The Complete Bibliography of the Works of

Professor Dov Levin

Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry

Hebrew University

Jerusalem, Israel

Professor Dov Levin is one of the preeminent contemporary international scholars of the history of Eastern European Jewish Communities. He has kindly consented to offer to the Yizkor Books Project of JewishGen the complete bibliography of his works for presentation on this page.

Professor Dov Levin is the Director of the Oral History Division of the Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Professor Levin was born in Kovno, Lithuania, and was a member of the anti-Nazi underground movement in the Kovno ghetto. He holds a Ph.D from the Hebrew University and was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Chicago. He was awarded the Yitzhak Sadeh Prize in Military History for his work on the armed struggle of the Lithuanian Jews during World War II.

See Dov Levin's complete CURRICULUM VITAE.

He is the author of the book, “Pinkas Ha Kehillot Lita,” (“Encyclopedia of Jewish Communites in Lithuania - from their Founding Until After the Holocaust,” 1996 ) (Citation #427 published in Hebrew). This is a 700 page book that includes a history of Lithuanian Jewry and specific articles on each of over 500 shtetlach. The historical portion of the book on Lithuania will be published in April 2000 as “The Litvaks” by Yad VaShem. Two other works that appear in English are “Fighting Back - Lithuanian Jewry's Armed Resistance to the Nazis” (Citation#445 published in 1997) and “The Lesser of Two Evils - Eastern European Jewry under Soviet Rule 1939-1941” (Citation#418 published in 1995).

Chronological List of Publications


Numerical dates are presented in European Style of Day.Month.Year, not as most Americans are familiar (Month.Day.Year).

BOLD entries are books. Non-bold are articles, etc.


1. “Havu lanu Aliyah” (Hebrew); We need Aliyah, Mishmar 620, 20.8.1945, p.3.

2. “Tukamnah Mo'atzot Hayalim” (Hebrew); Let's have Soldiers Councils, Hed ha- Portzim, 27.12.1949, p.7.

3. “Mikhtav Galui el Yoshev-Rosh Histadrut ha-Studentim” (Hebrew) An Open Letter to the Chairman of the Students Association, Ba-Sha'ar 195, 15.5.1952, p.4.

4. “Haskalah Gevoha le-kol Dikhefin” (Hebrew); High Education for Everybody, Al-ha-Mishmar, 24.6.1952, p.5.

5. “Mikhtav Galui le'Hayim Guri” (Hebrew); An Open Letter to Hayim Guri, Al-ha-Mishmar, 16.1.1953, p.5.

6. “Al Tenu'at ha-Meri be-Geto Kovna” (Hebrew); About the Resistance Movement in Kovno Ghetto,Yad la-Shoah ve'la-Mered, 1953, pps.58-59.

7. “Ba-Ma'avak al Demut Amamit la-Universita” (Hebrew); In Struggle for a More Popular Image of the University, Al ha-Mishmar, 28.4.1953, p.2.

8. “Mi-Pe'uloteihem shel Netzigei Mapam (Hebrew); About the Activities of MAPAM Representatives,Al-ha-Mishmar, 10.5.1953, p.2.

9. “Perakim be-Topografiya” (Hebrew); Studies in Topography, Moladeti 18, 1953, pps. 305-309.

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13. “Neturei Karta Kiblu et Toratam mi-Mordei ha-Or” Meah Shanah le- Milhemet ha-Tarbut ha-Rishonah be-Yerushalayim(Hebrew); The Guardians of the Walls Received their Teaching from the Ignorants, La- Merhav, 12.4.1955 p.2.

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16. “Dor ve-Hesegav” (Hebrew); The Achievements of a Generation, Yahdav 5, 1955, pps. 36-39.

17. “Ha'Am ha-Yehudi be-Misparim”(Hebrew); The Jewish People in Facts and Figures, Moladeti22, 1956, pps. 182-192.


18. “Al Darkei ha-Meri ha-Yehudi u-Meni'av” (Hebrew); Factors and Motivations of Jewish Resistance,Yediot Yad-Vashem 13, 1957, pps. 2-3.

19. “She'elon le-Geviyat Eduyot shel ha-Meri ve-ha-Partizanim shel Yehudei Kovna” (Hebrew) Questionnarie fo Interviewing the Partisans and Fighters of the Kovno Ghetto, (Mimeographed), Jerusalem 1957, 24 pps.

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25. “Ovdei Iriyat ha-Birah Holkhim la-Kalfi” (Hebrew); The Employees of the Municipality of the Capital are Going to the Ballot Boxes, La- Merhav,24.3.1958, p.2.

26. “Al Limud ve-al Klitat Aliyah” (Hebrew); About Studies and Immigrant Absorption, Sa'ad 4, 1958 pps. 115-117.

27. “Be-Ikvot Nitzolei ha-Shoah” (Hebrew); In the Footsteps of Survivors of the Holocaust, Yediot Yad Vashem 15-16, 1958, p.31.

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40. Toldoteha shel Mahteret - ha-Irgun ha-Lohem shel Yehudei Kovna be-Milhemet ha-Olamha-Shniyah (Hebrew); The Story of an Underground, the Resistance of the Jews of Kovno, (Lithuania) in the Second World War. English translation of table of contents and introduction, Jerusalem Yad Vashem, 1962, pps xviii + 422.x (together with A.Z Brown).

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