrew] Association 31
   Zionist Youth Movements 32
   The Library and the Theatre Group 34
The Economic Situation
   The Economic Situation 40
   The Artisans Union (Craftsmen's Association) 41
   Some Figures Concerning Trade and Commerce in Eishishok 42
   The workers' professional unions 44
The Destruction of Eishishok
   Before the earthquake (Eishishok a shelter for refugees)   47
   “Don't be afraid, we will take you out” (from the diary of a military interpreter) M. Chodorovsky 48
   “The cordial Jews” (from the mouth of a Zionist “border smuggler”) Shlomo Brener 50
   Eishishok, Eishishok, how pleasant and beautiful you were… Ben-Zion Ben-Shalom (from the book “In a day of storm”) 54
The Holocaust By witnesses and survivors
   The Holocaust   56
   The last days of Eishishok Shalom Ben-Shemesh (Sonnenson) 57
   In hiding Yafa daughter of Moshe Sonnenson (aged 10) 67
   With the Partisans Rachel Futchter 70
   From a Prisoner's Camp to a Partisan Troop Shneor Glembotzky 75
   The White Partisan Attack on Eishishok Alter Michalovski 82
Yiddish Section
   The History of Eishishok (A brief historical overview) 89
   The Jewish Community 90
   The Economic and Cultural Life 91
The Destruction of Eishishok As told by Eishishok refugees
   The Last Days of Eishishok Shalom Sonenson (Ben-Shemesh) 93
   In the Bunkers Yaffa Sonenson (10 years old) 101
   The life of Jewish “forest-people” Rachel Futcher 105
   From a Prisoner's Camp to a Partisan Life Shneur Glembocki 111
   The Attack of the White Partisans Upon Eishishok Alter Michalowski 117
   The Rabbi and Gaon Rabbi Shimon Rozovski, may G-d avenge his blood 125
   As a Fleeting Dream… Yitzchak Ogen 127
   Yizkor - (In memory of my kindergarten children) Rachel Abiri (Strikovski) 130
   Aliya from Eishishok to the Land of Israel - Memories Uri Rozovski 131
   My Shtetl Mordechai Kaleko 134


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