Professor Dov Levin

57 Tchernikovsky Street

Jerusalem, Israel

1925 Born in Kovno (Kaunas), Lithuania
1940 Attended Hebrew Gymnasium (Schwabbe) in Kovno for 7 years
1941 Graduated from Shalom-Aleichem Yiddish High School in Kovno
1943 Member of the anti-Nazi underground movement in the Kovno Ghetto
1944 Fought in the anti-Nazi Partisan group 'Death to the Conquerors' based in the forests around Vilna (Vilnius), Lithuania
1945 “Illegal” immigration to Eretz Israel (Palestine)
1945-1946 Studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Sociology, Jewish History and Economics
1947 - 1949 Fought in the War of Independence in the Israeli Defense Force as Patrol Commander and served in Intelligence Corps
1949 - 1951 Graduated from the Institute of Social Workers in Jerusalem
1949 - 1954 Obtained Masters Degree at the Hebrew University in Social Sciences and Jewish History
1951 - 1971 Served as Director of the Youth Division of the Department of Social Work for the City of Jerusalem and Director of Statistics and Sociology Department
1954 - 1958 Researcher in the Department of Sociology of the Hebrew University
1956 Fought in the Sinai Campaign
1958 -1967 Inteviewer in the Oral History Division for the Institute of Contemporary Jewry
1962 Published book (together with A. Z. Brown), “The Story of an Underground, the Resistance of Jews of Kovno (Lithuania) in World War II” (Hebrew); Study of the Kovno Ghetto, 422 pps.
1966 Recipient of Fulbright Scholarship.
  Studied Social Sciences at the University of Chicago
1967 Fought in the Six Day War
1971 Obtained Doctorate for dissertation on the subject of “The Armed Struggle of the Lithuanian Jews Against the Nazis.”
1971 - 1980 Served as Senior Researcher at the Institute of Contemporary Jewry, as Project Director of “Jews in Territories Annexed by the Soviet Union during World War II.”
1972 Awarded the Yitzhak Sadeh Prize for Military History
1973 Fought in the Yom Kippur War.
  Supervised students in research.
  Delivered a paper at the Sixth World Congress of Jewish Studies
1974 Published the book, “The Fought Back” (Hebrew); Jews in Lithuania, 380 pps.
1975 Delivered paper at the Third International Congress of the Baltic Studies in Stockholm, Sweden
1976 Member of Editorial Board of “Sefer Yahadut Litta” (Book on the Jews of Lithuania)
1977 Delivered papers at the Third International Historical Conference of Yad Vashem, and the Seventh World Congress of Jewish Studies
1978 Publish book, “With Their Backs to the Wall” (Hebrew); The Armed Struggle of Latvian Jewry Against the Nazis, 320 pps.
  Appointed Senior Research Editor fo the Institute of Contemporary Jewry
1979 Scientific Advisor of the Historical Museum of Latvian and Estonian Jewry, Shefayim, Israel
1980 Member of the World Concil of Yad Vashem. Completed manuscript of a new book. “The Jews of Eastern Europe Under the Soviet Regime (1939-1941)”
  Director of a project on the history of Latvian and Estonian Jewry (Pinkas Kehillot Latvia ve ' Estonia)
1981 Visiting lecturer in 10 American universities and institutions
1982 Delivered papers at the Fifth International Historical Conference at Yad Vashem and the Eighth World Congress of Jewish Studies
1983 Published the book, “Between the Hammer and the Sickle” (Hebrew); Baltic Jewry under Soviet Rule during World War II, 500 pps.
1984 Scientific Advisor of the Historical Museum of the Association of the Lithuanian Jews in Israel - Tel Aviv
1985 Published book, “Fighting Back” - Lithuanian Jewry's Armed Resistance to the Nazis 1941-1945, Holmes et Meier New York - London, 298 pps.
  Delivered papers at the Ninth World Conference of Jewish Studies and the Sixth International Historical Conference at Yad Vashem
1986 Member of the Library Committee of the Faculty of Humanities at the Hebrew University, Deputy Coordinator of the Bibliographic Center at the Institute of Contemporary Jewry
1987 Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Coordinator of the Oral History Committee at the Institute of Contemporary Jewry.
  Published book, “Spark and Flame” (Hebrew); Irgun Brit Zion during the Second World War, Bar Ilan University publication.
1988 Appointed Director of the Oral History Division of the Institute of Contemporary Jewry.
  Published book, “Pinkas HeKehillot......” (Hebrew) - Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities - Latvia and Estonia, published by Yad Vashem, Jerusalem 398 pps.
1989 Published book, “The Jews in the Soviet Annexed Territories 1939-1941” (Hebrew); published by the Hebrew University and the Ghetto Fighter's House, 412 pps.
  Awarded Yehoshua Gilboa Prize. Historical Consultant for Israel Educational Television for Documentary Film: “Forest of Valour” about the Jewish Partisans in the USSR during World War II.
  Delivered paper at the University of Haifa, “The Shoah and the War - Unique Characteristics of Soviet Jewish Soldiers in World War II.”
  Paper delivered at the Tenth World Congress of Jewish Studies, August 16-24, 1989.
1990 Delivered paper at the Conference on Government Nationalities and Jews of Russia 1772-1990 at the University College, London, March 1990
1991 Delivered paper at the Haifa University, Researcher's Conference, “The Daily Routine in the Life of Jewish Fighters in a Soviet Partisan in the Second World War.”
  Delivered paper at Eighth International Scientific Conference of Yad Vashem, “The Soviet-Communist Facet and the Jews of Eastern Europe at the beginning of the Second World War.”
  Historical Consultant for Israel Television in the making of the Documentary file “Makom Chadash,- Mazal Chadash” (A New Place - New Luck) depicting the attempts of Aliyah (immigration) to Israel from Soviet Latvia during Post World War II decades.
1992 Advisor/Organizer to Massu'a Institution (Kibbutz Tel-Yitzhak) in the founding and establishment of permanent Memorial Center and Exhibition of the Kovno Ghetto Partisan Movement (1941-1944).
  Delivered paper at Ninth International Scientific Conference at Yad Vashem, “Jewish Resistance: Constant and it Overal Contribution.”
1993 Invited by the rector of the Vilna University to give a series of lectures and lead a seminar on Lithuanian Jewry 1918-1945.
  Participated in International Conference commerating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Destruction of the Vilna Ghetto and delivered a paper on “Facts and Problems Concerning the Jewish Resistance to the Nazis and their Lithuanian Collaborators (1941- 1945).”
  Member of the delegation of the Knesset to negotiate with the Government of Lithuania on the issue of the Rehibilitation of the Lithuanians who participated in murdering the Jews during World War II.
1994 Published the book, “Baltic Jews Under the Soviets 1940- 1946,” Center for Research and Documentation of East European Jewry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 393 pps.
  Chaired session at the International Conference on Oral History at Columbia Univerisity in New York and presented a lecture “Closing Gaps in Vague Historical Periods through Oral History.”
  Delivered a lecture at the US Holocaust Research Institute, “Resistance in the Vilna and Kovno Ghettos.”
  Delivered paper at the Fourth International Seminar on Jewish Genealogy: “Sources for Baltic Jewry. ” Individual consultation for the attendants of the Seminar.
1995 Published book: “The Lesser of Two Evils: Eastern European Jewry Under Soviet Rule: 1939-1941.” The Jewish Publication Society, Philadephia, 400 pps.
  Member of Fellowship Administration for Drama Quarterly “Bamah.” Scientific Advisor for the Kovno Ghetto Exhibition at the US Holocaust Memorial Meseum, Washington, DC.
1996 Delivered paper at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, “The Holocaust of Lithuanian Jewry: Lithuanian-Jewish Relations.”
  Published book, “Pinkas Ha-Kehillot Lita: Encyclopedia of Jewish Communities in Lithuania from their Foundation Until after the Holocaust” (Hebrew); Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, 775 pps.
  Delivered paper at the 64th International Conference of YIVO, New York, “The Resistance of Jewish Doctors in the Baltic States Under Nazi Occupation.”
  Delivered paper at the Fifteenth Summer Seminar on Jewish Genealogy in Boston, Massachusetts, “Structural and Methodical Problems in Editing Encyclopedias of Jewish Communities in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.” Individual Consultations for the attendants of the Seminar.
1997 Head of courses for interviewers in the Oral History Division Institute for Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University (till 2000).
  Published second edition of “Pinkas Kehillot Lita.” Initiative in arranging Special Session for those specializing in Oral History of Jewish topics worldwide at the Twelveth World Congress of Jewish Studies.
1998 Participated in the “Reunion of Kovno Ghetto Survivors” at the opening of the exhibition on the Kovno Ghetto at the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.
  Leader of the seminar in the University of Vilna on the History of the Lithuanian Jews.
1999 Parts of private diary as a soldier on Mt. Scopus (Jerusalem) in 1948 were published in Newsweek Magazine (March 15, International Edition), in the framework of “Forty Personalities During the Twentieth Century.”
  Delivered a lecture “Attitude of Baltic Peoples Toward the Jews during World War II” to the Conference on Europe under the Nazi-Rule and the Holocaust, Warsaw
2000 Published book “The Litvaks” - A Short History of the Jews in Lithuania. Published by Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, 290 pps
2001 Delivered a paper “New Forms of Antesimitism in Lithuania” at the International Workshop of the Vidal Sasson Center , The Hebrew University
  Head of the Training Courses in ORAL HISTORY of the HU
2002 Delivered a paper on the “Jewish Resistance in the Baltic States 1941-1945” at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, New York
  Published second edition of “The Litvaks” - A Short History of the Jews In Lithuania. Published by Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, 290 pps Winner of the 2002 Beautiful Book Award
  Delivered a paper “The Jewish Armed Resistance to the Nazis and their Local Acomplices in Lithuania: 1941-1945”, International Conference on the Holocaust in Lithuania in Focus of Modern History, Education and Justice, .Vilnius
2003 President of the Israel Oral History Society
2004 Delivered a paper “The Jewish Surnames in the Baltic countries” in International Conference on Jewish Genealogy
2005 Fellow of the International Institute for Jewish Genealogy, at the Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem

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