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Bedziner landslayt in memory of their relatives

ך י י ר ק נ ר פ
ת פ ר צ

Family Name Given Name Family Name Given Name Note Page
    BRAT Szlomo   413
    BRAT Miriam   413
    BRAT Benjamin   413
    NOWOTNY Lola   413
GAMOLINSKI Golde        
    ZYLBERSZTAJN Rywka   413
    ZYLBERSZTAJN Idel   413
    ZYLBERSZTAJN Jakob   413
    SZWAJCER Rajzl   413
    SZWAJCER Fajwel   413
    WYGODSKI Pola   413
    WAGODSKI Zalman and their three children 413
DANCYGIER A.        
    DANCYGIER Chana and family 413
      Icze his wife and three children 413
    ZACHARIASZ   and family 413
    PINKUS Zelig   413
    PINKUS Gitel   413
    PINKUS Wolf   413
    PINKUS Ester   413
    PINKUS Lea   413
    PINKUS Zirel   413
    PINKUS Rojza   413
HONIGMAN Icchak        
    HONIGMAN Majer   413
    HONIGMAN Cype   413
    HONIGMAN Chana   413
HELER H.        
    HELER Chaim   413
    HELER Lea   413
    HELER Mendel   413
    MORMAN Hanke   413
    MORMAN Etel   413
    MORMAN Majer-Lajzer   413
    MORMAN Chaim   413
    MORMAN Rikel with husband and two children 413
    SZAJER Lajzer brother-in-law 413
    SZAJER Aharon Lajzer's son 413
 WAJCENBERG Hela & LONDNER Regina      
    WAJCENBERG Rachel Hela & Regina's mother 413
WELNER Ice        
    WELNER Wolf   413
    WELNER Priwa 413
     WELNER Lejbus 413
    WELNER Motel   413
    WELNER Sara   413
    WELNER Liba   413
    WELNER Clara   413
ZELIKOWICZ Israel        
    ZELIKOWICZ Chaja   413
    ZELIKOWICZ Jochwet   413
    ZELIKOWICZ Szprinca   413
    ZELIKOWICZ Pinchas   413
LAUDON J.        
    LAUDON family and relatives 413
LONDNER  Dov & Regina        
    LONDNER Eliezer Dov & Regina's father 413
    LONDNER Rachel Eliezer's wife 413
    LONDNER Lea Eliezer & Rachel's daughter 413
LONDNER Dov & Regina and WAJCENBERG Chaim & Hela    
    POZMANTIR Pesla Dov, Regina, Chaim & Hela's mother 413
    POZMANTIR Ruwen Pesla's son 413
    POZMANTIR Miriam nee FELDMAN, Ruwen's wife 413
    POZMANTIR Binem Ruwen & Miriam's child 413
    POZMANTIR Jekutiel Ruwen & Miriam's child 413
    RAJCH Mendel   413
    RAJCH Gitel   413
    RAJCH Rachel   413
    RAJCH Brajndl   413
    DANCYGIER Ruwen and family 413
NUDELMAN  B.        
    NUDELMAN Abram-Mosze   413
    NUDELMAN Sara   413
    NUDELMAN Balcia   413
    NUDELMAN Malka   413
    NUDELMAN Szprynca   413
    NUDELMAN Szmul   413
    JUNGERMAN Rafael   413
    JUNGERMAN Bacia   413
    JUNGERMAN Lejzer   413
    ENGLENDER   family 413
KLAJMAN A.        
    KLAJMAN Icek his wife and children 413
      Rozia her husband and children 413
    FAJMAN Henia and children 413
KAMINSKI J.        
    KAMINSKI Majer-Kalman   413
    KAMINSKI Ester   413
    KAMINSKI Fajgl   413
    KAMINSKI Mosze-Wolf   413
    KAMINSKI Blime   413
    KAMINSKI Balcia   413
    KAMINSKI Fiszel   413
ROTENBERG Jozef        
    ROTENBERG   brother, sister and relatives 413
SZWIMER M. L.        
    SZWIMER Mosze-Dawid and family 413
    SZWIMER Pesla and family 413
    SZWIMER Aron-Benjamin and family 413
    SZWIMER Szprynca and family 413
    SZWIMER Nuta and family 413
    SZWIMER Chaim and family 413
    SZWIMER Gitel and family 413

ע י ג ל ע ב
  ה י ג ל ב

Family Name Given Name Family Name Given Name Note Page
    DIAMANT Avram 414
    DIAMANT Janina   414
    DIAMANT Israel   414
    HELER   family 414
    BURSZTAJN   family 414
ZAJDMAN Dawid & Maks        
    ZAJDMAN Jozef Dawid & Maks's father 414
    ZAJDMAN Lina Dawid & Maks's mother 414
    ZAJDMAN Mosze Jozef & Lina's son 414
    FINKELSZTAJN Chana nee ZAJDMAN, Jozef & Lina's daughter 414
    ZILBERBERG Chaja-Hela nee ZAJDMAN, Jozef & Lina's daughter 414
LORIE-WOLNER Erna        
      Eliezer (Ludwik) relative 414
    WOLNER Abram   414
    WOLNER Rozia   414
    LUSTYGER Dawid Erna's brother-in-law 414
    LUSTYGER Szmulik Dawid's son 414
NEUMAN J. & Eliezer        
    NEUMAN Benjamin J. & Eliezer's relative 414
    NEUMAN Brajndl J. & Eliezer's relative 414
    NEUMAN Fela J. & Eliezer's relative 414
    NEUMAN Hela J. & Eliezer's relative 414
    GROMAN Chaim   414
    GROMAN Guta Chaim's daughter 414
    NAJMAN Mordechai-Ber and family 414
    MARKOWICZ Szymon and family 414
    MARKOWICZ Lejb and family 414
    PRESZOW Josel   414
    SZWARCBAUM Icchak-Zwi   414
    SZWARCBAUM Bluma   414
    SZWARCBAUM Chaja   414
    SZWARCBAUM Alec Chaja's son 414
    SZWARCBAUM Rywka   414
SZWAJCER Szmul & Rozia        
    SZWAJCER Awigdor Szmul's father 414
    SZWAJCER Eli nee ENGELSZTAJN, Awigdor's wife 414
    SZWAJCER Dawid Awigdor & Eli's son 414
    SZWAJCER Aba Awigdor & Eli's son 414
    SZWAJCER Pesla Awigdor & Eli's daughter 414
    SZWAJCER Frajdl Awigdor & Eli's daughter 414

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