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Stamps of various Zaromber organizations 7
The first governing committee of the children's Yiddish Library in Zaromb 8
Facsimile of the notice of the 20th anniversary of the Library in Zaromb 9
Left to Right: Abraham the Carpenter; A Wednesday Market in Zaromb; Yosel Bender, the man in charge of the bathhouse 11
Children's Colony "Tzentos" in Zaromb, August 28, 1938 12
Religious group in Zaromb 13
Religious group in Zaromb 14
Map of Zaromb and showing Ostrovi, Tzshichtev, Sember, Malkin and Treblinka 15
Top: the mass grave in Sember where the Zaromber Martyrs were slaughtered.
Upper left: the ruins of the 2 synagogues Upper right: the ruins of the new cemetery Lower: 2 pictures of Farbasker Street Left: Khave Goldberg Right: Miriam Graffe with the Christian woman who had hidden the child
Yanker Gzshebovitch (RIP) 30
Michele, an orphan, in France, the daughter of Zalmen and Dora Fridman. They perished, but she survived. 31
Top: School children
Mid: a dress shop in Zaromb Bottom: a youth group - July 20, 1931
Top left: the Rabbi, Saiznay the Shokhet Right: Zeyde the Melamed
Bottom left: Shimshon the Nelamed Bottom right: Volf-Ber the Melamed
The two children of Zaromb who survived 22
Members of the cast of a theater production in Zaromb 41
David Grenshpan, the librarian with a group of Zaromber youth 43
Top Left: Executive committee of Hashomer Hatzair in Zaromb (July 16, 1939)
Mid-Left: Executive Committee of "Centos" – 1938 Bottom Left: Children being fed by "Centos" Top Right: A group of Hashomer Hatzair in Zaromb
Bottom Right: Riva, the midwife
The Zaromb Relief Committee in New York (Alex Dorfman is 2nd from right standing), Helen and Zelig 49
The Zaromb Relief Committee in Argentina 50
Top: The Zaromb Relief Committee in Eretz-Israel
Bottom: The Zaromb Relief Committee in France
Plans for a children's home in Tel-Aviv in memory of the martyrs of Zaromb 52
Left: the officers of the Shul Right: Members of the congregation "Degal Yitzkhak Anshi Zaromb" – 244 East Broadway, New York, New York 56
Executive Committee of the Young Friends of Zaromb Left to Right: Seated: Nathan Lava, Morris Richman Lauf, L. Liberman Standing: Max Frayman, Khayim Segal, L. Skalka, I. Kafkovitch, C. Goldberg, A. Garfinkl, N. Skalka 57
Zaromber branch 56 of the Jewish Fraternal Order (IWO) 59
Executive Committee of the Zaromb Young Ladies Friends
Left to Right:
Seated: Bella Weisman, Katie Lauf, Reyzel Segal
Standing: Dora Broda, Celia Skalka, Fanny Frayman and Golda Lava
Zaromber in NY making packages for surviving landsleit across the sea
Left to Right: Joseph Shlomo Roson, Alex Dorfman, Golda Kristal, Max Frayman, Lazer Pevka
Top: Group of Labor Zionists, Zaromb
Bottom: Drawing for a tombstone with notes by Yakov Bergman
In memoriam for his parents, Yitzkhak and Talbe-Leab Bergman, and his brothers, Fishi Moti and Mayer, and his sisters, Miriam and Beyle who perished in Zaromb in 1941 and in Treblinka in 1943.
Zaromber Landsleit in Havana, Cuba - June 1, 1946 64
In memoriam to an entire Lashitzky family, who perished in the Zaromb Massacre, written by their surviving son and brother, Yankel, his wife Miriam, and his children, Feygele and Shumshon. 65
In Memoriam to the Ruskolenker family
Upper: To the memory of our sister, Menukha Liberman, and members of her family, who were murdered by the Germans on September 28, 1942. Survived by two sisters, Sheva and Miriam, and 2 brothers, Israel-Velvel and Shloyme Lower: Ruskolenker Family – "We will not forget nor forgive your deaths at the hands of the German Nazi murderers on September 28, 1942."
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