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Letters from the Diaspora (1935 - 1939) cont.

Naftali Shub to his Daughters Rachel and Rivka[1] in “Givat Hen”
[near Raanana]


Dusiat, Monday, August 8, 1938

Dear good and beloved children, Rachel, Yaacov and Rivkale,

We impatiently received your letter on Friday. I happily opened it and when I recognized your writing my eyes lit up. I looked for Yaacov's [Vitkin] writing, but unfortunately didn't find it, which is a great disappointment to me… In the hard times that you are going through I would like to see your signatures every day…

We were happy that for the past few days the news in the paper was calmer, with fewer young victims, and then in Thursday's paper we read the terrible news about the eight young victims in Ramat-Hakovesh, which upset us greatly. Oh, Lord in Heaven, how long will You look on and keep silent?

It seems to me that Ramat-Hakovesh is not far from you. In today's paper we read about the funeral of the eight victims, which took place on Friday, and that during the funeral work was stopped in Ramat-Hakovesh and in nearby Kfar-Saba. Kfar-Saba isn't far from you! May the Lord watch over you all and defend you from the bloodthirsty terrorists.

Goldale [Rivka], your letter stating that you are well defended made me very happy. May the Lord continue to watch over you…

A week ago Michl [Zilber] brought me a letter with regards for me from her son Dov [Caspi], stating that you had been in Tel Aviv for a few days… and on Thursday a letter arrived from Yitzchak Poritz, with a picture of the two of you at the bus station. You can imagine how happy we were.

It was at two o'clock in the afternoon. I was standing beside the “ganick” [doorway], picking up the old roof tiles. Suddenly Yitzchak Fleischman came up to me and showed me a small photograph. I recognized Yitzchak immediately, but made a mistake with regard to you, and because I looked at it without my glasses I thought that it was Aliza, Yitzchak's wife. “Aliza is quite a beauty,” I said to Yitzchak. “Lovely” and Yitzchak didn't say a word. Chava and Henne-Libe came out immediately afterwards and said: “That's Golda and not Aliza,” and burst out laughing. I quickly put on my glasses, and you immediately received two kisses on your cheeks from me. Mina and Batya Ziv also came over, as well as all the other neighbors from their yards, and looked at you and Yitzchak.

May God grant that we see each other in Eretz Yisrael. But first of all, let peace and tranquility come to you in Eretz Yisrael.

Chava is in Ponivezh [Panevesys] again for a short time. On Thursday (i.e. the 4th of the month), she received a letter telling her to come to the “kibbutz” immediately, because a delegation is coming from Eretz Yisrael which will determine the allotment of certificates for the next three years, for each organization separately, and so they demanded that all those who were on vacation come back. A real recruitment. But they asked Chava to come back a few days sooner so that she could prepare the accounts. Dov will probably come for two weeks. He has already received a month's vacation from the community, starting on the first of the month. Chava writes that he has recovered, may the Evil Eye not affect him.

The distinguished guest Yeshayahu [Zilber]visited us. He was pleased to be with us. He had a good rest, and after that – you can guess his condition. You, Golda, know it exactly. He plans to go to America, if someone there will sponsor him. He wrote to Meir Tzirlin[2] and to Sarah-Nechama's [Shein] brother [Rabbi Eliezer Silver (Zilber)].

Yeshayahu traveled to Latvia. He was in Riga, Subitz [Sabate], Dvinsk [Daugavpils] Karislava, and from there he returned to Memel and Berlin. He was also in Zarasai. Chaya Roznikowitz had asked that he visit them before his trip to Latvia. By the way, Velve Schmidt [Shmit] is also at a rest house in Zarasai together with Sara and Yitzchak.

Henne-Libe asks how you are and sends you many kisses. She will probably write you. She is busy at the moment. She is making farfel…

Your father who misses you,



Dr. Yeshayahu Zilber
Son of Ber-Dov and Golda


Tzila Gudelsky (Shub): My uncle Yeshayahu Zilber studied in Germany and received the degree of Doctor-Professor. A reception was held in his honor when he came to visit Dusiat.

Uncle Yeshayahu's efforts to leave Berlin produced results, and he moved to Vilna [Vilnius] and taught at a Teachers' Seminar there, but he suddenly passed away and I attended his funeral. That was in 1940.



  1. Rivka Shteinman's (Shub) private collection. Return

  2. Rabbi Meir Tzirlin immigrated to America and left his wife Mere nee Zilber behind in Dusiat. His wish was fulfilled when he was buried in Eretz Yisrael, in the old cemetery in Tiberias. Return


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