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Letters from the Diaspora (1935 - 1939) cont.

Chava Shub to Her Sisters in Eretz Yisrael[1]



Dusiat (Diaspora) 19. VI. 37

My dear ones, my best wishes!

…And on the wings of imagination I was borne far away, to you my dear ones. Can you understand my grieving heart when your beloved handwriting is in front of me and across from me are the lovely faces of my loved ones? Can you feel the turmoil in my-our hearts?

You didn't see our dear father when he received your letter and picture, because then, I am certain, you would very frequently cause him such pleasure. I don't have the ability to describe it to you.

What's with you, dear Rochelshe [Rachel Vitkin]? When are you getting a vacation in order to rest? You wrote that you would go to visit relations and friends, but at present the roads are so dangerous, and you have to be careful… I don't think that I have to mention it to you, because you people there know the situation better than the people here in the Diaspora, who know the situation from what is reported in the press. But when we read the news about what is happening in Eretz Yisrael, our hearts are shocked and wrought from suffering, and grief is everywhere, and for the situation of all our brethren who are with you at the battlefront…

We wish you a good rest, and that you will draw strength for the life of work that awaits you – and us…

Rivkale, you faithfully promised to write me personally…

I won't allow myself to ask this of dear Rachel and Yaacov, because I know that they have already become “acclimatized” in Eretz Yisrael and that is the effect of the place…

But you, my dear one, are still “green”. You still need to feel and not yet forget parts of mutual conversations in our home on the long winter evenings before you made aliya…

…We received a letter from America with 25 dollars…

Heartfelt greetings to you, may you succeed in everything.

Much peace to you,

Yours with love, Chava

Say hello to everyone I know. Also write me about Henia Azur. Say hello to her.

Hene-Liebale has asked after you and wishes you all the best and success.


Zehava-Golda Melamed to her Sisters in Eretz Yisrael[2]



Memel (Klaipeda) 20 August 1938

Dear Rivkale and Shmuel,

Rivkale, answer me right away because I can't write you the thoughts that enter my mind. I really no longer have any desire to live after reading about everything that is happening there in the newspapers…

Rivkale, you write that you could give me details of your life orally, but for now my dear one, send them to me in writing. I will make do with that, because “I have not yet given up the hope of being together at some time” – as the Germans say.

Chaya wanted to send the children, but now that the situation is so bad, she doesn't know…

I am sending you a picture. I don't have any more. I hope that you share it fairly.

I read Dos Vort [newspaper], but how my heart aches at everything that is written there…

I know Israel Ziman. Perhaps he remembers the kibbutzim [movement activities] that he spent with us in Memel, “oif Schteintoier in kibbutz” [the “kibbutz” in Memel was at Stonegate]. Give him my regards.

Lots of kisses to you. Write me quickly and in detail.

Everyone asks after you and sends regards.



Rachel Rabinowitz (Slovo): I once encountered Goldke Melamed in the Nazi concentration camp Stutthof, and she was in a state of helplessness then. I never saw her again.

Miki (Yerachmiel) Levitt (son of Raphael and Chyena): When we were forced to leave Memel, Goldke lived with us in Shavli [Siauliai]. We were all together in the Shavli Ghetto, and then we were driven out to Stutthof. Together with my mother Goldke was burnt in the crematorium in Stutthof. May the Lord avenge their blood!

Golda Melamed's Inmate Card at Stutthof [3]
Admitted to Stutthof July 25, 1944


Stutthof Museum Symbol (on the back of the card)



  1. Rivka Steinman (Shub). Private collection. Original letter is in Hebrew. Return

  2. Rivka Shoham (Melamed). Private collection. Original letter is in Hebrew. Return

  3. Copy of the original card confirmed by the Stutthof Museum. Return


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