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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)





Translated by Sara Mages

Thursday, Tetsaveh, 11 Adar, 5699 Dotnuva 2nd Mar 39

My dear beloved children Freida and Avraham!

How are you? It has been a long time since we wrote you a letter, and by that we did you a great injustice, surely you waited for our letter. We also haven't done a favor to ourselves, because we delayed our correspondence. I ask you my dear, not to refer to it and write us often. Our greatest satisfaction is to receive frequent letters from all of you.

Here, thank God, everything is the same and there's no change, we still have our restaurant, at one time it was called (Traktir). Now we suffer less from drunks, because for the second year we aren't the only restaurant. Another restaurant was opened here, of a Christian, and the drinkers have another place to whoop it up. We're also pleased from that, thank God, we earn enough for our livelihood. Surely you know that we never made large profits. And today, God forbid, it's not worse. If only we can be healthy, as you write in today's letter, to be healthy and hope that all the good things will come to you.

Our Miriam is in Yev'ye [Vievis] for several weeks, the children, Chaya and Katriel, asked that one of our children would come to them for a while, to help them as much as possible, until they calm down… We assume that she will come home in the next few days. Currently we don't have any news, thank God, all of us are healthy. Be healthy too.

We'll write you when Miriam comes home. Maybe we will do something for her, we'll write you everything. Freida! You write Pessie that you will send us pictures, and we are indeed waiting for them.

Be well,
Your father

My regards to Avraham's parents and his entire family

My dear!

I don't know why, but whenever we plan to write a letter it actually comes out on Friday, and I always write in the evening, at candle lighting time, so it's impossible to write long stories. The Megillah [The Book of Esther] will be read on Saturday evening, but there aren't any children in town that will shoot shots when Haman's name is mentioned. Avraham complains that I write very little, indeed this is the claim, that I have a lot of free time and I don't reward you with my beautiful ideas, but even if “I break my fingers,” there's still nothing to write.

Miriam isn't home yet, so I'm extremely tied to the house, I don't even have the time to travel to one of the nearby towns and spend a little time with my acquaintances. I'm invited to the Fried family in Kroki [Krakes] for Purim, but it's a pity that mother and father don't allow me to go.

I'm very grateful to Avraham for his advice that we should study English. I understand that it can be very good, but, there's no one in town that can teach us. Mrs. Frustva, Freida, you probably know her, is a person with principles, and right now she doesn't give lessons. I'll still talk to her. So, there's no special news here. Today we received a postcard from Moshe. He is traveling to Kovna for Purim. Our weather is very nice, every now and then a little snow falls and it's possible to throw snowballs at each other, but, what a pity that there is nobody.

Freidale, you ask if we gave Sara Goldin your address. no! We didn't give her, because she left unexpectedly.When I meet her mother from Karast, I'll ask her for Sara's address, and then, you will contact her. She's in New-York.

Be well my dear, I'm eagerly waiting for your pictures, and later, I will pay you back with twice the amount of pictures.

We received a letter from Shoshanna, she's working. Leah came to her for a one day visit. She traveled to the valley for her bees and also visited Shoshanna.

Lots of kisses, from the one who loves you,

Greetings from mother


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