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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)





Translated by Sara Mages

Dotnuva 26.VII.1936
Dear Freida!

This week I received a two week vacation and came home. We have the same matters at home. We have wages and the store. Moshe is also at home. Pessiele feels as always, neither good nor bad. Miriam is working at home and fighting a fierce war of life and death against the bloody flies that really don't give us rest when we sleep and when we wake up, and stick to us everywhere. Miriam says that if all of us properly help her with her war, we wouldn't find even a single fly, but we have no desire to wage a war against such nasty characters, and we stand on the side. Only Perale is helping her shouting loudly, flies get out. She is a lovely girl and we enjoy her smartness and her cheerfulness.

Mother and father also feel good, if we don't take into account that it is almost Tisha B'Av eve (that we must pass) and we need to endure the Hakhshara [pioneer kibbutz], as one of the young man from the collective likes to express himself.

I haven't been to Dotnuva since Passover and I must say to her great praise that she changed her appearance for the better. Imagine to yourself that they paved the road and they are trying their best to give her a more attractive look. Still, the boredom isn't easy and it is good that I brought reading material with me, as much as I was able to carry. Right now I'm getting ready to start reading.

I received your letter two weeks ago, but I didn't answer out of the habit of not answering immediately. In addition, I talked to Dvora about writing together but nothing came out of it. I don't have any news. I was correct when I wrote you that we always live the same life. You must have heard about the events in Israel. This, of course, has a negative influence on the ordinary life in the Diaspora and also in the Hakhshara [pioneer kibbutz]. But still, people from the outside wonder, they thought that it would affect us more. The likelihood of immigrating now is not clear, and they are talking about delaying the immigration, at any rate, the situation will clear out soon. The next Aliya [immigration] is leaving on the 2nd of August. Leah Koletzki is immigrating from your kibbutz, she is asking about you. Also Avraham Rikles is immigrating in this Aliya.

Yes, I forgot to write you that I took revenge on my nose and removed the polyps. This is a very easy surgery, easier than tonsil surgery. I received five days vacation from the factory and rested well, moreover, you already know that something like that doesn't affect me badly. I'm very pleased that I got rid of them because they interfered with my breathing.

Last week a conference of “Hashomer Hatzair” took place in Petrašiūnai, Lita. I also participated in it. Six hundred people gathered there and it was very nice. It had a special value when the time is so hard in Israel. I met many friends and spent a couple of nice days.

When I came home on Friday I found a letter from you and also pictures. You can understand the happiness at home, first, the letter itself that they eagerly wait for, and second, the pictures. You look very pretty from what can be judged from a picture. I can only write you about Dvora that she stopped working at the factory and work in another place. She will write you more details. It is sufficient for now because I've already written a long letter to Shoshanna today. They use me at home to write letters.

Be healthy and write to my address in Kovna.

Yours Leah


Hello Freida!

I'm at home for a few weeks now and so far I haven't had enough time to write you. So, here I come to point that I'm on a vacation and very soon my vacation days will be over. I might travel to Palanga again. A yeshiva student came to Palanga. I would like to meet him since he lives in New-York and works there as a teacher, but so far it hasn't been done.

Yours, Moshe


Shalom my darling!

We received the pictures. I don't know how to thank you. I jumped up to the sky from joy. Since Leah came home she took the responsibility of writing from me. You know that there is nothing to write about. We received a postcard from Shoshanna. The same news. Be well and send us more pictures.

Yours Pessie


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