The Zbaraz Memorial Book

(Zbarazh, Ukraine)

Translation of
Sefer Zbaraz

Published by the JewishGen Press
part of Yizkor Books Project of JewishGen, Inc.

Original Yizkor Book Editor: Moshe Sommerstein
Published in Tel Aviv 1983
Primary Translator: Yaacov David Shulman
Layout: Donni Magid
Cover Design: Nina Schwartz
Hard Cover, 11” by 8.5”, 168 pages, with all original illustrations.

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This Book

Moshe Sommerstein

Years ago, a small group of people, émigrés from Zbarazh, had the idea of establishing a memorial for this ancient community, whose generations and influence spread beyond its limited borders. They wanted to commemorate their community, this glorious community, whose Jews were lost in the Holocaust.

It was difficult to attain the historical material needed to give an impression of the city, material that would testify to the cultural life of this community and its inhabitants. We know that this is the last chance to find and save documents and papers. We gathered very little, but we put together stories, descriptions, pictures and memories that will give some idea about our community.

We had to search for all material possible to reconstruct Jewish and Zionist Zbarazh, to find documents that describe the destruction of the city and the extermination of its Jewish residents by Hitler's soldiers, and gather material about the deeds of blood and acts of might as related by the people who personally experienced the terror of those days and who were saved miraculously and who live today in Israel, Europe, the United States, Argentina and Australia.

With the passage of time, people are passing away, and the survivors of Zbarazh and its environs who live in Israel are growing fewer. Our recognition of this fact intensified our feeling of urgency and inspired us to record what people have to tell. If we have succeeded in completing this mission, even if we have gathered little, we have done a great service for ourselves and for our children.

We ill tell our youth about our holy community, and that will be a small consolation for us: that we have established a memorial of all of our holy martyrs who were annihilated in the Holocaust, and whom we loved.

May their memory be blessed.


Located at: 49°40' Latitude and 25°47' Longitude and12 miles NE of Ternopil.

Alternate names for the town are: Zbarazh [Ukr, Rus, Yid], Zbaraż [Pol], Sbarasch [Ger], Sparach, Zbarezh


Nearby Jewish Communities:

    Stryyivka 5 miles SSE
    Vyshhorodok 11 miles NE
    Ternopil 12 miles SW
    Kam'yanky 13 miles SE
    Vishnevets 16 miles N
    Novyy Oleksinets 17 miles NW
    Skalat 18 miles SSE
    Pidvolochys'k 19 miles ESE
    Belozërka 19 miles ENE
    Lanivtsi 19 miles NE
    Volochysk 19 miles ESE

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