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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)





Translated by Sara Mages

August 14, 1937  

Hello my dears!

How are you my dear?

I'm writing this letter far from New-York, far from noise of the big city. We, that is, Avraham and I, are in a wonderful area around 300km from New-York. This is a peninsula, a very quiet environment. The main thing is that there aren't many of our fellow Jews in this area. Indeed, this is a good place to rest and spend the days of our honeymoon, and we really enjoy being here. There're great rivers to swim in, all kinds of boats, and in addition, there is also a large laboratory here. People from all over America come to study and work in such a peaceful area that is blessed with great scenery.

I already wrote you that I'll get married on the eight of August, and indeed, I got married.

The wedding took place at our uncle's house, and about thirty people attended. The Chuppah was at 2:45, and we were forced to go through the entire ceremony because Avraham's parents are orthodox. It didn't take a long time and everything was fine. We spent about two hours with the guests and left the house.

We sailed from 6 in the afternoon to 8 in the morning, and then we had to take a bus and another boat. We arrived to Woods Hole [Cape Cod], the place where we are now, at 4.30 in the afternoon.

As you already know my dear, Avraham is a teacher in a Hebrew School. I'll also try to work. Together we won't live the life of the rich, but we hope that they'll be colorful and happy. Avraham is a good intelligent young man, and that's what matter in life.

We will stay here until September first, then we will stay for about a month at the home of Avraham's parents, and later we'll get organize in a small apartment or a room.

I'm not taking it very seriously. What the mind won't do, time will do, so why worry. I do say that when you have a good friend you get attached to each other, and then, it's difficult to be alone even for a moment.

What with you my dears? What about you Shoshanna? Are you working, earning, and what else? How is the situation in Israel? By the way, Avraham promised to take me on a trip to Israel next year, maybe it'll happen, anyway, don't despair, we'll see each other one day.

What about you Leah'zke? Are you satisfied with your life in the kibbutz? The main thing is, not to philosophize too much, to take life as it is, and that's all.

I hope that the two of you will follow me, and very soon we'll hear the same news from you. I'm sure that our parents are waiting for it.

Be well
Yours with love and many hot kisses, Freida


Attached is a letter from Avraham:
Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Hello my dears!

Last Sunday, the eighth of August, my beloved Freida and I got married. Now we are spending our vacation on the seashore far from New-York.

On this occasion, I want to connect you with my relatives who live in Israel – especially with those who live in Haifa.

In Haifa, I have an uncle and his family. However, right now I can't remember his address, so I'll send you his daughter's address - and through my family in Haifa you will also become familiar with the rest of my relatives in Jerusalem.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Shachori,
P.O.B 502

My uncle's name: Yeshayahu Mendelson, and his daughter's – Ahuva.

I hope that you'll visit my relatives and through them meet the rest of the family.

I also have a lot of friends - but all of them live in Jerusalem. I don't remember their addresses, but, I'll send them to you when I get back to New York.

Shalom, and see you someday.
Yours, Avraham


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