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Letters from Dotnuva (cont.)


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Translated by Sara Mages

Edited by Yocheved Klausner

Dotnuva 9 January, 1936
[Page 1]

Shalom my darling Freidale!

We received a letter from you yesterday and today, and out of joy I'm sitting and answering you immediately. We are very happy that you are having a good time and that you see and visit many nice interesting places. For sure you wouldn't be able to get used again to the big swamps of Dotnuva. Today, while I was lying in bed, I lifted my head off the pillow and looked out of the window to see what's happening outside. To my great amazement I saw Nekresh's roof completely covered with snow, but my joy didn't last because shortly after that the snow melted, drop by drop. Now we have autumn air and the swamp is as big as it was last autumn. But it is not cold. You liked that kind of weather. Mother is also satisfied. She says that it is possible to go out.

[Page 2]

The gentiles are worried about the swamp because it is impossible to drive to the forest to bring wood. I don't allow them to worry, I promise them that the pure white winter will arrive and we will be able to go sleigh-riding on the snow. When I traveled to Kovna we traveled to the end of the railroad in Goldin's small winter cart. There were 6 young men and me. It was very pleasant and Moshe sang Hebrew songs the whole way. He wanted to show us his singing talent because he is a music and gymnastics teacher at the high-school. Despite the fact that these subjects are not difficult, still he is not an expert in singing, and certainly not in sports. Right now mother is sitting next to me ordering me to ask you a lot of questions. I will ask you, just don't forget to answer. Who is cleaning your house, does your aunt have a cleaning lady? What is the relationship between her daughter and you? What kind of a man is her husband? Did uncle's businesses improve?

[Page 3]

You wrote that it is also snowing there, are you not cold in your old coat? On Monday our aunt went to Janova. She traveled together with Zelda, who traveled further to Kovna. She doesn't know anything yet about her trip to Eretz Israel because there are a lot of difficulties. I am sending you a letter from Shoshanna that we received today together with your letter. In her letter that we received two weeks ago, she wrote that she is sewing for herself a floor length black ball gown. I met Tcherna Michalis in Kovna. She returned from Israel not long ago. She knows Shoshanna and says that Shoshanna is a pretty young woman and that she is having a good time. She is working in a restaurant and enjoys her job. I didn't talk to her for a long time because we met in the street. I will write you everything later because right now I want to go to Eta because they are playing chess over there. Greetings to aunt and uncle. Yours Pessie.

What is your hairstyle? Send us a picture. Don't forget to be photographed. Enclosed is a letter in Yiddish from Dad.


My dear beloved Freidale! How are you?

Thank God that you are healthy and happy and that your aunt and uncle are making an effort to provide you with pleasures. We hope that you will always live in peace. It is still muddy here, the roads are not good, and for that reason we didn't buy any wood. We already bought licenses and tea for the store despite the fact that the store yields very little for us. We are afraid that we will have to pay a fine if we don't acquire the licenses. After all, we will cover the expenses for the licenses with the rest of the payments.

We have no news, thank God we're all healthy. Mother is already sleeping, she will also write you in another letter. We give our regards and warm wishes to your aunt and uncle. May they be healthy, and may all of you be healthy and happy.

Wishing you well, S. Shapira


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