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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)





Translated by Sara Mages

Yom Kippur Eve 5698 [14.9.1937]  

My beloved children Freida and Avraham!

How are you my dears? For us, thank God, peace for the next year.

We have news, but I need to write you briefly because I am in a hurry. It is already two in the afternoon and I am rushing to go to Beit HaMidrash to pray the Mincha prayer and ask God, bless be he, to forgive my sins and the sins of my entire family, to inscribed and seal them to life and peace, for a year of redemption and salvation for us and for all the Jewish people who are scattered throughout the four corners of the earth, and to be rewarded to see the Land of Israel.

Your father who is blessing you with “Gmar Chatima Tova” [may your names be inscribed in the book of life].

My cordial greeting to your parents, the Rabbi and Rebbetzin, and to all the members of your family, I bless them with “Gmar Chatima Tova,” a year of redemption and salvation.


Hello Freida and Avraham!

I came today for Yom Kippur and found the entire family safe and sound. I also read your letter from the summer resort, and was glad to hear that you are satisfied from each other, meaning, that the union was successful.

Also this year I stayed to work as a teacher in a secondary school in Raseiniai. This year I got more hours per week, therefore, I will earn a little more. This year I teach, besides natural sciences and geography, also mathematics in one department. Even though I work in a school, live in the vicinity of friends, teachers and children, the Hebrew language is ringing in the mouth of our children and the work is not so hard, I would have been more satisfied if I could work in my profession - agriculture. I hope that I will be able to fulfill my aspirations after my immigration to Israel.

Avraham, it is also your destiny to work temporarily as a teacher. I wish that you will get a job in your profession, and that you will rise higher and higher. I am thinking of staying at home for two weeks, that is, until after the holidays, and then I will go back to my job in Raseiniai.

I wish you a year of happiness and success.
May this year be a year of full redemption of our homeland.
Be well and regards to your parents.
Yours, Moshe



Hello Freida and Avraham!

Freidale', we received all your letters and also the letter from Avraham. Freida, you already know the joy at home when we receive a letter from you. We don't get tired of reading it until we receive another letter.

Last week we received two letters from Eretz-Yisrael, from Leah and Shoshanna separately. They were letters of congratulation to your marriage.

Besides that, there is no news at home. Mother and Miriam are busy preparing the meal before the fast. The atmosphere at home is a little strained, because on this day all of our sins will be “inscribed and sealed.” Well, I have to finish because I am a little busy. I wish you a happy and successful year.

Your youngest sister the “Musician” Pesia.

Avraham, a blessing to your parents and to your entire family


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