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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)





Translated by Sara Mages

Monday 14.2.1937 Dotnuva

My beloved faithful daughter Freida!

How are you, how have you been? We don't have any special news. Thank God, all of us are healthy. Our businesses are slightly better than before, we opened a restaurant again, (A Trakteer), and today it is called Restoran. The license doesn't cost much, only 200 Litas a year, and probably with additional expenses it would cost us about 700 Litas. But it eliminates the risk that we had before and the revenue is much better.

Of course, this isn't a business where you could get rich, but it is safer than it was. Now we can tell you that a year ago we received a report because we gave permission to drink brandy at our place. Rodman, the inspector, gave the report. But we got out of it very cheap, with an administrative fine of 150 Litas. We didn't want to argue because we could have gotten a larger fine, up to 1000 Litas. We were afraid and we paid. So, we thought of opening a restaurant and not to trade in secret. We're very pleased despite the additional difficulties, but without the risk.

What else should I write you? We receive frequent letters from Reizale, she's happy and pleased, and that's the most important thing.

Your father
Cordial regards to your uncle. May all of you be healthy.


Continuation from the father:

Today we received a letter from Leah. She's hoping to immigrate to Eretz-Yisrael before Passover. Eleven young women will travel from Lita to Czechoslovakia where they'll get their certificates [visas]. The certificates were issued for Germany and Czechoslovakia, but there are not any Halutzut [pioneer women] there, so they were transferred to Lita, and Leah is one of them.

We believe that it'll cost 2000 Litas. In the meantime we're going to take the money from our rabbi, Rabbi Koshelevski. He received Zelda's guaranteed fees from the British consulate. I'll get the money from him under the condition that you'll send the amount that I'll get to Zelda in Eretz-Yisrael. We'll write you her address when it'll be necessary. Be well.


In the margin:

(I wrote this letter on Monday, but since mother didn't have the time to write until Thursday, we now have new news that I'm writing to you right now).


My faithful beloved daughter Freida,

We received your letter a few days ago, thank God that you and the others feel good.

It really makes me happy that you meet my cousin Chaya. I think that she's a pretty good person, you can consult with her about necessary matters. Her daughter Zisale, what kind a person is she? How is her husband? How do they live, are they rich? What is cousin Chaya doing for a living? I think she gets a pension from her late husband. How old is Chaya, she must be old. It makes me happy that she can still do her work.

Freidale, father already wrote you that Leah is thinking of traveling. We are quite worried because this is a difficult time to go there, it's still not completely quiet in Israel, even when Reizale doesn't write bad things. Let's hope that an end will come to the Jews' troubles. May it be good and may she travel in peace, it's her goal.

We haven't received the package yet, the clothes are necessary for Leah. Apparently she will make what she needs to take, I think that she'll come home to get ready. Leah will write you about everything.

Presale went to Kaden today on the 1:30 bus. She needs to get ? for Leah and buy some merchandise. Miriam isn't here. She is at Eta spending time with Perale. She's a good girl. There's nothing new there, they are all healthy. Very soon Perale won't be the only child…

Write me my beloved daughter, how do you feel, how is your uncle, how is your situation, and about the future. I want to know about everything. Write long letters. About my nephew Heshil[?], you mentioned his name for the first time. I think he had an argument with your uncle a long time ago. Do you know him? Write me about him.

Be well and happy, whishing you, your mother.

Warm regards to your uncle and to my beloved friends. Write an immediate reply. You must be a little impatient that the letter has been delayed. Your letter came after 14 days.

You write that our friend from Paris was there, I don't know who he is. Write what kind of a friend he is.


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