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Bedziner landslayt in memory of their relatives

Transliterated by Haim Sidor, Lance Ackerfeld and Osnat Ramaty

The names appearing in the Bedzin Necrology were transliterated in accordance
with the spelling appearing in the Bedzin Census of 1939

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ל א ר ש י

Family Name Given Name Family Name Given Name Note Page
    LONDNER Lajb   402
    LONDNER Bluma   402
    SWARCBAUM Szajndel   402
    LONDNER Kopel   402
    LONDNER Chawa   402
    LONDNER Abram   402
    LONDER Judyt   402
    SZPAJZER Mosze Hersz   402
    SZPAJZER Kopel Mosze's son 402
    SZPAJZER Ita Mosze's daughter 402
    ABRAMCZYK Rachel family 402
    ABRAMCZYK Jehuda Rachel's son 402
ADLERFLIEGEL Noach & Fela        
    BLUMENFRUCHT Rachel   402
    BLUMENFRUCHT Icchak and their children 402
      Yetl   402
      Genia Yetl's daughter 402
      Genia sister 402
      Benjamin Icchak   402
      Hanka  Benjamin's daughter 402
ALSZAWSKI Izrael        
    ALSZAWSKI Jakub   402
    ALSZAWSKI Liba   402
    ZAJDER Elhanan   402
    ZAJDER Rachel Elhanan's wife 402
    ZAJDER Naftali Elhanan & Rachel's son 402
    ZAJDER Nahum Elhanan & Rachel's son 402
OPENHAJM Menachem        
    OPENHAJM Jechezkiel Dow Menachem's father 402
    OPENHAJM Rachel mother 402
    GOLDFEDER Zwia nee OPENHAJM; Jechezkiel Dow & Rachel's daughter 402
    GOLDFEDER Pinchas Zwia's husband and their children 402
AJZENBERG Arie        
    AJZENBERG Joel Zwi Arie's father 402
    AJZENBERG Frida Joel Zwi's wife 402
    AJZENBERG Wolf Joel Zwi's son 402
AJZNER Szlomo        
    AJZNER Chanoch Szlomo's father 402
    AJZNER Necha Chanoch's wife 402
    AJZNER Jakub Chanoch & Necha's son 402
    AJZNER Avigdor Chanoch & Necha's son 402
    AJZNER Tauba Chanoch & Necha's daughter 402
    AJZNER Ida Chanoch & Necha's daughter 402
AYAL-LONDNER Sara        
    WOLBYSZ Menachem Sara's father 402
    WOLBYSZ Ester Menachem's wife 402
    WOLBYSZ Chawa Menachem & Ester's daughter 402
    WOLBYSZ Rachel Menachem & Ester's daughter 402
    WOLBYSZ Chana Menachem & Ester's daughter 402
    WOLBYSZ Cyla Menachem & Ester's daughter 402
    WOLBYSZ Kalman Menachem & Ester's son 402
    WOLBYSZ Alter-Szalom Menachem & Ester's son 402
ILAN Mosze        
    BAUM Jocheved-Jadzia Szlomo & Genendl's daughter 402
    LONDNER Frajda   402
    LONDNER Szajndla Frajda's daughter 402
    LONDNER Mirel Frajda's daughter 402
    LONDNER Rywka Frajda's daughter 402
    LONDNER Izaak Frajda's son 402
    LONDNER Mosze Frajda's son 402
    LONDNER Jakob Frajda's son 402
ERLICH Abram     engineer  
    ERLICH Dawid Abram's father 402
    ERLICH Szyfra Dawid's wife 402
    ERLICH Mosze Kalman   402
    ERLICH Zev Mosze Kalman's son 402
    ERLICH Szlomo Mosze Kalman's son 402
    ERLICH Aron Mosze Kalman's son 402
    ERLICH Różka Mosze Kalman's daughter 402
    ERLICH Mordechaj his wife and his children 402
ELBAUM Josef        
    ELBAUM Iszajahu Josef's father 402
    ELBAUM Fajgla Iszajahu's wife 402
    ELBAUM Abram-Icchak Iszajahu & Fajgla's son 402
    ELBAUM Meir Iszajahu & Fajgla's son 402
    ELBAUM Pinchas Iszajahu & Fajgla's son 402
    MELNIK Abram-Icchak Bela & Herszl's father 402
    MELNIK Tauba Abram-Icchak's wife 402
    MELNIK Josef Abram-Icchak & Tauba's son 402
    MELNIK Lea Abram-Icchak & Tauba's daughter 402
ENGLENDER Josef        
    ENGLENDER Arie Josef's brother 402
    ENGLENDER Lipka Josef's sister 402
    ERLICH Aron Miriam's father 402
    CWAJGENHAFT Ruwen Miriam's son 402
    BERKOWICZ Andzia and husband nee ERLICH; Aron's daughter 402
ERLICH-DREZNER Chaya-Halinka & ERLICH Fajwysz      
    ERLICH Mordechaj-Hersz Chaya-Halinka & Fajwysz's father 402
    ERLICH Cyna Mordechaj-Hersz's wife 402
    ERLICH Abraham-Ruwen Mordechaj-Hersz & Cyna's son 402
    ERLICH Ester-Gitel Mordechaj-Hersz & Cyna's daughter 402
    ERLICH Sara-Lea Mordechau-Hersz's mother 402
    ABRAMCZYK Pinkus Lea's father 402
    ABRAMCZYK Brajndla Pinkus's wife 402
    HERSZBERG Malka Pinkus & Brajndla's daughter 402
    HERSZBERG Fiszel Malka's husband 402
    HERSZBERG Motek Malka & Fiszel's son 402
    ABRAMCZYK Icek Pinkus & Brajndla's son 402
    ABRAMCZYK Tauba Icek's wife 402
    ABRAMCZYK Jechiel Icek & Tauba's son 402
    SZWAJCER Jechiel Szmul's son 402
OPENHAJM Izrael & Rywka        
    SZYMEK     402
    OPENHAJM Bronka   402
    OPENHAJM Hella   402
    OPENHAJM Kopel child 402
    OPENHAJM   grandchildren of the Rabbi of Czeladź 402
    GOLENZER Chaim   402
    GOLENZER Lea Chaim's wife & their children 402
Family Name Given Name Family Name Given Name Note Page
BOCHOWICZ Zew        
    BOCHOWICZ Pinchas-Lajb Zew's father 402
    BOCHOWICZ Ita Pinchas-Lajb's wife 402
    BOCHOWICZ Mosze Pinchas-Lajb & Ita's son 402
    BOCHOWICZ Laura Mosze's wife 402
BRUKNER Alter        
    RUSINEK Genia   402
    BRUKNER Lajbl   402
    RUSINEK Naftali-Herszek   402
    RUSINEK Michal   402
    RUSINEK Chana   402
    RUSINEK Alte-Sara   402
    BRUKNER Zwi   402
    BRUKNER Rachel   402
    BRUKNER Miriam nee SZPIGELMAN 402
    BRUKNER Mosze Rachel's father 402
    BRUKNER Rajzl Mosze's wife 402
    BRUKNER Aron Mosze & Rajzl's son 402
    BRUKNER Dawid Mosze & Rajzl's son 402
    BRUKNER Malka Mosze & Rajzl's daughter 402
    BRUKNER Sara Mosze & Rajzl's daughter 402
BIRMAN Abram, Mordechaj & Efraim      
    BIRMAN Szmul Abram, Mordechaj & Efraim's father 403
    BIRMAN Gitel Szmul's wife 403
BEN-TOV [HASENBERG] Arie     lawyer  
    HASENBERG Icchak-Towje   403
    HASENBERG Frida-Lea   403
    HASENBERG Sara   403
    HASENBERG Szlomo   403
    HASENBERG Izrael   403
    HASENBERG Fruma Cypora nee LEWINA 403
BRUKNER Abram-Arie        
    BRUKNER Cypora   403
    BRUKNER Doba   403
    BRUKNER Josef Baruch Doba's son 403
    BRUKNER Isacher Dov Doba's son 403
    BRANDWAJNHENDLER Frida-Chaja   403
    JANOWSKI Josef-Herszl   403
BEN-ELIEZER Dow        
    MAGERKEWICZ Eliezer   403
    MAGERKEWICZ Dwojra   403
    MAGERKEWICZ Zwi   403
    MAGERKEWICZ Juda-Szlomo   403
    MAGERKEWICZ Andzia   403
BAUM Ita, Izrael-Icek, Mosze & Eliezer      
    BAUM Zew-Zwi father 403
    BAUM Telca Zew-Zwi's wife 403
    BAUM Chenoch Zew-Zwi & Telca's son 403
    BAUM   Chenoch's wife 403
    BAUM Szalom Chenoch's son 403
    BAUM Miriam Chenoch's daughter 403
    BAUM Itl Chenoch's daughter 403
    BAUM Dawid Zew-Zwi & Telca's son 403
    BAUM Necha-Lea Dawid's wife 403
    BAUM Szalom Dawid & Necha-Lea's son 403
    KURCFELD Necha Zew-Zwi & Telca's daughter 403
    KURCFELD Lejbus Necha's husband 403
      Sara   403
      Szalom-Majer Sara's son 403
      Dwora   403
      Symcha Dwora's husband 403
      Benjusz Dwora & Symcha's son 403
BRAMA Szmul     lawyer  
    BRAMA Boruch Szmul's father 403
    BRAMA Ester Boruch's wife 403
    FRENKIEL Cywia Aksia Boruch & Ester's daughter 403
    FRENKIEL Tamar Cywia Aksia's daughter 403
BEN-ZWI [OPENHAJM] Ada        
     OPENHAJM Anczel Ada's father 403
    OPENHAJM Miriam-Rywka Anczel's wife 403
    OPENHAJM Hersz Anczel & Miriam's son 403
    OPENHAJM Jankel Anczel & Miriam's son 403
      Hendla Anczel & Miriam's daughter
with husband and children
      Chaja Anczel & Miriam's daughter
with her children
    BERGER Mosze father 403
    BERGER Ester mother 403
    BERGER Abram Mosze & Ester's son 403
    BERGER Frida Abram's wife 403
    BERGER Mordechaj Abram & Frida's son 403
    BERGER Uzer Mosze & Ester's son 403
    BERGER Hinda Uzer's wife and children 403
    BERGER Mordechaj Mosze & Ester's son 403
    BERGER Isaschar Mosze & Ester's son 403
    BERGER Dawid Pinje and his family 403
BRYNER Gecel         
     BRYNER Abram father 403
    BRYNER Brajndla mother 403
    SZTROCHLIC Pesla Abram & Brajndla's daughter 403
    SZTROCHLIC Hilel Pesla's husband 403
    SZTROCHLIC Szalom Pesla & Hilel's son 403
    FRYZER Chaja-Blume Abram & Brajndla's daughter 403
    FRYZER Natan Chaja-Blume's husband 403
    FRYZER Mordechaj Chaja-Blume & Natan's son 403
    BRYNER Uzer Abram & Brajndla's son 403
    BRYNER Hinda Uzer's wife and their children 403
BLUM-GLECER Celka         
    BLUM Eliezer father 403
    BLUM Cypora mother 403
    BLUM Ezra Eliezer & Cypora's son 403
    BLUM Sadia Eliezer & Cypora's son 403
    BLUM Abram Eliezer & Cypora's son 403
    PLOTEK Blanka Eliezer & Cypora's daughter
with husband and children
    PLOTEK Rozia Eliezer & Cypora's daughter
with husband and children
    BLUM Zamara Eliezer & Cypora's daughter 403

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