Boiberke Memorial Book
(Bobrka, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Le-sekher kehilat Bobrka u-benoteha

Edited by Dr Sharaga Feivel Kallay

Published in Jerusalem: Sivan Press, 1964


Project Coordinator

Tisha Bergwerk Bryan


Emerita Coordinator: Beverly Shulster Beiman


This is a translation from: Le-zekher kehilat Bobrka u-benoteha (Boiberke memorial book),
Editors: Sh. Kallay, Jerusalem, Association of Former residents of Bobrka and Vicinity, 1964 (H,Y,E, 256 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Bobrka

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The Editorial Board in the US and Israel:

Samuel Bergwerk
Julius Haber
Abraham Fischer
Sam Marcus
Uri Kruwi
Zeev Shilo
Zippora Perlstein
Haim Zohari
Michael Zohari
Moshe Wind

You Should Know It Sam Marcus 7
History of Boiberke (excerpts) translated by Julius Haber Dr. N. M. Gelber 11
Boiberker Lansleit on the American Scene Julius Haber 17
Commemorations of Jewish Victims of the Nazi Holocaust   34
Committee's Preface   5
Foreword   7
Table of Contents - Hebrew   8
To the Mountain of Corpses in the Snow - Poem Uri Zvi Greenberg 9
Part I - The City and its Inhabitants
The History of the Jews of Bobrka Dr. N. M. Gelber 11
Where Were You on the Day of Rage? - Poem M. Z. 24
A World that Was and Is No More Dr. S. P. Kallay 25
The Black Saturday of 1914 Dr. S. P. Kallay 31
Part II - People and Personalities
The Rabbis of Bobrka and Szwirsz Rabbi Y. C. Weisblum 33
Shmuel Karten Malka Stein 37
Memories from There Mordechai Galer 38
Feivel the Heder Teacher (Memories from the days in the Heder) Avraham Fisher 41
Zionist Organizations in Bobrka Arieh Zukerkandel 43
Petri the Policeman Dov Beker 44
The Founder of HaShomer Hatzair in the City Mordechai Galer 45
Part III - Memories
Autobiographic Notes Arieh Allweil 46
Memories of the Pioneer Movement in Town Hella Hamenachem 49
The Incident with the Rabbi from Stratin on Shavuot Dov Beker 51
The Baking of Matzos S. P. Kallay 53
On Sabbath Eves - Poem M. Z. 54
Slichot Night Alexander Karten 55
The Privileges of the Babes from the Rabbi's House Dov Beker 57
Childhood Memories from There Zippora Perlstein 59
My Father's House in the Village Naomi Berger 60
The Story of One Family Pnina Mantel 60
Part IV - Happenings
City Residents as Prisoners in Russian Captivity Dov Beker 61
Part V - Folklore
A Study of Names Dr. S. P. Kallay 63
The Shattered Folklore From There Avraham Fischer 66
The Words of the People of Bobrka Dr. S. P. Kallay 69
Religious Personnel in Bobrka Avraham Fischer 70
Part VI - Preparation and Aliya
Preparation and Aliya Uri Kruvi 71
The Youth in the 1930s Zeev Shilo 73
Beginnings of the Pioneer Movement in Bobrka Dr. S. P. Kallay 75
Aliya to Eretz Yisrael Chaim Kimchi 77
The Pioneers of Bobrka Shmuel Schrier 79
Part VII - Those Who Fell Along the Way
Yosef Apner - For the Good of All Dov Sadan 82
Bobrka - Poem M.Z. 84
The First Ones Dr. S. P. Kallay 86
Memories of the Fallen Dr. S. P. Kallay 87
Part VIII - The Valley of the Shadow of Death
Memories of the End Emanuel Kruvi 91
In Memory of My Brother and Sister-in-Law, Michael & Mania Zippora Perlstein Lotringer 94
Memories Yona Nemt Lotringer 95
Twenty Years Since the Destruction of the Jewish Population of Bobrka Yitschak Fuchs 96
Jewish Burial - Poem M. Z. 98
El Maleh Rachamim (God is full of Mercy) - Prayer   99
In Memoriam - List of Victims   100
In Memoriam - Memorial to Family Members   106
Lights in the Darkness - Righteous Gentiles   110
A Memorial   111
A Word from the Editor   112
Table of Contents   113
The Shtetl is Burning Mordechai Gvirtig 115
Guardians of Israel (Picture) A. Allweil 116
Part I - City and People
Boiberik Dov Sadan 117
History of the Jews in Boiberke Dr. N. M. Gelber 121
The First Boiberiker Support Society in New York Israel Gimpel 135
The Town of Strilke Motl Ehrlich 136
Spirit of All Life... (Poem) M. Z. 137
Part II - Departure
The Flight to Vienna Abramtchi Fischer 138
What Brought Me to America? Shamai Bergwerk 140
A Boiberiker on the American Stage Julius Haber 141
A Yiddish Song from the Past   156
Part III - Characters
Reb Lippe Fenster Hersh Safran 157
Chaim Klintor Israel Gimpel 159
Ancestor's Grave Meir Shtiker 159
Feivel Melamed H. Z. 161
Israelik Israel Gimpel 162
The Bankrupt Man Meir Shtiker 162
Teachers, Beadles and Ritual Slaughterers Abramtchi Fischer 163
Part IV - A Way of Life and Memories from the Old Home
With Us at Home Shamai Bergwerk 164
A Sermon Mordechai Geller 165
Preparing a Bride Rabbanit Zippora Perl Twersky 166
Sabbaths and Holidays in Boiberke Israel Gimpel 167
Harassers (Memories from Before) Avraham Fischer 169
Feivish, the Tall One Meir Shtiker 170
Baking Matzos at Avraham Breitfeld's Dvorah Breitfeld 171
Belzer Hassidim Fight the Szwirszers Hersh Grass, zl 172
The Teacher Meir Shtiker 174
Childhood Years in Buberika H. Z. 175
When Strelisk Burned [Poem] Meir Shtiker 178
The Bar Mitzvah Boy [Poem] Meir Shtiker 178
My Shtetl, Boiberke Kinke Asher Kreiger 179
Part V - Holocaust and Destruction
The Ghetto in our Shtetl Avraham Fischer 183
The Szwirsz Forest Avraham Fischer 184
Gone Yehudit Altman 186
The Experiences of our Shtetl (1 Jul, 1941 till 13 Apr, 1943) Motl Ehrlich 187
The Beggar Woman [Poem] Meir Shtiker 191
The Rejected [Poem] Meir Shtiker 192
The High-class Woman [Poem] Meir Shtiker 192
Two Drunks on the City Asphalt [Poem] Meir Shtiker 192
The Bitter End Itche Karten 193
The Holocaust Chaim Karten 195
The Last Fight Yosl Fogel 199
My Experiences Selig Fluss 201
The First Forest People Israel Karten 204
Escape From the Death Camp Moshe Ehrlich 204
How a Shtetl was Erased Moshe Ness 206
Names in Photograph Captions


Monument to Bobrka Holocaust victims in Ra'anana Cemetery, Israel


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