The Bilker Memorial Book
(Belki, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Bilke Sheli shehayta veynena

Edited by: Dr. Moshe Avital

Published in NY, 1998



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This is a translation from: Bilke Sheli shehayta veynena (The Bilker Memorial Book),
Editors: Dr. Moshe Avital, NY, Biklker Organization in the USA and Israel, NY 1998, 2 volumes, 1008 pages (H,Y,E)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Bilky

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Translated by Sara Mages

Edited by Dr. Moshe Avital

Volume A
A memorial to Bilke 3
The destruction of our town 7
Bilke Over the Generations
The Editor's Introduction 17
Title Page 19
Introduction and Review 23
Bilke's geographical position in Carpathia 33
Map of the vicinity 37
Historical review of Bilke 39
Daily life in Bilke 59
Memories of the past – or, about what was and no longer exists 91
The Jewish youth in Bilke and the vicinity in the 1930s 101
The Jewish child in the Diaspora of Bilke 103
A synagogue that was desecrated 107
Bilke without Jews 125
Personalities and Families
In memory of the righteous 129
My father 133
Rabbi Aharon Mordechai Lieberman, President of the religious court of the community of F?ldes 137
There was a Chasid and his name was Rabbi Avraham Lipschitz 147
R' Yehusua and Peril Doft and their family members 163
The first Holocaust victim in our town Bilke 173
And a brother will spiritually enhance his brother 179
The last months 197
Childhood memories from Bilke 201
Correspondence 205
The Cycle of Jewish Holidays in Bilke
The sanctity of the Sabbath that was breached in the town, Bilke 209
The holiday of Chanukah in our town Bilke 219
The last Purim in our town Bilke 223
The way we celebrated Passover in our town Bilke 229
The holiday of Shavuot in our town Bilke 239
The holiday of Sukkot in Bilke, Czechoslovakia 245
Special events in Bilke
The wedding of Leah the oldest daughter of the ritual slaughterer 253
A single case of intermarriage in our town Bilke 261
From Bilke to Petah-Tikva
From Bilke to Petah-Tikva – a life story 269
Testimonies of Holocaust Survivors
The calamity that befell the Jews of Bilke 363
The Holocaust that befell the Jews of Bilke 369
Kastner's train 373
Bilke also received its portion of the Bitter Cup 383
Memories from the expulsion of Bilke's Jews 389
The reckoners of the end of days in 5701 (1941) 393
The annihilation of Bilke's Jews 407
On the Road of Suffering 419
The winter of 1945 – the death march 427
The day Buchenwald was liberated 431
And this is our revenge! 437
The Arabs' involvement in the annihilation 441
From the furnace to a safe haven in Israel 447
Words from the memorial service for the martyrs of Bilke 457
Memories from the life in the village of Likeve 461
A brief history of the Neumann family from Bilke 463
The family of Reb Moshe Aharon Blassberger from Bilke 467
How I saved my wife and our daughter 475
Memories of former residents of Bilke who immigrated to Israel
My father 481
My beloved village - Bilke 485
The village “Vyshni-Sharad” 493
Memories from Bilke 497
The Davidovich family throughout the generations 499
The description of my life and my immigration to Israel 529
Former residents of Bilke who participated in the “Haganah” and the liberation of the Land of Israel
From Buchenwald to the ranks of the “Haganah 537
From the heroism of the War of Independence – and the siege of Jerusalem 551
The battle of Kibbutz Negba 557
From the activities of the Biliker Landsleit in Israel
The Study of Torah and Good Manners are Preferable 561
Kaddish 562
The establishment of a Jewish state 563
A prayer 565
A postcard 567
Remember and memorize – an educational challenge 569
Hebrew songs that were sung in the Zionist Movements in Bilke 575
Volume B
Yiddish Section
Foreword 587
Our Hometown Bilke 597
From All the Four Questions, Only One 603
Correspondence 607
Resurrection of the Dead on the Death March 613
Memoirs of Mayer Yoysef ben Hersh Ber Layzerovits 615
An Act of Revenge 617
Rebbe Mayer Eckstein 619
Yiddish Songs 623
Yiddish Sayings 633
English Section
Introduction 649
Our hometown Bilke 653
Memories of Shtetl Life 661
The Holiday of Passover 665
Memories of “Kolbasovo” a Suburb of Bilke 683
Rabbi Joshua Doft Cantor and Shochet 687
There Was A Chasid and Tzadick Whose Name Was Abraham Lipschitz 697
This is the Last Will and Testament of Rabbi Abraham Lipschitz 705
The Family of Reb Moshe Aharon Blassberger 713
Bilker Landsleit in the U.S.A. in the 1930's 723
The Jews of Bilke 727
Bilke, my little hometown 743
From Bilke, my birthplace 745
Testimony of Bitzi Zisovic Yakubovic Zivic 749
Remembrances of a survivor 753
Childhood and Holocaust Memories 759
Testimony of Moshe Friedman 765
A Scroll of Agony and Hope of a Young Jewish Boy from Bilke 769
Over fifty years 775
Who am I? 789
My Father's Eyes 797
Testimony of Rivka Klein 799
Why? 801
An Epitaph for a Young Jewish Partisan Girl 805
My Echo and I 809
Hebrew Section
I will Remember Those
Memorial pages for the families 812
Bilke's families – Memorial pages 822
List of Bilke (and the surrounding area) residents who died in Israel after the Holocaust 869
List of families of Bilke and the surrounding area 870
List of the Jews of Kolbasovo 877
Bilke's Album
Photos from the way of life and the personalities of Bilke 883
Miscellaneous Section
Map of Carpathia 989
Map of Bilke's streets (a sketch) 990
A list of Holy Scripture that were written by HaRav Shabtai Lipschitz 1001
The title page of the book Yalkut Avraham 1003
A list of the transports to Auschwitz in 1944, including the transports that left Berehovo Ghetto, where Bilke 's residents were 1004
The number of residents in Bilke – a letter in Russian 1005
Carpathia during the Holocaust – the arrows mark the routes of deportation to Auschwitz 1006
Map of Carpathia 1007
The state of the European Jews – the number of Jews before the Holocaust by country 1008


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