Zbaraz: the Zbaraz Memorial Book
(Zbarazh, Ukraine)

49°40' / 25°47'

Translation of
Sefer Zbaraz

Editor: Moshe Sommerstein

Published in Tel Aviv 1983





Translations by Yaacov David Shulman
(unless otherwise noted)


Our sincere appreciation to Helen Rosenstein Wolf
for typing up the English text to facilitate its addition to this project.


This is a translation of: Sefer Zbaraz (Zbaraz: the Zbaraz memorial book),
Editor: Moshe Sommerstein, The Organization of Former Zbaraz Residents, Published: Tel Aviv 1983 (H,Y,E 128 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Zbaraz

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May the Nation of Israel Remember   4
“God, Filled with Compassion”   5
This Book Moshe Sommerstein 7
To: Our brothers and sisters, compatriots, across the entire world. The Central Committee of Zbarazh Jews in Israel 8
Federation of Outgoing Zbaraz and Vicinity: To our Brothers and Sisters [English] Moshe Sommerstein 11
Foreword Moshe Sommerstein 13
Zbarazh – The Landscape of Zbarazh, District of Tarnopol   19
Velvel Zbarazher – Folk–Poet and Troubadour [Y]   23
The Lonely Person Wishes to Rest (poem) [Y] Binyamin Wolf Ehrenkrantz 27
Between the Two World Wars   29
The Role of the Federations   34
Activities in the Municipal Arena   34
Network of Hebrew Schools and Hebrew Education   35
The Second World War   38
The Photostat and the Memorial   41
The Holocaust and the Destruction of the Jews of Zbarazh From the diary of an eyewitness, Yaakov Litner (of blessed memory)
(Translated from German to Hebrew by Moshe Sommerstein)
On the Path of Suffering
The Tragic History of Zbarazh, Galicia [Y] Moshe Sommerstein 85
The Yearnings of a Mother (poem) Sabina Dorfman 89
Where is the Grave of My Dear Mother? (poem) [Y] Yosef Lilien 91
To the Memory of My Dear Parents, Zbarazh Ghetto 1942 (poem) Sabina Dorfman 93
I Was the Mother of a Baby Sabina Dorfman (from the Folk family) 95
A Period of Time Ida Fink 97
From Recollections of the Nazi Conquest – “Action” Stella Klinger–Zidenorg (Kiryat Chaim) 105
The Might of the Jews of Zbarazh [Y] Zalman Rosenberg 109
Israeli Witnesses Face to Face with the Murderer of Tarnopol Jews [Polish]   115
Nazi Criminals Receive Life Sentences   116
Witnesses from Israel at the Trial of the Nazi Laks   117
My Little Town [Y] Moshe Speiser (New York) 118
Berta–Batka Rosenstraukh–Goldwasser (of blessed memory)   119
The Holocaust (poem) Moshe Sommerstein 120
Protocol [German]   123
Neftostroi [Y] Yosef Lilien 125
The Battle for Redemption in the Land of Israel   127
Letter to a Friend Israel Harodi 129
Chaim Harodi (of blessed memory)   135
In Memory of Dear Chanah Yosef Blaustein 137
Mother Your daughter Ruthie 140
To Moshe, best wishes! Chaveleh 142
Yosef Karni (of blessed memory) Shmuel Nardi 143
The Wars of Israel (poem) Moshe Sommerstein 146
Tzvi Segal (of blessed memory) Moshe Sommerstein (lawyer) 151
Moshe Hindes (of blessed memory) Moshe Sommerstein 153
List of Israeli citizens from Zbarazh and vicinity, z”l, who died in Israel   157
Kaddish   161
List of Zbarazh former residents living in Israel   163
Photographs   169–178
The Yizkor Prayer – For the Soldiers of IDF   179
English Section
The Holocaust and the Destruction of the Jews of Zbaraz Yaakov Litner 3


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