Mount Zion - Jerusalem

Memorial Monument
for the martyrs of our town



(near Lublin, Poland)

Parents Brothers and Sisters, May God Avenge Their Death
Who were murdered and destroyed in the years 5699-5705 (1939-1945)

Their holy memory shall never leave us
May Their Souls Be Included With The Living

Memorial Day is Cheshvan 17

Organization of Demblin-Modzjitz Townspeople
in Israel and the Diaspora

We mourn them all, together with the holy of Israel,
who perished as martyrs at the hands of German murderers and their accomplices
in the years of the Second World War and afterward.





Dalet     Hey        








Pey          Tsadek     Kof        Reysh       Shin    

Family Name Given Name
A - (Alef)       return   
Auntoiglich Isaac
Auntoiglich Esther (Etal)
Auntoiglich Frieda
Auntoiglich Sheva
Auntoiglich Basha
Auntoiglich Samson
Auntoiglich Yoneh and family
Opes Tzevya and family
Adlerman Yisrael
Adlerman Malka
Adlerman Leyuba
Adlerman Sarah
Adlerman Tova
Aichenbrenner Ahron
Aichenbrenner Rochma
Aichenbrenner Rafael
Aichenbrenner Rivka
Aichenbrenner Yidel
Aichenbrenner Tzeporah
Aichenbrenner Simcha-Godel
Aichenbrenner Sonya and child
Aichenbrenner Bella
Aichenbrenner Moshe-Laib
Aichenbrenner Zlota and son Yechzikiel
Aichenbrenner Leah-Tema and daughter Sarah
Albstein Yaacov-Shloma
Albstein Faiga-Raizel
Albstein Perel
Albstein Chana
Albstein Hershel
Albstein Eleizor
Albstein Shmuen
Alenblum Ahron-Hersh
Alenblum Leah and children
Alenblum Chana
Axelrod Yosef
Axelrod Shaindel
Axelrod Sarah and child
Axelrod Tzvi and child
Axelrod Laibel, his wife and child
Axelrod Hershel
Axelrod Yisrael
Axelrod Rachel
Axelrod Esther
Avramowitz Minchas-Mendel
Avramowitz Meir
Avramowitz Chana-Tzirel
Avramowitz Rivka
Avramowitz Sarah
Avramowitz Avraham
Avramowitz Gitel
Avramowitz Chaim
Avramowitz Rachel
Avramowitz Yosef
Avramowitz Pesa
Avramowitz Gitel
Avramowitz Roda
Avramowitz Baila
Avramowitz Chaya
Avramowitz Leah
Avramowitz Avraham
Avramowitz Riva
Aiglitzky Moshe, his wife and three children
Aiglitzky Avraham and wife
Ainshindler Moshe
Ainshindler Hilda
Ainshindler Chaim
Ainshindler Simcha
Ainshindler Shloma
Ainshindler Shloma
Ainshindler Nesha
Ainshindler Perel
Abenstein Yidel
Abenstein Yaacov
Abenstein Tzevya
Abenstein Avraham-Yosel
Abenstein Tova
Abenstein Moshe
Abenstein Gimpel
Abenstein Braindel
Abenstein Laibel
Abenstein Sarah
Abenstein Henia
Abenstein Yaacov
Abenstein David
Abenstein Hinda
Abenstein Eleizor
Abenstein Gershon
Abenstein Esther
Abenstein Baruch
Abenstein Malka and child
Abenstein Gershon
Abenstein Hadassa
Abenstein Hershel
Abenstein Paula
Abenstein Bracha
Abenstein Yaacov
Abenstein Chaim
Abenstein Devorah
Aberkleid Avraham
Aberkleid Esther
Aberkleid Chana
Aberkleid David and his two children
Aberkleid Serel
Aberkleid Moshe
Aberkleid Yitzhak
Orlovsky Zalman
Orlovsky Nata
Apelgot Mendel
Apelgot Esther
Apelgot (Tenenboim) Hinda
Apelgot Liza
Apelgot Esther
Apelgot Moshe
Aidelsberg Yichiel, his wife and child
Apelboim Rachel and her four children
Apelboim Aba, his wife and child
Aizenman Israel and wife
Aizenman Isaac, his wife and child
Aizenman Shalom
Albik Simcha
Albik Raizela
Albik Bat-Sheva
Albik Yisrael-Ahron
Albik Esther
Albik Elka
Apel Moshe
Apel Chana and child
Apelhut Yisraelish
Apelhut Yochbed
Apelhut Ahron and wife
Apelhut Yaacov
Apelhut Sarah
Apelhut Levi-Yitzhak
Apelhut Sosha
Apelhut Chaim
Apelhut Esther
Apelhut Shmai
Apelhut Faigel and two children
Anglister Yona
Anglister Rachel
Anglister Sarah
Anglister Laibel
Anglister Gershon
Anglister Ganendil
Anglister Baruch
Anglister Moshe Hilleles and family
Ainshindler Yisrael-Laib
Aroniak Meir
Aroniak Liba
Aroniak Benyamin
Aroniak Sarah with chldren
Aroniak Matis and his wife
Aroniak Ezra and his wife
Aidenboim Shmerl and his wife
Aidenboim Pinchas
Aidenboim Yisrael
Aidenboim Yaacov and his wife
Aidelman Yosef
Aidelman Gitel
Axelrod Menucha
Axelrod Yaacov
Axelrod David-Yichiel
Axelrod Liba
Axelrod Yisrael-David
Axelrod Chaya
Auzurpator Yidel
Auzurpator Chaya-Ita
Auzurpator Rinka
Auzurpator Moshe
Auzurpator Tova
Abarbanel Ahron
Abarbanel Matel
Abarbanel Rivka
B - (Bet/Vet)       return  
Buckspan Rivka
Buckspan Moshe
Buckspan Genya
Buckspan Gitel
Bergman Titzhak
Bergman (Samet) Ester
Bergman Yisrael-Ahron
Borkowitz Avigdavid
Borkowitz Necha
Borkowitz Rivka
Borkowitz Gnendil
Borkowitz Hertzka and wife
Blundovsky Moshe
Blundovsky Andja
Blundovsky Roza
Blundovsky Hela
Borovsky Hershel
Borovsky Rachel
Bandman Miriam with her two children
Blechstein Miriam and daughter
Bluestein Sifra
Bluestein Hershel
Bluestein Sarah
Bluestein Pesach
Bluestein Mindela
Bluestein Shepsel
Bluestein Miriam
Bronspigel Shloma
Bronspigel Aba
Bronspigel Esther
Bronspigel Raizel, her husband Melech and children
Bubis Yehusha
Bubis Chanatasha
Bubis Yaacov
Bubis Dina and child
Bubis Hodes
Bubis Chiltsha
Baber Chaim-Laib
Baber (Shulman) Miriam
Baber Yechzikiel
Borenstein Moshe
Borenstein (Shulman) Baila
Borenstein Faigela
Baitsman Moshe
Baitsman M.
Becherblut Avraham, and his wife
Becherblut Nechamia and family
Baigelman Laibish
Baigelman Chaya
Baigelman Chava
Baigelman Moshe
Baigelman Dina
Baniochovsky Rachel
Baniochovsky Yosef
Bornstein Shmuel
Bornstein Sarah
Bornstein Esther-Malka
Bornstein Eltsha
Borstein Yonah and family
Budner Adela
Budner Yosef and his two children
Bluestein Moshe
G - (Gimel)       return  
Gelibter Yosef
Gelibter Esther
Grabovnik Chaim-Shmuel
Grabovnik Matel
Grabovnik Shiendel
Grabovnik Serka
Grabovnik Rivka
Grabovnik Chaya
Goldstein Meir
Goldstein Sasha
Goldstein Sonya
Goldstein Gitel
Goldstein Aidel
Goldstein Gadlihu
Goldstein Ruzja
Goldstein Hershel
Goldstein Devorah
Goldstein Yitzhak
Goldstein Raizel
Goldstein Yosef
Goldstein Leah
Goldstein Luba and her child
Gorfinkel Yisrael
Gorfinkel Perela
Gorfinkel Ita
Gorfinkel Chava
Gorfinkel Yosef
Gorfinkel Ahron
Gorfinkel Leah
Gorfinkel Kraindel
Guterman Yaacov
Gerecht Moshe-Yosef
Gerecht Leah
Gerecht Yididia
Greenglass Halevi-Yitzhak
Greenglas Rachel
Greenglas Moshe
Greenglas Bluma
Greenglas Chana
Greenglas Yochved
Goldfinger David and family
Goldfinger Yichiel
Goldfinger Tzvi
Gedanken Avraham
Gezjevian David
Gezjevian Sarah
Goldfarb Hershel
Goldfarb Golda
Goldfarb Tsharna
Goldfarb Avraham
Goldfarb Rachel
Goldfarb Devorah
Goldfarb Mirela
Goldfarb Etal
Goldfarb Rivka
Goldfarb Moshe
Goldberg Moshe
Goldberg Tzirel
Goldberg Moshe
Goldberg Esther and two children
Goldberg Pinchas
Goldsobel Avraham and family
Goldberger Yaacov and children
Goldman Mordechai-Shmuel
Goldman Rachel
Goldman Pinchas, his wife and children
Goldman Laibish
Goldman Hershel
Goldman Leah with her husband
Goldman Miriam
Goldman Devorah
Goldman Chaya
Goldman Esther
Goldman Enzil
Goldman Perel
Greenberg Avraham and family
Greenberg Faigela and family
Greenberg Mordechai
Gropak Moshe
Golombek Raizela
Golombek Eliezer
Golombek Chaya
Golombek Yididia
D - (Dalet)       return  
Daitsher Laibel
Daitsher Rachel
Daitsher Mordechai
Daitsher Esther
Daitsher (Lipman) Chaya
Daitsher Yechzakal
Daitsher Chaya
Daitsher Raizel
Daitsher Nach
Daitsher Ahron
Daitsher Laibel
Daitsher Esther
Daitsher Gaula
Daitsher Rivka
Danovitch Avraham
Danovitch S. and children
Danovitch Perel
Danovitch Hendel
Danovitch Raizel
Danovitch Esther
Draiblat Laibel with his 8 children
Draiblat Dina
Draiblat Sarah-Rivka
Dickstein Zlata
Dickstein Chaya
Dickstein Avraham-Wolf
H - (Hey)       return  
Hochman Chava
Hochman Yonah
Hochman (Urman) Mindel
Hochman Mendel
Hochman Yonah
Hochman Shalom
Hochman Raizel
Hershenkraft David
Hershenkraft Zlata and her children
Hershenkraft Moshe
Hoftman Chava
Hoftman Yechzakal
Hoftman Sarah and her child
Hofman Yosef
Hofman Shalom
Hofman Raizel
Hofman Motel
Hofman Gamliel
Hofman Hershel
Hofman Moshe
Hofman Yehudit
Hofman Yaacov
Hofman Yonah
Heldman Leah-Gitel
Heldman Moshe
Heldman Tania
Heldman Mendel
Heldman Liuba
Heldman Ahron, his wife and children
Heldman Kalman and wife
Horowitz Zlata-Dova
Horowitz Yechzakal
Horwitz Betzalal
Horwitz Rivka
Horwitz Zlata
Horwitz Yechzakal
Horwitz Laibel and family
Honigboim Ben-Tzion
Honigboim Chava
Honigboim Bluma
Honigboim Raizel
Hochman Moshe-Yosef
Halbesberg Pessel
Halbesberg Moshe-Chaim
Halbesberg Ahron
Hershman Lozer
Hershman Itchela
Hershman Laibel
Hershman Hershel
Hershman Nachum-Leizor
Hershman Sarah-Leah
Hershman Rachel
Hershman Chana
Hershman Mirela
Hershman Rivka


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