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[Pages 524-525]

Passed Away in the Land and in the Diaspora

Aleksandrovitz, Sarah and Aharon Koitel, Chaya
Aleksandrovitz, Ze'ev Langervitz, Zelda
Assur, Reuven Lenzinger, Sender Moshe
Beker Lenzinger, Zelda
Bergstein, Fania Lenzinger-Krinitzki, Miriam
Bergstein, Yaakov Levi, Miriam
Bezant, Meira Levi, Reuven
Bezant, Tzila Levi, Yisrael
Bezant, Zalman Levita, Yehuda
Bialovzetzki, Basha Gitl Lieberman, Yisrael Barukh
Binstein, Sala Lifshitz, Esther
Blechertzik, Zaydel Lifshitz, Menachem Mendel
Bornstein, Sarah Lobel (Dlogoshelski), Rivka
Borovitz, Nisan Lonshel (Jak), Helen
Borovitz, Rivka Lonshel, Eliezer Dov and Miriam
Borovitz, Sarah Lonshel, Yudel
Borovitz, Yaakov Ludvinovski, Eliezer Dov and Nechama
Borovitz, Yosef Markus, Chaya
Buchalter (Dlogoshinski) Mariashel Olchnovitz (Efrati), Yehudit
Chositzer, Barukh Orimland, Abba
Chositzer, Rachel Orshanski, Chaim
Chositzer, Yaakov Papirovitz, Bila
Cohain, Barukh and Sarah Plotzinski, Meir
Cohain, Yaakov Plotzinski, Shlomo
Domovitz, Moshe Popkin, Abba
Drozinski, Avraham Rabinovitz, Tuvia
Efrati, Chava, of the house of Stolar Rotstein, Bela
Freitzeit, Leah Rozenberg, Michael
Friedman, Batya Rozenberg, Sarah Esther
Rabbi Gibstein Rozental, Chaim
Goldshmid, Avraham Moshe Sandomirski, Barukh
Grinberg, Shmuel and his wife Golda Heichl Sherman, Dina
Grodzinski, Moshe Strozinski, Aleksander
Grosberg, Yisrael Varhaftig, Shimon
Hochman, Aharon Yevreiski, Chaya
Kaplan, Alta-Golda Yevreiski, Nechemiah
Kaplan, Avraham Yitzchak Yevreiski, Yaakov
Kaplan, Chaya Mala Yevreiski, Yedidiah
Kaplan, Moshe Chaim Zaklikovski, Gad
Kaplan, Naftali-Hertz Zilberstein, Hillel
Kaplan, Rivka  

[Page 526]

The Organization of Natives of Augustow
and the Region in Israel

Binyamin Efrati




As is known, in the completion of the First World War,[1] on the great tragedy that came down on the Jews of Europe, when six million Jews were destroyed by the accursed Nazis and their helpers, may their names be erased, the natives of our city in the land assembled to weep for the slain and to consult on how to assist the surviving remnant.[2] At that time there arose an organization of natives of Augustow and the region, which includes also the towns of Lipsk and Sztabin. Among the first in this action were Dr. Moshe Markus, Yaakov Bergstein, may his memory be for a blessing, and G. Zaklikovski, may his memory be for a blessing.

The beginning of the activity of the council was to conduct a survey of the survivors, to find out where they were, and what was their fate? We contacted those from our city in the United States and in the lands of South America, and it became clear, to our sorrow, and regretfully, that only a few remained alive.

The Council drew up a list of natives of Augustow in the land, and set a Memorial Day for the slain of the Holocaust. Within a year all of them were gathering and raising the memories of the martyrs of our city. In general the memorials took place in Tel Aviv, where most of the members of the organization lived. Two years ago, we went up to Jerusalem and communed with our loved ones in the Chamber of the Holocaust[3] and on the Mount of Remembrance,[4] where there is also found, among the gravestones of cities and towns, the monument to the members of our city, which the council took care to erect. We listed the names of the slain of the Holocaust on a parchment scroll, which will be preserved forever, within the monument, in Jerusalem the Eternal City.

The Council also established a fund for the offering of emergency aid to those in need from our city. Over the course of time the Council was expanded, and we approached the great undertaking of memorialization of the martyrs by the publication of the book “The Community of Augustow” in which the men, women and children who were slaughtered for no fault of their own would be memorialized. In it would be told of the vibrant life of the wonderful community, and about its bitter end, in it we would also raise a Memorial Candle to those who fell in the defense of the homeland, and to those who died in the land and in the Diaspora, word of whose death reached us.

We turned to all the natives of Augustow once, twice, and every time, and requested that they should inform us of the names of their relatives who were destroyed. We also requested written material about life in the town and valuable communal photographs. To our sorrow, only a few responded. We know that the book which is offered before you is not complete. However, the fault is not in us. The financial aspect also troubled us a great deal. We are few, relatively, in the land, only about two hundred families. There are no wealthy among us. To our luck a son of our city, Mordechai Goldshmid and his brother in Mexico, undertook the matter with enthusiasm. They contributed a significant sum, but the sum that is still lacking is also significant. We hope that all natives of our city will include themselves in the memorialization project and will bring into their homes

[Page 527]

the book “The Community of Augustow,” that it will also be remembered by our children, our grandchildren, and the generations to come. Our dear ones are deserving of that.

For the sake of the advancement of the activity to publish the book, the Council established a few actions, besides the many written memoirs by natives of the city. We arranged a fine party in honor of Mordechai Goldshmid, his wife, his daughter and son-in-law. Abba Rozenfeld recounted the praises of the guest, and related, among the rest, that also in Mexico, where he lived, he was distinguished in his giving, and that he saw to the education of his children in the spirit of Israel. The party's guest of honor replied to those who blessed him and announced his donation to the memorialization of the community of Augustow.

We held another party with many participants for the purpose of motivating natives of the city to write down their memories on paper. Y. Aleksandroni outlined the plan of the book, and the veteran, aged, and beloved son of our city Mr. Akiva Glikstein amazed the party-goers with his reading aloud from the creations of Shalom Aleichem.

We also held a symposium on the “HeChalutz” movement in Augustow. Dr. Nechemiah Aloni opened and other members added after him. The material is brought in the book.

With the publication of the book the organization does not complete its activity. On the contrary, we will seek ways and means for the strengthening of the activity among natives of Augustow in the land and in the Diaspora. Tel Aviv, Kislev 5726 [1966]

The Editor: In these days, 70 years were fulfilled for our friend Binyamin Efrati, the supporting pillar of our organization. The Council presented him with a Certificate of Registration in the Gold Book of the Keren Kayemet L'Yisrael for his blessed activity. All the people of our city wish for our Chairperson that he should continue for many more years in his devoted and blessed activity.


Memorial at “Yad Vashem” in Jerusalem

[Page 528]

Party in Honor of Mordechai Goldshmid and his family (1963)
From right to left: Dr. M. Markus, Abba Rozenfeld (speaker), Y. Aleksandroni, M. Goldshmid, his wife, his daughter, his son-in-law, M. Amit, B. Efrati


The Members of the Council and their wives
From right to left: Ula and Eliezer Markus, Leah and Yitzchak Sherman, Bela and Moshe Einat, Sarah and Abba Rozenfeld, Rachel and Moshe Markus, Hadassah and Binyamin Efrati, Dora and Yaakov Aleksandroni, Sarah and Moshe Amit

[Page 529]

Memorial at Yad Vashem, Jerusalem


On the Mountain of Memory in Jerusalem After the Memorial
Bidek, B. Gibstein, Ch. Lifshitz, S. Lifshitz, D. Viltzevski, A. Morzinski, Y. Aleksandroni, A. Gardovski, M. Amit, R. Kaplanski, F. Finkelstein, R. Goldstein, Sh. Amit, M. Denmark, Y. Rinkovski


Translator's Footnotes:

  1. Although the text indicates the First World War, the writer must have intended to refer to the Second World War. Return
  2. 1 Chronicles 4:43. Return
  3. A small Holocaust museum on the Mount of Olives. Return
  4. Known as Har Herzl, Herzl's Mountain, on the west side of Jerusalem next to the Jerusalem Forest. Return

[Pages 530-535]

Natives of Augustow in the Land

Aleksandroni, Yaakov, Tel Aviv, Derekh HaShalom 91.
Aloni, David, Tel Aviv, Sirkin 1.
Aloni, Nechemiah, Jerusalem, HaMelech George 41.
Aloni, Yosef, Petach Tikvah, Meginei HaGhetto.
Alter, Dora, of the house of Borovitz, Kibbutz Ramat HaKovesh.
Amit (Drozinski), Moshe, Tel Aviv, Bodenheimer 4.
Ampel, Mina of the house of Volmir, and Ze'ev, Kfar Varburg.
Ampel, Moshe, Kvutzat Kinneret.
Aplebaum, Shmuel, Tiberias, Shikun 3, B/591.
Ariav, Beruriah of the house of Ravidovitz, Kibbutz Ein Charod Ichud.
Arnon, Yocheved of the house of Preis, Tel Aviv, Bikurei HaItim 1.
Arzoni, Rachel, of the house of Mistivovski, Chadera Givat Olga, Shikun Olei Sin.
Ashkenazi, Yaffa of the house of Friedman, Haifa, Ruth HaCohain 6.
Ashur, Chuna, Tel Aviv, Levinski 103.
Atzmoni, Masha of the house of Denmark, Givat Brenner.
Avramovitz, Yaffa, Tel Aviv, Yehuda the Maccabee 64.[1]
Azrieli, Rabbi Yekutiel (Koshelevski), Zikhron Yaakov.
Barzilai, Pesya and Yosef, Ein HaKarmel.
Beitel, Pesya, Bat Yam, Ramat Yosef 3.
Ben Yosef, Channah, Tel Aviv, Lachish 1.
Ben-Dov, Tovah of the house of Bidek, Jerusalem, Yehoshua Bin Nun 43.
Bergstein, Chinah, Kibbutz Beit Hashita.
Bergstein, Shulamit, Tel Aviv, Ibn Gabirol 184.
Bezant, Yitzchak, Kfar Varburg.
Bialovitzki, Avraham, Haifa, YL”G 2.
Bialovitzki, Yitzchak, Kiryat Bialystok.
Bidek, Mordechai, Rishon L'Tzion, Herzl 44.
Biurnski, Yisrael, Tel Aviv, Hahaganah 4.
Blech, Beki, Haifa, Machanayim 4.
Blacharski, Yaakov, Haifa, Shderot U”M 53.
Blacharski, Yitzchak, Tel Aviv, Dizengoff 255.
Blecher, Rivka of the house of Staviskovski, Petach Tikvah, Arlozorow 13.
Blechertzik, Safrisha, Kibbutz Shfayim.
Bornstein, Yehuda, Kibbutz Lochmei HaGeta'ot.
Borovitz Noach, Ramat Gan, HaRoeh 43.
Borovitz, Rivka, Gadera.
Borovitz, Shayna, Ramat HaKovesh.
Borovitz, Tanya, Tel Aviv, Kehilat Varsha 133.
Borovitz, Zelig, Ramat Gan, Tashi[2] 3.
Borovski, Avraham, Bnei Brak, Biryah.
Borovski, Golda, Netanya, Mordei HaGeta'ot 24.
Boymel-Mertzki, Petach Tikvah, Nordau 20.
Briger, Rachel of the house of Sherman, Kfar Yedidiah.
Bukashnovski, Shlomo, Tel Aviv, Sokolov 50.
Bunt, Sarah, Jerusalem, Saray Yisrael 3.
Burk, Menachem, Ramat Gan, Yahalom 17.
Chen, Moshe, Kfar Saba, Weitzman 9.
Cheruti, Masha of the house of Kotler, Yokneam.
Chositzer, Chaim, Kfar Saba, Shikun Lampert.
Cohen, Dov, Tel Aviv, Balfour 28.
Cohen, Aharon, Givatayim, Gush Etzion 14.
Cohen, Arieh, Tel Aviv, Chovevei Tzion 40.
Cohen, Chaya, Tel Aviv, Dubnov 29.
Cohen, Miriam, Tel Aviv, HaGedud HaIvri 55.
Cohen, Rivka of the house of Blechertzik, Ramat Gan, HaDekalim 11.
Cohen, Shalom, Haifa, Tachanat Min.
Cohen, Yaffa, Netanya, Shikun Chayalim.
Cohen, Zaydel, Tel Aviv, Pinsker 68.
Dagani, Esther and Yehoshua, Tel Aviv, Elkharizi 15.
Dilon, Avraham, Jerusalem, Tachkemoni 4.
Domovitz, Channah of the house of Lozman, Afikim.
Dveltuv, Golda of the house of Eilender, Kfar Menachem.
Edelstein, Yitzchak and Zelda, Jerusalem, Rashi 31.
Efrati, Binyamin, Tel Aviv, HaYarkon 272.
Eiger, Esther of the house of Ivri, Kibbutz Shaar HaGolan.
Einat (Zborovski), Moshe, Tel Aviv, Yiftach 18.
Elenbogen, Siuma, Ramat Gan, HaGat 4.
Eshkol (Lozman), Barukh, Tel Aviv, Mandelstamm 25.
Even Chen, Yaakov, Jerusalem, Shikun HaPoel Mizrachi.[3]
Feinberg, Yaffa of the house of Linda, Kiryat Haim, Chet 39.
Feivoshvitz, Yaakov, Ramat Gan, Rashi[4] 6.
Fingerhut of the house of Zelazo, Tel Aviv, HaKovshim 73.
Finkelstein, Pesya, Givatayim, Halamed Hey 54.
Finkelstein, Yonah of the house of Linda, Tel Aviv, Dov Hoz 3.
Flint, Bilhah of the house of Lifshitz, Tel Aviv, Rashi 50.
Freimark, Yerachmiel, Rishon L'Tzion, Nachalat Yehuda.
Freitzeit, Chanan, Tel Aviv, Glikson 2.
Freund, Gedaliah, Tel Aviv, Dubnow 29.
Fridels, Ramat Gan, Sha'anan 20.
Friedman, Fania of the house of Sarvianski, Tel Aviv, Herman Shapira 11.
Futterman, Dorit, Haifa, Chaviva 47.
Gardis, Nachum, Tel Aviv, Netzach Yisrael 3.
Gardovski, Eliyahu, Ramat Gan, HaMelech Yosef 40.
Gardovski, Gershon, Ramat Gan, Aminadav 5.
Gazit, Yosef, Chadera, Bialik.
Gibstein, Betzalel, Rishon L'Tzion, HaKarmel 19.
Giiar, Hinde, Gadera.
Glikstein, Akiva, Jerusalem, Beruriah 9A.
Gonen, Liza of the house of Markus, Haifa, Megiddo 10.
Gorodnitzki, Netanya, Amidar 3/9.
Gotlib, Devorah of the house of Staviskovski, Herzliya, HaKesem.
Gottesforcht, Friedka of the house of Sarvianski, Kibbutz Shfayim.
Grinberg, Aminadav, Tel Aviv, Ben Yehuda 97.
Grinberg, Emanuel, Tel Aviv, Neve Avivim.
Grinberg, Natan, Tel Aviv, Lachish 4.
Grodzin, Channah and Emma, Rishon L'Tzion, Ezra U'Batzron 273.
Grodzinski, Chaya Gitl of the house of Rotenberg, Tel Aviv, Neve Sha'anan 28.
Gurval, Miriam of the house of Orimland, Kiryat Chaim, Ayin” Bet 36.
Hochman, Channah of the house of Linda, Tel Aviv, Ibn Gabirol 137.
Holtzer, Yehudit, Rishon L'Tzion, Nordau 7.
Ivnitzki, Devorah, Tel Aviv, HaNatziv 42.
Kalzon, Avraham, Kiryat Chaim, Shderot Varburg 3.
Kaplan, Daniel, Kfar Saba, Aharonovitz.
Kaplan, Shabtai, Tel Aviv, Yisrael's 19.
Kaplan, Yerachmiel, Gadera.
Kaplanski, Moshe, Magdiel.
Kaplanski, Reuven, Tel Aviv, Derekh Haifa 29.
Karbatchinski, Beruriah of the house of Lonshel, Petach Tikvah, HaYarkonim 2.
Kasher, Miriam, Kfar Saba, Shikun Eliezer
Keli, Moshe, Holon, Professor Shor 21.
Kentzuk, Chanan, Ramat Gan, Arlozorov 39.
Kestin, Arieh, Haifa, Remez 120.
Klimnonvski, Leah, Kiryat Bialik, Pinat Keren Kayemet L'Yisrael 49.
Kloid, Channah of the house of Blechertzik, Shfayim.
Kornblit, Channah of the house of Strozinski, Tel Aviv, Gotlib 1.
Krinitzki, Arieh, Tel Aviv, Remez 10.
Krupnik, Yaffa, Kibbutz Alonim.
Kugel, Chaim, Tel Aviv, Mercaz Mischari 91.
Kugel, Chaya of the house of Shidlovski, Tel Aviv, Mozinson 20.
Leizerovitz, Arieh, Haifa, HaYearot 7.
Leizerovski, Ze'ev, Chadera, Rachash 6.
Lengvitz, Leah, Haifa, Yehuda Halevi 47.
Lenzinger, Hadassah, Kibbutz Ein Shemer.
Levinzon, Moshe, Haifa. Arlozorov 122.
Levitan, Golda, Ramat Gan, Nachalat Tzvi 53.
Levitov, Gita, Kiryat Motzkin, Zevulun 15.
Lifshitz, Aleksander, Kfar Saba, Beilinson 9.
Lifshitz, Ze'ev, Holon, Yitzchak Halevi 14.
Linda (Aloni), Channah-Alta, Tel Aviv, Sirkin 1.
Livni, Binyamin, Ramat Gan, Donesh 1.
Livni, Yishayahu, Ramat Gan, Jabotinsky 75.
Lizovski, Yonah, Jerusalem, Yemin Avot 4.
Ludvinovski, Yaakov, Gadera, Remez 15.
Machsanai, Tzipora, Tel Aviv, Shderot Yehudit 22.
Markus, Dr. Moshe, Tel Aviv, De-Haaz 13.
Markus, Eliezer, Tel Aviv, Geula 25.
Markovitz, Mina of the house of Kestin, Netanya, Dizengoff 36.
Mikolinski, Moshe, Petach Tikvah, Gutman 28.
Milgalgrin, Rachel of the house of Goldstein, Ramat Gan, Yahalom 102.
Morzinski, Arieh, Petach Tikvah, Dr. Shiffer 39.
Moshkovitz, Sarah of the house of Berliner, Kibbutz Ein HaKarmel.
Movshovitz, Bracha, Herzliya, Yafo 1/4.
Nafcha, Miriam of the house of Chositzer, Shikun Eliezer.
Orimland, Chaim, Haifa, Beit El 21.
Orimland, Chana, Kiryat Chaim, 59 Street 9.
Orshanski, Tovah of the house of Kaplan, Gadera.
Oshrovski, Batya, Tel Aviv, Rashi 41.
Ostrov, Mordechai, Kiryat Chaim, 23 Street 12.
Otstein, Yerachmiel, Ramat-Gan, HaShoshan 9.
Pincus, Rachel of the house of Aleksandrovitz, Kfar Menachem.
Plaskovski, Channah, Tel Aviv, Pinsker 46.
Plotzinski, Rayzel, Givat HaShlosha.
Pozniak, Tzvi, Haifa, Meir 37.
Rabinovitz, Hinde, Ramat Gan, Neve Sha'anan 20.
Rabinovitz, Yisrael, Moshav Cherut.
Rechs, Batya of the house of Gizumski, Givatayim, Katznelson 118.
Rechtman, Ovadiah, Holon, Maimon 12.
Renen (Rinkovski), Yisrael, Haifa, HaTzofim 7.
Riftin, Zhenia of the house of Yones, Kibbutz Ein Shemer.
Rotstein, Arieh, Tel Aviv. Sokolov 8.
Rotstein, Batya, Tel Aviv, Yonah HaNavi.
Rozenberg, Sali, Bat Yam, Weizmann 26.
Rozenfeld, Abba, Tel Aviv, La Guardia 53.
Rozenfeld, Aidel, Ramat Gan, HaTanaim 5.
Rozin, Shoshana, Givatayim, Katznelson 101.
Sansani, Etke of the house of Gotstein, Haifa, Rashi 4.
Sarvianski, Arieh and Zehava, Rishon L'Tzion, Neve HaChayal 570.
Sarvianski, Elchanan, Kfar Malal.
Sarvianski, Noach, Haifa, Noga 12.
Sendovski, Yocheved of the house of Kestin, Kfar Saba, Chatzerot Hadar G11.
Shadmi (Blacharski), Yishayahu, Haifa, Chenkin 14.
Shapira, Chaya, Hadera, HaGiborim.
Shapira, Leah, Kiryat Gat, HaKaloniyot 12/361.
Shapira, Tzivia, Tel Aviv, Amiel 21.
Sheintzeit, Yechezkel, Afula, HaTzaftzefa 5.
Sherman, Dov, Tel Aviv, Kikar Masryk 16.
Sherman, Yechezkel, Tel Aviv, Vitkin 9.
Sherman, Yitzchak and Leah of the house of Ivri, Tel Aviv, Ben Yehuda 141.
Shulkis, Mordechai, Kiryat Chaim, 9 Street 35.
Shumski, Tzvi, Tel Aviv, Pincus 37.
Soika, Sarah, Yehud, 22 Street No. 3.
Soloveitchik, Naftali, Ra'anana, Gordon.
Steinman, Leah of the house of Leizerovski, Tel Aviv, Dubnow 21.
Strozinski, Yisrael and Shoshana, Petach Tikvah, Rambam 4.
Surasky-Stein, Dora, Kiryat Motzkin, Usha 8.
Sverdlik, Tzipora, Petach Tikvah, Volfson 12.
Tapuchi, Sarah of the house of Slovtitzki, Hadera, Bialik.
Tarshish, Rishka of the house of Preisman, Kibbutz Gevat.
Tolkovski, Esther of the house of Sarvianski, Tel Aviv, Sutin 11.
Tuker, Esther of the house of Glikstein, Haifa, HaNasi 58.
Tzernovroda, Esther, Holon, Avodah 1.
Tzesis, Channah, Tel Aviv, Ruth 16.
Varhaftig, Noach, Haifa, Machanayim 10.
Veinberg, Esther of the house of Eilender, Ramat Gan, Herzl 51.
Veisberg-Cohen, Leah, Petach Tikvah, Kfar Ganim.
Vilenski, Tzila of the house of Glikstein, Tel Aviv, Borochov 10.
Vilin, Freida of the house of Aleksandrovitz, Kfar Menachem.
Vofshovitz, Bracha, Moshav Bat Shlomo.
Yardeni, Miriam, Tel Aviv, Daniel 17.
Yashir, Nachum, Tel Aviv, Netzach Yisrael 3.
Zak, Devorah and Shayna, Chadera, Givat Olga 154/2.
Zahavi, Simcha, Givatayim, Kaplanski 17.
Zilberfenig-Zboznik, Netanya, Yoav 3.
Zilberstein, Avraham, Tel Aviv, Modiliani 13.
Zilberstein, Menachem and Bela, Bat Yam, Arlozorov 66.
Zinger, Charna of the house of Borovitz, Ramat Gan, Cherut 13.
Zufnik, Brunia, Ganei Yehuda.

Translator's Footnotes:

  1. In the format used for Israeli street addresses, the house or building number appears last. Return
  2. There is currently no Tashi Street in Ramat Gan, but there is a Rashi Street. This may be a typographical error. Return
  3. HaPoel HaMizrachi built housing developments for its members in several cities in Israel in the 1950s. Return
  4. This has the same typographical error as previously, substituting Tashi when it should be Rashi. Return

[Pages 536-537]

Augustow Natives in the Diaspora

Barglovski, Eliyahu, South America.
Bass, Chaim Hillel, United States.
Beyer, Ben Tzion, United States.
Blacharski (Bloch) Feivel, Australia.
Blacharski (Kahana), Batya, Australia.
Brizman brothers, Mexico.
Brizman sisters, United States.
Cohen, Channah, United States.
Cohen, Moshe, United States.
Feldman, Channah, United States.
Finkelstein, Zerach and Mina of the house of Zufnitzki, United States.
Freer, Sonia, Mexico.
Friedman, Luba, United States.
Gardovski, Gershon, Sweden.
Gardovski, Shlomo, United States.
Gotstein, South Africa.
Kestin, Australia.
Lazdeiski, Chaim, Mexico.
Leibl, Tzvi Mordechai, United States.
Lein, Sima of the house of Lifshitz, United States.
Levin, Chanan, United States.
Levin, Roza, United States.
Levinzon, Chanan, United States.
Levinzon, Rachel, United States.
Levinzon, Tzila, Rhodesia.
Lonshel, Zelig, United States.
Markus, Channah, United States.
Morzinski (Mor), Yechezkel, United States.
Olchnovitz, Aharon, Mexico.
Olchnovitz, Mordechai, United States.
Olchnovitz, Moshe, Mexico.
Olichnovitz, Miriam, Mexico.
Piazetzki, Yechezkel, United States.
Poznanski, ? United States.
Ptak, David, United States.
Ptak, Edah, United States.
Ptak, Liuba.
Rabinovitz (Meizler), Feigl, United States.
Rechtman, Arieh, Austria.
Rotblit, Moshe, United States.
Rotenberg, Chava of the house of Borovski, Sweden.
Serna, Dania, and her brother(s), United States.
Shacham, Shoshana of the house of Linda, United States.
Shreibman, Arieh, United States.
Shumski, Rephael, Sweden.
Tsherman, Reuven, United States.
Tzemach, Binyamin and Frieda, Mexico.
Vaksman, Sonia, United States.
Vodovoz, Chaim.
Zborovski, Yitzchak, Argentina.
Zeligzon, Yehuda and Yechezkel, South Africa.
Zufnitzki, Shmuel, Argentina.


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