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Translated by Meir Bulman

Edited by Dr. Rafael Manory

  1. Books

    Encyclopedia Judaica (German), Eshkol Publishers, Berlin.
    Rabbi A. I Brumberg, The Sfas Emes of Ger, published by the Hassidic Institute, Jerusalem, 5716.
    Rabbi A. I Brumberg, Rebbe Heinich HaCohen of Aleksander, Hassidic Institute, Jerusalem, 5718.
    Rabbi Yehuda Leib Groybart, Memoirs, Lodz, 1926.
    M.S. Geshuri The Synagogue: Essays on the History of Hazanut in Eretz Israel.
    M.S. Geshuri, L'Hassidim Mizomr, a literary and artistic collection of popular-religious music of Hassidim, Jerusalem, 5696.
    M.S. Geshuri, Song and Hassidut in the Kuzmir Dyansty and its Offshoots, Jerusalem, 5712.
    M.S. Geshuri, Hasidic Song and Dance, Vol. 5: Congress Poland (manuscript).
    Bundist Genrerations, Unzer Zeit Publishers, New York, 1956.
    The Hebrew Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Publishers LLC, Jerusalem-Tel Aviv.
    Yiseshes Lexicon (German), Yidisher Farlag, Berlin, 1930.
    Yizkor, published by Israel's Ministry of Defense, 5716.
    Rafael Mahler, A History of Israel in Recent Generations, book IV, Mechavia, 1956.
    Yoel Mastabum, Al HaSulam Yosef Shimoni publishers, Tel Aviv, 5715.
    David Meletz, Ma'agalot, Am Oved Publishers, 5705.
    Eliezer Dov Neiman, Book of the Righteous, Lublin 5689.
    The Book of Ghetto Uprisings, edited by Yitzchak Zuckerman and Moshe Basok, HaKibutz Hameuchad publishing, 1956.
    Zvi Meir Rabinowitz, Rebbe Simcha Bunim of Peshischa: His life and Teachings, Tel Aviv, 5705.
    Zvi Meir Rabinowitz, The Magid of Kuznitz: His Life and Teachings, Tel Aviv 5707.


  2. Newspapers and Periodicals

    Arbiter Zeitung, mouthpiece of “Poale Zion Smol,” Warsaw.
    Bafriong Arbiter Shtime, mouthpiece of “Poale Zion Smol,” Warsaw.
    Davar, the newspaper of the workers of Eretz Israel, Tel Aviv.
    Das Yiddishe Vochenblatt, Bedzin.
    Ha-Tsfira, a daily newspaper, Warsaw, 1913.
    , a daily newspaper, Warsaw.
    Ha'Atid, a daily newspaper, Warsaw.
    Hatsofe, the newspaper of the Global Movement of Mizrachi and Hapoel Hamizrachi, Tel Aviv.
    Zaglember Zeitung, Bedzin.
    Zaglamber Leben, Bedzin.
    Zaglamber Silsease Vort, Bedzin-Sosnowiec.
    YIVO Blatter, Yiddisher Weisenshaftlecher Institute, Vilnius – New York.
    The Itzhak Katzenelson Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum newsletter, Haifa.
    Yizkor, published by the Israel Ministry of Defense.
    Leibens Fragen, mouthpiece of the Bund party, Warsaw, 1917.
    Nash Pshglond [unclear] (Polish), a daily newspaper, Warsaw.
    Folks Zeitung, a daily newspaper published by the Bund party, Warsaw.
    Folk un Land, mouthpiece for the Hitachdut party, Lodz.

    * * *

    The remaining sources appear in the text.

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