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We will elevate the memories of the people of our city,
The Jews of Augustow and the area,
The holy and the pure,
Men, women, and children,
Who were put to death, killed, slaughtered,
burned, choked, and buried alive,
For the sanctification of the Name
At the hands of the Nazis and their followers
Earth, do not cover their blood!
Magnify their names forever and ever,
and sanctify their memory,
For eternity.

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Memorial Monument

For the Martyrs
of the Community of Augustow and the Area

Who Were Destroyed by the Nazis

May God Avenge Their Blood

In the Years of the Shoah

5699 – 5704

May Their Souls Be Bound Up in the Bundle of Life

Scroll of Destruction

The Organization of Augustow Natives

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On Memorial Day

by D. Kaplan, Kfar Saba

Who will light a candle there for the elevation of their souls?
Who will set up a stone, and who will fence off their grave?
Beneath clods of earth, the bodies lay silent.
No longer will the storm of the monsters guide their repose!

Elders and children, pregnant women and toddlers,
Brothers and sisters, all of them together as a group,
The enemy transported them – into the pit threw them!
Like a predator in the forest, he carried out his atrocities,
He tore, shattered heads, and the blood flowed like water.

And the earth? With your clods you covered all of them!
The earth too was brought low with the degradation of their malicious deeds.
The outcries of earth! For it will not be expiated!
Great is their transgression.
And we here, in the land of the ancestors, will engrave a memorial,
In a book, on marble, and an eternal candle in the basement of the Shoah,
Which will tell the generations: about fathers and sons,
Perfect and pure, who were murdered by impure hands.
We will not forget! We will never forgive the murderers!
And on their brows for eternity,
Will be engraved the sign of the murder for disgrace!

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For the Requiter of blood recalled them;
He forgot not the cry of the lowly.
Psalms 9:13
  So that the last generation might know,
Children yet to be born might arise and recount to their children.
Psalms 78:6

Scroll of Commemoration

On the 3rd day of Shabbat 29 Tevet, the year 5721 [1960] from the creation of the world, the thirteenth year of the State of Israel, and the 20th year since the destruction of our community the community of Avgustov (Yagostov) and its region, we gathered, the natives of Augustow and its region, in Israel at the Mt. of Zion in Jerusalem and we erected a memorial monument to the martyrs of our city and its region who were killed by the hands of the oppressors the Nazis and their followers in the years 5701-5703 [1941-1943] and were buried in foreign soil and the place of their burial is not known.

In this scroll we perpetuate the names of our relatives and dear ones in order to raise their memories before God who dwells in Zion.

May this monument and this scroll be a memorial to the holy and pure ones, the cord of whose life was severed in such a horrific and cruel way, and may their souls be bound up in the bond of life, and may this monument and this scroll be an eternal mark of disgrace for the shame and disgrace of the impure murderers who spilled innocent blood.

Our Father our Sovereign avenge before our eyes the spilled blood of your servants.

“Pour out upon them your wrath,
and your fury blazing fury overtake them.”[1]

“Oh, pursue them in wrath and destroy them from under the heavens of the LORD!”[2]

The Organization of the Natives of Augustow and the Region in Israel and in the Diaspora


Translator's Footnotes:

  1. Psalms 69:25 Return
  2. Lamentations 4:64 Return

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The Slain of the Holocaust, May God Avenge Their Blood

Family Soundex of family name Family members
Aleksandrovitz A425 Dovid Arieh son of Aharon, Chaya Rivka daughter of Reb Barukh, their sons Alter, Zalman Hirsh and Aharon, their daughter Channah
Aleksandrovitz   Leah (of the house of Borovitz) daughter of Reb Nisan, the wife of Alter, and their young daughter
Aleksandrovitz   Yosef and Basha
Ampel A514 Chaim Asher son of Reb Shmuel, Chaya daughter of Reb Dovid, their daughters Miriam Tziporah and her children, their son-in-law Dovid son of Reb Azriel Kropinski
Apleboim A141 Tzerka
Arbstein A612 Avraham Berel, his wife Golda, their daughter Rivka, their son Alter, their daughters Etke, Mashka, their son Moshe, their daughter Shula
Arbstein A651 Pinchas and his wife
Aronovski   Elke and her sister
Aronovski   Rachel daughter of Reb Mordechai, Moshe Berel son of Reb Avraham, Ozer son of Reb Avraham
Avigdor A123 Man of Lipsk
Avka A120 (the gravedigger)
Barshatzevska B623 Channah Etel
Bass B200 Gershon
Bass   Yehoshua, Hinde, Yaakov, Channah
Bass   Yehoshua, Malkah, their daughters Stirka, Golda, their son Shlomo
Beder B360 Binyamin, Rachel, Manya, Genia, and Aharon
Beilovitz B413 his wife and their seven sons
Beilovitz   Naftali, his wife and children
Beilovitz   Sheike, his wife and children
Beker B260 and his family
Bergstein B623 Dov son of Reb Ze'ev, Chaya daughter of Reb Arieh, their daughter Tzila, their son Reuven
Bergstein   Yehoshua Mordechai, his son Yisroel
Berliner B645 Yehuda, Rivka, Avraham, Chaim, Yechezkel, Arieh
Berman B650 and his family
Bezuzovski B212 Dovid son of Reb Moshe, his wife Basha, their son Moshe, their daughter Gita
Bialovzetski B412 Dov Berel son of Reb Shmuel
Bialovzetski   Doba and her two daughters, Rivka and Shulamit
Bialovzetski   Dovid and his wife
Bialovzetski   Reuven
Bialovzetski   Shlomo Zelig, his brother and sister
Bialovzetski   Yitzchak and Moshe
Bidek B320 Yaakov son of Reb Ze'ev, Sarah daughter of Reb Yaakov, Stein Rachel daughter of Reb Yaakov, Stein Yaakov son of Reb Zalman, their daughter Shulamit
Bidek   Leib and his family
Bidek   Moshe son of Reb Yaakov, Shoshana daughter of Reb Yaakov
Bidek   Yisrael Yosef son of Reb Yaakov, Zelda daughter of Reb Chuna, their daughter Sarah, their sons Dov Berel, Ze'ev
Bilogorski B426 Eizik and his family
Binstein B523  
Blacharski B426 Avraham son of Reb Nachum, his wife daughter of Reb Yaakov, Yehuda, Nachum, Salek, Ben-Tzion son of Reb Gershon, his wife Eiga daughter of Reb Manes
Blacharski   Channah
Blacharski   Dovid, Sarah-Esther and their children
Blacharski   Yaakov
Blech B420 Binyamin Chaim son of Reb Yosef, Rachel daughter of Reb Arieh Bramzon, their children Arieh, Yosef, Sarah, Niuta, Moshe son of Reb Yosef
Blofrov B416 Dovid and Hinde
Bobrik B620 Hershel and his wife, Zelig, Chaya
Bornstein B652 Tzvi, his wife Sima, the daughters Shulamit, Henya Leah
Borovitz   (of the house of Grinberg) Shulamit daughter of Reb Shmuel and Golda, Shmuel son of Reb Yaakov and Tzarna, their daughter, Tzarna
Borovitz B613 Yosef
Borovitz   Henech son of Reb Nisan, Gita daughter of Reb Binyamin, Rivka daughter of Reb Henech, Tzila daughter of Reb Henech
Borovitz   Moshe, his daughter Friedka and her family
Borovski B613 Beila, and her daughter
Borovski   Chaim, Riva-Rachel and their children
Borovski   Neta and his wife
Borovski   Tzvi son of Reb Shmuel, his wife Yaffa, their children, Altinka, Eliezer
Brenner B656 Golda, Brenner, Mottel
Brizman B625 and his family
Brizman   Tuvia
Burk B620 Tuvia son of Reb Zalman, Esther daughter of Reb Arieh, Shmuel son of Reb Arieh, Esther daughter of Reb Hillel, Rachel daughter of Reb Shmuel, Mina daughter of Reb Shmuel
Chalupitzki C413 Eliav, Metushalach, Avraham
Chapnik C152 and his family
Chefetz C132 Etke and her husband
Chefetz   Yaakov and his brother(s)
Cohen C500 Yechezkel son of Reb Yosef, Gitl daughter of Reb Tzvi, their daughters Chasha, Sima, Peshke
Cohen   Freida, daughter of Reb Yaakov
Cohen   Yaakov son of Reb Nachum Tzvi and his wife
Darstavianski D623  
Darvinski D615 and his wife
Denmark D562 Tzvi son of Reb Noach, Batya daughter of Reb Yisrael, their son Noach
Denmark   Reuven and his son's family
Dlogoshelski D422 Gershon son of Reb Yaakov, Shaina Esther daughter of Reb Tzvi, their son Chaim, Toyve daughter of Reb Efraim
Dolovitz D413 and the family
Domovitz D513 Meir, his wife Breina daughter of Reb Yaakov Ivri, their daughter Chaya Beila
Doniger D526 Mottel, his parents and his sister
Drozinski D625 Menachem Mendel son of Reb Nisan, Breina daughter of Reb Avraham, their son Nisan, his wife Hadassah, their son Yehoshua, his wife Channah and their children
Dubrin D165 and the family
Efrat E163 Hirsh and his family
Eilender E453 Chaim Dovid son of Reb Moshe Leib, Chaya Alta daughter of Reb Eizik, Dov son of Reb Chaim, Alte son of Reb Nachum (Blacharski), Nachum son of Reb Dov, Eizik son of Reb Dov
Eilender   Yosef son of Reb Elkanah, his wife Sarah daughter of Reb Ben-Tzion, their son, Gershon, their daughter, Esther-Miriam daughter of Elkanah
Eilender-Kaletzki E453, K432 Eliezer son of Reb Nisan, Peshe daughter of Reb Chaim Dovid, their son Nisan
Eizenstat E252 Leon, Shifre, Niuta, Henech
Elenbogen E451 Yehuda
Elenbogen   Roza Shoshana daughter of Reb Mordechai, Shmuel son of Reb Shlomo Aleksander, their son Eliyahu, his brother Mordechai, sister-in-law Leah daughter of Reb Yitzchak
Einenovitz I551 and his family
Falk F420 Yaakov
Falkov F421 Mirtza, Mina and Beila
Feinberg F516 Moshe son of Reb Zalman, Binyamin son of Reb Yitzchak, Zalman son of Reb Binyamin, Golda daughter of Reb Zalman, Shmuel son of Reb Yosef
Feinstein F523 Tzvi
Feivorski F162 Dov, Yaakov, Dovid, Eizik
Feivushvitz F121 Chaim Ze'ev, Rochel daughter of Eizik Luria
Feivushvitz   Tuvia and Ita
Filivinsky F415 Mordechai Yitzchak, Tzirl Leah, Shaina Itka, Ben-Tzion
Finkelstein F524 Dveitchka
Fisher F260 and his family
Fishman F250 and his family
Fogel F240 Moshe, Simcha, Rochel
Freitzeit F632 Avraham Nisan and Chaya, Eidli, Zundel and his family, Barukh Leizer, Malkah and her family, Pesach, his wife and children
Freitzeit   Mina, her son Zelig and his family his wife Devorah, the son Lipman, Isser and his family, his wife Tzipa, the son Shmuel, Kadesh and his family, Fruma and the children Dovid, Shmuel, his wife Marka and her family
Freund F653 Ze'ev son of Reb Eliezer, Liba Ahuva daughter of Reb Yaakov Yedidiah, Yitzchak, their daughters Sarah, Batya
Friedenberg F635 the woman and her child
Friedgot F632 his wife and children
Friedman F635 Peshe daughter of Reb Shmuel Yehuda Lonshel
Friedman   and his two daughters
Friedman   Chaim
Friedman   Feigl and Meir, their son Daniel
Friedman D615 Yehoshua son of Reb Shalom, Golda daughter of Reb Avraham Mordechai, Channah (Borovitz) daughter of Reb Yehoshua, Masha daughter of Reb Yehoshua, Roshka daughter of Reb Shalom Darvianski, Zavel Darvianski, Moshe Borovitz
Friedman   Zaydka
Gak G000 Chinah
Galanti G453 Shmerl and his family
Gardos G632 Liuba daughter of Reb Yaakov
Gardovski G631 Chaim Leib, Rivka, Chaska, Esther, Moshe-Aharon Malkah
Gershovitz G621 Yishayahu Meir and his family
Gibstein G123 Yosef son of Reb Betzalel, Tzarna daughter of Reb Berel, their sons Moshe, Betzalel, their daughter Devorah
Girshfeld G621 Chuna
Gizumski G520 Gedalyahu, his sons Chanan, Dov, Sholom, his daughter Malkah
Glikstein G423 Moshe-Arieh son of Reb Yosef and Mina, his wife, Asiya, Chana, Leah, Chaya, and Alter
Glikson G425 Yehoshua and his family
Goldstein G432 and her three children
Goldstein G432 Sarah-Leah daughter of Reb Moshe, Beila daughter of Reb Efraim, Chuna son of Reb Efraim, Tzirl daughter of Reb Efraim
Goldshmid G432 Abba, Breinka and her daughter, Yehuda, Chana Etke and her children: Tzerka and Chaim-Yitzchak
Gordon G635 Shimon, Rachel and their daughters Beyers
Goren G650 Eli, his son and his three daughters
Gotlib G341 Eliezer son of Reb Moshe, his wife Marisha daughter of Reb Menachem Mendel, their daughters Channah, Chaya
Gotlib   Eliezer, his wife daughter of Reb Yisroel Grosberg, their son Yasha, their daughter Niuta
Grader G636 Liba
Gritzan G632 Channah, Rachel, Barukh Aharon
Grodansky G635 Leah and her two daughters
Grodansky   Shlomo
Grodzin G632 Chaim Yoel and his family
Grodzinski G632 Dr and his wife
Grosberg G621 Niuta, Livsi and Berta, the daughters of Meir and Rivka Grosberg
Gutman G350 and his wife, Yitzchak, Sarah, and her sister
Gutman   Sender and his wife, Leishka (Eliezer), Chana, Malkah, her brother, her sister and sister-in-law
Halpren H416 Fruma (of the house of Aronovski
Hermenshtat H655 Nechemiah, Esther, and their son, Chaim Dov
Hochman H255 Aharon son of Reb Alter and his daughter Sarah
Homberg H516 and his family
Kadish D320  
Kalstein K423  
Kantorovitz K536 Monya, his wife Rochel, their sons Tzvi (Asha), Eliyahu, their daughter Esther
Kaplan K145 Arieh son of Reb Meir the Cohain, his wife Basha Gitl daughter of Reb Dov, their son Tzvi, their daughters Rivka, Rochel
Kaplan   Bendet son of Reb Yedidiah and his family
Kaplan V651 Dovid Hillel son of Reb Avraham Yitzchak, his wife Chava, their children Yenta, Devorah, Betzalel, Naftali-Hertz, Golda-Eti, Voronovski , Sarah daughter of Reb Avraham Yitzchak, Chaim Leib son of Reb Yosef HaLevi, Batya Tzvi
Kaplan   Sender Itshe, Breinka, Zsachkah, Chaska and her two daughters
Kaplan   Shabtai son of Reb Yitzchak the Cohain, his wife Peshe daughter of Reb Yoel, their son Moshe Simcha, Zidke and his family, Chaim Dov son of Reb Moshe Simcha, Rishi-Rivka daughter of Reb Moshe Simcha, Dovid son of Reb Shabtai the Cohain, Tzerka daughter of Reb Shabtai the Cohain, Yitzchak Eizik son of Reb Shabtai the Cohain, Shaina Yaffa daughter of Reb Shabtai the Cohain, Ana Leah daughter of Reb Shabtai the Cohain, Esther daughter of Reb Shabtai the Cohain
Kaplanski K145 Chuna, his parents and his sister
Kaplanski V651 Chaim Zalman Shochet U'bodek, Devorah, Mordechai and his family, Leah and her family, Chaya and her family, Rochel and her family
Kaplanski   Yitzchak and Sarah Rivka, Dov Berl, his wife and the child
Kasmoivitz K251 and her daughter
Katzman C325 and his family
Kentzuk K532 Sarah, Alter, Eli, Velvel, Avraham, Altzah, Hinde, Chuna
Kfolek K142 and the family
Kfolir K146 Rishka and her husband
Kimen K500 Tzvi, Beila Breina, Tuvia, Gushi
Kirshenbom K625 Moshe and his wife, Shlomo, Leizer, Efraim and his brother(s)
Kirstein K622 Moshe and his wife Nacha
Kleinman K455 Zalman and his wife, Simcha, Eli, Shlomkeh, his wife and their children
Klinsky K452 Devorah daughter of Reb Shmuel, her husband Yehoshua, their daughter Sarah
Kolfenitzki K415 Pesach and his brother(s)
Kolnitzki K453 Gershon
Kopresht K162 his wife and her children
Koritzki K632 Eltke and Shmuel
Korotnitzki K635 Dovka, Channah, Rivka
Korotzinski K632 Devorah, Chaim and their children
Koshelevski K412 The Rabbi the Gaon Azriel Zelig Noach son of the Rabbi My Master Yitzchak Tzvi, his daughter-in-law Leah Rochel daughter of Reb Yitzchak Tzvi, his granddaughters Zehava, Rivka, Yehudis (the daughters of The Rabbi the Gaon Yisrael Arieh)
Koyatkovski K321 Aidel, Malkah, Bashke
Kravitz K613 Beinush and his family
Kravitz   Friedka and her family
Kronrot K656 his wife, his daughter, and their family
Kuk K200 Efraim
Kupler K146  
Langerovitz L526 Masha
Lap L100 Binyamin son of Reb Arieh, his wife Miriam, Chinah, Mordechai, Moshe
Lap   Chaim, his wife, and their two sons
Lap   Mottel
Leizerovitz L261 Avraham, Devorah, Yisrael, Zhenia
Leizerovski L261 Avraham and Mina, Yosef and his wife, Channah and her husband Efraim Piastzki
Leizerovski   Arieh, Leah daughter of Reb Gershon, and the members of the household
Lenzinger L525 Yaakov, Rachel
Lev L100 Chaim and his wife
Lev   Cheinka
Lev   Mordechai
Lev   Naftali
Lev   Peshke, Feivel, his son Betzalel
Lev   Pinchas
Levin L150 and his family
Levinshel L152 Eliezer and Bat-sheva
Levinzon L152 and his family
Levit L130 Eli and his family
Levit   Yehuda and his family
Levitzki L132 and his wife
Levitzki   Feivel
Levyush L120 Leib son of Reb Yaakov, and Yitzchak
Libernat L165 Mendel and his family
Lichtenstein L235 and his wife
Lichtenstein   Leibl, his wife and children
Lieberman L165 Asha, Dina, Yaakov, Cheftzi and his sister
Lifshitz L123 Arieh, Chitza, and Tziporah
Liponski L152 Leib and his wife
Lizovski L212 Nachum, Avraham, Catriel and his sisters
Lozman L255 Ze'ev, Raizl, Luba, Binyamin, Yehudit, Eliyahu, Netanel, Esther of the House of Lev, Chaya of the house of Lev, Tzvi, Fruma, Mina daughter of Reb Yisrael Yaakov
Ludvinovski L315 Shifra daughter of Reb Yisroel Grosberg
Markus M622 Binyamin son of Reb Dovid Mordechai, Rachel daughter of Reb Yechezkel Mendel Berman
Mariampolski M651 Rivka, her husband Moshe
Melamed M453 Moshe and his family
Meltzer M432 his wife and three sons
Meltzer   and his family
Meltzer   Efraim
Meltzer   Nachman, his wife and sons
Meltzer   Tzvi son of Reb Yehuda, his wife Basha daughter of Reb Sholom, their sons Barukh, Shmuel, their daughters Etel, Yacha, Rachel, Yehudit
Michelson M242 his son and his two daughters
Michelson   Paltiel
Minkovski M521 Ben-Tzion
Minkovski   Moshe and his family
Mintz M532 Chaim, Aharon son of Reb Chaim
Mishkovski M212 or 221 and his family
Mistivovski M231 Yisrael son of Reb Efraim, Klara daughter of Reb Efraim, their daughters Niuta, Marta, their son Chaim
Monshein M525 Gedalyahu, his wife, his sons and daughters
Morzinski M625 Moshe Dovid, his wife Sarah, their son Chaikl and his family, their son-in-law, Asher Indik
Oeron O650 Shimon, Masha, Shmerl
Ofenstein O152 Alter, Channah and Feshka
Orimland O654 Elka
Otshein O325 Velvel and his wife
Otshein O325 Yosef and the whole family
Panos P520 Yishayahu Yaakov, Chava and Raizl
Papirovitz P161 Tzvi
Patak P320 and his family
Plotchinski P432 Channah daughter of Reb Avraham Meir, Yitzchak son of Reb Tzvi-Avraham, Batya daughter of Reb Tzvi-Avraham, Sima daughter of Reb Tzvi-Avraham, Yehoshua Nisan son of Reb Avraham, Dov Ber son of Reb Avraham
Podtchivi P321 Yosef, his wife Dina, and their children
Pogomfri P251 Binyamin and his family
Pogomfri   Mottel and his family
Popkin P125 the mother, the wife of Abba and the daughter
Poznanski P252 Hershel, his wife Bluma, and their family
Pozniak P252 Shmuel, Liba, and the daughters
Preis P620 Yitzchak son of Reb Mordechai, Gita daughter of Reb Yaakov Dolovitz
Preisman P625 Leizer-Berl and his daughters
Preisman   Mottel, Gitl, and Eltke
Pshashtzilki P223 or 232 Feivel, Channah and the children
Pshashtzilki   Moshe
Rabinovitz R151 Yonatan and Pesya, their daughter Hadassah, his sister Rivka
Rabinovitz   Moshe, Rochel, Henya, Chaya, Reichel, Berl
Raigrodski R263 and his family
Rap R100 and his family
Ratzitzki R323 Yisrael Mordechai, Yehuda, Sholom, Esther, Rivka
Ravidovitz R131 and the family
Rechtman R235 Rivka, Boaz, Esther, Genya, Malkah Dubrin
Rentzman R 532 Dr, and his family
Reznik R252 Chuna, Hendl
Rinkovski R521 and the family
Romsisker R522 Yaakov son of Reb Shlomo, Sarah daughter of Reb Chaim Dovid Eilender, Shlomo son of Reb Yaakov
Romsisker   son of Reb Efraim and Ana, Gitl daughter of Reb Shlomo
Rosianski R252 and his wife Yudke
Rotenberg R351 all of the family
Rotenberg   Esther Feigl
Rotenberg   Hillel, Shoshka, Itche, Gedaliah
Rotenberg   Moshe, Keila, Bluma, Chaya Leiba
Rotenberg   Shabtai
Rotstein R323 Yehuda and his wife, Shulamit and her brother(s)
Rozenberg R251 Gitl
Rozendorf R253 Yaakov and his family
Rozenfeld R251 Hinde daughter of Reb Reuven Anshel, Masha, Alter, Shulamit, Shemaryahu, Folk Rivka, Reuven, Berta – his wife, Shlomo – Rozenfeld.
Rubinstein R152  
Rudnik R352 Meshel and his wife, Yitzchak, Chinke
Saperstein S162 Sarah daughter of Reb Dovid Markus
Sarvianski S615 Velvel son of Reb Noach Yosef
Sarvianski   Yitzchak, Liba, Leah, Shmuel Yosef, Vela
Sarvianski   Feivel, Maita, Natan, Rut, Chaim
Sarvianski   Leah
Sarvianski   Nechemiah, Sarah, and their children
Sarvianski   Sarah, Yaakov, Shulamit
Sarvianski   Yankel Hershel and his wife
Savitzki S132 Miriam and Mordechai
Shachna S250 his wife Ita, daughters Channah, Leah, Chaya, son Alter
Shalmuk S452 his wife and their children
Sheinmar S560 and his family
Sheintzeit S532 Eliezer Hirsch son of Reb Gusha, Rochel daughter of Reb Gershon and her family
Sheintzeit   Shmuel Yosef son of Reb Gusha, Gitl daughter of Reb Gershon, their son Barukh Hershel, their daughter Chashl
Sherman S650 Arieh son of Reb Tzvi, Etke, Rochel and Nelly
Sherman   Mordechai son of Reb Menachem Mendel, Miriam daughter of Reb Yitzchak, their daughter Freidl, their son Eliezer
Sherman   Nachman, Nechama, Esther, Rivka, Malkah
Shevach S120 and his wife
Shidlovski S341 Moshe Arieh Shochet U'bodek, and his family, his son Avraham Aharon
Shmulian S545 and his family
Shnigvitz S521 Golda
Shor S600 Malkah
Shreibman S615 Sarah Beila, her daughters Henya-Leah, Hertzliah
Stein S350 Yaakov son of Reb Zalman, Rochel daughter of Reb Yaakov, Shulamit daughter of Reb Yaakov, Keila daughter of Reb Zalman, Hinde daughter of Reb Zalman
Steindem S353 Leibl, Shmuel, Chuna
Shtiblman S314 Chaya daughter of Reb Avraham
Shulkes S420 Yaakov Dov, Sarah, Binyamin, Hillel
Shumski S520 Yosef son of Reb Eliyahu, Tzippa daughter of Reb Dovid, their sons Arieh, Yitzchak, their daughter Elke
Sinmer S560 Dovid and his wife
Sinmer   Yaakov
Slovtitzki S413 Eliezer and Golda
Slovtitzki   Dovid and his wife, Arieh and Tzvi
Slovtitzki   Leibl and his brother(s)
Slovtitzki   Zaydka and his family
Sokolski S242 and his family
Soloveitchik S413 Meyrim and his family
Sosnovski S251 and his family
Specht S123 Menashe son of Reb Itshe Meir, his wife Eta daughter of Reb Shlomo, their daughter Sarah
Staviskovski S312 Yishayahu Reuven, his wife, Sarah, Chaika, Chatzkel
Staviskovski   Meir
Staviskovski   Rochel
Staviskovski   Shaina Dina, and her three daughters
Staviskovski   Tzippa and Alter, Eliezer, Chaim and his wife Rivka, Channah and her husband Chuna, the children Raizl, Moshe, Issachar, Devorah, Betzalel, Sonia
Staviskovski   Tzvi, his wife Rochel, their sons Binyamin, Yitzchak
Stolar S346 Shimon son of Reb Dovid, his wife Etke Their son Dovid, their daughter Sarah
Stolnitzki S345 Yaakov and Noach
Stolnitzki   Shabtai son of Reb Yehuda, his wife Dovrosha, their son Dovid, their daughter Sarah
Stolovski S341 his brothers and their families
Strozinski S362 Breina
Strozinski   Shlomo Velvel, Shaina, Leah, Shulamit, Etke
Strozinski   Liba, Betzalel and Bilka
Strozinski   Tzvi and Chaya
Strozinski   Yoel his wife and their children
Topilovski T141 Moshe, his wife, his three sons and his daughter
Tzervitz T261 Alter son of Reb Tzvi, Malkah and their family
Tziovska T212 Esther, Kmalkhovsky
Tziovska   Doba
Tziovska   Golda-Sherman
Varhaftig V613 Yitzchak, his wife and family
Vasserman V265 his wife and their family, his son and his wife
Veikselbom V241 Alter-Yitzchak son of Reb Menachem
Veisberg V216 Eliezer and Shoshana Gitl
Veishiski V220 Yitzchak and his family
Vezbotzki V213 Hershel and his wife, two brothers
Vidogerski V326 and his family
Vidonbom V351 and his family
Viltchevzki V432 Yosef, Feige, Zina, Roza, Hirsh
Volf V410 Efraim
Volf   Yitzchak and Bluma
Volmir V456 Mordechai son of Reb Yechezkel, Devorah daughter of Reb Menachem, their sons Menachem, Moshe Aharon, Gershon, Yechezkel, their daughter Aidel, their daughters-in-law Etel, Devorah
Vostonitzki V235 Bashke and her two children
Yismachovitz Y252 Daniel and his daughters, Tziporah and Channah
Yones Y520 Sonia daughter of Reb Ze'ev
Zak Z000 Yosef son of Reb Hershel and Shaina, his wife Aliza
Zak Sheima   Rachel daughter of Reb Yaakov Ivri, their son Yehuda, their daughter Gitla
Zelivanski Z415 Velvel, his wife and their children
Zelkind Z425 and his family
Zelazo Z420 Binyamin, Channah, Chaya, Gitl, Rivka, Hinde, Esther and Masha
Zborovski Z161 Shmuel Yehuda son of Reb Moshe, his wife Leah daughter of Reb Shalom Demel
Zimanski Z552 Masha, Velvel son of Reb Noach Yosef
Zlotnizki Z435 Zissel, Etkel, Hershel, Sarah
Zufintzki Z153 Abba
Zufintzki   Zivia, daughter of Reb Shmuel, Nachum son of Reb Ze'ev, Boruch son of Reb Ze'ev, Chinke son of Reb Ze'ev, Ze'ev son of Reb Nachum


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