Family Name Given Name
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Rabinovitch The Rabbi Gershon and family
Rabinovitch Sala and family
Rabinovitch Ahron
Rabinovitch Chana
Rozen Moshe
Rabinovitch Malka
Rabinovitch Shmuel-Ali
Rabinovitch Shloma Yechzekiel
Rabinovitch Saul
Rabinovitch Nachman
Rozen Chava
Rozen Ahron
Rozen Eleizor
Rozemarin Smuel
Rozenblatt Moshe
Rozenblatt Yisrael
Rozenblatt Chayala
Rozenson Avraham-Yitzhak
Rozenson Mirela
Rozenson Ahron
Rozeman Moshe
Rozentzveig Yisrael
Rozentzveig Miriam
Rozentzveig Avraham
Rozentzveig Kalman
Rozentzveig Raizel
Rozentzveig Saul
Rozentzveig Yitzhak
Rozentzveig Regina and family
Rozentzveig Chana
Rozentzveig Rivka
Rozentzveig Gitel
Rozentzveig Rachel
Rozentzveig Avraham
Rozentzveig Chaim
Rozentzveig Sarah
Rozentzveig Meir
Rechtman Shmuel
Rechtman Gitel
Rechtman Rachel
Rechtman Yisrael
Rechtman Sarala
Rechtman David
Rechtman Sifra
Rechtman Mendel
Rechtman Avraham
Rechtman Meir
Rechtman Zalman
Rechtman Etal
Rechtman Tova
Rechtman Minka
Rechtman Golda
Rechtman Yosef
Rozenman Samson
Rozenman Eleizor
Rozenman Baila
Rozenman Moshe and wife
Rozenman Benyamin, his wife and children
Rozenman Chana-Leah, her husband and 4 children
Roterman Raizel
Roterman Ita
Roterman Yichiel
Roterman Chana
Roterman Faiga-Leah and children
Roterman Leah
Roterman Sheva
Roterman Leizor
Roterman Leahtasha
Roterman Ita
Roterman Sheva
Roterman Raizela
Roterman Esther
Roterman Miriam
Roterman Eleizor
Roterman Yichzikiel
Roterman Ahron
Roman Pesa-Mindel
Roteman Moshe
Roteman Henia
Reznikovitch Moshe
Reznikovitch Liba
Reznikovitch Leah
Reznikovitch Sima
Reznikovitch Tzirel
Reznikovitch Malka
Reznikovitch Alter
Rochenshvalb Moshe-Melech
Rochenshvalb Sarah-Leah
Rochenshvalb Yehuda-Laib
Rochenshvalb Yichiel
Rochenshvalb Perel
Rochenshvalb Shaindel
Rochenshvalb Eta
Rochenshvalb Isaiyhu-Asar
Rochenshvalb Chaim-Leizor
Rozenberg David
Rozenberg Sifra
Rozenberg Boez
Rozenberg Etal
Rozenberg Golda
Rozenberg Tsharna
Rozenberg Sheva
Rozenberg Yithak
Rozenberg Nachma
Rozenberg Matil
Rozenberg Chaim
Rozenberg Aidel-Leah
Rozenberg Chaim-Rueben
Rozenberg Shaindel
Rozenberg Chaya-Pesel
Rozenberg Itche
Rozenberg Moshe
Rozenberg Eleizor
Rozenberg (Spektor) Moshe
Rozenberg (Spektor) Nachma
Rozenberg (Spektor) Freidala
Rozenberg (Spektor) Itche
Rozenberg Shalom
Rozenberg Leah
Rozenberg Rivkala
Rozenberg Itchela
Rozenberg Yaacov-Mendel
Rozenberg Arya-Laib
Rozenberg Baila
Rozenberg Yosef
Rozenberg Mendel-Motel (Ritual Slaughterer)
Rozenberg Frumit, her daughter-in-law and children
Rozenberg Rachel
Rokman Esther
Rozenwein Pinchas
Rozenwein Rivka
Rozenwein Berel, his wife and child
Rozenwein Mordechai, his wife and child
Rozenwein Hershel, his wife and child
Rozenwein Nachmia
Rozenwein Gitela
Rozenwein Ahron
Rozenwein Chanatasha
Rozenwein Esther and husband
Rozenwein Eleizor
Rozenwein Rivka
Rozenwein Leah
Rozenwein Yitzhak
Rozenwein Nachma-Leah
Rozenwein Bracha-Chava
Rozenwein Avraham-Laib
Rozenwein Eleizor
Rozenwein Pesa-Mindel, with her husband and child
Rozenwein Hodel, husband and child
Rozenwein Yitzhak-Isaac
Rozenwein Chaya-Liba and children
Rubenstein Shmuel Areles
Rubenstein Mechla
Rubenstein Alter
Rubenstein David
Rubenstein Miriam
Rubenstein Yehusha, wife and child
Rubenstein Yechzikiel
Rubenstein Leah
Rubenstein Roza
Rubenstein Esther
Rubenstein Hershel
Rubenstein Berish and family
Rubenstein Chava and her children
Rozenfeld Hinda
Rozenfeld Avraham
Rozenfeld Natan
Rotenberg Simcha
Rotenberg Tova
Rotenberg Malka
Rotenberg Perel
Rotenberg Itka
Rotenberg Meir
Rotenberg Ahron
Reizman Bronya
Reizman Bunis and wife
Reizman Mendel
Rotshild Henech
Rotshild Moshe
Rotshild Benyamin
Rotshild Akiba
Rotshild Raizela
Rotshild Rikel
Sh/S - (Shin/Sin)   return  
Sherman Baruch
Sherman Shaindel
Sherman David
Sherman Shlomo
Sherman Sarah
Sherman Nachman-Laib
Sherman Yithak
Sherman Levi
Sherman Perel-Leah
Sherman Fruma
Sherman Golda
Sherman Saul
Sherman Matil and children
Sherman Pesa
Sherman Devorah
Sherman Chana
Sherman Shalom-Meir
Sherman Yoel
Sherman Nachman-Leizor
Sherman Avraham-Shloma
Sherman Rochma
Sherman Chana-Sprintza
Steinfeld Yisrael
Steinfeld Miriam-Dina
Steinfeld Laibish
Steinfeld Yehudit
Steinfeld Perela
Steinfeld Lusha
Steinfeld Monish
Shteinbuch Velvel
Shteinbuch Gitel
Shteinbuch Shmuel, his wife and child
Shteinbuch Genendil
Shteinbuch Moshe
Shteinbuch Pesa
Shteinbuch Yisrael-Laib
Shteinbuch Rachel
Shteinbuch Hershel
Shteinbuch Shaindel
Shteinbuch Berel
Shteinbuch Gitel
Shteinbuch Sarah
Shteinbuch Rivka
Shteinbuch Malka
Shteinbuch Ddavid and his three children
Shteinbuch Devorah
Shteinbuch Pesa, her husband (Nisenboim) and children
Shteinbuch Yisrael
Shteinbuch Miriam-Dina
Shteinbuch Yehudit
Shteinbuch Laibish
Shteinbuch Sarah-Rivka
Shuster Chaim-Yehuda
Shuster Golda
Shuster Baila-Ita
Shuster Aiga
Shuster Baruch-Meir
Steinboim David
Steinboim Baila-Rivka
Steinboim Yitzhak
Steinboim Friedel
Steinboim Malka
Shulman Esther
Shulman Yaacov
Shulman Emanuel
Shulman Chaya-Sarah
Shulman Yehusha
Steingart Raizel
Steingart Moniek
Steingart Chana
Steingart Ahron
Steingart Pola
Spigner Nachma
Shildkroit Chaim
Shildkroit Yichiel
Shildkroit David, his wife and four children
Shildkroit Chaya, with her husband and two children
Shildkroit Golda and her child
Shildkroit Malka
Shildkroit Perel
Shildkroit Zelda
Shildkroit Chana
Shildkroit Sarah
Shildkroit Yosef
Shildkroit Mirela and her two children
Shlimer Malka
Shlimer Yirchmiel
Shlimer Zjisha
Shlimer Gitel
Shlimer Yirchmiel
Shlimer Miriam
Shlimer Moshe
Shlimer Chaim
Shlimer Yisrael
Shlimer Esther
Shlimer Rachel
Shlimer Tzima
Shlimer Perel
Shlimer Frumtsha
Shlimer Osher-Mordechai
Shlimer Laibish
Shlimer Esther
Shlimer Chaya
Shmeker Pesach
Shmeker Chaya
Shmeker Chaim-Meir
Shmeker Tzesha
Shmeker Yisrael
Shmeker Saul
Shmeker Rachel
Shmeker Sarah-Bluma
Shmeker Berel
Shmeker Velvel
Shmeker Chana
Shmeker Rachel
Shmeker Daniel
Shmeker Chava
Shmeker Chana
Shmeker Rachel
Shmeker Yichiel
Shmeker Leah
Shmeker Chana
Shmeker Rachel
Shmeker Yosef
Shilinger Shmuel
Shilinger Itela
Shilinger Avraham
Shilinger Yisrael
Shilinger Elihu
Shilinger Chaya
Shwartzberg Wolf
Shwartzberg Raizel
Shwartzberg Rachel
Shwartzberg Yona
Shwartzberg sarah
Shwartzberg Chaya
Shwartzberg Yedidia
Shwartzberg Yosef
Shilling Esther
Shilling Moshe
Shilling Yochbed
Shilling Pinchas
Shilling Aiga and her children
Shilling Yitzhak
Shilling Tova
Shilling Laibel and family
Sharfhartz Yitzhak-Shochet
Sharfhartz Yichiel
Sharfhartz Yaacov
Sharfhartz Rachel
Sharfhartz Nachmum
Shtamler Hallel and wife
Shtamler Peretz and family
Shtamler Chaim-Rueben and family
Shtamler Shloma
Shtamler Shaindel and family
Shtamler Lipa
Shtamler Shiela
Shtamler Bluma
Shtamler Avraham
Shtamler Rachel (daughter of Yehusha)
Shtamler Raizel
Shtamler Laibel
Shtamler Faiga
Shtamler Sheva
Shtamler Leah
Shtamler Rachel (daughter of Avraham)
Strechman Leah
Strechman Molly
Szajnzicht Chaim-Hallal
Szajnzicht Frumit
Shapiro Chana
Shapiro Moshe
Shapiro Blumtsha
Shapiro Mensha, his wife and children
Shapiro Yehudit and daughter
Shapiro Golda and husband
Shapiro Yankela (son of Chana)
Shapiro Chaya
Shapiro Yankela (son of Mensha)
Shtamfater Liba
Shtamfater Efraim
Schneiderman Chava
Schneiderman Hertzog
Schneiderman Esther

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