(Bełżec, Poland)

Belzec: Stepping Stone to Genocide;
Hitler's answer to the Jewish Question


Aktion Reinhardt Personnel on Parade: Belzec 1942



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  Biography of the Author
  Forward and introduction by the author
  Local history and background of Belzec
  Significance of Belzec
  State of current research
  Note on language
Chapter 1: German Security Services: The police emerge as the middle managers in euthanasia and leaders in the death camps
  Architects and Planners: Police State Security Organisations
  Security Amalgamations
  Overview: Sipo-SD/SS Police in German Society
  Ideological Differences
  Police Leadership: Christian Wirth, Gottleib Hering and Franz Stangl. Police Motivation
Chapter 2: Euthanasia – precursor to genocide
  Exclusion – Extermination Politicization – Mental Health
  Preamble to Euthanasia
  Charitable Foundation
  Executive Recruitment
  Civilian and Police Personnel Duties in T4
  Early Victims
  Procedures and Deceptions
  Secondments to T4
Chapter 3: Hitler's man in the East: Odilo Globocnik
  SS – Stronghold
  Dr. Hans Frank's Admin Plan
  Lublin District
  General Plan Ost
  Germanisation Policy Zamóz
  East Galician Deportations
  Globocnik's rise to power
  Reinhardt HQ Lublin
  Reich Jews
Chapter 4: Sources of Manpower
  Auxiliary Cadres: Selbstschutz
  SS Training: Trawniki Camp
  German-Ukrainian Partnership
  Assignment to Reinhardt Death Camps
  Duties in Death Camps
  Social Activities
  Security Risks
  Trawniki: Final Stages
  Jewish enforced collaboration
Chapter 5: Crossover from Euthanasia to Genocide
  Pointers to a Final Solution
  Orders for Jewish Destruction
  Wannsee Conference
  Civilians: crossover to bogus SS
  Disregard for authority
  Majdanek and Auschwitz concentration/death camps
Chapter 6: Shootings, Suicides and Disobeying Orders
  Shooting Operations
  Refusal to shoot Jews
  SS Shooting Practices
  Suicides (victims and perpetrators)
  SS: Discipline
  Attempts by perpetrators to escape Reinhardt
Chapter 7: The SS: Government-in-Waiting
  Camp Inspectorate
  Camp Economies
  Globocnik's Labour Camps
  Gassing Experiments
  Ghetto Clearance: Amon Goeth
Chapter 8: Belzec: The Experimental Phase
  Visionary Concepts
  Gas Chambers: Description 1
  Survivors from Belzec
  Wirth bypasses Globocnik
  Wirth in Total Command
Chapter 9: Deportations to Belzec
  Gas Chambers: Description 2
  Organised reconstruction and mass deportations
  Support personnel arrive
  Flow to the gas interrupted
  Deportations from east Galicia and Lublin
  Resettlement Modus Operandi Kolomyja and district
  Road to Belzec
  Mass breakouts for survival
Chapter 10: Belzec: Second Phase
  Final Approach
  Entry into the Camp
  Dead on Arrival
  Camp Reception
  Skilled Workers
  Lazarett: Execution pit
  Zamocs Deportations
  Field of Mass Graves
  Destruction of Evidence
  Burning Corpses Exhumations
  Bone Grinding Machine
  Belzec Closes
Chapter 11: The 'Entefest' (Harvest Festival) massacres
  Globocnik is replaced
  Reinhardt Industries
  German War Industries
  Poniatowa camp
  Trawniki. Poniatowa Camp
  End Game
Chapter 12: SS Corruption
  SS Investigations
  Reinhardt; Division of Assets
  Emerging Corruption
  SS is Purged
Chapter 13: Transfer of Reinhardt personnel to Italy
  Post Reinhardt Deployment to San Sabba and Programme 'R'
  Resettlement actions
  Personnel knew new too much
  Final Accounting
  Christian Wirth is shot dead!
  Medals and Promotions
  Globocnik's Suicide
Chapter 14: Aftermath and Retribution
  Belzec Trial
  Sobibor Trial
  Treblinka Trial (1)
  Treblinka Trial (2)
  Soviet Trials
Chapter 15: Archaeological Investigations 1997-2000
  Previous Investigations
  First Investigation
  Second Investigations
  Third Investigations
  Fourth Investigations
  Area of Mass Graves
  Mass Graves 1 6
  Investigations at Ramp
  Four Excavations
  Metal Detector
  Mass Graves 7 33
  Metal Detector
  Ramp Area
  Camp Structures
Chapter 16: Statistics of 'Resettlement' Transports
  General Overview
  Reinhardt Camps
  Numbers per Wagon
  Commission Findings
  Number Construction
  Bibliography, trial documentation and sources
Appendix 1 Deportations to Belzec March December 1942
Appendix 2 Further deportations
Appendix 3 Personnel who served in Aktion Reinhardt Camps
Appendix 4 Community Towns Subjected to Deportation to Belzec

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