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  1. Tshenstokhover Yidn [Cz. Jews], edited by Rafael Mahler, New York, 1947.
  2. Churban Czenstochow [The Destruction of Cz.] (Latin transcription), by Benjamin Orenstein, American Zone in Germany, 1948.
  3. Unser Yuhrzeit [Our Death Anniversary], a once–only publication by the management of the Częstochower Landsmannschaft in the American Zone in Germany, under the editorship of Benjamin Orenstein, Dr Zvi Kantor, Ester Epsztajn, and Z. Rozenwajn in 1948.
  4. Der Umkum un Vidershtand fun a Yidisher Shtot [Destruction and Resistance of a Jewish Town], by Benjamin Orenstein, Montreal 1949.
  5. Churban, Widerstand, un Umkum in Częstochower Ghetto [Destruction, Resistance, and Death in the Cz. Ghetto], publication of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland, Warsaw 1951.
  6. Czenstochov, edited by Sh. D. Zinger, New York 1948.


According to Dr F. Friedman's[1] book:

In 1945, Adam Zilbersztajn's book In the Ghettoes of Warsaw and Częstochowa appeared, published by Sifriat Ha'Poalim [Workers' Library], 122 pages, registered in Friedman's book as #298, which contains a description of the lives of the Jews in the ghettos of Warsaw and Częstochowa during 1941–43 (to their liquidation), and mainly of the activity of the Ha'Shomer Ha'Tzair movement and the rest of the pioneering movements.

Also, registered (#301), there is the book Sefer Milḥamot ha‐geṭaʼot (ben ha‐homot,̣ ba‐maḥanot, ba‐yeʻarot) [The Book of the War of the Ghettoes (within the walls, in the camps, in the forests)], edited by Yitzhak Zuckerman and Moshe Baso , published by Ha'Kibbutz Ha'Meuchad [The United Kibbutz] (2nd edition), of the Y. Katznelson publishing house at Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot, (5714/1954) 812 [?]. Page 12 tells of the uprising in Częstochowa [in] a report by the Jewish Agency's Relief Committee, in the bulletin for July and September 1946, regarding the situation of the Częstochowa Jews during that period; registered in Friedman's book as #214. #262: the book DrorHaChalutz HaTzair, compiled and edited by David Gotesfrucht, Chaim Hadari, and Aron Reichman, HaKibbutz HaMeuchad (5707/1947), 511 pages, where it is spoken of Częstochowa (on p.413, 423424), by Rina and Rywka Glanc, and others.

Listed as #1169 is Ha'Shoa Ve'Ha'Meri [The Holocaust and the Rebellion], an anthology of the destruction of the European Jewry during the years 5705–5708 [1945–48], compiled and edited by a special committee of the [Israeli] Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Yitzhak Katznelson Lohamei Ha'Geta'ot House, for the legacy of the Holocaust and the Rebellion, published by the Governmental Printing House in Jerusalem, 5713/1953 (200 pages), which includes Aaron Brandes' article The End of the Fighters in the Częstochowa Ghetto (from [the book] The End of the Jews in Western Poland).

Listed as #176 by Dr Friedman is the [aforementioned] book by Aaron Brandes, The End of the Jews in Western Poland, 195 pages, published by Sifriat HaPoalim, which also speaks of the end of the fighters at the Częstochowa ghetto.


(Translator's note: Covers of books mentioned in the bibliography)


See also Shimon Samet's book Be'Boi Le'Macharat [Upon my Arrival the Day After], a journey throughout Poland in 1946, published by Zadok Leinman (listed by Dr Friedman as #523).

Registered by Friedman as #411, under Pages for Research of the Holocaust and the Rebellion, is also Kol Yahadut Polin [The Voice of the Polish Jewry], which appeared on 11th Nisan 5700 (19April 1940) [and was] published a second time by Ha'Kibbutz Ha'Meuchad in 5712 (1952).

There is part of an article by Isaiah Trunk[2] on L. Brener's Vidershtand un Umkum in Tshenstokhover Geto [Resistance and Destruction in the Cz. Ghetto], pages 154–157, which is listed by Dr Friedman as #324.

Also in the report on the 15th HaKibbutz HaMeuchad Conference at [Kibbutz] Yagur on 18th Sivan 5706 [17th June 1946], which is listed by Friedman as #311, there is published material on Częstochowa.

See also Sefer Ha'Partizanim [The Book of the Partisans], Volume One (#299 in Friedman's book); Ha'Shomer Ha'Tzair, Volume One (#300) and Milchemet Ha'Geta'ot [The War of the Ghettoes] (#301).

Also see Shnat Ha'Hashmada [The Year of Annihilation], published by the Mapai [Workers' Party of the Land of Israel] Centre in December 1943 (5704), listed by Friedman as #296, and also [see] the books listed there as numbers 157, 176, 199, 214, 226, 262, 266, 267, and 273.

And [see] also the books: Vidershtand un Umkum by L. Brener; HaToim BeDarkei HaMavet [Wandering on the Path of Death], by Natan Eck; and Churbn Czenstochow [The Destruction of Cz.] by S. Waga.

Translator's footnotes:

  1. Dr Filip Friedman (1901–1960) was Jewish historian; it is unclear from which of his books the subsequent information is taken. Return
  2. A chief archivist of the YIVO in New York. Return


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