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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)





Translated by Sara Mages

  11. VIII.1936
Hello Freida!

I spent the whole summer in Dotnuva and it is almost time to go back to work. I don't know where I'm heading because the school in Palanga is unstable, it is unknown if it will continue to exist, and for the time being there aren't any jobs. For that reason I want to leave Lita. I met Zeltzin and spoke with other people, and everyone is with the same opinion that if I got papers like yours I would be able to leave legally for the United States, without a bribe, only with travel expenses. It is understandable that I can't talk to you about it while you are still staying with others. So, I think that when you settle down and not depend on others, it will be possible to start with it. If they still don't agree to that, there is another way, as I was told by a person I know, Pesach Raymon, who visited Palanga Lita this summer. I met him by chance a few days ago in Kovna. He is a teacher in a teachers' seminar near the institute of R' Yitzchak Elhanan. He says that there is a high education collage next to the institute, and when you are accepted to it (of course with a diploma), you receive permission to enter the country. Of course it is necessary to visit, and later it might be possible to stay in the country. For sure knows about such cases and he can be trusted. Besides that, it is necessary to deposit around 125 dollars for half year tuition, and another recommendation. Never mind, is easier to get a recommendation than dollars. If it comes to that, I can get it from “Raymon”, the person that I told you about. At any rate, I would like you to start taking care of that after you settled down. By the way, maybe the man who helped you get a job knows something about this thing. You can ask him. He told me that the salary in that Talmud Torah is very low. For sure he will find a better support. By the way, he warns me not spend time in the company of Hebrew and Yiddish speakers because it will interfere with the studies, and the knowledge of fluent English is essential to an intelligent person.

As you can see, my letter from today is very practical. Mr. Raymon gave me the address of another seminar where it is easier to enquire. It is:

Jewish Theological Seminary
Broadway and 123 St.
New York N.Y.

Mr. Raymon address and the college where he is teaching:

Mr. Reuel
Yeshiva Collage
Amsterdam Avenue and 186 St.
New York N.Y.
P. Raymon

Greetings to aunt and uncle.

Be well and happy, yours Moshe.

Father also wanted to write but due to lack of space his place will be missing today .
He is asking for your good health. Aforementioned.

Written in the margin: Because of the late hour our sisters did not travel to the holiday
resort. They feel pretty good. We wrote another [letter] to our aunt. Aforementioned

My dear sister and brother-in-law, and my beloved daughter Freida,

We received your letter and also the 25 dollars. I thank you very much. Miriam and Pessale are leaving for a vacation soon. I hope that they will recover. The weather is good now, dry and hot. My beloved Mary, why don't you mention anything about the brother and sister from Chicago? Write about them, it is necessary to know. How is our sister-in-law Bashe, and how is her son Hesil? Freida never wrote me about them. I think that something happened to them. I am very happy that Morris is feeling good, may we only hear good news from everyone. I'm very glad that you write me a positive opinion on Freida. I believe that I didn't lie to you about Freida when you visited us. May God give her luck and be with her in the good future. May we be healthy. In regards to our cousin Sara, I'm very happy that she is alive, it is wrong of me that I haven't written to her all the time. I'm writing her a letter this week, but I don't know if her address is the same. I want you to send me her address. My beloved daughter Freida, you must be worried that our letter was delayed a little. Leah traveled to Kovna on Sunday, August 9. I'm very happy that you associate with the daughters of our late brother. We don't have any news, we expect to receive frequent letters with good news from you and also from our relatives.

Wishing you, your sister, sister-in- law and your mother, Nechama


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