Book of Buczacz;
in Memory of a Martyred Community

(Buchach, Ukraine)

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Sefer Buczacz: Matsevet Zikaron Le-kehila Kedosha

Edited by: Yisrael Cohen

Published in Tel Aviv, 1956


Project Coordinator

Norbert Porile z”l

Our sincere appreciation to Ze'ev Anderman z”l and Moshe Shpritzer,
for the Buczacz Landsmanschaft in Israel, for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Sefer Buczacz; matsevet zikaron le- kehila kedosha
(Book of Buczacz; in memory of a martyred community), Editors: Yisrael Cohen, Tel Aviv, Am Oved, 1956 (H, 302 pages)

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Table of Contents

Subject by Page
People of the Book Israel Cohen 7
In My Town S.Y. Agnon 9
Stories about Buczacz S.Y. Agnon 14
Books by Buczacz Townsmen S.Y. Agnon 17
Buczacz in Old Books S.Y. Agnon 32
A Letter to S. Y. Agnon Asher Barash 33
Buczacz (Geographical Sketch) M.Y. Braver 39
History of the Jews in Buczacz Dr. N. M. Gelber 44
Rabbi Abraham David Yekutiel Kamelbar 74
Z. Meshulam Igra Rabbi Y. L. Maimon 81
Rabbi Abraham David M. Buber 81
Rabbi Shalom Mordechai HaCohen Schwadron Moshe Zinovitz 87
Synagogues in the Town David Neuman 89
The Buczacz Community Israel Cohen 92
Buczacz Hasidim Shimon Horovits 97
"Der jüdische Wecker" ['The Jewish Awakener']   100
Professor David Tsvi (Heinrich) Mueller G. Kresl 109
Letter from Professor Mueller David Tsvi Mueller 118
Sigmund Freud's Family Tree 119
Encounters with Sigmund Freud Dr. M. Grinwald 119
Yitskhak Fernhof Israel Cohen 122
Family Memories William Fernhof 127
How Buczacz Jews Voted in Austrian Parliamentary Elections   Dr. Koppel Blum 131
From My Memories Dr. Tsvi Heller 142
From the Days of My Youth Dr. Naftali Menatseyakh 166
The First Hebrew School in Buczacz Baruch Y. Berkowitz 174
Histadrut Hechalutz in Buczacz Moshe Held 179
Hospital and Old Age Home in Buczacz Khaye Roll 180
The Orphanage Peppa Anderman-Neuberger 184
More about the Orphanage Dr. David Pohorila 185
WIZO Khaye Roll 186
The Jewish Health Organization Aryeh Roll 187
Buczacz Jews in Vienna Ezekiel (Yekhezkl) Aderer 188
Activity of the New York Buczacz Jewish Welfare Society Abraham Zommer 191
From the Town's Life Dr. David Pohorila 194
Fragments Khaye Roll 202
Gleanings Joseph Urbach 204
Town Worthies
Rabbi Haim Weinraub Sh. M.
Rabbi Yakov Leib Alfenbein Efraim Alfenbein 211
About Several Figures in Our Town David Neuman [Neiman] 212
Two Figures David Neuman [Neiman] 214
Shlomo (Solomon) Dik G. Gafner 216
Dr. Baruch (Bernard) Farnhof Dr. Y. Fernhof 219
Dr. M. Hirschhorn R. [p. 220 has Y. P.] 220
Outstanding Women in Our Town D. N. 220
Memorable Women Dr. D[avid] Pohorila 222
My Brother Shmuel (Samuel) Dr. M. Karniel [Hirshhorn] 223
Meir Fried Moshe Held 224
Emanuel Ringelblum in the Warsaw Ghetto Nathan Eck 225
Emanuel Ringelblum Meylekh Ravitsh 227
Dr. Avraham Khalfan N[aftali] M[enatseyakh] 228
The Shoa in Buczacz
Letter from Dr. Abraham Halfan 233
Letter from Dr. Regina Zohker 235
Letter from Dr. Max Enderman 236
How It Happened:    
   First Witness Isaac (Yitskhak) Shikhor 237
   Second Witness Samuel (Shmuel) Rosenthal 258
   Third Witness Elyash Khalfan 264
   Fourth Witness Israel Gilbert 272
The Resistance Movement in Buczacz E. Bazan 284
Birthday in a Concentration Camp Simon (Shimon) Wiesenthal 295
Shoa Echoes in Buczacz 297
The Buczacz Memorial Committee 304
Photograph captions

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